11/02/2015 – Problems at McNair

 11/02/2015 – Work/Business

Priscilla Davenport
I’m a parent of a student at DeKalb Schools. I want to thank the board and Superintendent Green for allowing me to speak. My concerns are about McNair High School. I have talked several times about the things I want to address about McNair.
One of the things is that children are bringing guns to school and no one is addressing the problem. As we all know, in the news, 6 students were arrested from the school for breaking into the house down the street. Also, children are smoking, selling drugs on school campus, and also as a parent we have no input because our principal governs our school council board. She interviews parents for school council.
We also have no updated website. We have no winning baseball, football or basketball team. No SGA, no student government, no career day, no yearbook, no student ID, no Miss Homecoming, no homecoming dance. But yet our seniors at the school pay $325 for senior dues, $200 junior dues, but they get a limited amount of supplies. $50 homecoming dues when they didn’t even have a homecoming dance or any homecoming event other than the parade on homecoming day.
Also, my Open Records request showed a commingling of funds from senior dues, junior dues, homecoming dues, all reported on different spreadsheets. Overpriced items, staff being paid from student funds, principal borrowing money and replacing funds and all types of things that I would think are fraudulent in that spreadsheet.
McNair High School is a Title I school and it should be representing parent involvement. It is sad when I walk into the school and I’m asked to leave because I want to be involved. I’m just asking if the board would take the time to at least address our concerns as parents at McNair High School and give us what we need to make our community better and give the taxpayers a better school.
Thank you.