7 – Johnathon Clark

CRCT and EOCT Scores
Index – 2014 Summer Leadership Conference

Johnathon Clark – Principal, McLendon Elementary School
All year long we’ve gone through assessments. We’ve tried to celebrate your success. At the end of each assessment we will send out the summary chart. ’12-’13-’14 growth and here are some high points. Because what we’ve tried to do is sell our message. We’ve tried to sell your message. Recognize the hard work, the wonderful things that are going on at individual schools. Not only for achievement, but also for growth over time.
So, over the next couple of slides I’d like to talk about our growth in writing, and talk to you about our growth in standards that we are teaching, recognized through our CRCT assessments in grades 3-8 as well as EOCT assessments in high school and some middle schools.
This slide highlights our achievement in writing. Writing is significant and important for next year, of course it’s important this year, but next year it will play a very significant role as we enter into the new Georgia Milestones Assessments System. You’ll learn more about that from Mr. Fincher tomorrow and some of our presentations later.
We want to talk about our celebrations in writing. From this year we’ve had some excellent highlights. If you look at the story this slide tells, we had two schools with 100% achievement, DeKalb School of the Arts and the Museum School. We had multiple schools that had double digit increases. If you look at certain schools like Cedar Grove, Chestnut, Dresden, 16 and 19 percentage points growth on the writing assessment from one year to the next. That’s substantial. Grade 8 writing. McNair, Cedar Grove … 19 and 15 percent growth. That’s significant.
As we move from writing and we discuss the elementary level CRCT, the tests that assess our standards. Are we teaching the Georgia Performance Standards and how well our kids are doing by achievement. But, also we want to recognize how they’re doing as the students grow from year to year.
As a district we realized an increase in 3 content areas: reading, science and social studies. Wadsworth, 100% proficiency in all 5 areas. Kittredge Magnet, 100% in 4 areas and 99% in 1. Austin ES and the Museum School, 100% in multiple areas. Knollwood and Meadowview double digit increases in 2 areas as well as increases in all 5 areas. McClindon ES and Pleasantdale ES and Rock Chapel, double digit increases in 2 of the 5 areas. Those indicate a significant growth and the success of what’s happening at that level with those students at those schools. And, it’s important we recognize them.
As we move into the High School, we look at our EOCT scores. The story this slide tells … the district grew in 5 of the 7 content areas. DECA, 100% passing rate in 4 content areas and Dekalb School of the Arts in 2 content areas. Towers HS, 31% growth in economics. Towers HS, 24% growth in 9th grade literature.
In our middle schools we have students earning Carnegie unit credit by taking high school level courses. Chamblee Middle School, 100% of their students passed and made proficient scores on their EOCT. 5 of our middle schools showed double digit growth from ’13 to ’14 in the Common Core GPS Coordinate Algebra test. Chappel Hill, Druid Hills, Sequoya, Path Academy and Tucker Middle School.
It has been my privilege to stand up here and recognize these schools for their achievement as well as for their growth.