12/02/2013 – After School Money Audit

Michael Thurmond – DeKalb Schools Superintendent
The audit is not complete, but Mr. Bell will give us an update.
Dr. Michael Bell – Chief Financial Officer
The board stated they wanted an external auditor to be engaged to review the program and report at the December 2nd board meeting.  On Sept 26th, we engaged Gregory D. Biggs CPA firm in the equitable building downtown.  They began the process of taking a look at complying with the scope of the audit that was listed in the solicitation.  That was to do a financial and compliance operations audit of the after school extended day program for fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The audit objectives stated explicitly to perform financial and compliance procedures on all tuition and other revenues received by the after school extended program for fiscal years 2010 through ’12.  To perform financial and compliance procedures on all revenues and expenditures incurred by the after school program for the a fore mentioned fiscal years.  Perform procedures sufficient to report on all of the participating schools compliance with the after school operations handbook, local 

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