06/02/2014 – Mr Pringle

Mr. Pringle
Good evening. I believe in praising God for letting me be hear, for being the voice for the voiceless.
I come before you as a parent and volunteer. Looking at the way the school district is going, I’m disappointed. It’s not focused on our children but the money. It’s being misappropriated. Brand new books are going in the trash.
Y’all have a great task on your plate. If you don’t put the children first, that’s what you are missing. Looking at the legal funds that continue puzzle me with all the lawyers. Nobody wants to answer those questions. We’ve been asking you, Mr. Thurmond. How many lawyers are we paying for cases that should have been settled.
When I look at Heery Mitchel, $400K and we settled for $20M. I got a problem with that. We’ve got cases that should have been settled.
When I look at the failure rate in the school system, something is seriously wrong. Until we come and do what God wills and do the right thing, by our children, we are going to continue down this road.
When we have teachers leaving our classrooms in droves because of the leadership, Mr. Thurmond, let’s look at this please. We have got to get rid of nepotism and cronyism. We can no play politics and fraternities.
As long as we continue to let this go on, our children are going to be failures heading for the penitentiary. I don’t want to see that.