4/17/2017 – DHS Donation

Dunwoody High School Community Association Donation Approval
 4/17/2017 – Work/Business
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Supporting Documents
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Game On Capital Campaign
The Dunwoody High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO), School Council, and Community Association, a 501c3 corporation, requests approval to install artificial turf, spectator seating, and outdoor lighting for the multi-purpose field, replace the existing running track, and construct a new field house facility with concessions and ADA compliant restrooms at the school.
To date, the DHS Community Association has raised $400,000 in support of its Game On! Capital Campaign initiative with a goal of raising a total of $1.2 million over the next few years. The District has allocated $790,000 under its voter-approved E-SPLOST V program to install artificial turf on the football/practice field at the school. Additionally, the voter-approved E-SPLOST V program includes the design and construction of a 26-classroom addition to address overcrowding concerns at Dunwoody High School. As such, district staff is recommending an architectural feasibility study be conducted to ensure the new building addition and any associated storm water retention changes do not impede or prohibit starting the construction of the new artificial turf and other athletic improvements as requested by the DHS Community Association.
As per the Board approved “E-SPLOST V Project Listing with Anticipated Start and Finish Dates (March 20, 2017)” document, the construction of the classroom addition and artificial turf installation is not scheduled to commence until July 2020. The acceptance of this donation and cooperative partnership between the District and the Dunwoody High School PTSO, School Council, and Community Association will allow the athletic improvements to occur prior to this date, if the architectural feasibility study determines that these athletic improvements will not impede or impact the construction of the new classroom addition and associated storm water management facilities.
The Facilities Management Department will continue to work with the DHS Community Association to ensure each project phase meets all design and construction standards and guidelines. In addition, the Facilities Management Department will assist with securing quotes from qualified vendors in accordance with the Board’s Purchasing Policy DJE.