Sept Survey Results – Updated Input on Returning to School

DeKalb Schools (DCSD) sought updated stakeholder input on preferences for returning to school in a traditional or hybrid setting or remaining in distance/remote learning. DCSD also requested feedback relative to precautionary measures, transportation, and fall sports/activities.

Respondent data was aggregated to provide summaries. The survey window was open from September 8-18, 2020.

Points of Interest
In accordance with the Formula To Calculate Moving To Hybrid, the Cases Per 100K (Last 2 Weeks) has been trending back up as reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report. Over the last few months, there have been a handful of days below 100 Cases Per 100K. I don’t see how the students in DeKalb Schools ever see the inside of a classroom again until the formula changes or a vaccine for COVID-19 comes out.

DCSD wanted to get newer stakeholder input to update it’s previous survey from June School Re-Opening Survey Results .

Key Findings (According To DeKalb Schools)
The following results indicate the current level of stakeholder comfort for returning to school.

Traditional Learning Model

Distance/Remote Learning Model

Hybrid Learning Model

238 responses to “Sept Survey Results – Updated Input on Returning to School

  1. I don’t understand why the district keep goibg back & forth with schools being opened right now. Its not gonna work. The cases are increasing and with the holidays coming up, its going to get worse! The schools are not ready for students or staff. District officials had since March to get the buildings in order & nothing been done. No thing as social distancing in a school. Why is the board meeting virtual if its ok for staff & students to return. You all keep yourselves protected…keepl staff & students virtual until its safe rather than to lose lives & fight a lawsuit.

  2. Hello @Jaylette. The numbers went below 100 Cases Per 100K. In accordance with the stated formula, the district said that if that number was below 100 for a certain period of time, then teachers would be called back to work at schools.

    Question – Do you recommend that DeKalb Schools stay 100% virtual in perpetuity if the numbers keep going above 100 Cases Per 100K?

  3. DCSD has a different stance than all other neighboring counties, APSD and private schools. These polls don’t mean much. If you wait for zero cases to be reported and a vaccine it will be a long wait, time to take as many precautionary measures as you practically can and get the kids back in school in the traditional learning model.

  4. Teacher choice

    Hey, F2FDekalb- looks like the teachers who feel comfortable coming back is not as large a group as you think

  5. Thank you for sharing the results! I’m sure this will shock the parents of the fb f2f group. No, most teachers don’t want to return. And no, most parents don’t want to return either. So what will be the narrative now?
    Stan it is unfortunate that teachers don’t trust central office. I have worked in a school that had no soap for students or staff. No hot water. And no working hvac unit working in their building. To now believe that we will consistently have PPE…
    Building a bridge between central office and schools might help teachers feel safe to return.

  6. One of the metrics should be supply chain. Based on what principals and the superintendent have said, offices won’t get cleaning supplies, and teachers will get insufficient cleaning supplies.

    Even ignoring HVAC, until Lysol/Clorox is common again, it’s unlikely that the decrepit DCSD facilities can be safe.

  7. @Metrics, Operations stated that the schools have been given multiple months of the necessary bathroom and cleaning supplies.

  8. Stan is right. DeKalb belatedly tied itself to a specific metric- 100 Cases per 100K, based on Date of Case Report- that really is rather arbitrary & pretty meaningless in terms of actual safety of students & staff in a school environment. Unless they move away from or adjust that metric, the 2020-21 school year will likely end up being completely virtual, much to the apparent delight of the brainwashed teachers & parents who still for some reason believe Covid is the bubonic plague that will infect & kill everyone it comes in contact with. This despite the fact that all the other districts around the metro area & the state- not to mention private schools- that have gone back F2F somehow seem to be avoiding mass numbers of hospitalizations & deaths that we have all been assured will inevitably follow the reopening of schools. I guess DeKalb is just different though, or maybe those counties/schools are magic or have access to some super-secret vaccine that poor old DeKalb just can’t get. I swear, it’s like some people just want to ignore facts & statistics & experiences from the schools & districts that have already opened back up, and would instead rather cower in fear in their comfy homes while Uber Eats, Instacart, & Amazon bring them everything they could ever need to survive.

  9. High School Teacher

    Stan, Have you checked the numbers today? They are way above 100 now.

    I was finally coming to the idea of returning when the cases dropped. But, now they’re up again. Also, I have good friends who teach middle and high school at Wesleyan and they have since had to return to hybrid because of a higher number of cases. I’m personally hesitant about high schoolers returning, but feel the lower grades and special ed students should be able to return within reason.

  10. The survey was not locked, anybody could fill it out endless number of times. Why wasn’t it locked? If Dekalb wanted real numbers they would tie it to a number ID. Disgraceful manipulation from Dekalb. As usual pathetic. The Superintendent must go, she can’t handle this, all the counties around us are open and she keeps withholding education from Dekalb students, who are falling further behind. The set criteria for return may not be met for years. Are you prepared to keep our children out of school for more than a year?! Is this your goal? Do you realize the lasting damage you are doing to our entire community? People are listing their homes to move out of town, unenrolling with no plans to return. Our entire school system may never recover from these political games of the Superintendent.

  11. Chamblee HS Parent

    I found out yesterday that the superintendent of APS is Lance-Bottoms sorority sister which I found interesting. Seems that this could be the ultimate retaliation towards Kemp, reopening ‘too early’ and suing against City of Atlanta’s mask order.

    I wish people could see beyond their perfect pandemic bubbles and understand that this is bigger than your child doing wonderfully in a virtual environment. I grew up in a single parent home (just my dad) and was abused by my babysitter’s adult son. If being all virtual for months on end had been my situation, who knows where I would be today. There are things much, much worse than a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. Please DeKalb families and teachers and admins – open your eyes. Those who have no voice are not posting on Stan’s blog or posting on the F2F Page or on Reform Dekalb or filling out surveys. They are dying on the vine. This is happening. Push FOR safe reopening – our future depends on it.

  12. DeKalb does not have the money to return to f2f learning and keep everyone safe. Buildings not being repaired, overcrowding, lack of funds for additional staff are not new problems, and the financial mismanagement of the past is a large part of the picture.

  13. Then you better fight like hell to get it changed to 125/100k like FCS. Kids not going back until a vaccine?

    So we’re going to be out of school until fall 2021. Fight like hell Stan to get kids back into school. Why does your wife even want to stay a commissioner for this county?

    And yes anyone could take the survey- I said it the day it came out, but was ignored. Surveys don’t mean anything. In addition, comfortable, uncomfortable were not the only choices. Somewhat comfortable, somewhat uncomfortable were choices too.

  14. Chamblee HS Parent

    Sorry Cathy. I completely disagree. $1 Billion dollar budget? They can find the money.

    I have zero doubt that there is some major corruption going on.

