Divisive Statement By Dr. Joyce Morley

I was disappointed and disturbed by the divisive statement made by Dr. Morley at our last Board of Education meeting.

Stan Jester DeKalb Schools
Stan Jester
DeKalb Board of Education

DeKalb County is home to a diverse community that embraces the rich cultural mosaic of all our friends and neighbors. Vilifying and unfairly characterizing anyone based on race is wrong and hurtful. In this stressful time, it is more important than ever to be kind and respectful to each other.

The children across DeKalb and the students in our district deserve for their leaders to demonstrate goodwill and collegiality towards one another and the entire community. I hope that this unfortunate comment will be contemplated by the Board and result in real efforts to heal the wounds it has created. Our county and children deserve nothing less.

–Stan Jester
DeKalb Schools Board of Education

Joyce Morley DeKalb Schools

Dr. Joyce Morley
DeKalb Board of Education

DeKalb Schools Board of Education member Joyce Morley said on Monday,

“You can put signs up and as Ms Turner asked, who’s going to make them go through the hallways? Because I guarantee you there are gonna be those who are going to be defiant. You give an inch and they gonna take a yard … and they’re Whites … and we know that.”

I received this heartfelt email from Angela D. and wanted to share it with you.

For the past 15 years, Angela has been a local preschool teacher and advocate for children with special needs and social justice issues. She has a multi racial family and is the mother of two children within the Dekalb County School District. She and her husband, an army veteran, are active members in the community.

Angela D. writes,

“In between helping my kids with school, trying to accomplish some work of my own, and getting dinner on the table I tried to sit down for a few minutes and tune into what I knew was going to be a very intense DeKalb County School Board meeting this past Monday.

Our new superintendent was announcing a plan to phase our children back to school. As I watched things unfold, my heart began to sink. Dr Morley, a school board member began to speak in a way that was divisive and degrading to the white members of our community. I was appalled. I have watched other board meetings and I observed that Dr. Joyce Morley is a deeply passionate woman. Passion, I can respect. You cannot sustain a career in education without it. What I saw was not a passion to advocate for every family in our district.

We are all living under a great deal of stress and trauma due to the pandemic and other things happening in our world. Our schools need to be a safe place for everyone. I was upset about the plan put forth as I feel it is completely unattainable. Over the next couple of days, though, I became even more upset about the things that I had heard Dr Morley say.

Referring to enforcing everyone to wear masks she said,
“You can put signs up…. But I can guarantee you that there are those that will be defiant. You give an inch; they are going to take a yard. And they are Whites. And we know that.”

So, in a hypothetical situation, a voting board member was placing blame on “whites” calling them defiant. This is just one of many examples that can be seen during the meeting.

If Stan Jester had thought to even utter words in a similar vein about the black community, it would have been a blood bath. Being called to step down would have been the least of his problems. I personally would have written the same letter to Mrs. Watson-Harris about him as I did about Dr. Morley. And if I am honest, it probably would have come with a lot more fury.

I have a biracial family both under my roof and my extended family. I am an active member in an anti-racism group in Dunwoody that is bringing awareness to our local community. I believe in education and training for our police department to ensure more extensive safety measures for every member in our community. I have brought my babies to Black Lives Matters peaceful protests within Atlanta. I pride myself on being an eternal optimist and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I had done that with Dr. Morley in past meetings. The way that Dr Morley could speak about the families in the district repeatedly that want and need for schools to reopen right now, though, was so hurtful. It saddens and scares me that someone who shows such obvious disdain for one race within our district is a voting member on the board.

I looked at my husband and told him I would never feel comfortable advocating for my black child or biracial child, and not my white child. When you know better, you do better. I know better.

Every single day we have an opportunity to teach our children respect, dignity, and love for one another regardless of race, sex, or religion. Our school leaders should be expected to meet these standards regardless of their own race, sex, or religion. As parents, sometimes we are also called to hold our school leaders accountable to these standards.

Angela D.”

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  1. BTW, this is nothing new. Here’s a video from 2015 of Dr. Morley going off on Stan. She has a long history of hatefulness toward him. Watch here >>

    Read the post on DSW2 here>>

  2. I would like to post this essay written in 2011 by a group of parents of DeKalb students ironically titled, “2020 Vision” – hoping the new superintendent and Board can see their way clear to simply doing the work they are called to do. Maybe if Stan and Marshall just leave the Board and allow for a black person to replace each of them, then the discussions of an all black Board can simply focus on equitably educating the children of DeKalb county – all of them – without regard or discussion about their race. After all, the school district is only 10% white, and about 14% Hispanic. The vast majority of students are black – and they are not being well-served when the Board continues to fall into petty, childish, mean-spirited, racially based arguments rather than just focusing on the work at hand.

