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COVID-19 Cases Trending Down

Over the last few days the COVID-19 “Cases per 100K (last 2 weeks)” in DeKalb have gone from 122 to 117. DeKalb Schools will begin the transition to a hybrid learning model if the Cases per 100K (last 2 weeks) is below 100 for 14 days straight.

DeKalb Schools Calculations To Move To Hybrid are the conditions under which the school district would transition to a hybrid learning environment. The Georgia Department of Public Health provides a daily report with the data points used to make these calculations.

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Kindergarten and Pre-K Enrollment
Enrollment is generally down across the district, but Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten seem to have been hit the hardest. Total K enrollment for the district is 4,982. DeKalb Schools originally forecasted to have 7,484 students in Kindergarten. There are 2,502 fewer kindergarten students than projected. Pre-K enrollment is down by 453 students. The originally projected Pre-K enrollment was 2,555.

Chromebook Distribution
The administration tells me this is the current status of Chromebook distribution.

• Phase I – Distribution to Grades 3-12 – 100% Complete
• Phase II – Distribution to Grades 1-2 – 100% Complete
• Phase II – Distribution to K and PreK – 0% Complete (Waiting on shipment of devices)

IT is shifting the repair strategy to prioritize new student repair requests balanced with the existing repairs form this summer.