  15. We were told “multiple months of supplies” consist of 2 containers of either 125 or 150 antibacterial wipes…

    300 wipes(optimistic)/40 days of school (2 months) /4 blocks (DHS) = 1.875 wipes per class of up to 16 students. The number for chamblee would be worse since they are on a traditional schedule with additional transitions.

    I’d call that insufficient.

  16. Agree with arbitrariness of the 100 per 100k number. We hit 118 yesterday, that means we had 1.29 more cases per day per 100k in the last 14 days. That’s not “way up” but who knows what “way up” even means. We aren’t considering positivity rate, hospitalization numbers or anything other than pure number of cases. We know nothing about those cases. What science is the Superintendent looking at? Statewide about 350 TOTAL school age kids have been hospitalized with Covid all year. Who knows how many of those had conditions that would prevent them from being in a school. That number is tiny compared to the number of kids suffering from being out of school.
    Clearly the teachers, or a very active group of people filling out the open survey, don’t want to go back. Why would they. The same pay, but they only teach 40% of the time they would if school was in person. They don’t have to commute and they don’t have to deal with kids. Why would they want to return when they can teach remotely to a class two days a week for the same salary. I don’t think too many people would want to go back to work full time when they can get paid the same for working half time or less.
    It’s only going to change when the massive damage to the district becomes too large to ignore. Test scores will go down, graduation rates will fall, AP classes will be failed, SAT scores will go down and we’ll be heading back towards a state takeover.

  17. Donna Shelton

    @demographics- and FCS is at 143/100??

  18. Ben Greenwald

    Stan, Is DCSD saving any money by having schools closed? Is it more costly to be constantly preparing for schools re-opening in the next 2 to 3 weeks, or could significant money be saved by saying Schools will not be re-opened further in the future?

    It seems to me that DCSD is choosing the most expensive option – Getting the schools ready to open on short notice with no real likelihood that will happen.

    With the Hybrid option, what is the point of going back first 1 day a week then 2 days a week? Is DCSD using our students, teachers and staff, as guinea pigs to see if face to face instruction can be offered safely? I am open to my child going back for face to face instruction, but the disruption to their routine for one or two day a week face to face to instruction doesn’t seem worth it.

  19. The administration is asking for an additional $25K/month just for marketing. It seems like we can find the money to do what we need to do.

    @Ben, Good question. I’ll ask.

  20. We have to be saving money. Buses aren’t running, kitchens aren’t cooking, supplies aren’t being used and I’m assuming any non contract employees are not being paid. Like every other business during the pandemic, the business of education should have reduced expenses.

  21. Can't Spell Corruption without D-e-k-a-l-b

    $300K / year Super, $45K for her vehicle (where’s the ones that were used by prior staff?) ,$300K for Marketing…. how do we not have money to fix the trailer issue at just SOME of the schools? Seems like we need to give the entire Dekalb Staff the giant boot, corruption is just too obvious. But don’t worry they changed the filters and they’re running the systems in empty buildings…

  22. Frustrated,
    Shouldn’t those “savings” be used to upgrade buildings and ditch the trailers at our many schools? Why spend cash on marketing firms? We have business students that would love a challenge and potential prize. A $5-$10K one time scholarship would be so much more cost effective.

  23. Please ask IT about the hotspots again. Schools are not receiving them within 48 hours. Also, new teachers are no longer being issued district devices. As a new teacher, I am using my own device. However, I will not be comfortable bringing my personal device once we return back to in-person learning.

  24. DeKalb Teacher 2020

    Hi @Stan Jester
    Above, you wrote: “The numbers went below 100 Cases Per 100K. In accordance with the stated formula, the district said that if that number was below 100 for a certain period of time, then teachers would be called back to work at schools.”
    What is that “certain period of time”? I thought it was 14 consecutive days. If the time period is different, what is it?

  25. Corruption 101

    DeKalb Teacher 2020
    It was obvious from the lengthy meeting today that they have no real idea, they never answered Stan’s questions. As discussed later in the meeting they’d be better off saying school will resume in 2021 Month X. They have no clue what they’re they’re doing and the metrics keep moving for when teachers/students go back. It’s beyond stupid. But hey it’s Dekalb, we’ve never had a plan, except for corruption.

  26. @ABC Educator, Why can’t you use your own device at school? Can you be more specific about your hotspots question?

    @DeKalb Teacher 2020 – They said 14 straight days below 100 and then the teachers get the notification. I pointed out that they didn’t follow that guideline last time. I don’t think they were picking up on the gravity of not following their own guidelines here.

  27. The real takeaway from this meeting is that several teachers will not be returning if we go back into buildings right now. No matter how you feel about virtual/hybrid/in-person, neither model works if there are no teachers to teach. I’m not waiting until there are zero cases of Covid before I feel it’s safe to return, but I AM waiting for the governor or president to put real safety measures in place, or to have a truly effective treatment or vaccine before I’m willing to risk my health and safety going back. News reports indicate that a vaccine will be available by as early as the end of November, and that’s what I’m waiting for. I’m not afraid to work during flu season because I get my flu shot every year. While it’s not 100% effective, it can lessen the effects of the flu if I catch it. I need something that will either protect me from catching Covid, or will help me survive it if I do catch it. Instead of pressuring teachers (because that’s obviously not working), pressure these government officials to act responsibly.

  28. Formula For Returning To School – The Superintendent said the formula for returning to school is subject to changes in recommendations from the CDC and Georgia DOE along with community feedback.

  29. @ABC Educator, IT just said that there was a delay in providing devices to some teachers. They just received another shipment of devices, so they don’t anticipate any more delays.

  30. Oh please stop with the threats teachers. Majority of you on here are going back whenever the time comes. You’re unemployable outside of teaching, babysitting, and working in childcare centers.

    And we know most of the folks who live in dekalb don’t even believe in taking a flu shot.

  31. dekalbteacher

    What is the new timeline for returning to school for teachers and students?

  32. Covid is an awful and people are really dying. But it’s not Ebola. Someone under the age of 55 has a higher chance of dying in a car crash than from Covid. Are the teachers going to next demand safe transit to and from school? Are the vast majority of Georgia school districts magically immune but here in DeKalb, where we have some of the state’s lowest infections rates, somehow more at risk? Teachers and students with that have compromised immune systems should not return to F2F. If we have any teachers over 70 they should not return to F2F. Students and teachers living with a parent or child that is at risk should not return to F2F, but the vast majority of students and teachers should be able to return to school much like the vast majority of Georgia’s work force that has had to return to work.

  33. Demographics,

    702 teachers not returning is nothing to sneeze at. I implore you to look at jobs that pay 50k per year that don’t even require a college degree. That’s how much many teachers get paid. Trust me, those of us who want to work in other fields will have no problem finding those jobs. You and others can keep being disrespectful if you’d like, and you can do so while sitting at home wondering why teachers aren’t willing to risk our lives for your kids. The job isn’t worth it, and people like you have made sure of that.

