Divisive Statement By Dr. Joyce Morley

I was disappointed and disturbed by the divisive statement made by Dr. Morley at our last Board of Education meeting.

Stan Jester DeKalb Schools
Stan Jester
DeKalb Board of Education

DeKalb County is home to a diverse community that embraces the rich cultural mosaic of all our friends and neighbors. Vilifying and unfairly characterizing anyone based on race is wrong and hurtful. In this stressful time, it is more important than ever to be kind and respectful to each other.

The children across DeKalb and the students in our district deserve for their leaders to demonstrate goodwill and collegiality towards one another and the entire community. I hope that this unfortunate comment will be contemplated by the Board and result in real efforts to heal the wounds it has created. Our county and children deserve nothing less.

–Stan Jester
DeKalb Schools Board of Education

Joyce Morley DeKalb Schools

Dr. Joyce Morley
DeKalb Board of Education

DeKalb Schools Board of Education member Joyce Morley said on Monday,

“You can put signs up and as Ms Turner asked, who’s going to make them go through the hallways? Because I guarantee you there are gonna be those who are going to be defiant. You give an inch and they gonna take a yard … and they’re Whites … and we know that.”

I received this heartfelt email from Angela D. and wanted to share it with you.

For the past 15 years, Angela has been a local preschool teacher and advocate for children with special needs and social justice issues. She has a multi racial family and is the mother of two children within the Dekalb County School District. She and her husband, an army veteran, are active members in the community.

Angela D. writes,

“In between helping my kids with school, trying to accomplish some work of my own, and getting dinner on the table I tried to sit down for a few minutes and tune into what I knew was going to be a very intense DeKalb County School Board meeting this past Monday.

Our new superintendent was announcing a plan to phase our children back to school. As I watched things unfold, my heart began to sink. Dr Morley, a school board member began to speak in a way that was divisive and degrading to the white members of our community. I was appalled. I have watched other board meetings and I observed that Dr. Joyce Morley is a deeply passionate woman. Passion, I can respect. You cannot sustain a career in education without it. What I saw was not a passion to advocate for every family in our district.

We are all living under a great deal of stress and trauma due to the pandemic and other things happening in our world. Our schools need to be a safe place for everyone. I was upset about the plan put forth as I feel it is completely unattainable. Over the next couple of days, though, I became even more upset about the things that I had heard Dr Morley say.

Referring to enforcing everyone to wear masks she said,
“You can put signs up…. But I can guarantee you that there are those that will be defiant. You give an inch; they are going to take a yard. And they are Whites. And we know that.”

So, in a hypothetical situation, a voting board member was placing blame on “whites” calling them defiant. This is just one of many examples that can be seen during the meeting.

If Stan Jester had thought to even utter words in a similar vein about the black community, it would have been a blood bath. Being called to step down would have been the least of his problems. I personally would have written the same letter to Mrs. Watson-Harris about him as I did about Dr. Morley. And if I am honest, it probably would have come with a lot more fury.

I have a biracial family both under my roof and my extended family. I am an active member in an anti-racism group in Dunwoody that is bringing awareness to our local community. I believe in education and training for our police department to ensure more extensive safety measures for every member in our community. I have brought my babies to Black Lives Matters peaceful protests within Atlanta. I pride myself on being an eternal optimist and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I had done that with Dr. Morley in past meetings. The way that Dr Morley could speak about the families in the district repeatedly that want and need for schools to reopen right now, though, was so hurtful. It saddens and scares me that someone who shows such obvious disdain for one race within our district is a voting member on the board.

I looked at my husband and told him I would never feel comfortable advocating for my black child or biracial child, and not my white child. When you know better, you do better. I know better.

Every single day we have an opportunity to teach our children respect, dignity, and love for one another regardless of race, sex, or religion. Our school leaders should be expected to meet these standards regardless of their own race, sex, or religion. As parents, sometimes we are also called to hold our school leaders accountable to these standards.

Angela D.”

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you, thank you for publicizing this blatant racism.

