12/07/2015 – New Comp Plan

Compensation and Comparability Plan for all School Based Certified Personnel
 12/07/2015 – Work/Business
eboard link icon Agenda Item – Compensation and Comparability Plan for all School Based Certified Personnel
 Pay Raises For Teachers
Comp Plan Details
•  Teachers – Teachers with 7-17 years of completed experience will receive an increase of up to $14,000 to make their salary comparable to the average annual salary of other metro Atlanta school districts. All other teachers will receive a 2% pay raise.
•  Principals – High Schools – 5%; Middle Schools – 3%; Elementary Schools – 2%; All Assistant Principals – 2%.
•  Pre-K Teachers – Certified Pre-K Teachers will transition from a flat rate to the DeKalb Teachers salary schedule based on valid GAPSC certification and completed experience.
•  Parapros – Instructional paraprofessionals will receive a 1-2% salary increase based on current salary placement.
Other certified school based professionals on the DeKalb Teachers salary schedule will receive the same raises as the teachers on that schedule.  Those employees include Media Specialists, Counselors, Psychologists, Lead Teachers for Special Education, Social Workers, Academic Coaches, Instructional Specialists.
Q & A
When will raises be seen in paychecks?

  • January 15, 2016.

Why was APS excluded from the equation for determining salary adjustments?

  • Due to a much larger tax base, Atlanta Public School’s teacher salaries were excluded.

Which school districts were included in your study?

  • Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Clayton, and Henry.

How much will the total cost be to the District?

  • $21.5 million on an annualized basis.

Question (12/11/2015): Make documents public the board received during mini-sessions.
Dr. Tova Jackson-Davis: This information has not been approved for release by the Superintendent.