  34. @ Stan Jester Will you please refer me for the info as for recommendations from the CDC and Georgia DOE? Where does it say that school reopening requirement is 100 or less for 100K? Thank you.

  35. Teachers
    You’re being paid for 8-9 months worth of work. If you take your hourly rate plus vacation time and sick leave which is higher than a majority of of jobs ANYWHERE the pay in Dekalb is competitive with a 9-5, 52 weeks a year job with the average 2-3 weeks of vacation. Try selling your bridge to nowhere somewhere else.

  36. 702 out of 7,000 teachers. Oh no, it’s a crisis.

  37. It’s kind of strange that teachers are about the only profession you hear whining & wailing about “risking their lives” by going back to work right now. As many others have said, statistically every teacher under the age of 70- which is almost all of them- has a better chance of dying while driving to & from school than they do even on the off chance that they catch Covid at school. But don’t try telling any teachers that, heaven forbid you use actual facts & data as opposed to emotional appeals in a discussion like this. And I say this as the husband of a pre-K teacher & son of an elementary school teacher who just retired, but not before doing a long-term sub job for the first 6 weeks of school this fall F2F in a public school at age 69. Somehow she never caught Covid and is still alive- must be a miracle!

  38. Another DeKalb Teacher

    To those of you who believe teachers are relaxing and only working 5 hours a day for four days a week while virtual, you are sadly mistaken. I am online working from 7 am to about 5 pm FIVE days a week and usually 6 or 7 hours a day on Saturday AND Sunday. I have not had a “DAY OFF” since August 9 (the day before preplanning started). I worked on Labor day and Columbus day (the only two holidays we have had). So by my count, working about 65 hours a week for 38 weeks (not counting the work I will do during the week of Thanksgiving and the two weeks of Winter break), is a total of 2470 hours. If I divide this by the 49 weeks that many people work per year, I am working the equivalent of 50 hours a week with 3 weeks of vacation. So I am working just as hard as anyone with a 9-5, 52 weeks a year job with an average of 2-3 weeks vacation. I just do all of my work in 10 months instead of 12.

  39. Fed up with Dekalb

    Are these teachers who are “afraid” to go back to school the same ones I’ve seen walking the halls at perimeter mall, eating in restaurants, getting their hair and nails done, and hanging out with multiple groups of people (per fbook)?? If a grocery store clerk can become an essential employee and wear masks so can the teachers. Give me a break. Dekalb should at least figure this out for the elementary age students.

  40. Wait what,

    I didn’t say that DeKalb wasn’t competitive, I said that many teachers aren’t willing to die for $50k/yr. There are plenty of other jobs that teachers can do —unlike Demographics suggested. This idea that teachers are unskilled workers who can’t do anything outside of teaching is ridiculous. For many, teaching is a second career and we can go back to those other careers if we choose. I was in sales, but I hated the corporate environment. Teaching was a refreshing career change, but I’d go back if it meant ensuring my family’s safety. The teacher turnover rate in America is pretty high. Do you think all those teachers who quit are sitting at home unemployed? Please. Every teacher I know who’s quit teaching has found a job within a few weeks, and they’re making more money in those jobs than they ever did in DeKalb. People like Demographics are mad because they thought they could give teachers an ultimatum and that teachers would feel obligated to return. Teachers have options, and nobody should feel obligated to work where they don’t feel safe. Again, instead of bashing teachers, pressure your government officials into making sure schools are safe.

  41. Another swing and a miss

    Another DeKalb Teacher
    As if those working in the real world don’t work on the weekends or overtime. You missed the point that your pay if fair. Get back to me when you realize how many days off you accrue or when you work a full 12 months out of the year.

  42. Look at that 40 time

    Teachers is back peddling faster than Deion ever could

  43. Concerned Citizen

    Pretty sure, Another DeKalb Teacher, that you’ll soon be saving time by not having to grade your students:

    Seems that grading students is “racist” and the more subjective “mastery” will soon be used. Also, attendance is not necessary to achieve mastery, so the future of anti-racist schooling seems to point to very little teaching. Virtual classes are just a precursor of things to come.

  44. Proud Dekalb Teacher

    Teaching remotely is NOT enjoyable; I don’t know of a single colleague who doesn’t wish we could safely return to normal tomorrow. It’s really disheartening to try to make the very best of a very unfortunate situation, only to see some parents be so vicious. We aren’t saying we’re uncomfortable with face-to-face teaching because we are lazy, we are saying it because we know better than any parent or board member how incredibly unrealistic it is to practice social distancing in our schools. We know what promises of proper PPE, thorough cleaning, etc. look like in reality. I’ve always been proud to be a Dekalb teacher, and I’m glad that our students’ and teachers’ physical well-being has been at the forefront of every decision the administration has made so far.

  45. @Proud Dekalb Teacher

    Then what are all these other districts & private schools that have gone back F2F doing right that you don’t think DeKalb can? We’re not seeing or hearing stories about teachers or students catching Covid in those districts in mass numbers, and certainly not needing to be hospitalized or dying as a result if they do happen to catch it. So why don’t you think a “safe” return to school is possible right now? Do you seriously think DeKalb is so different from the 95% of school districts in Georgia that have returned to F2F learning in some form or fashion successfully & safely? I really find that hard to believe. Honestly just sounds like excuse-making from teachers that have been erroneously brainwashed into believing that Covid is akin to Ebola, like another commenter said earlier.

  46. Since we’re talking about job safety, my husband’s job gave him the option of working remotely. If he does go into the office, plexiglass has been installed in open areas, everyone is required to wear masks, the cleaning crew comes in several times a day, his job offers free Covid testing on-site, each employee was given ppe and cleaning supplies, they do contact tracing if employees get sick, AND they moved everyone around so that only every other cubicle is occupied at any given time to ensure social distancing. His company asked what safety measures needed to be put in place for people to feel comfortable coming into work, and they did those things. Making it seem like teachers are being unreasonable for wanting to feel safe at work is ludicrous, especially since many of the parents on here probably work for companies who’ve taken such precautions to protect their employees.

  47. If this is the way so many parents feel about DeKalb educators, why do you put your kids in DeKalb schools? Some of the educators I know have more education than most other professions, and are sought after for many other professions; they teach because they care about your kids. Every teacher I know right now is not working less than 60 hours per week, and spends most of the summer preparing for the next school year.

    I’m disgusted by the vitriol spewed in these comments, and I would hope the school board would back their teachers.

