08/04/2014 – Work Session

08/04/2014 Work / Business Meeting
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Work Session

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Approval of Monthly Financial Report
3. Approval of Monthly Human Resources Report
4. Casenex Professional Development Extension Agreement
5. PATS/Human Resources Portal Annual Maintenance Renewal
6. School Nutrition Services
a. Bid #15-27 – Purchase of Large Equipment
b. RFP #15-457 – Administration Software & Support
c. Cintas Uniform Agreement
7. Business Services
a. Bid 14-38 Custodial Supplies and Equipment Award Approval
b. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Purchase Approval
c. North Georgia Fuel Cooperative Bid BL044-14 Approval
d. Fleet Services Parts and Supply Contract (#SWC 90815) Extension Approval
8. Facilities
a. Cross Keys High School Track Replacement Award Approval
a. SPLOST IV Project: FY 2015 Bus Purchase Approval
10. Personnel Recommendation
11. Approval of Legal Firm (Part 1)