11/11/2013 – Meeting Part 1 of 3

Rocco Testani (Sutherland school board attorney)

Provisions in Georgia law relating to the conversion of a cluster along with the board policy.  Georgia Code 20-2-2064(d) provides that “a local board shall approve a petition that complies with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures promulgated in accordance with Code Section 20-2-2063 and the provisions of this title and is in the public interest.”

With respect to the latter phrase “is in the public interest”, the board has adopted a policy IBB which says “In order to be considered to be in the public interest by the DeKalb County Board of Education, a charter petition or any request for a charter renewal, must, at a minimum, demonstrate that the curriculum, instruction and accountability programs set forth in the petition combine to create an innovative, unique opportunity for student learning which does not duplicate existing DeKalb programs or exist in any DeKalb County school(s).  Further, the proposed charter school(s) must demonstrate it wil increase student achievement through academic and organizational innovation in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 20-2-2065(a).  The petition must also show how the intended location of the school is in the public interest of the community.  In addition, the charter petitioner must demonstrate ability, financial resources, expertise and other resources necessary to manage successfully all aspects of a charter school.”

I draw to your attention the legal statutes in Georgia code as well as your own policy on the issue.

Michael Thurmond (Superintendent)
The administration will present after many hours of evaluation and analysis, our recommendation regarding the proposed Druid Hills Charter Cluster [DHCC] petition.  The DeKalb School District has a rich history of supporting innovative and successful charter schools.