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3 responses to “03/03/2014 – Realtime Blog – DeKalb Schools Board Meeting

  1. Thanks, Stan, for all of your hard work to inform citizens and improve education in DeKalb. Go Team Jester!

  2. Hi Stan,
    I have a question about the March 3rd meeting. There was discussion early on, spurred I think by a question from Mr. Erwin and echoed by Mr. Mayfield, regarding charter school funding. Can you possibly expand upon any of that info? The DCSD minutes do not capture any of it. I have a son who attends a DeKalb charter school which needs those funds. Any additional info you can provide about that discussion at the BOE meeting would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    At the very end of the Jan 2014 Financial Report, Mr. Erwin referenced a conversation they had at the Dec 2013 Financial Report. They appropriated an additional $800K to pay what they owed the various charter schools for their enrollment exceeding whatever limits where originally set.
    I’m incredulous the DeKalb Schools would try to withhold that money from the charter schools and those children.