    Please read on … this is still our wish for DeKalb schools today, nearly 10 years later.


  3. Maybe we make that rule for juries too.
    Black defendants get all white jurors.

    Again, see how silly the article you shared is. You want an all Black school board. Hahahahaha. I’m sorry that won’t ever happen. Deal with two whites on the board.

  4. @Cere, guess you forgot Allyson. She’s white. She’ll have to leave the board. You know that board members are elected by the people? These board members can’t leave and “allow for a black person to replace each of them.” Maybe you were being ironic or funny. You are half correct about saying the mostly black student population isn’t served well. It isn’t served well by the majority black board. Maybe each of the black board members should step down and allow for a white to replace them. Then it wouldn’t be about race either according to your paradigm. Only one board member brought race into the discussion and was divisive about it. This is on Dr. Morley alone.

  5. White People Are Racists

    All white people are racists and they are the problem is what my kids tell me their teachers tell them at our high school in dekalb. It’s part of the culture in dekalb. What Morley said is in line with conversations had at schools and the central office every day. Please tell me I’m wrong.

  6. Sad that it has come to this

    We are totally done with Dekalb. We moved here from another county so the kids could go to better schools. Every county has issues of race, inequality, corruption, ethics, old buildings… but Dekalb has been a sinking ship since we moved here 8 years ago. Oldest has been in private for years, younger one is about to be. And we can’t really afford it comfortably. We make big sacrifices to make this happen. Oh well. We could move but in all my years, moving doesn’t guarantee anything but that – a move. It’s shame – I think a lot folks are going to stretch things and send their kids to private just because we have lost faith in our system. Dekalb will lose a lot of parents who volunteer and make the schools what they are. We have had enough.

  7. @sad it has come to this

    It is sad. DeKalb schools would be nothing without parents who own homes in North DeKalb. I wish it was legally possible for Dunwoody and Brookhaven to break away from crappy DeKalb and have its own school system. Many are moving out because DeKalb stinks in everything it does or begrudgingly staying and are in private schools.

  8. @cere

    Watched the YouTube link posted. Stan asked for teacher raises but Morley had to play the the asshole role. Yeah she’s so for teachers. Must be miserable to work for that …… (Insert word of choice).
    She’s a joke.

  9. I am not only saddened by the quick rush to judgment on this topic, but I am utterly appalled by the decision of a fellow Board Member to choose to lead the charge of proverbial torches & pitchforks. I have listened to the video extensively & there are actually several times where it sounds as if Dr. Morley is saying “whites” & she is clearly saying “rights.” Had anyone listened beyond the point highlighted, &/or looked more carefully at the context, her intent would be very obvious.

    Moreover, are we truly going to attempt to label someone a racist, who in their statements continuously advocates for children OF ALL COLORS, simply because of an articulation issue? Quite honestly, this leads me to question the true motive for Mr. Jester’s multiple posts concerning this topic, as well as his overall lack of judgment & decorum. I find these posts both unprofessional & questionable. Sadly, it appears as if someone is attempting to silence Dr. Morley, who has merely been very vocal in advocating for the best interests, health, & safety of ALL students, regardless of color, race, or ethnicity.

  10. You're An Idiot

    1. Morley clearly says “Whites”. They are going to take a yard … and they’re Whites.
    2. “Rights” doesn’t make sense.

    Who all thinks she said “Rights”?

  11. The comparison of DCSD as a sinking ship, by a few folks on this blog, is seemingly accurate. It was half sunk pre-covid, and I would guess it’s nearly all sunk now (what sort of product is DCSD going to put forth when kids actually return/post-covid?). Though I live in Dekalb, I also pulled my children and placed them in a small private school. Yes, there are sacrifices, and change is hard. I still follow this blog, and it serves to affirm the decision I made years ago. Teachers…look at jobs outside of DCSD. Parents…look at schooling options outside of DCSD. Based on what I read here, teachers don’t trust DCSD to provide a safe working environment, you are underpaid, and you feel under appreciated. Parents, your kids deserve so much better in so many ways, I cannot even begin to list them all. At least start looking at your options. They are out there.

  12. @Dekalb Parent >> Yes, my comment was tongue in cheek – but apparently, one can’t make tongue in cheek comments anymore. Everyone is so sensitive and literal. It’ really why I quit blogging. Too frustrating. But then again, if you take my comment literally, then perhaps it’s actually not such a bad idea. An all black school board would have no reason to get into race-related arguments. They would just have to do the work.

  13. Questioning the purpose

    It is abundantly clear this is a bash Dr. Morley page. I saw someone post earlier about how Dr. Morley was “going off on Stan” in one particular video clip. This individual also referenced Dr. Morley’s alleged “hatefullness towards him.”