  2. Systemic racism goes both ways.

  3. Concerned parent

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t know who oversees the Dekalb BOE but Dr Morley needs to step down. This is not the first inappropriate remark she has made. She intimidates through tone and prohibits progress by interrupting other board members to go on tangents about unrelated matters

  4. Dekalb Citizen

    Thank you for posting such a heart felt comment. These are truly crazy times and it takes a lot of effort to try to look at all sides fairly. It also takes an enormous effort to interpret what people say with positive intentions. However, it is very clear that Dr. Morley is racist. If anyone made any effort to go back and watch and listen to any board meeting during the past few years they would be able to find ample evidence of race baiting, divisiveness, negativity, and only a one sided view coming from Dr. Morley over and over again. As mentioned, passion is a great thing. Passion for only one race and not for all races is nothing more than racism. We shouldn’t have to look through the prism of the world only based on race. We need more people trying to unify and less people like Dr. Morley who are clearly divisive and hide behind their position of authority.

  5. Thank you for sharing Stan. I don’t even have words…appalling, outrageous. The superintendent is an employee so she has no power over a Board member – what avenues are available to the BOE and to stakeholders to address this behavior: contact governor, state school superintendent, state BOE, GSBA, SACS, other actions???

  6. Thank you Angela D. As an African – American woman, who was raised to love everyone no matter race/sex/religion, I am constantly embarrassed by Dr. Morley’s racist comments. This is not the first time she has crossed the line, its just the first time that someone spoke up. I have said to many co-workers that if one of the white Board members had made a racist comment, it would’ve been an all out war!! I am a staff member for DCSD, and I do appreciate Dr. Morley for always remembering the staff as we seem to get forgotten often, but honestly I can take her or leave her at this point. She has exhibited truly unacceptable behavior for someone in her position over and over again!!

    So, again thank you for having the courage to speak your truth!

  7. I’m so sad to hear Dr. Morley’s blatant racist comments. She is a DCSD board member and she knows better. At the least, her remarks should be addressed by the Board.

  8. Sadly, we know nothing will come of this. It won’t get covered in the AJC or by any “mainstream” news outlets, because there is a clear, longstanding, blatant double standard when it comes to racist language and behavior. Seriously, imagine if a white BOE member uttered something- anything- in a similar vein about “Blacks” in a board meeting or anywhere else. Think it wouldn’t be front page news, and covered by every local TV station in town, if not beyond? And yet here? Crickets.

    Racism has no place in society, and it does go both ways, no matter what some would have you believe. Dr. Morley is walking, talking proof of that. And yet, she is apparently allowed to espouse her racist views, with no repercussions. DeKalb County should be ashamed, though sadly, not surprised.

  9. I think CBS 46 is doing a story on it today.

  10. SouthDekalbParent

    I hope someone does a story on it. It’s pathetic the doctor Marley has no concern about white parents in the district, as many of us advocate tirelessly for all families.

  11. Stan,

    What is the process for censuring a Board Member? I was shocked at what Dr. Morely said. She should resign immediately.

    For those who want to watch it for your yourself, it is available on the District website at https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/communications/dstv/

    Click on the Board Meetings link and then the link to Board of Education Virtual Called Meeting – Committee

    Dr. Morley begins a long commentary at 1:28:56. At 1:42:45 she says the following “you can put signs up and as Ms. Turner asked, “Who is going to be there.to make sure they go through the hallways”, because I guarantee you there are those who are going to be defiant. You give an inch and they going to take a yard. And they are Whites and we know that.”

  12. Tired of the racism

    I am saddened that in trying to eliminate racism and inequality, we are going backwards and creative division in our
    community by statements like this. She needs to go and she needs to apologize for her commentary.

  13. Hey @Ben,
    According to the DeKalb Schools Board Member Handbook

    Board will seek remedy by the following process:

    • Private conversation between the offending member and the Board Chair or his or
      her designee.
    • Discussion in closed session between the offending member and the full Board.
    • After a discussion in closed session and with direction from the Board, a written
      reprimand, citing specific policy violations, will be sent by certified mail to the
      offending member by the Board Chair or other board member designated by the
    • Completion of 3-6 hours of professional development as appropriate for violation of
      policy or protocol.
    • Upon an affirmative vote of one more than quorum, public censure of the offending
      Board member.
  14. Dr. Morley at very least needs to be required to take a sensitivity & civility class. Thanks, Stan& Angela D.

