2019 Enrollment Forecasts For Chamblee & Cross Keys Elementary Schools

Forecasts show significant increases in enrollment for many elementary schools in Chamblee and Brookhaven.

  7 Year Forecast (Nov 2019) – All Chamblee & Cross Keys Elementary Schools

3 Year Historic Actuals & 3 Year Forecast (Nov 12 2019)

Enrollment Forecast By Year
School Capacity 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ashford Park ES 549 547 647 734 800 857 861
Huntley Hills ES 460 529 529 508 515 522 532
Montgomery ES 660 734 782 826 864 908 941


Doraville United Elementary Public Redistricting Meetings – Chamblee Charter HS Auditorium (7:00 PM):
• Round 3 – Tuesday, November 19, 2019


12 responses to “2019 Enrollment Forecasts For Chamblee & Cross Keys Elementary Schools

  1. Stan, Can you explain the large difference in Resident and Non-Resident numbers? It makes sence for a school like CCHS with a magnet program but not a neighborhood school. I hope that the district and board makes a sensible decision to give Nancy Creek back to the neighborhood. Thanks for the info.

  2. Stan, Think I answered my own question when I pulled up the .pdf. The “All” blue number reflects kids in district that are not enrolled. Thanks, Pat

  3. I am withholding comments on Roma Tyson as interm super. Didn’t feel she earned it after her performance at H.R.
    Preferred an outsider,

  4. Interesting timing to release this, a few days ahead of the redistricting meeting at CCHS. They may use this as support for a larger move of APES and MES kids to DUES.

  5. LaptopBoy, I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. If you look at the forecast documents dated 11/14 on the DCSD website and read the reasons for the adjustments, it seems like a load of crap to me. They made large forecast adjustments within the Lakeside cluster as well, for the same listed reasons. Interestingly, there wasn’t much change within the Dunwoody cluster, with the exception of Kingsley.

  6. I don’t understand. DCSD updates its Chamblee and Cross Keys elementary school enrollment forecast just one week before the final public redistricting meeting for the new Doraville United Elementary School.

    Yet the data isn’t posted on the DCSD Planning website!

    Many thanks to Stan for posting this, but I think DCSD has a responsibility to share data with everyone involved.

    This is looking like a bait and switch plan by DCSD. Change the “facts” at the last minute, don’t tell the public, and feel free to switch things up so quickly that stakeholders won’t have a chance to react before the new plan is presented to the BOE on December 9.

    I hope to be pleasantly surprised with the redistricting recommendation presented tomorrow night, but I sure wouldn’t bet on it.

  7. The updated enrollment forecasts for schools involved in all three current redistricting efforts are posted on the redistricting pages. I guess we shall see how much change there is between the recommended plan and the ones shown to the public previously.

    Good job by DCSD to update the forecasts. Bad job by DCSD to release it so late in the redistricting process.

  8. @ Stan – if the 2 yr. enrollment forecasts have changed this much between round 2 and round 3, how are we expected to trust the enrollment forecasts for 2025 for CCHS, DHS and LHS and the planned additions?

  9. AB, excellent question!

    Stan, can you find out if DCSD has made new enrollment projections for the high schools which will be greatly affected by E-SPLOST/GO Bond decisions? These include CCHS, DHS, LHS, and the new CKHS.

    If so, wouldn’t it be really good if they shared these with the public? You know, the public who will be paying the taxes and living with the huge high schools on small sites?

    If projections have changed then how does that affect the options Dan Drake told us about just 2 weeks ago?

    If elementary school forecasts have changed then likely the high school ones have too. What a mess.

  10. Good question AB. They are putting those numbers together, but I’m not sure when they will be available. On 12/2, DeKalb Schools Board of Education will discuss the superintendent search and the GO bond. The board has to approve the GO Bond at the 12/9 scheduled business meeting if it is to go on the ballot.

  11. Do you know when the documents are to be posted for the round 3 meeting tonight? If they want informed community engagement, the community needs to have time to review the materials (and somehow organize in between being at work and shuffling kids)….

  12. Should be any minute now. I’m surprised the docs aren’t posted yet.