3/15/2017 – SACS Report

4:00 PMeboard link icon AdvancED Site Team Exit Report
Stan Jester – I wanted to emphasize the importance and ramifications of this review. The school district and AdvacED has been evolving. I have a quick question for the reviewers.
The public relies and points to AdvancED to guarantee some quality of academic achievement and financial viability. In the past, AdvancED made statements about our financial viability. Will AdvancED make a current statement about our financial viability?
AdvancED – We looked at the budget and interviewed the finance director. We looked at how DeKalb Schools went from being in the red to the black with a reserve fund. We didn’t do a financial audit. It’s just a general status and I will close with that and not answer any more questions.
AdvancED Site Team Exit Report