  15. Teaching in DCSD

    Meanwhile, the District office is sending out calls for teachers to be trained in Critical Race Theory as the District Office seems to believe that the biggest problem in our schools is anti-Black racism … while oblivious to how some of this reads to Asian, Hispanic, White, and other communities within the district.
    It’s not helpful and only exacerbates tensions

  16. What exactly is she talking about? Is she talking about wearing masks in schools?

  17. al weidenmuller

    Angela D., Thank You for your letter and your thoughts. I am just an old white guy, but I am privileged to have had a small business for over 25 years. I, and all the others in our small world are, and have been, an extremely diverse group, in gender, in race, in religious persuasion, and in cultural likes. We (together) are all actually very proud of and appreciative of each other and the contributions each of us makes. This kind of thinking and this kind of environment seems sometimes to be too rare in today’s world. But certainly something we should expect of those in public service, in certainly in leadership positions in our schools. Dr.Morley owes an apology, and she should also give thanks for Angela D.

  18. The DR needs to step down/ resign now. Racism of any kind cannot be tolerated, while we’re all in a heightened sense of stress over Covid there is no excuse for Racist remarks. I saw this video and was appalled. She is doing no justice to her community to be so ugly towards students that attend schools in her Region let alone the county as a whole. We need our Superintendent to do her job and request her resignation.

    Also, where were the other board members and Superintendent to correct her immediately after that comment? Do better!

    Racism cannot be tolerated.

  19. ButWasSheWrong?

    Are you all offended by the words she chose to use? The meaning behind the words are true. Yes, she probably should have chosen her words more carefully to not offend so many people. However, ask yourselves if you’re more upset by the words she used or the meaning behind them. Words are just semantics.

  20. I was offended by the racist remark she made as a board member for the DCSD. Her remarks were insensitive, racist and factually inaccurate.

  21. Morley should have never been allowed to serve. Her ongoing lack of professionalism and disrespectful rants are disgusting. The insults she levies at the new Superintendent are not only cringe worthy, but also borderline intimidating and degrading. Considering public records PROVE she does not live in the area she represents, it amazes me she has been allowed a seat at the table. A table she should not be at. Morley-Ball is a joke, given too many yards for far too long. A psychoanalyst, counselor, in title only. Stan, where does she reside? I’m not asking about ownership of property, but rather- residency

  22. But Was She Racist?

    Words are just semantics? Give me a break. One wonders why someone would defend a racist comment? Is it because they feel the same way?

  23. @ButWasSheWring
    Yes absolutely
    You really want to discuss the race of who takes a yard when given Ann inch in DeKalb schools?
    You really want to talk about what race the students who assault staff and faculty are?
    Hint: they ain’t white
    But racist pigs like. this Morley think that’s okay
    Racist pigs like her only want violence and are the greatest enemies of ALL the children maybe especially the black children
    And only other racist pigs will defend her hate speech

  24. Why is the truth so hurtful? Dr. Morley said what the media and personal observations have shown many times! This is just another lowdown Jester tactic! Maybe you should be asking yourself why you are so offended! As one of “The Whites” , I was/am not offended. Grow up!

  25. Dr. Morley spoke what many people have thought and privately said to others. Was that politically correct? No more than the President of the United States racial comments but we often pick and choose who we want to hold accountable. There have been pictures posted of hundreds of students in crowded halls, posed in front of schools, casually partying and not being racist but they were all white. We are in indeed in a Pandemic but when you turn on the news or look on Google there are images of Trump rallies full of people without masks and 90% are white. I also see “people of color” without masks occasionally. Our schools are a part of one district but the division did not come from Dr. Morley surely one black woman doesn’t have that much power.

