06/02/2014 – Work Session

Work Session

Work Session Meeting Agenda
A. CALL TO ORDER (Cabinet Room)
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Approval of Monthly Financial Report
3. DeKalb County School District Proposed Budget for 2014-2015 (FY2015)
4. Approval of Authorization to Issue a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN)
5. Approval of Non-Resident Tuition
6. Approval of Monthly Human Resources Report
7. Approval of Contract Recommendations for FY 2014-2015
8. International Teacher Services Agreements
9. Employee Life Insurance Contract
10. Class Size Flexibility Resolution
11. Purchase of Renaissance Learning STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, and STAR Math for use as a K-12 Universal Screener
12. Southern Behavioral Group (SBG) Contractual Services
13. Memorandum of Understanding Between Metro East Georgia Learning Resources Systems (GLRS) with Metropolitan Regional Services Agency (MRESA) and DeKalb County School District
14. Extension of Request For Purchase (RFP) 11-187 for Speech-Language Therapy Services
15. First Class Transitional Renewal
16. Instructional Data Management System
17. Virtual Desktop Distributed Hardware (SPLOST)
18. Cellular Carrier Annual Contract
19. School Nutrition Services
a. USDA Products Re-Processing, Bid #15-18
b. Purchase of Paper Products, Bid #15-19
c. Purchase of Ice Cream, Bid #15-22
d. Purchase of Milk & Milk Products, Bid #15-28
20. Facilities
a. Approval of Amendments to Reciprocal Easement Agreements for the Administrative and Instructional Complex (AIC) Facility
b. Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems Inspection, Testing and Maintenance, and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Contract Extension Approval
c. Arabia Mountain Green Cleaning Program Service Contract Extension, Bid #12-533
d. Approval of Bid Award #14-752-032 for Portable Classroom Relocation and Routine Maintenance Service
21. Business Services
a. District-wide Printing Services Extension of Contracts, RFP No. 13-459R
22. SPLOST Projects
a. SPLOST III Capital Improvement Plan Budget Reallocation (421)
b. SPLOST IV Project: Subregion 1B: Cary Reynolds ES, Huntley Hills ES, Kingsley ES, Hightower ES, Chesnut ES, and Montclair ES – Capital Renewal, ADA, Code Requirements
c. SPLOST IV Project: Subregion 2B: Midvale ES, Druid Hills HS, Evansdale ES, Oak Grove ES, and Dunaire ES – Capital Renewal, ADA, Code Requirements
d. SPLOST IV Project: Subregion 4A: Stoneview ES, Bouie ES, Marbut ES, Salem MS, and Flat Rock ES – Capital Renewal, ADA, Code Requirements
e. SPLOST IV Project: Subregion 5B: Meadowview ES, Toney ES, Midway ES, Towers HS, and DeKalb HS of Technology South, – Capital Renewal, ADA, Code Requirements
f. SPLOST IV Project: Peachcrest Elementary School Construction Contract Award
g. SPLOST IV Project: Fernbank Elementary School Construction Contract Award