SACS is a Fake Organization

January 11, 2013
By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD
We have been pointing out for going on five years now the sheer hypocrisy of Mark Elgart’s and SACS’s actions.  SACS’s so-called “standards” are a way to keep elected school boards in line and a way to protect superintendents and the politically-connected (uh, perhaps certain school board attorneys?  Hmm.).  SACS is simply used as a tool to keep the politically-connected in some kind of control once they have lost the control at the ballot box.  See Clayton County and DeKalb County.
The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) was different because the politically-connected (uh, King & Spalding, Price Waterhouse, et al., perhaps) were still apparently getting what they wanted.  So, a blind eye (literally a “blind eye”) was given to the shenanigans of the Beverly Hall Administration.  And, these same “connected” people and institutions apparently took an active role trying to cover up these shenanigans and to prop up the already-disgraced Beverly Hall Administration.  I believe ole Markie Mark Elgart also took an active role in trying to keep Hall’s house standing…before it came crumbling down.
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