  26. Modest proposal

    One solution is the obvious
    Coronavirus is very wily and as everyone knows
    It avoids peaceful protesters against racism While only spreading via right wing rallies and similar awful events like religious services
    If we have all students and faculty wear #BlackLivesMatter shirts and peacefully protest against the police, we could safely open schools tomorrow

  27. Nothing will happen. Why? Because she’s Black.

    And please @fos I guarantee you that more whites are wearing masks, social distancing, isolating than Blacks.
    See how silly you sound?

  28. How much longer will DeKalb County Schools allow Dr. Joyce Morley to embarrass our entire school system?

  29. So, how do we get the ball rolling on formally addressing Dr. Morley? Is there a way to get this excellent string of feedback in front of her, starting with Stan’s brave and excellent commentary? How does someone get on the BOD?

  30. DSW2Contributor

    The Love Doctor needs to get out more — I suggest Club Compound, between Tech and English Avenue.

  31. I listened extensively to everyone that spoke that afternoon . My heart was beaten so fast because all I could think of in that moment was my family members who have worked for DeKalb County School for over 40 years and still was employed. I cringe to hear that my family members would be working back in close quarters in about 3 weeks with other workers who my family members have not seen since the beginning of school closure. I didn’t see any speakers that work in the sector for bus drivers, cafeteria staff and Custodians all I heard was lies from the overseer. The truth was not in them when I heard Dr. Morley for the first time I felt someone cared about the workers are on the front line. There are people wanting to send their children to school not really taking into consideration about the front line workers lives. And how their lives are in jeopardy those workers see first hand every day what goes on in those schools. Sometime they has to play devil advocate, sometime these front line workers have to be parent figure, counselors etc… Last year with the common colds and flu my family members was getting sick on a weekly basis. Due to the neglect of parents sending their children to school with ringworms, vomiting, fevers, pink eye and flu and know u are asking these front line workers once again to go into the line of fire again shame on anyone saying their kids miss their friends, or my kids needs to be around their teachers. This opening back up the schools is political I’m am not wanting to lose my husband not my brother and sister to covid because you want and need a break from your kids. This is bigger than Dr. Morley.

  32. Daphney… I understand your fear. My wife is a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She has worked through this whole pandemic. I was terrified at first. We had a whole routine when she came home of derobing in the garage. Six months later and it is just normal. None of her fellow nurses or nurse techs have gotten sick. At some point schools will need to reopen. At some point teachers will need to get back into the building to effectively teach our kiddos. Teachers are important and essential for our families. We love our school, staff, and teachers and wouldn’t want to put any in harms way so we will have rules and guidelines.

  33. What was it Maya Angelou said? “When someone shows you who they truly are, believe them.” Dr Morley has shown us all who she truly is and how she truly feels. Believe her.

  34. Dr. Morley was speaking truth. You know that it isn’t safe to return to the school buildings. They have not been cleaned and nothing has been put in place to keep teachers and students safe. Yes, there is a plan on paper but nothing has actually been done. Dekalb is the only county in the metro area that has cut teacher’s salaries but you want teachers to put their lives on the line. I think it’s funny that the people that are making the decisions for teachers to go back in the classroom are doing so from the comforts and security of their own homes.

  35. Dr. Morley is on point. She is standing up for the teachers, because no one else will. Everything she said was true and sometimes the truth hurts. Not only are we not taken into consideration, we are doing more with pay cuts. At the behest of the two white parents who were on the news pushing to reopen, because her child is tired of sitting at home. I’m tired of teaching from home, but I don’t want to fall ill. The DeKalb School system is not prepared to have their buildings reopened. I work in the oldest school building in Georgia and it’s never going to be completely sanitized. The kids are not going to social distance and there are going to be some defiant ones……..black and white. Let’s see what happens bb

  36. @Demographics I’m sure you would like to believe that and you could be right but I haven’t seen pictures or images of thousands of “blacks” unmasked and no every black person I see doesn’t always have on a mask. I do see these large political rallies “no masks” images on the beaches “no masks” several schools that have reopened with crowded hallways “no mask” at least 80 Seniors posing for pictures at more than one school “no masks” but the faces weren’t “black.” You don’t have to be racist to state what you are seeing. Before you come with more ignorance (which is your right) the schools that are predominantly black will have some defiant children too hence the reason teachers and all staff fear for their health and wellness and that of their families.