    I find it rather odd that, in the clip posted, it was somehow missed that Dr. Morley requested that she be allowed to ask a question. However, at his earliest opportunity, Mr. Jester accused Dr. Morley of not wanting to hear what he had to say. How is one’s desire to ask a question equivalent to being disinterested in hearing what someone has to say?! Mr. Jester literally put words in Dr. Morley’s mouth and provoked her response. In fact, the response she provided was merely an effort to defend her desire to speak.

    If anything, it appears that Mr. Jester has his own agenda, as evidenced by his assumption during the aforementioned meeting, as well as his direct contribution to divisiveness by posting this thread! With these things in mind, I am compelled to ask, Mr. Jester, are you truly for the students or are you more focused on discrediting Dr. Morley?

  14. As I have said here and on other posts of messy Stan’s, this is who he is and what he loves to do. He enjoys writing divisive blogs under the premise that he is sharing information. However, his primary goal is to continue the great divide between North and South. If he was so concerned about what Dr. Morley said, he would have taken off his wife’s panties and put on his boxers and addressed it then. That is what leaders do. Do you think for a moment that if Dr. Morley had been offended by a comment from another board member that she would have sat their on mute only to bring it up 3 days later? Hasn’t Dr. Morley used the late, great John Lewis’ quote enough times for someone who felt something offensive was said by another board member would open their mouths and address it then. Sitting silently and waiting to address it on a blog is so childish.

    @Dan, I agree, with you about her “W’s” and “R”s.
    If she said “They’re whites” then she must have also said “Do the white thing” around 13 or so minutes in the video.

    As someone has mentioned in the post, there is a problem with race relations on the Northside and has been for years, but most of the incidents get swept under the rug. So reading that there are white parents on the Northside engaging in a racist smear campaign is not at all surprising. I’m waiting for it all to come to a head. In our current climate it won’t be long.

    On another note, working in a school who’s staff is predominantly white (on the Northside) I have witnessed white privilege at it’s finest. The way they respond to black administrators and are quick to tell them what they will and will not do is borderline racist. They love clicking reply all to emails from black people when responding to directives to create chaos and division. This NEVER happens when emails are sent from white administrators and other white staff members. Many white people have an issue with black leadership unless they are willing to kiss their behind and give them what they want. When they can’t get their way they whine and complain and begin their own little smear campaigns within the school and the community. And let’s not even discuss the entitled parents or children.

  15. You're an idiot is the idiot

    @you’re an idiot…
    Let’s see how this sounds when we use the variations of “their”, “there” and “They’re”

    1) THEY’RE whites…as in they are whites
    2) THEIR rights… showing ownership

    See THERE. So it is plausible for #2 to have occurred as suggested by a few people who have posted on this blog. And I didn’t major in English, but know the difference.

  16. You're An Idiot

    They’re, There and their are “homophones”. They have the same pronunciation. White and Right are not pronounced the same. I’m pretty sure nobody is going to accuse you of majoring in English.

  17. It would be good to see Stan discuss his concern directly with Dr.Morley.

  18. Puleese! Who believes Morley said, “Rights”?
    Sounds of crickets inserted here. She is deplorable.
    She has no use for any other human being who are not black. I refuse to use African-American because I am not a European-American. I am American and that is all any of us should concern ourselves with. Her attitude is especially sad for the immigrant community in Clarkston, Chamblee, and other particular areas. Those children and their parents either are or will be our newest American Citizens. Will they have the tools they need to be successful? Ummm? That will be a big fat NO! Instead of puffing up like a blow fish and embarrassing the very school system she is supposed to represent how about trying something new? Treat others like you would wish to be treated. Put the CHILDREN first.

  19. C.A.R. – I think she said rights in a couple places. But even if she didn’t – I don’t understand how anyone can dispute what she’s saying. She’s doing exactly what she was elected to do, which is to represent her community. I’m honestly embarrassed to be a White person given the discussion around this. How privileged are you people? Like y’all are trying to take her down as likely for the very time first time you experienced what stereotypes and prejudices feel like it. Get over it. Gather your White friends and commiserate. But I’ll tell you what – I’m thankful that I’m “woke” or whatever and think she’s spot on. And don’t even get me started on that awful, droning letter by Angela D. Powerful? Please! She needs to go home, hug her family and shut up. And so does that stupid group she’s a part of. Thanks for making a race issue out of what could have been a powerful lobby to the Board. Hopefully our kids can be in school in 2021 but that won’t be because of her stupid, ineffective letter. Barf.

  20. I think its good that Dr. Morley recognizes that if she were to have said “they’re whites” that that would be very inappropriate. Very Trumpian to throw something out there controversial then walk it back. Must be something about New Yorkers.

