04/01/2014 – Superintendent Search

04/01/2014 Work Session & Board Meeting

Melvin Johnson (Chair – DeKalb School Board)
We will be making plans to commence the Superintendent Search Committee. I would like to ask Dr. Morley, Mr. Coleman, Dr. Erwin and Mr. McMahan to serve on the committee for one purpose and one purpose only. And, that is to get us started in June and facilitate that first meeting. Because that will be the committee of the whole where we will commence the planning process for the Superintendent Search. We hope that you will do whatever research is necessary to get us started for that meeting.
Leading up to the committee of the whole, I appreciate you adding this. As a group we start talking about what this is going to look like, what are our expectations about how it will function, what our expectations are about the components of the search will be.
As we know, Atlanta has just … it’s almost at the end of its search. It has to wait its two week mandatory statutory time. I think it’s being perceived as having been successful. There’s always learning we can do from our colleagues. I know we’re DeKalb, but they’ve gone through a search. I think they had a process different than what school systems have done in the past, particularly with the expertise they engaged.
I think the other thing we have to be mindful of, and it’s just a byproduct of the market place, is that Cobb will also be looking for a Superintendent sooner than us. So, we also just have to know, quite frankly, what we’re up against in the market place.