  48. Well well well. I wonder what the F2F group will do now. Despite being told by multiple parents with lobbying/media/legal/education expertise that their approach was not only all wrong but would not get the results they want, they ignored anyone and everyone who spoke a word of dissent. Like literally banned people from the group if they proposed an alternate way of addressing the situation. Now they are dramatically pulling their kids from DeKalb because their awful billboards didn’t do the trick. I sure hope their kids’ education isn’t negativity impacted . I’m preparing for virtual to continue for the rest of the school year. I’m not thrilled about it and it’s too bad that F2F group screwed up the opportunity for true lobbying that could have led to collaborative solution-finding.

  49. Why do we put our kids in DeKalb Schools? I can’t afford private school or home school and I can’t afford to move. What other options do we have?

  50. Terrible DeKalb

    DCSD will be absolutely decimated by poor judgement of our glorious superintendent. Students are already leaving in droves and people are fed up with excuses for why they can’t get back to F2F.

    What’s the plan if the numbers never drop? Virtual indefinitely? It’s a tragedy for the kids.

    Enrollment #s won’t lie…I hope the district is preparing for massive budget cuts and teacher reductions because they will be coming soon.

  51. A Caring 4th Grade Teacher

    Dear Frustrated:
    I teach 4th grade and my work has increased by 1/3 . It is what is. Each day after class, it takes 45 minutes to post the and create the resources , independent activities, and regular activities for students. It takes me much longer to open Google docs, call parents, increase my communication so people feel like they have access and equity to everything and feel supported, too. It has also taken me a long time to get everyone’s technical issues fixed. Teachers are helping students with support tickets, getting them support from their media center specialists, their admin, and any stakeholder who can help a student get online. I personally drove a donated Dell computer to a child in Clarkston myself during shut down. And you have no idea that daily, I am revising and recreating/adapting any material that I’ve ever used before to be useful, usable and engaging in a virtual environment while learning a myriad of new apps to deliver clever and useful curriculum. (Try that out if you think you can, it’s a lot). Sunday from 6-10 pm is set aside to get ready for a week of teaching 80 students – trying to assign what they need at their level. I also spend Sunday learning padlet, nearpod, screen-castify, Google Jamboard, mote, Flipgrid, Bitmoji, or Chrome extensions. I also have to check 16 Zoom links and make sure all calendars are synched. I schedule several conference ones too. It is also the night I write down who didn’t participate last week – so I can help them talk on Zoom and help them feel loved and cared about. Wednesdays are now all day meetings and grading, helping or learning new things from my teachers , triangulating around students with issues, and making supportive, helpful parent calls to listen and talk them off the ledge . Last, in order to make sure everyone stays current, each night I email parents and copy students on missing work. I do this not to admonish, but to help them stay within the timeframe that I taught something so they don’t fall behind.
    I would do anything to have that additional 15 hours back, like it used to be with in person school.
    So, no. I am not working 40 percent less. Your post is appalling and hurtful. I love these children and am so committed. I take my new way of teaching in Covid-times seriously and am giving it my all. My principal reaches out daily to tell us all how much she appreciates the extra hours, hi-tech learning we’ve all done, and our get-er-done-no matter -what attitudes. So do me a favor: recalculate my new hours. Thanks. Signed, A caring 4th grade teacher