    We all want whats best for the kids.

  21. region1educator

    As a teacher in District 1, I know for a fact that many of the kids care more about color than some of you believe. Those kids experience more racism than most White teachers would know- why? Because they only tell their teachers of color about their experiences. They talk about their experiences as kids of color more than you would know- WITHOUT prompting. I cannot count how many of my students have told me a bypasser at school or surrounding stores have told them or their parents to “speak in English,” when said person played no role in their conversation. No one is making race an issue, the issue of race ALREADY IS a reality for many individuals. Race and racism did not die with the Civil Rights’ Act and school integration; if you believe so, you live in a world of privilege and woeful ignorance. I could go on with clear examples of blatant nationalism, religious intolerance or racial prejudice my students have experienced, but that is not the point of my response.

    Many seem to be unaware of the factors that affect COVID rates across racial groups.
    I know for a fact that many of our Black and Brown students and their families are out every day because they have to work and provide for their family; they do not have the option to stay at home and work virtually as many are in hourly positions. Obviously, this puts those workers at a greater risk of infection. Quite a few of my students were infected early on as their jobs urged AGAINST wearing masks to “not scare customers.” Because Black and Latino communities are more likely to be of low income, they are more likely to be in circumstances (such as living in larger, multi-generational households, holding essential worker positions, lack of health insurance) that make transmission, spread, and complications more likely- leading to higher COVID infection and death rates. Are there some individuals out romping around and being irresponsible? Of course, but that goes across all races. I see White folks at bars on the beltline, Latinos in yard parties, and Black people out almost equally without masks inside restaurants, some stores, having large gatherings, etc. Many are taking the pandemic seriously, and some are over this new normal or have gotten too comfortable. I agree, Dr. Morley could have gotten her point across without generalizing all White people. She could’ve been more specific, and said “avowing proponents of Trump who dismiss science”, though I feel that would have equally incensed some in this thread.
    The truth is, northern Dekalb does has a sizeable conservative White base. Anyone who works in District 1 is aware of that, and has seen the Trump signs placed in quite a number of yards which you would not see in other Dekalb regions. Outside of the general recklessness that we’re seeing across all races, very far-right White Trump-praising individuals are the only ones we have seen in the news across all channels protesting wearing masks. That students, specifically from aforementioned families, would come to school making a fuss about wearing masks is a concern MANY of my colleagues have expressed- across all races, ages, and political leanings. To call her observation “racist” is alarmist, at best. I thought it was obvious she was speaking of a specific voter demographic, not attacking the White race, or some of y’all who claim to care so much about diversity and inclusion- yet in the same breath, reveal your negative thoughts on the most populous ethnic groups in this county and issues that are important to them.

    I also find it ironic that some people are using this controversy of alleged “racism” to air their grievances over BLM protesting, alluding to Black people resorting to looting if one were to make a negative comment about Black people, and baseless claims that “Blacks are the defiant ones.” It’s just woefully narrow-minded and ignorant of the issues affecting the majority of Dekalb County students and truly, proves Dr. Morely’s point- you don’t know these students and you don’t truly care for them. The “defiance” is fabricated from your OWN racist ideologies, unless you have facts and statistics to back up that statement.

  22. Stan, Will this be our new superintendents only comment on the situation from her weekly email, “ On behalf of the DCSD, I would like to reiterate that the safety and well-being of all students and employees remains a top priority. Our school district is beautifully diverse and we celebrate all of our communities. We recognize that we are better together.” While I agree with what she says I am disappointed that she did not make a stronger statement. I have supported DCSD since the 70’s but this is wearing me out.

  23. @Questioning the purpose … If you followed the procedure (Robert’s Rules) at the board meeting where Stan mentions that Dr. Morley doesn’t want to hear about (his proposal to give teachers a mid-year pay raise) it has to do with the fact that she requested (and received approval for) a motion to dismiss his motion with NO discussion. Thus is why Stan stated that she didn’t want to hear about it. You see, Board meetings have to follow a certain protocol. Someone makes a motion. Someone has to second it. It is then open for discussion. Then someone calls to vote and someone seconds that and a vote is taken. Dr. Morley did not want to allow discussion about Stan’s motion. That’s what she means when she says she ‘calls the question’ – it means close the discussion and take a vote. But they hadn’t had a word of discussion on Stan’s motion. But they ended discussion and called for the vote. It failed. And yes, she acts very hateful toward him. He triggers her all over the place. She can’t stand the guy – it’s very obvious.

  24. “In parliamentary procedure, the previous question (also known as “calling for the question”, “calling the question”, “close debate”, “calling for a vote”, “vote now”, or other similar forms) is generally used as a motion to end debate on a pending proposal and bring it to an immediate vote.”

