DeKalb Schools 2020 Graduation Schedule

Congratulations High School Seniors Class of 2020. According to the DeKalb Schools 2019 – 2020 Calendar, the last day of school is May 21, 2020. Graduation ceremonies will be the last week of school.

Class of 2020

DeKalb County School District 2020 Graduation Schedule (Final Version)
Class of 2020
Georgia World Congress Center

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Date School Time
Monday, May 18, 2020 Cross Keys High School 9 AM
Arabia Mountain High School 1 PM
Miller Grove High School 5 PM
Chamblee High School 8 PM
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Stephenson High School 9 AM
Clarkston High School 1 PM
Redan High School 5 PM
Dunwoody High School 8 PM
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Martin Luther King, Jr High School 9 AM
Cedar Grove High School 1 PM
Lithonia High School 5 PM
Stone Mountain High School 8 PM
Thursday, May 21, 2020 Elizabeth Andrews High School 9 AM
McNair High School 1 PM
Columbia High School 5 PM
DeKalb School of the Arts 8 PM
Friday, May 22, 2020 Southwest DeKalb High School 9 AM
Druid Hills High School 1 PM
Tapestry Charter School 5 PM
Lakeside High School 8 PM
Saturday, May 23, 2020 Towers High School 9 AM
Tucker High School 1 PM
DeKalb Early College Academy 5 PM
Thursday, May 14, 2020 Margaret Harris Comprehensive School
Ceremony will be held at the school
8 PM

13 responses to “DeKalb Schools 2020 Graduation Schedule

  1. DSW2Contributor

    So are the 19th, 20th, and 21st Senior Skip Days for Cross Keys, Arabia Mountain, Miller Grove and Chamblee????

  2. Dsw- seniors are typically finished with school by the Friday before this graduation week so they are not on campus.

  3. I am really p***ed about this. I’ve mentioned this before. How does it look when there’s few or no teachers marching in with graduates because they are in class? How do we deal with younger siblings missing final exams or class time because they are going to a graduation? Having graduation during the school week is one thing, but they should not under any circumstances be starting before 6PM so all families and teachers have the opportunity to be there.

  4. @witsend You are justified in this. There is no reason for DeKalb to centrally manage graduations unless a school asks for help. Schools should be allowed to plan their own graduations to suit their own schools and classes. Where stadiums are shared, high schools should work together to share the space in a fair way.

  5. I agree with you, Ann T! What is convenient for DCSD leadership is not what’s best for each community. These kids have worked hard and put up with a lot of nonsense from DCSD over their school careers, and they deserve a nice celebration when and where their families can attend and actually SEE them walk across the stage!
    So Stan, what do we need to do to get the Board to allow individual high schools to plan their own ceremonies if they choose?? Please respond – how much time do we have before DCSD commits to GWCC for the Class of 2021? Thank you!

  6. DeKalb Mom, Obviously we are committed to 2020. The administration agreed that any future contracts with GWCC for graduation ceremonies would come before the board.

  7. Get out the way

    How do we get rid of sherry Johnson ?

  8. Thirty Years Dedicated

    Is Morcease Beaseley on the list for superintendant? How about Garry McGiboney…give him a try for a couple of years? People who care about kids and know how to create programs and schools to help them to be successful….Whomever it is, they should be serious about wiping clean the entire palace of old, traditional lunchers and snackers who know nothing about the new generation of students. Its time for a change! I also see that another sorority-girl-hired principal has been removed… Same-old DCSD! Hire people on their merit and not who likes them and how many Saturday meetings they attend!

  9. Just Wondering

    There must have been some changes to this schedule, as it is not the same as what is posted on the county website. I know for sure of changes on Saturday, May 23. Not sure of other changes. It took me a while to find the schedule on the website, too. Shouldn’t it be easily accessible?

  10. Greetings STAN – Could you please verify and confirm the graduation times for May 23rd? As someone mentioned prior the times conflict with the DeKalb County 2020 Graduation Schedule that’s posted. WHICH is right? It’s not safe to assume the DeKalb should be the correct one, but who knows. Please advise.

    Thank you!!

  11. You AINT Slick

    Honestly, DeKalb knows that some of these dates and time are not the most desirable or favorable because they are offering “LIVE STREAMING” for the graduations. As, to say if your family can’t be there because these dates and times are JACKED-UP heyyyyyy NO worries your family can see your baby, son, daughter, niece, nephew, graduate via live stream… no one has to miss “seeing” their loved one’s BIG special moment. Live Streaming and in person are two different things!! The Live Stream is a nice addition for the sake of those who live out of town, the elderly, or those stationed in Afghanistan and can’t physically be there. Not for friends and family in the metro area but can’t get there due to inconvenient dates/times.

  12. May 23rd time was off. Fixed. The correct times are.
    Saturday, May 23, 2020
    Towers High School 9 AM
    Tucker High School 1 PM
    DeKalb Early College Academy 5 PM

    Download 2020 Graduation Schedule

  13. Is this the right date for southwest DeKalb?