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DeKalb 2016 Star Ratings and CCRPI Scores

The National School Climate Center defines school climate as “the quality and character of school life” that is based on the “patterns of students’, parents’, and school personnel’s experiences of school life.”[1] School climate can be influenced by the norms, goals, values, interpersonal relationships, instructional practices, and organizational structures within a school. Research has found that schools with positive school climates tend to have better test scores and graduation rates; in contrast, schools with negative school climates as a result of unsafe or hostile environments tend to have lower academic performance.[2]
A sustainable, positive school climate supports people feeling socially​, emotionally and physically safe. In a positive school climate people are engaged and respected. By contrast, disruptive and aggressive behavior such as threats, bullying, teasing and harassment creates a hostile school environment that interferes with academic performance. A hostile school environment fosters increased absenteeism and truancy because students feel unsafe at school. If a child is not physically and mentally in attendance, learning cannot take place.

Stan Jester

What’s your analysis of this information? What do you notice?
Given the 2016 School Climate Star Ratings, it looks like generally people are content in the Chamblee, Cross Keys, Dunwoody, Druid Hills and Lakeside clusters. I still find it odd that Lakeside HS is the only school in the cluster with a below satisfactory index.
Also, Cross Keys HS knocked their CCRPI scores out of the park. DeKalb 2016 CCRPI Trends

School Climate and CCRPI for all schools by Region

Cluster School Name OSD Title I CCRPI School Climate Star Rating
Chamblee Ashford Park ES N 87.5 3
Chamblee Huntley Hills ES Y 72 4
Chamblee Montgomery ES N 87.3 4
Chamblee Chamblee MS N 85.1 4
Chamblee Chamblee Charter HS Y 87.5 4
Charter DeKalb PATH Y 82.5 5
Charter Tapestry N 57.6 4
Cross Keys Cary Reynolds ES Y 66.5 4
Cross Keys Dresden ES Y 48.8 2
Cross Keys Montclair ES Focus Y 52 3
Cross Keys Oakcliff ES Y 70.2 4
Cross Keys Woodward ES Y 60.3 4
Cross Keys Sequoyah MS Y 64 5
Cross Keys Cross Keys HS Priority Y 81.9 3
Dunwoody Austin ES N 97.1 4
Dunwoody Chesnut ES N 61 4
Dunwoody Dunwoody ES N 91.6 4
Dunwoody Hightower ES Y 66.9 3
Dunwoody Kingsley ES Y 75.6 4
Dunwoody Vanderlyn ES N 93.4 4
Dunwoody Peachtree MS N 78.8 4
Dunwoody Dunwoody HS N 93.4 4
Chamblee Kittredge Magnet N 105.5 4
No Cluster Int’l. Student Center Y 27 5


Cluster School Name OSD Title I CCRPI School Climate Star Rating
Charter Int’l. Community School Y 62.9 3
Charter Museum School N 88.7 4
Druid Hills Avondale ES Y 56.1 3
Druid Hills Briar Vista ES Y 74.8 2
Druid Hills Fernbank ES Y 80.1 4
Druid Hills Laurel Ridge ES Y 89 3
Druid Hills McLendon ES Y 73.8 4
Druid Hills Druid Hills MS Y 73.8 4
Druid Hills Druid Hills HS Y 80.6 4
Lakeside Briarlake ES N 78.5 4
Lakeside Evansdale ES Y 72 4
Lakeside Hawthorne ES Y 69.2 5
Lakeside Henderson MS Y 74.8 5
Lakeside Oak Grove ES N 89.5 4
Lakeside Pleasantdale ES Y 61.3 3
Lakeside Sagamore Hills ES N 77.3 4
Lakeside Henderson Mill ES Y 78.6 4
Lakeside Lakeside HS Y 80.3 2
No Cluster DeKalb ES of the Arts Y 84.1 3
No Cluster Robert Shaw Y 78.7 4
No Cluster DeKalb School of the Arts N 100.4 3
Tucker Brockett ES Y 80.2 2
Tucker Idlewood ES Y 61.4 2
Tucker Livsey ES Y 75.8 3
Tucker Midvale ES Y 63.3 3
Tucker Smoke Rise ES Focus Y 59.3 2
Tucker Tucker MS Y 71.2 4
Tucker Tucker HS Y 78.4 3


Cluster School Name OSD Title I CCRPI School Climate Star Rating
Charter DeKalb Academy of Tech N 61.8 3
Clarkston Allgood ES Focus Y 61.2 3
Clarkston Dunaire ES Y 48.8 2
Clarkston Indian Creek ES Y 70.3 4
Clarkston Jolly ES Y 56.5 2
Clarkston Freedom MS Focus & OSD Y 61.4 3
Clarkston Clarkston HS Priority Y 70.9 3
No Cluster Wynbrooke ES Y 74.4 2
No Cluster The Champion Middle Y 70.1 5
No Cluster Dekalb Early College Y 106.5 5
Redan Eldridge L. Miller ES Focus Y 57.6 2
Redan Redan ES Y 46.7 3
Redan Shadow Rock ES Y 51.7 2
Redan Redan MS Y 63.9 2
Redan Redan HS Priority Y 72 2
Stephenson Pine Ridge ES Y 57.4 2
Stephenson Princeton ES Focus Y 61.5 2
Stephenson Rock Chapel ES Y 59.6 2
Stephenson Stephenson MS Y 63.8 3
Stephenson Stephenson HS Y 78.2 3
Stone Mountain Hambrick ES Y 57.3 3
Stone Mountain Rockbridge ES Y 55.5 2
Stone Mountain Stone Mill ES Y 65.1 2
Stone Mountain Stone Mountain ES Y 45.2 2
Stone Mountain Stone Mountain MS Y 60 4
Stone Mountain Stone Mountain HS OSD Y 69.4 1


