Supreme Court of Georgia – Dr Walker v GaBOE06/03/2013
The public sentiment to date is summarized in Judge Story’s decision, “The interest of the public in a healthy public school system outweighs the interests of board members“. On Monday, the Supreme Court of Georgia heard oral arguments on the constitutionality of the Removal Statute, O.C.G.A. § 20-2-73, based on a litany of charges. I hope you find the briefs and oral arguments as interesting as I did. Read More >>
Suspension Reaches Georgia Supreme Court6/2/2013
The control of a school system with nearly 100,000 students will hang on the outcome of a 40-minute hearing Monday at the Georgia Supreme Court. Lawyers for Gov. Nathan Deal and for the former DeKalb County school board chairman he ousted will face off, each getting 20 minutes to argue over the constitutionality of the law that led to the February suspensions of Eugene Walker and five other board members.  Read More >>
ACTA Calls on Secretary of Education for Accreditation Reform – 3/12/2013
Washington, DC—The American Council of Trustees and Alumni today asked Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to prevent the wrongful intrusion of college accreditors in state governance matters and called for an alternative system of quality assurance that would end interference in institutional autonomy. Read More >>
The Rise of the Accreditor as Big Man on Campus – 1/14/2013
By Hank Brown @ The Wall Street Journal
Who’s in charge of our colleges and universities—their boards of trustees or the accreditation organizations? Accreditors increasingly interfere in institutional decision-making and use their bully authority to tie the hands of colleges and universities. For decades, these accreditors have effectively guarded the status quo, focusing on process and resources rather than on educational excellence.When it comes to accreditors’ real assignment—ensuring educational quality—the record is dismal. Read More >>
SACS is a Fake Organization – 1/11/2013
By: John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD
We have been pointing out for going on five years now the sheer hypocrisy of Mark Elgart’s and SACS’s actions. SACS’s so-called “standards” are a way to keep elected school boards in line and a way to protect superintendents and the politically-connected … Read More >>
Nancy’s Response To SAC’s Special Report – Just a Mom with a Calculator – 12/26/2012
By: Nancy Jester
No one knows better than I do, that the board as a whole can be very frustrating to watch. As the board member who most often votes “no”, I endure this frustration more than most. I am the board member who identified and publically discussed the financial issues that were cited in this report. For almost two years, I have publically inquired during the presentation of the monthly financial report about the discrepancies that I uncovered. Read More >>
SACS – Special Review Visit Report – 12/17/2012
This report is the result of a Special Review that was conducted due to formal complaints made against the DeKalb County School District, which, if true, impact the system’s ability to meet the Standards required for accreditation. Read More >>