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Central Office Reorg

The Reorganization of the Central Office includes the reclassification of existing positions, the realignment of departments, the elimination of existing positions, creation of new positions, appointment of senior level and cabinet personnel, and the creation of a new division.

Senior Level & Cabinet Level Personnel

  • Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Facilities & Operations – Mr. Noel Maloof
  • Chief of Staff, Superintendent’s Office – Mr. Antwyn Brown
  • Associate Superintendent, Office of Accountability – Dr. Linda Frazer
  • Regional Superintendent, Region 1 – Ms. Melanie Pearch
  • Regional Superintendent, Region 7 – Dr. Rodney Swanson
  • Executive Director of Information & Innovation, Information Technology – Ms. Monika Davis
  • Executive Director of Infrastructure & Support, Information Technology – Mr. Wade Barnes
  • Executive Director of School Culture & Climate, Student Support & Intervention – Dr. Deborah Moore-Sanders
  • Executive Director of Board Operations, Board Office – Dr. Yolanda Williamson

Peachtree Charter Middle School Principal

Dr. Donnie Davis, principal of Peachtree Charter Middle School, has been reassigned to another position within the District. The purpose of this assignment is for the good and efficient operation of the school and district.

The DeKalb County School District will move forward with the selection of a new leader of Peachtree Charter Middle School as soon as possible. During this transition period, two retired veteran principals, Mr. Robert Williams and Ms. Terese Allen will serve as Interim Co-Principals.

Reclassification of Existing Positions

  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer (formerly Executive Director of Finance) – VACANT (FY20)
  • Deputy Chief Operations Officer (formerly Executive Director of Facilities & Operations) – VACANT (FY20)

Re-Alignment of Departments

  • Move of Risk Management Department within Office of Legal Affairs to the Division of Finance
  • Move of Legal Affairs to the Division of Human Capital Management as Employee Relations
  • Renaming of Human Capital Management to Human Resources

Elimination the Office of Legal Affairs Division and Existing Positions

  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Legal Administrator

Creation of New Positions

  • Internal Investigator (2 positions)
  • Open Records Request Specialist II (1 position)

Supporting Documents

Central Office ReOrg Phase III

At the business meeting last week, the Board of Education approved Phase III of the Central Office Reorganization to include the appointment of senior-level personnel, reclassification of existing positions, creation of new positions, elimination of existing positions, and the realignment of existing positions.
ReOrganizations To Date
  Phase I – (DEC 2015)
  Phase II – (MAR 2016)
  Phase III – (APR 2016)

Hire Senior Level Personnel

Lisa Martin Lisa Martin  –  (.pdf link icon  resume)  (Chief Academic and Accountability Officer – start date of June 1, 2016) – Ms. Martin has been the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent for various school districts across the South East over the last 5 years.
Chezia Calloway Chezia Calloway  –  (.pdf link icon  resume)  (Executive Director, Exceptional Education – start date of August 22, 2016) – Ms. Calloway was in the Maryland Department of Education for 5 years. She has been the last few years in Bermuda where she was Assistant Director of Student Services before coming to DeKalb.

ReOrg Phase III
Phase III of the reorganization flattens the layers of bureaucracy through decentralization, placing critical human capital and operations services in the field with the regional superintendent.
Elimination of Existing Positions
Any existing personnel in eliminated positions are encouraged to apply for currently open positions. Employment, however, is not guaranteed and open positions will be filled with the most qualified applicant.

  • Director of Transportation Operations
  • Manager, Compensation
  • Manager, Insurance
  • Manager, HR Technology for IS (vacant position)

Creation of New Positions

  • Manager, Human Capital (for Central Office)
  • Administrative Assistant (supporting the Director, Total Rewards)
  • Manager, Compensation and Insurance
  • Specialist II, Talent Management
  • Regional Transportation Manager – 3 positions (Each region will have a transportation manager who works directly with the Region Superintendent and is responsible for the management and communication with the schools and parents in that region regarding transportation matters).

Reclassification of Existing Positions

  • Director, Total Rewards (formerly Director, Staff Services)
  • Regional Facilities Maintenance Supervisors – 5 positions (formerly Skill Trade Supervisors for Building & Grounds, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Audio/Visual)
  • Regional Transportation Manager – 2 positions (formerly Transportation Operations Manager)
  • Director of Fleet and Special Transportation Operations (formerly Director of Fleet Services)
  • Lead Bus Drivers – 12 positions (formerly Field Support Liaisons)