03/03/2014 – Redan HS Baseball Field Renovation

It is recommended that the baseball field improvements be completed at the Redan High School facility. This change provides for a high-quality baseball sports facility to be designed by CDH Partners and constructed prior to the start of the 2014-2015 baseball season.
The current baseball field at Redan High School requires major repairs to restore it to a competitive play standard. Over the past several years, the Redan High School baseball team has won several championships and received national recognition as one of the top teams in the nation. It is necessary to provide these student athletes with a sports facility commensurate with these achievements.
Financial Impact
The financial impact of this budget amendment will be approximately $300,000. The $300K budget transfer will be taken from the SPLOST Program Contingency project code. The budget of the Redan HS Renovations and Addition project (Project #513-422) will change from $20,718,330 to $21,018,330.

Board Discussion
Wilkins (Chief Operating Officer)
The current baseball field at Redan needs major repairs to restore it to a competitive playing standard.  Redan has won numerous championships and has received national recognition.  The restoration will improve baseball and serve as a high quality facility for the district.  It is important these students receive the type of facility commensurate with their achievements.
Greg Goodwin (Redan Principal)
Over the last 30 years we have been recognized throughout the country.  I would like to share some articles with you.  This one is from MLB.  Tim Osborne, MLB scout, endorses Redan high school as an elite team.
We have had a remarkable record over the last 30 years … [list the achievements of the Redan team and its players]
Horace Dunson (DeKalb Executive Athletic Director)
The improvements to the field are basic needs.  That includes water, irrigation, fencing, lights.  The community uses these fields throughout the year. [Note: Mr Dunson neglected to mention the $100K estimate for an open air batting facility]
Dr Morley
I want to commend Mr Goodwin and Mr Dunson on their commitment to education and our children.  It’s amazing.  Education has to be from a holistic perspective.  It’s more than books, pencil and paper.  We have to meet the needs of the total child.  How does Mr. Goodwin and the players feel when they go out on a field in disrepair … degradation, shame. We are a proud county and system.
There are many things going on.  Sports are just as important.  Not just at Redan, but we’re talking about Redan today.  We’re going to put our money where our mouth is.  We are going to do whatever is necessary to make sure we are a proud community.  I would like to give Mr Goodwin and the Redan community a round of applause for their achievements.
Listening to your community is what we are trying to do.  There are needs, we have deficiencies and we are addressing them.  Can you expand on the timeline?
We’re looking at hopefully 6 months.
I encourage you to look at the components of the infrastructure that will generate revenue.  I’d like to maximize revenues.
We are talking to other organizations about matching funds.
Mr. Mayfield, the ring ceremony was paid for by collaboration and not by the system.  We had pro ball players there.  The food and rings were paid for by private donations.  That collaborative venture is there.
I’d like to thank Dunson,  Goodwin, and Dr. Morley.  I was also impressed by the players.  Baseball is America’s sport.  Last week, I was affected by the press conference President Obama held at the White House.  He focused on the plight of young African American men today.
We should celebrate and reward those that are doing the right thing at the right time.  This project is bigger than baseball fields.  It speaks to the community.  1. We have young African American men who respect discipline and sacrifice.  This is the county as a whole saying we celebrate and appreciate that.  It’s not just a baseball field. It might be the most important $300K we spend for students … [inaudible]
[Note: Placed on consent agenda]