04/18/2016 – Cold Storage Services

 04/18/2016 – Work/Business
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Kicking The Tires
This is an extension for a sole bid for a service that a dozen people in Atlanta provide. A cloud has been hanging over this agenda item for years, so I decided to go down to Boulevard Cold Storage and check it out for myself.
Boulevard Cold Storage has a small run down building and only has room for a couple of trucks unlike Nordic on Pleasantdale Road which has a huge loading doc and 50+ 18-wheelers in the yard. The freezer at Boulevard Cold Storage looked like it was in good condition. There were a couple dock workers and 1 person in the office who was able to give me a quote for any company that needs cold, chilled or dry storage (which is the same price DCSD is paying). They are registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office as Waken Meat Company and have a DBA (Doing Business As) for Boulevard Cold Storage. Their clients also include Atlanta Public Schools and Bon Appetit. Here are the pictures I took.

Questions and Answers
Question 1: Is Boulevard Cold Storage registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office?
Answer from Joyce Wimberly: Yes, Boulevard Cold Storage is registered and conducting business as Boulevard Cold Storage. Boulevard Cold Storage is registered through the Secretary of State.
See SN Attachment 1.
Question 2: Can we get a copy of the RFP and bid 15-25R referenced in the agenda item?
Answer from Joyce Wimberly: A copy of Bid 15-25R is attached – See SN Attachment 2
Question 3: Get a copy of the other bids.
Answer from Joyce Wimberly: Boulevard Cold Storage was the sole responder to the solicitation.
Question 4: Get vendor file/information on Boulevard Cold Storage.
Answer from Joyce Wimberly: Boulevard Cold Storage located in Atlanta, GA is a private company established in 1995 categorized under Cold Storage Warehouses – SN Attachments 3_4 – Copies of Abstract of Bids & Procurement Process Letter.
Question 5: Can we get a better description of the services provided by Boulevard Cold Storage?
Answer from Joyce Wimberly: School Districts require additional cold storage due to the following:
United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) commodities and processed foods are essential to the School Nutrition Program. DCSD received approximately $2,433,699.44 YTD in dry foods, frozen commodities and processed foods. These products are shipped directly in large quantities to Boulevard Cold Storage and picked up a delivered to schools by School Nutrition Warehouse personnel (Drivers & Driver Helpers).
USDA does not deliver to individual schools; therefore we must have a centralized storage location. DeKalb County School Nutrition does not have a cold storage unit for the volume of USDA commodities.
Boulevard Cold Storage inspects all deliveries for damaged products and report all damages to DeKalb School Nutrition immediately.
Cold Storage Boulevard provides cooler, freezer, and dry storage spaces for all DeKalb County School Nutrition commodities. It rotates stock by pack date or first in first out, whichever is applicable.
Square Footage Currently used at Boulevard Cold Storage by DCSD School Nutrition Services
School Nutrition operations cannot accommodate the level of stock received through the federal government and to satisfy the needs of the students. Boulevard Cold Storage has approximately 24,712 square feet designated for DeKalb County School Nutrition:

  • In use -19,152 square feet
  • Reserved – 2,560 square feet
  • Receiving & delivery – 3,000 square feet

School Nutrition Managers order USDA commodities on a weekly basis. Cold Storage Boulevard provides three orders (each with frozen, refrigerated, and dry foods) combined, assembled, and staged for inspection, checking, and loading at 7:30 AM for DeKalb County School Nutrition truck drivers Monday through Friday, with loading dock space.
Question: In FY2015 DeKalb Schools is the only school district to use Boulevard Cold Storage. What do other school districts use?
Answer from Joyce Wimberly:
Atlanta Public Schools
Clayton County Schools – internal warehouse
Cobb County School District – internal warehouse
Fulton County Schools – internal warehouse
Gwinnett County Schools – external warehouse (US Food Service)