  25. At any rate, the race issue is too often center stage in DeKalb school board discussion. The amazing thing to me is, the school district is LESS than 10% white. And only about 14% Hispanic (all zoned into one long skinny, gerrymandered district) and a smattering of Asians.

  26. Posting this again for @region1educator — “The truth is, northern Dekalb does has a sizeable conservative White base. Anyone who works in District 1 is aware of that, and has seen the Trump signs placed in quite a number of yards which you would not see in other Dekalb regions. Outside of the general recklessness that we’re seeing across all races, very far-right White Trump-praising individuals are the only ones we have seen in the news across all channels protesting wearing masks. That students, specifically from aforementioned families, would come to school making a fuss about wearing masks is a concern MANY of my colleagues have expressed- across all races, ages, and political leanings.”

    Let’s look at District 1’s votes in last election by polling place. Wow really does not look like MAGA country here in great North DeKalb. A grand total of 8 polling places in the entire county voted more for Trump than Clinton.

    These are the areas that voted more for Trump than Clinton

    Dunwoody Trump
    1. 1064 vs 784 (Austin)
    2. 1039 vs 779 (Dunwoody Library)
    3. 792 vs 761 (MT Vernon W)
    4. 766 vs 662 (Dunwoody Elem)
    5. 1048 vs 765 (MT Vernon E)
    6. 1042 vs 724 (Kingsley Elem)
    7. 587 vs 482 (Tilly Mill Rd)

    Brookhaven Trump
    1. 809 vs 782 (Ashford Park Elem)

    These are the areas that voted for Clinton more than Trump

    Dunwoody Clinton
    1. 1069 vs 722 (Dunwoody)
    2. 1303 vs 851 (Georgetown Sq)
    3. 1417 vs 589 (Peachtree Middle)
    4. 509 vs 486 (Winters Chapel)
    5. 695 vs 333 (N Peachtree)
    6. 932 vs 415 (Chestnut Elem)

    Brookhaven Clinton
    1. 782 vs 678 (kittredge elem)
    2. 1400 vs 954 (Ashford Parkside)
    3. 1081 vs 897 (Ashford Dunwoody Rd)
    4. 1560 vs 1332 (Silver Lake)
    5. 1164 vs 988 (Brookhaven)
    6. 850 vs 736 (Montgomery Elem)
    7. 1903 vs 726 (Dresden Elem)
    8. 663 vs 515 (Skyland)
    9. 1310 vs 503 (Huntley Hills Elem)
    10. 782 vs 483 (Cross Keys High)
    11. 974 vs 397 (Woodward Elem)

  27. Demographics – North DeKalb locally elected officials are Democrats except for the Jesters – Commissioner and Board of Education. Board of Education will be a Democrat starting January. The center of gravity for North DeKalb is left of center.

  28. So she is a liar (perjurer?) as well. After Dr. Morley came out calling it “slanderous” that she said “whites” (she claimed “rights”), I ran her speech through four different dictation engines (Siri, Alexa, Microsoft Dictation, and Google). Microsoft was the easiest to copy/paste.
    “You can put signs up Anna’s miss Turner asked who’s gonna be there to make sure they go through the hallways ’cause I guarantee you they’re gonna be those who gonna be defiant you give an inch they gonna take a yard and their whites and we know that”

  29. RegularCitizen

    Dear White People, including all white board members:

    This is my opinion. My reaction to Dr. Morley’s words was a quickened heart rate. But my response to Dr. Morley’s words, however, is different. I hesitate to villainize Dr. Morley. Because the impact of her statements has caused a small conversation on this blog about racism – that’s a good thing, right? Every white person has the duty and responsibility to make sure we are each not a racist. Before we get upset at Dr. Morley, we have to ask our white selves, “have we done the work to not be racist?” Because if our answer is , “no” – then we have more work to do.

    Thank you

  30. Hello @RegularCitizen, Thanks for providing your insight. Seems like it would be a good idea for everybody to “make sure we are each not a racist” … not just the white people.

  31. @regularcitizen: What exactly does the “the work to not be racist” that each white person must do entail? I am not racist, I don’t think as I read the definition below*, but it seems these days, just having ‘white’ skin makes you automatically ‘racist’. I truly don’t understand what ‘work’ I need to do to not be a ‘racist’ (even though I’m not, I don’t think, but due to simply being white I guess I am). Please explain what you mean.

    I don’t think Dr. Morley is racist either, she is just very bold and vocal and tends to paint everyone who doesn’t think like her with a broad brush. This is common in politics today. She doesn’t come to the table, she rules the table. That’s just her personality and probably what gives her constituents the desire to have her represent them.