  52. STFU Already. Your teachers should be disgusted with YOU.

    While sometimes these threads have productive dialogues other times they become useless. The ability for a handful of trolls playing bully and adding to divisiveness or changing their name to seem as if the numbers of critics have gone way up (in comparative to what they are calling surveys that don’t lock – gee, maybe those are the responsible parties for sitting at home trying to skew a school data comfort ability survey (*pathetic)). The same little handful of jerks who want to scream stats and numbers vs. emotional or safety concerns yet sit at home or work from their cushy little bubbles, not wanting to “babysit” their own children yet screaming abusively and disrespectfully for teachers to do just that. I’m sorry these same bullies love to chatter behind the threads with stats out the ass while not a one has either personally dealt with COVID or known anyone outside of their little trolley to have dealt with it. They are the same jackasses causing fights in stores over people wearing masks while they can manage to follow the standard “no shirt, no shoes, no entry” sign their entire adult lives, but can’t manage a mask because it might impact someone else NOT JUST THEM. If teachers and staff are going to heard as well as (different/multiple parents) from separate schools (because let’s be honest each school has its own problems) then there truly needs to be discussions for each school not just the community as a whole. The superintendent and board need to address those individual concerns (bigger vs. smaller in each school) to figure out how to actually safely transition for everyone. The idiots still screaming “it’s the teachers” yet “go back to work to watch my kid, but by the way screw you lot you’re all worthless and replaceable” isn’t exactly useful to anyone nor is it telling the teachers you give a flying fig about any of them. Threads like this become a point of further contention allowing teachers to see the selfish asses behind their screens worry over themselves and no one else. Teachers at this point shouldn’t even want to safely return due to the animosity being spewed by the lot of mouthpieces on these threads lately because what they see is a group of hateful humans pathetically asking for a sacrificial group of babysitters to teach their ungrateful offspring who had likely been told over and over again by their parents “teachers are useless, it’s the teachers fault, screw the teachers you should be at school and their problem, etc.” It’s despicable and only helping add fuel to an ever-growing wildfire. If people are coming up with constructive means to return these threads should be kept to questions and monitored much better. If it’s not constructive than it’s simply critical and at this point that makes them a waste of oxygen frankly which would be better served for those in need. Harsh, maybe, but the same group and the same vitriol in each thread is not only obnoxious, but a collective toxic fume permeating the space you’ve set for “information”, “updates”, etc. Instead it’s become a spot where less and less people check for actual information because the trolls are being allowed to run free with their garbage and only show up to shit on the very groups they are squalling about returning worse than a group of toddlers in need of nap time. Please either address this situation or find a space where comments can be monitored for the sake of getting feedback from multiple (confirmed) sources and the same nags aren’t trying to dictate the conversation to fit their own narrative. It’s a n idiotic attempt at attention grabbing and disgusting display of self centered lack of impulse control each time while trying to strong-arm teachers or others into changing their point of view all the while doing nothing productive to help do anything. They simply have all the time in the world to type their little text out over and over again behind their screens in between cursing teachers in front of their children that is. Seriously, if it’s not stats put up by you or whatever current data is being run or updated from the superintendent (which is what is done, call and bitch at her if you dislike it, not threads you allow updates for communities) than it shouldn’t be here. Questions have a purpose, suggestions and ideas (not the go screw yourself and get back to work kind where everyone can turn around and say take the stick out of your ass, grow a conscience, and maybe find a heart or brain before typing in response type) have some actual value, and your being observant that you are not speaking only of data, but human beings (and particularly ones you are asking to return to school to teach your children. Let’s honestly ask, would it be productive upon return for the teachers to give YOUR children the same venom and hate each day? “You are only here because you’re parents don’t want you at home. It’s not really about your education they just can’t stand you. Your parents are selfish, heinous, louts who have nothing better to do but pretend they are busy from home “working” all the meanwhile they were just complaining to our bosses we didn’t work ever. When you grow up don’t be like them. If you are why are we even teaching you? I don’t want to be here I feel uncomfortable, You don’t want to be here you feel unsafe, but they don’t care because it gives them freedom to get to their next hair appointment or watch their newest tv series”. Let’s focus on how we get back to school and safely for everyone. Where are the numbers asking who has dealt with COVID personally in the county (friends or relatives, sick of died)? Where is the list of HVAC units actually cleaned or fixed (not a number that can be pulled from anywhere, a date and each school by name in the county)? Where is the ACTUAL list of what supplies were given to each school and the count? What PPE is actually in place of the date it will be in place? Facts and figures come from multiple sources it would start allaying fears for safety if actual days was being shared not just random stats to appease a few or “what we do next”. The bullying and stats thrown gets everyone nowhere so it’s a useless thread that dies or people click off on. It would be nice to see actual figures and safety concerns matched up with schools and what is next. What protocols are in place for each school? Who will be in charge of situations per school? Who parents reach out to that is for their individual school not just the county as a whole. Please get us those types of updates and facts and allow for some real data to start getting to teachers, staff, and parents, and for the love of DeKalb get a source that checks facts while fact-checking bullies back into their hidey-holes. It’s be great if our schools could see parents are trying to get them back safely for all and that we do actually care for everyone. I know, I know, it seems to be a small number, but the fact is most of us are just sick of threads like these or hearing the trolls allowed to speak loudest while no one ever takes their mics away, maybe they are the ones in need of teachers? That being the case, thank you to all my teachers (no they weren’t ALL great), but they helped get me where I am today, and my actual medical degrees state I have to be at work tonight to help potentially save someone’s life (if one of the little trolls came out, maybe theirs, but doubtful as they like to work behind their screens best while never stepping into the actual nitty-gritty of the problems people discuss, but not do they ever have opinions). Oh, and Stan could we get some actual school return data up, please? I know that schools aren’t by-law required to release those numbers due to all the minors which is why getting them from counties, cities, and our states, has been so difficult, but actual numbers of openings vs. closures, cases from the schools listed to the number risen from that school of those infected, sick, and/or deaths stemming from it) I know it’ll be damn hard to get this information, but it will help the overall concerns of spread and mitigation if teachers/parents have the data with actual facts behind them (this school has x # of students return and quarantined on day #, this is the people showing as ill after quarantine in the county connected to those parties, this is the number of teachers/staff reporting ill, this is the list of precautions this school took {and how we will be better because we know how not to do that}, etc.) As well as updates on how many kids vs. teachers would be returning to each DeKalb school would be awesome? I know that can change, but if you are asking parents to fill out potential returns it should help determine how many teachers are needed physically? Shouldn’t that also help alleviate some of the unnecessary concerns for those who are able to remain virtual? (*I know the trolls will still have opinions on how other parties choose to handle the return/ or lack thereof for their own children, but for the sake of everyone with a brain who isn’t 9 and doesn’t give a shit what they think or say because it’s not about them) it would be nice to see the results posted at months end with those numbers? As well as DeKalb’s plan to cause the least disruption to those students actually succeeding academically at the moment and the teachers not ready to return F2F. They say bell schedules would change, but if you are asking teachers to return yet expect 40% less of a return of students plus have to space them more etc. doesn’t that also invariably change which classes? If they teach virtual and F2F but half the teachers don’t change and remain virtual how would the children follow the schedule would it ALL revert to “normal” bell hours because if some teachers stay virtual why would the times change? It’s a bit odd to change the schedule so fully as well, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t they adapt to F2F with edited scheduling instead based on the number of students returning to teachers in person? Change the “login” and tech check timelines for virtual and add that to your students in person as an unnecessary 5, 10, and 15min interval and add those to class times or lunch to maximize it? It’s not a good plan to add more screen time to kids overall logically as that’s never been a recommendation for children, if we are going by pediatric guidelines still. What are the plans for extra classes (specials, etc.) , they say they are going to do them, but what’s the plan? And where in each school? Will their be a load on for each school to reach out to the county if there is a problem? Who is going to be apart of a task force for the schools and what will they be doing? What added materials were provided for janitors to maintain cleanliness at CDC standards? If the school was already short staffed on janitors and we send everyone back how will this be maintained? Seriously, a per school list as well as procedures that we can see with numbers of students/staff return ratio would help support the notion this would be a safe return for all. A little more information will help mitigate fear in the long-run as well as some more togetherness from the community (and a lot less trash talking going unchecked from the disrespectful peanut gallery). Truly appreciate actual information updates Stan, but it’s harder to wade through the muck for each one lately.

  53. Anyone who understands how learning works.

    @Concerned Citizen, it’s interesting that you’re so infuriated about grading to mastery. If a student can master a skill, they get a grade. If they master all of the skills, they pass the class. Why are you so upset about this?

  54. DeKalb Parent

    What an embarrassing thread. It wouldn’t matter if we were told to go back to school, people would still be whining. DeKalb made a difficult decision. Doesn’t matter who likes it and who doesn’t. Berating teachers for that decision is absolutely absurd. Conspiracy theories are absurd. This thread accomplishes nothing .

  55. @ Stan Jester it really concerns me that we continue to spend money on Marketing Firms, but don’t want to pay your employees. The 10 month AP’s. Secretary and Lead Teachers worked during the week of July 20th and DeKalb County is refusing to pay them. Due to the lack of financial resources, but you can find 25k a month to pay Marketing Firms. This is horrible. I understand why you need a legal team because the way this district conducts business will continue to keep them busy.

  56. Not The Racist Morley

    These results are useless. The survey was created to give the board the ammunition to stay closed and appease their kind. They don’t want to do hard things and provide a real education. Why is nobody concerned about the 11% of kids who never logged in? Imagine the hysteria if 10,000 kids vanished and never showed up to school. But when it is virtual, the board will bury their heads. That racist idiot Morley didn’t want blood on her hands. Her head is so far up her ass that she will never see anything but her own bloated stomach from all the kick backs she has gotten over the years.

    We are done with this district. On to private school for our daughters. Silver lining… all the noise about needing more classrooms will not be an issue when schools reopen in 2023.

  57. @Terrible Dekalb,
    I’m curious where you are seeing students leaving in droves? I’m my class, not one student has left, but within the last 2 weeks I’ve added 4 new students. Oh, and they are all transfers from outside the county.

  58. @teachers I haven’t pressured one teacher back into the classroom, but I do laugh at you. Because if you worked in any of the non predominantly Black county school systems, you’d be back in the classroom. Good luck on your new career.

