John Lewis ES – Mascot & Colors

C. 17. Approval of the Mascot and School Colors at John Robert Lewis Elementary
 9/12/2016 – Work/Business
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Committee Sign-In
Eden Clark – Teacher
Jason Darray – Assistant Principal
Selma Zahinovic – Counselor
Sandra Nunez – EL Director
Marshall Orson – BOE
Jaime Davis – Secretary
Chaundra Hamilton – Teacher/Parent
Veronica Romero – Madre
Julie Brown – Principal
Israel Torres – Padre
Renee Felix – ESOL Teacher
Sherry Johnson – Interim Regional Superintendent
Members of the Naming Committee (
Mr. Marshall D. Orson, Board Representative, District #3,
Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Interim Region I Superintendent,
Ms. Sherry Johnson, Region I Coordinator,
Dr. Sandra Nunez, Director of EL Studies,
Mr. David Schaefer, Latin American Association,
Mrs. Melanie Pearch, Principal, Woodward ES,
Ms. Cammie Neill, Principal, Briar Vista ES,
Ms. Adelfa Lopez Salome, Parent,
Ms. Didia Altamirano, Parent, and
Ms. Maria del Carmen Sanchez, Parent)
met on August 16, 2016 to recommend and vote on a mascot and official school colors for the new school.