    *Racism, noun
    1 Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
    1.1 The belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

  32. But your President, though

    Now have that same energy for your President ! I’ll wait…

  33. Alison Mercer

    I just checked the Board Meeting site and saw this (below), but this coming Monday is not the 8th. There is another reference on a different page to a Board Meeting on October 19th (a Monday). Can this be confirmed/corrected for everyone?

    Board of Education: Work Session @ Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    Oct 8 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
    Board of Education: Community Input Meeting @ Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    Oct 8 @ 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

  34. RegularCitizen

    I think it would be beneficial for all board members/Principals/VPs, mandatory, read Ibram Kendi’s “Stamped from the Beginning” and “How to be an Anti-racist.” I recommended that all members of PTA read these two books, as well. We can create and leverage a book club for adults to improve government and overall school culture.

    Thank you Stan 🙂

  35. DSW2Contributor

    It looks to me like Joyce Morley turned out to be correct…. from the Washington Times:
    “We had a super-spreader event in the White House, and it was in a situation where people were crowded together and were not wearing masks. So the data speak for themselves,” Dr. Fauci added.

    Dr. Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, did not elaborate in the interview to say which specific event he considered a super-spreader. He likely was referring to events that happened in and around the White House on Saturday, Sept. 26., when Mr. Trump announced his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    A number of people in attendance in that event were seen not wearing face masks while in close proximity to others, effectively disregarding the advice health officials recommend to slow the spread of the virus. Several attendees tested positive afterward for COVID-19, the contagious disease the coronavirus causes, including most notably President Trump and his wife, first lady Melania Trump, among others.

    Other prominent Republicans close to Mr. Trump who attended the nomination event and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 include Trump reelection campaign manager Bill Stepien, former counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

  36. Concerned Citizen

    If Dr. Fauci wants to call 11 attendees (out of 150) testing positive over a period of a week after the September 26 event a “superspreader” instance, that’s his prerogative, but that’s not science, not “data,” and such a call betrays his bias. Did any attendees participate in any other events before testing positive? Did they come into contact with anyone else with COVID-19 around September 26 before testing positive? This is the problem with contact tracing and testing: you cannot trace all contacts, cannot test all contacts, and you cannot do that testing during a period when the subject and all the subject’s contacts’ infections can be detected. One, the USA does not allow the tracking of all of its citizens via cell phone apps, ala Taiwan and South Korea, and two, testing is not sensitive enough to immediately identify persons who are infected and are currently shedding the virus. You can be shedding the virus and test negative. The average onset of symptoms is 5 days post-exposure, and your peak infectiousness is 2 days before the onset of symptoms and 1 day after. Present testing identifies infection right at the onset of symptoms, by which time you’ve already been shedding the virus for at least 5 days and possibly for up to 14 days. This is somewhat similar to testing for HIV infection: you can be infectious for up to 2 weeks before your HIV test will indicate you are positive for the virus. I’m sure Dr. Morley is familiar with all of this SCIENCE! and speaks from a place of deep knowledge, compassion, and empathy, much like DSW2Contributor.

  37. Concerned Citizen

    One would learn more from reading John McWhorter’s thoughts on White Fragility (see https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/07/dehumanizing-condescension-white-fragility/614146/) than reading Ibram Kendi.

  38. @Beth Page-Your comment wasn’t any better than hers.

  39. @StopIt, referencing “@Beth Page”— Whose comment are you addressing? I scrolled back and couldn’t find a recent post by a “Beth Page”?

  40. Concerned Citizen

    @Alison–Beth Page wrote a comment on September 18, so StopIt’s response is as timely as any of the DCSD administration’s responses.

  41. She was right! It would take a totally ignorant person to not realize that the great majority of the people that are complaining and want to return back to school are those at the North end of the county. If you look at the data/demographics you will realize that those individuals are white. This is a fact not opinion. Stan Jester you are being passive aggressive in trying to rally people against Dr. Morely. It is this “passive aggressive bullying” tactic that you are employing that minorities are unfortunately subjected to when people of privilege feel uncomfortable. While her statements may not have been politically correct they are true. I applaud her for advocating for what is just and right. She speaks up for the unspoken and is unapologetic about it. The African American community needs her. I do not expect you to understand this. However, it is time that those that carry a certain level of privilege hear the truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes them.

  42. @LucyLou,
    You are wrong. Dr. Morley is racist. I am in the northern part of Dekalb, and the children in Nothern Dekalb schools are VERY diverse; White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian…..I know this because I help at three different schools. In fact, most of my classes have far fewer white children than those from other ethnic groups, and I love the diversity. The kids like it too. If adults would stop promoting our differences in a negative matter, and instead, promote similarities, this World would be a much better place.