    @stfu your hypocrisy is showing

  59. Let's be Reasonable

    @High School Teacher

    I understand that you’re trying to think of the students in making your statement, but as an elementary teacher, I have to respectfully disagree with you about elementary students returning in-person. I shouldn’t have to risk my or my students’ health because they require more assistance with school work. The purpose of virtual learning is safety for all. Let’s not make blanket statements that requires us to only address the safety and health of some students and staff. Elementary aged students and teachers are not less immuned to a virus because students need extra help due to their age. You even stated that you feel uneasy about high schoolers returning in person. Why wouldn’t teachers in the elementary level feel the same way? Not sure if you have small children of your own, but they love to hug, touch, and share everything. Elementary schools are a breeding grounds for germs, and many of these schools rarely even have soap in the bathrooms. I personally don’t want to be locked in a classroom full of small children for several hours a day, so I don’t mean to be rude, but please don’t speak for educators at the elementary level. I’ll gladly teach students from home, but please don’t request that I should work in-person solely because I chose to teach younger students.

  60. Any word on expanding the day? Or was that conveniently not discussed? Stan?

  61. @Expand, The chair cut off discussion before expanding the day came up. I thought expanding the day wasn’t going to happen until hybrid started.

  62. Teachers Stop and Breathe

    Teachers, please stop trying to explain what we do on a daily basis for other folks kids. Let this thread (and all others) go. It is useless and unproductive. Continue to do what you do for these folks’ kids per your contract (as it is a J.O.B. like any other) while safeguarding your mental, physical, and emotional health because one thing is for certain… if either of us were to die today, there would be a replacement tomorrow and life would move on. So stop wasting time and stressing over this foolishness. Try your best to work ONLY during your contracted hours (I know that’s hard) and shut off when work hours are over. Let these parents argue and debate amongst themselves. We have too many other areas of concern that we need to focus our attention on. This back and forth is not one of them. And unlike some shirts and memes like to suggest… I am not a super hero and I don’t wear a cape. I am a person who teaches to support my family just like anyone else who works to support theirs.

    P.S. And anyone who knows anything about education understands that the current grading system is flawed and has been for ever. It’s just dumb to have grades that aren’t associated with content mastery. So kudos to San Diego for attempting to implement best practices in grading.

  63. Rather than rely on an arbitrary positivity rate, what are experts recommending? I am aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics is in support of returning to the classroom. Is there another scientific organization advocating the opposite?

    For some students virtual learning is working and their parents would choose to remain in the virtual model. For other students, virtual learning is not effective. We are simply asking for the ability to make choices on behalf of our kids. I have seen a great disparity between my two kids – both in elementary school. My older child is doing well managing her time and assignments. My younger child is having a much more difficult time staying focused and engaged.

    When we start to see poor standardized test scores, what will the response be from the country? My guess is a request for more funding. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  64. @ Caring 4th Grade, if this current system of teaching a live class twice a week is taking more time than teaching a live class five days a week, then its a failure for both the teachers and the students and something needs to change. Kids only receiving instruction 40% of the time during which they would otherwise be in a class room is not working. And, apparently teachers are working beyond school hours to deliver this diminished instruction. This current model is not a solution.

    @Educators, Despite claiming to have “more education than most other professions” you don’t seem to understand that 1) Private schools charge tuition and most of the 100,000 students in DeKalb can’t afford to leave for a school that is teaching F2F and pay said tuition, and 2) Private schools also have teachers who miraculously have not been infected or hospitalized in any noticeable numbers.

    All grades are now back in Cobb three days a week. We’ll see what happens. I’m sure DeKalb will ignore it if it works.

  65. @A Caring 4th Grade Teacher and all other teachers praising your own work here. Please open your identities and we’ll see and listen the feedback from students and parents. THIS IS LAUGHABLE how you sing serenades to yourself. WOW we are in this hot mess because we have teachers like you!!

  66. @WhatAJoke You are truly a joke if you have nothing to do but spy on the f2f group page:))))

  67. It’s that time! TOD drop

    Bright Flight
    There has always been some of it: folks moving from place to place in the metro region seeking a better education for their children. These “better schools” tended to correlate strongly with distance with taxes and home prices exhibit an equally strong but negative correlation leaving commute time the only limiting factor.

    The pandemic changed all that.

    Large numbers are working remotely and like it. Companies’ comfort level is on the rise as results show increased productivity alongside reduced costs. Traditional schools are on life support, teachers are remote but inept at distance education, student contact time is low and incessant demands for more money have only grown louder. In DeKalb, parents perhaps were convinced by years of educator messaging that teachers, classrooms and schools are critical to the excellent education they’ve been told their children deserve and thought they were receiving. Now these same parents who want their children back in those most excellent schools are pushing back against reluctant teachers by regurgitating the Kool-Aid and it isn’t a pretty sight as the bartenders have no appetite for the drinks they were serving.

    Many parents are staring at a tax bill where upwards of seventy percent goes to schools that are essentially down for the count. “Hell no-We won’t go” is a broken record they cannot tolerate hearing. Teachers aren’t coming back. Parents, at least some, will be “migrating” towards education for their child.

    Who are these parents? Who are their children? Will these be those most at-risk, those most negatively impacted by teachers’ partial strike or will the be those children whose parents have the means and the priorities to ensure the best for their children? When the best and brightest are driven from traditional public schools why would they ever return?

  68. DSW2Contributor

    In a 2-day period, Covid forced Fulton County to close 2 of its 15 high schools.

    Friday, October 16: Two days after returning to full face-to-face instruction, Fulton County Schools has temporarily shut down one of its high schools due to a the number of COVID-19 cases in the building:

    Monday October 19: Fulton County Schools announced Monday that Cambridge High School in Milton will be closed until Friday because of COVID-19:

  69. Veteran DeKalb teacher

    Where are your children only being taught a live class twice a week? At my school students are taught all core academics every day (except Wed.) and teachers stay live with the kids the whole period. The only classes that are not taught daily are specials,which kids would not get every day even if we were in person. If your childrens’ school is not teaching as much as they should, address that with the administration. Don’t assume that is what’s happening throughout DeKalb.

  70. Some of you REALLY need to go find some friends to vent to. Initially, I found this thread extremely demoralizing…

    …until I put things into context.

    The parents that are on this thread attacking teachers are not in the majority, as evidenced by the results of the survey. They may be loud, but they do not represent the multitude of families that we serve. Let them beat their chests and scream all they would like. They will wake up in the morning and realize that it didn’t change anything. It wasn’t productive. It was wasted energy. It is a poor representation of Dekalb families.

    Instead of attacking teachers, why not go after those that are responsible for the proliferation of this virus? Why don’t you write Governor Kemp and demand that he tighten Covid restrictions so that cases could fall to the moderate level? Close bars? Nightclubs? Limit indoor dining? Mandate masks? Lower gathering sizes?

