09/09/2013 – HR Report


Dr. Ward Smith – This HR Report is inclusive of all activity since May of 2013. When teachers or employees terminate or do not report back for the 2013 – 2014 school year, we are required to utilize their last working date. In past board reports, you’ve seen terms since a particular point in time. This report includes the last working day of all employees listed.
This report shows we have a total of 793 new contracted employees. 328 new non contracted employees. 225 resignations and 46 terminations.
Coleman – Can we get an update on the number of open positions?
Dr. Ward Smith – We started school staff at 98.5%. On the first day of school we had a total of 59 instructional vacancies and 21 Title I vacancies. Today we have 41 instructional vacancies. Due to enrollment bursts in several areas, we have posted some new positions in the last 2 weeks. We have also received our Title I allocations and we have 11 Title I vacancies for a total of 52. Only one school has more than 2 home room, that means general education home room vacancies.
Orson – During the Summer you were trying to recruit out of the Chicago school system. Were you able to hire any teachers from there?
Dr. Ward Smith – We were not successful with the Chicago initiative. We hired some from Detroit Michigan.
Orson – Of the 41 instructional vacancies, is there a certified subject matter in each of those 41 class rooms?
Dr. Ward Smith – For the 41 vacancies we have, I don’t know if we have somebody certified. We could have subs in there. By the 10th day, we require a classroom to have an in field certified sub.
Orson – Since we’re past the 10 days since school started, we should know if we have certified subs.
Dr. Ward Smith – Some of these vacancies are only a few days old.
Orson – I’m told we are bumped up against waiver sized classes in many cases. We would like to get an analysis of class sizes.
Dr. Ward Smith – OK
[glossary slug=’interim-superintendent’]Interim Superintendent[/glossary] – Dr. Ward Smith mentioned the enrollment burst which is in many ways a compliment. As of September 4th, we have officially enrolled 99,703 students which is a record enrollment for DeKalb County. This controverted what has been a declining enrollment for several years. It speaks to the confidence of the parents in the system. We approach 100,000 students for the first time in this district.
McMahan – On the 99,703 number, is that K-12, charter, etc …
Dr Ward Smith – 99,7 I think it was almost 99,8 on Friday. It is inclusive of charter schools and PreK
It’s placed on the consent agenda without further discussion.