    Dr. Morley doesn’t “speak for the unspoken”. I watch the news every day, and there has been plenty of “speaking”, among other things, being broadcasted for a long time, especially this year, by people from ALL walks of life. Not everyone is a good Listener, and we ALL need to improve to reach understanding, empathy, acceptance, and PEACE.

  43. I'm Just Sayin'

    Just a question.
    How is DCSD having a Black Lives Matter week? I thought the county could not support a political or religious movement. I am American; some would say, Black, this movement is against my, dare I say, religious beliefs. Why am I being forced to support this?

  44. WTH??? IS THIS TRUE???

  45. OMG. You guys are misinterpreting BLM.

    It’s not “only Black Lives Matter;” it’s “Black lives matter, too.” As in, the lives of Black people are just as important as anyone else’s lives As in Black bodies deserve to be treated with dignity and not brutalized through police violence and the systematic racism that has existed in this country since 1619.

    If one home on your street is on fire, when the fire trucks arrive, are you going to tell the fire fighters, “well, all houses matter?” No! Because at that moment the house on fire needs the fire fighters. If your house catches on fire, then the fire fighters will come to your aid.

    The Black community is “on fire” right now. And when you spout the “All lives matter” crap, you’re sending the message that actually you don’t recognize the oppression Black people have lived under or that it doesn’t matter to you.

  46. Alison Mercer

    ALL Lives Matter. Get over yourselves. Move FORWARD.

  47. Well, Allison, I can’t say I’m surprised by your response. I am disappointed that you have no compelling reasons to support your opinion. I am truly sorry you feel so threatened by the idea of supporting the Black community, DeKalb students in particular in this case, that you need to whine about it.

    Let’s try another analogy: My mother is a breast cancer survivor. That doesn’t mean I go to a 5k supporting lung cancer screaming, “All cancer matters!”

    It must be nice, from your privileged perch (I’m assuming you’re white) of never experiencing overt racism or the micro aggressions perpetrated against Black people on a daily basis. I get it. I’m a white woman and didn’t think much about the lived experience of Black Americans until recently and I look back on interactions with some former Black students with shame bc I wasn’t the best listener. But I learned to talk less and listen to my students more. Who am I, a white teacher, to not try to see the world through my students’ eyes? Who am I, someone has not experienced racism, to say “All lives matter”?

    Moving FORWARD, as you urge, requires this country to reckon with the ugly aspects of its history, which is manifested today with a (soon to be gone) president of who displays a special form of animosity toward journalists and politicians who are Black, Black women in particular. If all lives truly matter, George Floyd and others murdered by police, WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.

    Ironically, your push to move FORWARD, will continue to keep any real progress in healing the racial divide from happening.

  48. I'm Just Sayin'


    I agree, Black Lives Matter, too. A close examination of the movement, or organization in this matter, of Black Lives Matter is needed. You cannot separate the slogan from the movement. The movement is the issue, and I, as an American, regardless of supposed “race”, have every right to state my thoughts.
    Have you researched the movement? Do you understand the manifesto of Black Lives Matter? I do not stand in agreement with the MOVEMENT. It is in opposition of my religious beliefs. Is it even legal for DeKalb County, a county for all students, to support the movement?
    If the Black community is on fire, it is their own fault for playing with matches. In this beautiful country in which we live there are successful people of all races. Racism does exist, de jour and covert, however, all Black people have not experienced racism or microaggressions.
    Just so you know,
    I am Black, but I prefer American. I earned a degree in African American Studies and I love the U.S. of A!!!!

  49. I’m curious what specific religious beliefs BLM violates?

  50. @SMH, In your opinion, can we say “All Black Lives Matter”? or is it important that it is “Black Lives Matter”?

  51. It 1000% needs to be “Black Lives Matter”. I think a lot of people will agree that whites have had more privileges in this country and there have been systems and policies in places that have held Black America back.

    Why is it so offensive that we say that Black Lives Matter? Our country, people, communities, etc have done so much to make Black America feel like they don’t matter. Can’t we lift them up and acknowledge that they DO matter and are a cherished part of America?

  52. I'm Just Sayin'


    Research the movement. The information is available. Understand their demands and beliefs. We should all understand what we are agreeing with before we jump on a bandwagon.

  53. Hello @Cathy. The originators of the “Black Lives Movement” (Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi) are Marxist. I believe that rubs some people the wrong way. I think some people are looking for a little separation between the Marxist group and the BLM movement.

    Why do you find it offensive to say “All Black Lives Matter” if “our country, people, communities, etc have done so much to make Black America feel like they don’t matter” ?

    Thank you for having this thoughtful and amiable conversation.