    Why not contact the US Department of education and demand funding to schools? Why not reach out to your representatives and demand a CARES Act that will support schools and get them the money that is needed to support safe reopenings?

    No? Okay.

  71. Two things:
    1. Perhaps we should call DFACS on some of the parents who post here. Whackadoodles! Unhinged folks who sound unsuited to raise a pet rock. Geez!

    2. Veteran DeKalb teacher- what school are you in that’s doing the right thing? ES, MS, or HS??

    OK, not totally serious about point one, but geez…

  72. @f2f4dekalb

    I’ve heard enough.
    FYI, Caring 4th grade teacher doesn’t have to share his or her identity. People have a right to post anonymously if they so desire. If a teacher were ineffective, he or she would not have a job, end of discussion. Teachers are some of the most highly trained, educated professionals in the workforce today. We typically have tons of hours of professional development per month and I can’t think of another profession that requires more professional development, not even in the medical profession. Teachers are also fingerprinted and background checked every time their certification is renewed, which again, is not something that happens with people in other professions (after the initial hiring onboarding). Administrators have no problem putting a teacher into a remediation plan if they are not effective, so I do believe any teacher who “sings their own praises.”

    Thanks @Caring 4th grade teacher, your committment and service to the community is very much appreciated.

  73. Veteran DeKalb teacher


  74. DSW2Contributor

    @Demographics – wow, thanks for sharing that NY Time article.

    It is great to see that N.Y.C. is able to Covid test children as they return to school – wish we could do that here in Georgia, but we’re stuck with Governor Kemp instead of Governor Cuomo.

  75. Go away f2fdekalb. You have been overruled and essentially made to look like a bunch of fools. I wonder if any of you will consider how dangerous it is to think a small group can attempt to steamroll and “speak” for the masses. If there’s one thing that’s been made clear today, it’s that the Superintendent won’t be bullied. To think a poorly worded billboard and flat-footed attempt by a despicable group of selfish parents would impact her decision is truly laughable. There are thousands of parents who might have joined your efforts if you had approached this differently. Myself included. Just go away and let the rest of us figure out how to make the best of virtual school while partnering with the County on a reasonable plan that represents the needs of ALL of DeKalb.

  76. I’m sure many in DeKalb (everywhere else outside of District 1) is utilizing this free “babysitting” as teachers like to call it.

    @dsw2 knew you’d appreciate it

  77. Between DCSD making announcement of virtual and start of school year, our school enrollment dropped 10%. Then another 30% left between school start and now. Would not surprise me to see > 50% drop by end of 1st semester for our school and in parts of the county that can afford private and can find an open spot. DeKalb already underinvests in its facilities and programs. Can’t imagine what future holds with cuts in funding.

    Last one out turn off the lights…

  78. Concerned Citizen

    @Anyone who understands how learning work, I imagine you’re the one who is infuriated but I’m unsure why you’re projecting that on me. As for proving “mastery” of a skill when school attendance is not required, how does that happen? If testing, homework, and the subsequent averaging of grades cannot be used to prove “mastery” because testing, homework, and grade averaging are “racist” activities in school, I’m baffled by just how a non-attending student will prove to a teacher that he or she has mastery of a subject. Also, it seems teachers will need to be sure that such “mastery” is achieved at the exact same percentage for all races/ethnicities or else “mastery” will also be assumed to be “racist” by school board members, and then that will lead to a search for the next meaningless participation trophy for public “education.”

  79. I said what I said

    At the end of the day, no one is going to be 100% happy with choices being presented. I have been teaching for over 13 years, but I am also an entrepreneur, and I can run circles around most people in most other professions because most people are lazy, and I have worked in corporate America, so I know. With that being said, I teach only because of the students and not because of the money because I make money in other areas. If I leave, they will need to replace me with at least 3 other people, and I know my value. I have four degrees, but I have made way more money in sales than anything, and I can do it again if need be. I will not be abused by a broken system. Everyday, it is a prayer and a struggle to stay, but I stay for the kids, and I will leave when God tells me to leave. I refuse to get bullied by parents, the school system, students or anyone else for that matter. I think if more people start looking at the situation this way, they would not need to go back and forth with people who don’t have a clue of what it means to be a real teacher. At the end of the day, people need to do what is best for them and their family. I pray that everyone remains healthy and safe during these times.

  80. Caring 4th grade teacher

    @Frustrated- from Caring 4th grade teacher. I assign two asynch workdays as well as my synchronous. These include my own pre-recoded videos and content I personally create and prepare on various sets of apps and resources .
    If you were to see my own elaborate in-home classroom that was once our living room, and the 2nd 42 inch screen,monitor and other technology (headset, light ring, digital content microphone), I have paid for myself (as did my colleagues) , you’d see the commitment. Making fun of teachers and belittling us isn’t fair at all. I made more money in corporate 24 years ago than I do now . So just know a lot of us do it because we love the kids and are passionate about teaching. It just takes more time to do it well and make it engaging on this side of the Zoom.
    Stop and imagine the heartbreak we have for kids who need help and support -yet we can’t help to the extent we can in person.
    I didn’t put my name because several of you go to my school, and maybe I teach your child. I don’t want to lose my respect within those confines. I love this job so much and want to continue to feel strong and supported when we go back – not laughed at and taunted.

  81. I’m sure the teachers will stop replying anonymously as soon as these vitriolic parents do the same.

  82. Anyone who understands how learning works.

    @concerned There are many ways to check for mastery; colleges and high schools do it all the time by receiving projects and/or papers that perform understanding. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest evidence of learning is through project-based learning, where teachers help to guide research, but the final project demonstrates mastery of many CC standards. San Diego is the home to a fantastic example of this. Plenty of students are capable of learning on their own. Most students need guidance, and will need to come to school to scaffold the learning, but it’s not necessary for all students.

    I do hope you were asking a genuine question.

  83. Concerned Dekalb citizen

    Why is the board asking for $25,000 more a month in additional marketing? Please tell me that wasn’t approved? All I hear is Dekalb has a hold on their funds and they don’t have the money. It sounds like they do have the money for what they want. What could they possibly be marketing to right now????

  84. @Concerned DeKalb Citizen, The administration asked the board to approve an additional $25K/month for marketing. I’m still incredulous that DeKalb Schools sees the education issues as a perception and branding issue. I asked them how this was going to improve education and the administration said it wouldn’t (at least they were honest about it). The board approved this particular agenda item 5-2.

  85. Concerned Dekalb Citizen

    I guess I thought we were in a pandemic and maybe that money could be used to fix the buildings or support virtual learning

  86. Exactly. I asked the board and administration to use the money to fix HVAC systems … to no avail. HVAC systems could be in better shape in a number of schools. I would really like to get our ventilation systems in tip top shape before the teachers and students come back.

