05/04/2015 – Public Comment

Public Budget Hearing
Angela Tucker Holmes
Lisa Morgan
Daniel Sobezak
Tracey Anderson
John Evans
Faye Coffield
Mary Lindsey Lewis
Marcia Borowski
David Schaefer
Deborah Jones
Willie Pringle
Public Comment
Speaker #1 – (Note: The first speaker was not in attendance but emailed the board his comments) A full and honest reflection on the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) would include not only the achievements of the last two years, of which there are some to be proud, but also the other things. Continue Reading Here >>
Kita Cannon
juanita Martinex
Elizabeth Aleman
Kelly Johnson
JeRonnda Swanson
Debra Haynes
Gsukari Clark
Salim Rahim
Phyllis Calahan
Andrew Montgomery
David Schaefer
Najah Al Khederey
Ifrah Abdullahi
Samia Abdullah
Bill Joy
Loreen Booker-Brown
Priscilla Davenport
Kiely Clayton
Mary Lindsey Lewis – Michael Thurmond please stay
Quincy Carswell – Michael Thurmond is my friend, please stay
Bushnu Raj
Cornelius Stafford
John Evans
Tim DeBardelaben
Timothy McCullough
Willie Pringle
Rev Timothy McDonald