  54. @Stan, I’m not sure if I understand your question. I think implicit in “Black Lives Matter” is the understanding that it includes all Black lives

    @I’m Just Sayin’, you didn’t answer my question. I know what BLM is about. My question is what religious beliefs are incompatible with it?

  55. On this very continent of North America, Native Americans were slaughtered for years, most of their land was taken from them, and they were forced into very small areas where they were “allowed” to live, and still do. They lost EVERYTHING. There are no “Native American Lives Matter” signs.

    The Jews were rounded up and slaughtered in The Holocaust. They lost Everything. Those who were lucky enough to get away on boats for America, did. My family tree includes them. There are no “Jewish Lives Matter” signs.

    The point being, they all had to Move Past the Past, in order to recover and survive.

    Black Americans need to do the same. Other races/ethnic groups have grown weary of the persecution complex and Black Lives Matter mantra. ALL Lives Matter. ALL of them.

  56. Your argument is a little silly. Just because there is no “Indigenous Live Matter” movement doesn’t mean that Native Americans lose something bc of the existence of BLM. And not being Native American means it’s not my place to use them as a prop to either justify or criticize BLM. But you might educate yourself about various Native resistance groups through the years; one example is the American Indian Movement. You ever hear of Leonard Peltier? He’s still in jail.

    Germany continues to reckon with its past. Many Holocaust victims or their families received reparations. Germany made Holocaust education mandatory. In America, white folks got bent out of shape over the 1619 Project. White fragility is so brittle, it couldn’t even handle the idea that maybe the mythologized American history most of us grew up learning might need some reassessment.

    Moving past the past cannot be done until this country reckons with its past. Even it makes fragile white people uncomfortable. As a white person, you do NOT get to tell Black Americans that they need to move on.

  57. It is still a free speech country. We all, thankfully, get to say what we believe. Moving Forward is the right thing to do, versus clinging on to the past, and dragging around a ball and chain.

  58. Hello @SMH. “Black Lives Matter” could indicate all black lives or some black lives … it’s a little ambiguous. I prefer the clarity “All Black Lives Matter” provides. Cathy indicated, like most people I talk to, that it is very import to many people that we say “Black Lives Matter” and not “All Black Lives Matter”. I’m hoping to gain insight into why that is.

  59. @Stan

    I’m only aware of #AllBlackLivesMatter as an expression of inclusion toward black men who are not cisgender heterosexual men.

  60. DCSD Employee

    The event next week concerns me both for myself and for the 1/3rd of my students who aren’t Black.

    It feels like we have gone from propagandizing the Confederate Lost Cause (which also imagined its promoters to be an unjustly persecuted group) to this new version of heavy handed propaganda that holds up those in power as victims of infinite injustice that can only be righted by endless propaganda and denigration of other groups.

    As a non-Black employee of DCSD, I find that I often have to put up with explicitly racial microaggressionsand macroaggressions (mad at Trump? Be like my department head and go cuss out the white guy! Irritated about police killings? Be like the teacher down the hall and send the white guy messages about how he is accountable and we’ll get back at y’all) as well as constant one-sided political propaganda from other staff and administration. It is fairly unrelenting and the constant chorus as promoted by DCSD is that all problems are caused by a vast conspiracy of white people. It’s odd in a county with a Black majority and overwhelmingly Black government that we are literally told by those in power that a barely visible group is pulling the strings and causing all problems. To be honest, it seems a lot like the rhetoric of a secretive Jewish cabal popular in certain 20th century states.

    I wonder how this plays with the non-Black students. I suspect that many Latino and Asian students are learning that BLM and related causes are not about righting injustice but exercises in political dominance.

  61. Is it appropriate to celebrate one race in 2020? What message does this send to our students who are not of that race? I know what it felt like for me as a white adult year after year in predominantly black school in Dekalb. Every morning on the school intercom the “Black National Anthem” was played while everyone was expected to sing along. Black Heros pictures plastered the halls throughout Black History Month. I had a Hispanic student point out to me that some of the hero’s were also Hispanic and considered themselves as such. There wasn’t any mention of Brown Lives Matter. Cut out the divisiveness. Celebrate people for their achievements and deeds and contributions. Teach children about hero’s that look like them AND some who don’t. Cut out the nonsense. Promote respect and kindness and The Golden Rule.

  62. Sassy from the South

    @Law Dude
    I wonder about the legality of all this as well. If you question or disagree with the blatant racism of this movement (which IS different from actually saying that black lives matter–read about the movement itself), then I suggest you contact your PAGE rep or your GA Assoc. of Educators rep in order to speak to an attorney. What if there was a White History Month? How would that go over? History should be taught in respect to ALL people who contribute and not divided by the color of their skin. Doing so promotes divisiveness and racism. Also, please do not ASSume that I am white and/or privileged . I am, however, a proud American!