Cluster School Name OSD Title I CCRPI School Climate Star Rating
Charter DeKalb Preparatory Y 61.5 2
Charter Leadership Prep Y 69.1 2
Charter Destiny Priority Y 48.4 3
Lithonia Stoneview ES Focus Y 45.8 1
Lithonia Lithonia MS Focus Y 47.1 1
Lithonia Lithonia HS Y 61.9 2
Miller Grove Panola Way ES Y 42.5 1
Miller Grove Woodridge ES Y 65 2
Miller Grove Miller Grove MS Y 55.6 1
Miller Grove Miller Grove HS Y 71.8 2
MLK Browns Mill ES Focus Y 51.8 3
MLK Fairington ES Y 45.9 3
MLK Flat Rock ES Y 55.3 2
MLK Murphy Candler ES Y 52.1 3
MLK Salem MS Y 55.3 2
MLK MLK, Jr. HS Y 62.9 1
No Cluster Edward L. Bouie, Sr. ES Y 75.5 3
No Cluster Marbut ES Y 71.8 3
No Cluster Narvie Harris ES Y 72.7 3
No Cluster Arabia Mountain HS Y 93.2 4
SW DeKalb Bob Mathis ES Focus Y 60.5 2
SW DeKalb Chapel Hill ES Y 50 2
SW DeKalb Rainbow ES Y 61.2 2
SW DeKalb Chapel Hill MS Y 65.2 3
SWDeKalb Southwest DeKalb HS Y 76.9 3


Cluster School Name OSD Title I CCRPI School Climate Star Rating
Cedar Grove Cedar Grove ES Y 60.5 2
Cedar Grove Oakview Elementary Y 47.7 1
Cedar Grove Cedar Grove MS OSD Y 51.7 3
Cedar Grove Cedar Grove HS Y 78.4 3
Columbia Columbia ES Y 53 3
Columbia Snapfinger ES Focus Y 50.4 2
Columbia Toney ES Priority Y 54.3 3
Columbia Columbia MS Focus Y 59.9 1
Columbia Columbia HS Priority Y 64.7 1
McNair Clifton ES Focus Y 58.6 3
McNair Flat Shoals ES Y 47.5 2
McNair Kelley Lake ES Focus Y 68.1 4
McNair Meadowview ES Focus Y 41.5 2
McNair McNair Discovery Focus Y 53.6 2
McNair McNair MS OSD Y 52 3
McNair McNair HS Priority Y 58.2 1
No Cluster Wadsworth Magnet Y 99.6 3
No Cluster DeKalb Alternative Y 42.4 1
No Cluster Elizabeth Andrews HS Y 56.5 4
Towers Canby Lane ES Focus Y 57.1 2
Towers Rowland ES Y 54.9 2
Towers Bethune MS Focus Y 54.9 2
Towers Towers HS Priority Y 57.2 1
Charter GLOBE 84.1 4
Towers Peachcrest ES 44.1 2

[1] National School Climate Center. (2014). School Climate. Retrieved from
[2] Thapa, Amrit, Jonathan Cohen, Shawn Guffey, and Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro. 2013. “A Review of School Climate Research.” Review of Educational Research 83(3): 357-385.

Milestones – All Georgia High Schools Ranked by Proficiency

Res ipsa loquitur.  Here are all the Georgia high schools ranked by their Georgia Milestone results.  The ranking is the percentage of students that met proficiency in the coursework tested.
It is noteworthy that DeKalb has 3 schools in the top 30.  I would also note that 2 of the 3 schools have relatively small graduating classes when compared to the high achieving schools around the state.
Milestones Results – Distinguished Learners
Milestones Results – Georgia Elementary School Rankings – Distinguished Learners
Milestones Results – Proficient Learners
Milestones Results – Georgia Elementary School Rankings – Proficient Learners
Milestones Results – Georgia Middle School Rankings – Proficient Learners
Milestones Results – Georgia High School Rankings – Proficient Learners
Milestones Results – DeKalb Elementary Schools – Proficient Learners
Milestones Results – DeKalb Middle Schools – Proficient Learners
 Milestones Results – Metro Atlanta School Districts – Proficient Learners  (Elementary and Middle School)
Spring 2015 EOG Spring 2015 EOG (Elementary and Middle School)
Spring 2015 EOG Spring 2015 EOG (Elementary and Middle School)​
Spring 2015 EOC Spring 2015 EOC (High School)
Spring 2015 EOC Spring 2015 EOC (High School)
Percentage of students proficient in the coursework
The following chart ranks all high schools by the percentage of “Proficient Learners”
Proficient Learners – Proficient Learners are students that demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge and skills necessary for this course, as specified in Georgia’s content standards.
Graduating Class – This chart details the number of students  in the 2015 4 year cohort as well as how many students graduated from that cohort for that high school.
.pdf link icon  All Georgia High Schools Ranked