  87. How is it safe to expose football coaches and players to the virus if its not safe for teachers? If we believe that its important to control the spread, then we need everyone to do everything they can to stop the spread. At least, everyone in the school district. The Board and Superintendent may not be in charge of businesses, but they are definitely in charge of football games.

    There’s a real disconnect with this.

  88. $25k/month for marketing while teachers got furloughed, still haven’t been paid for PL days, and still have to purchase our own PPE and safety items? And people wonder why teachers don’t trust the county when they say they’ve put safety measures in place. When we say stop bashing teachers and hold the people in charge accountable, this is what we’re talking about. $25k/month could purchase plexiglass for every student and teacher desk, buy thermometers for every school, pay for additional custodial staff and school nurses, and pay for a company to perform on-site Covid testing.

  89. Is it HVAC or Novac?

    Aside from cursorily sending someone out to check HVAC system, what has the county done to address antiquated and non working ventilation systems?Is there any type of certification designation that these non working systems must pass?

  90. CBS news had a segment this morning that showed nationwide the infection rate of teachers was lower in school than teachers who were at home instructing virtually.
    Both numbers were under 0.4%.

  91. @Caring 4th grade teacher, you should not have to expose your identity. You’re honestly engaging with frustrated parents and other stake holders. You obviously care. The system stinks if you’ve had to encounter this much personal disruption to teach. My kids get each class twice a week with live instruction, two days with other work and one day of nothing. This is just not the same as five days a week live instruction. You’re struggling and kids are struggling, but it seems like there is no plan to fix this. Some teachers are clearly working hard but this method of instruction cannot continue. I would move if I could, I would send my kids to private if I could, but I can’t.

  92. In case anyone wants to see this, the Atlantic published an article essentially on Schools not be the feared “Super Spreaders” many thought they would be.

  93. Stan, I have a child at Lakeside. I listened to Maloof talk about how they are in the process of getting the schools ready. My son reports that he regularly smelled smoke (of all varieties) all over the building coming from the bathroom. He carried his own soap and toilet paper with him because there was never any in the bathrooms. The superintendent is new. Does she know of these issues? I’m concerned about the lack of understanding of the systems in the school building and the need for on going cleaning and how that will be met once they do go back. Are these questions being asked/reported on?

  94. Concerned Citizen

    @stfu, here are some data for you from school systems (courtesy of The Atlantic, hardly a bastion of conservative thought): Our data on almost 200,000 kids in 47 states from the last two weeks of September revealed an infection rate of 0.13 percent among students and 0.24 percent among staff. That’s about 1.3 infections over two weeks in a school of 1,000 kids, or 2.2 infections over two weeks in a group of 1,000 staff. Even in high-risk areas of the country, the student rates were well under half a percent.

    One might argue, again, that any risk is too great, and that schools must be completely safe before local governments move to reopen them. But this approach ignores the enormous costs to children from closed schools. The children affected by school closures are disproportionately low-income students of color. Schools are already unequal; the unequal closures make them more so. Virtual school is available, but attendance levels are not up to par. Pediatricians have linked remote schooling to toxic stress.

    Parents are struggling as well, not just children. Cities have recognized the need for child care for parents who cannot afford to quit their jobs to supervise their kids, but this has led to a haphazard network of options. Houston, for example, has opened some schools as learning centers. L.A. has learning centers set up for low-income students in alternative locations. These spur the questions: If school isn’t safe for everyone, why is it safe for low-income students? And if school is safe for low-income students, why isn’t it safe for everyone?

  95. @ D raises some valid concerns. The water in the restrooms for students was not hot. I was always told that this was for safety so the students would not get burned by water being too hot. With the virus and the importance of hand washing, how will this be addressed?

  96. DSW2Contributor

    @LaptopBoy said – “CBS news had a segment this morning that showed nationwide the infection rate of teachers was lower in school than teachers who were at home instructing virtually.”
    That segment CBS46 is airing is an interview with Emily Oster, an *Economics* professor at Brown.

    Oster’s claim to fame is arguing that it is safe to drink alcohol while pregnant.

  97. So we can add teacher-hating to the description of that racist, virus-denying face-to-face parent group. DEKALB TEACHERS: please know that this group does not represent us all. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you and I see you. I get your late night emails and check lists. I get your responses over the weekend and see when you’ve posted the assignments. While I’m not a fan of virtual for so many reasons, the teachers have demonstrated their commitment over and over again. I can’t wait until we are back in the classroom and I will up the ante on my teacher appreciation efforts after all of this! <3

  98. D, The head of operations and most of the administration are new. My understanding is that operations is constantly out at the buildings assessing and preparing. The board gets a monthly report at the board meeting about what operations is doing to prepare for the return of teachers and students.

  99. I am really dumbfounded by the lack of practical, strategic tactics here.

    Why doesn’t DeKalb know, down to the school, grade, subject, exactly how many teachers and students are willing to come back under a few clearly-defined scenarios:

    – Teachers and students in the classroom, teaching hybrid
    – Teachers and students in classroom, only teaching in-person students
    – Only willing to teach/attend online until x cases/100,000

    Wouldn’t this allow them to create a school-by-school plan? I’m talking a master scheduling spreadsheet that shows what teachers are available and how many students they would need to handle and then tackle it that way on a school-by-school basis? Then the central office could function as a CENTRAL resource helping schools that need help and shifting willing resources from schools that are in good shape.

    We know the attitudes on f2f vary widely across this very large county. Any solution is going to REQUIRE flexibility on the part of the teachers and students/PARENTS. Parents, if you desperately need your kids to go back in person, you’re going to have to deal with the fact that they will have teacher and schedule changes. You can’t get Fall 2019 back. Teachers, if you don’t want to go back into the classroom, you might have to deal with being assigned to brand new kids in a remote environment, working for a new principal, etc.

    For example, if there are 4 second grade teachers and 2 want to teach in person and 2 want to teach online, and there are 26 second graders who want to come back in person, they would be assigned to the 2 classrooms of teachers who are there in person. If your child was in the classroom of one of the teachers who wants to teach online, you would have to deal with a teacher switch in order to get in-person instruction. Likewise if you are one of the teachers who want to only teach remotely, you might get 2nd graders from your “old” school or you might get completely different ones.

    There should be no tolerance for whoever these f2f people are hurling insults at teachers and demeaning their life’s work. Does it feel good for you to talk down to someone and try to make them feel bad? Does that seem like a tactic that’s going to lead to any good results? Teachers didn’t create the pandemic or the return criteria – lobby that frustration at the central office where they get paid more than $50k. There aren’t lines of people ready to replace them (there really haven’t ever been). Teachers actually have very little say and power in this entire matter – that is part of their frustration.