  37. Frustrated Parent

    The fact that the board is only now addressing Dr. Morley’s comments is baffling to me. She has a history of making these types of comments, and some even factored into a threatened lawsuit from Dr. Crew, the candidate initially announced as the new superintendent. She evidently said that since Dr. Crew’s wife was white, that meant he has no respect for black women. What is going to take to have her censured?

  38. As reprehensible and disgusting as Dr. Morley is and always has been, she’s not that important to me. I am much more interested in the 11% of kids who have not logged in to online learning. At all. These 11,000 kids don’t include the ones who have only logged in for a week, a day or a few minutes. And how many kids rely on school meals? What’s the racial makeup of these kids vs. the ones plugging away on a laptop 100% of the time and getting adequate nutrition to sustain learning? And does it even matter? No. The racial makeup doesn’t matter to me anyway. The growing divide between kids with adult supervision and access to technology vs. those who do not is the real tragedy no matter what race they are. My question to Dr. Morley, and all board members, is how long do these kids who are not participating virtually fall behind? The kids deserve better and an in person learning option. Figure it out DeKalb. It’s time.

  39. She is a disgrace to DeKalb County! How much is it going to take? If she had said they were BLACK students, we would have had looting and burning. Let’s pray for our new superintendent, and work TOGETHER to get this racist OUR of our county.
    Once again, Dekalb County is in the negative news bracket.

  40. Keeping it Real

    I thought what Dr. Morley said was shocking, but then I watched the board meeting…
    She conveyed something that I have thought myself… I still don’t go into crowded places because I don’t feel safe, so how are you going to tell me that I must put my child at risk by sending him back to school? And I’ll admit something else. I don’t consider it to be a “personal freedom” to wear, or not wear, a mask when wearing one might protect others from getting sick. Dr. Morley made the point that a mask rule at school will be hard to enforce. I agree, although I was just thinking about how it’s hard to get high school students to follow a new rule about something they wear. I hadn’t been thinking that students would refuse to wear masks if they are from white, Republican families who believe in exercising their personal freedom. But it seems to me that is all that Dr. Morley was saying. As as a white person, am I offended by what she said? No. I am not. Would I assert she is a racist, vilify her on the internet, and display an embarrassing lack of understanding of what was actually said? No, no I wouldn’t.

  41. I don’t believe school districts are telling parents they have to send their students back to school. I believe school districts are allowing students to remain 100% virtual if they choose.

  42. Tip of the Iceberg

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Now you know why it’s so hard to get money and facilities for N. DeKalb. North DeKalb is considered the white part of the district by the black administration. And it’s not just Morley who feels this way. She’s just stupid enough to voice her racist opinions out loud.

  43. @Stan Jester how can you say the school districts are not saying to parents to send their kids back to school; when you require staff to return to school you are requiring students to return back to school. Have any provisions been made for staff and their children? Let’s talk about what happen in the summer camps when essentials went back to work and we piled their kids in the YMCA. As a member of this community, I am very disappointed in you as well. You have continually used your voice to divide, portray our school district in a negative light for your own personal agenda. You rarely serve the needs of any one other than yourself or those that you value. I am excited about your end of term too. Is it a fact checker or gossip column!

  44. Hello @I Said It, Thank you for sharing. I pointed out that the students are not required to return at all the school districts returning to school. I’m sure you’ve noticed that many businesses are back open to at least some extent and their employees are coming back to work. I don’t know if the school district is planing on making special accommodations for their employees with children. Given the current formula DeKalb Schools is using to drive the decision to reopen, I don’t expect students to be back in school in person for a while. Thanks again for sharing. I’m happy that you have joined the conversation, even if we disagree.

  45. But...nevermind

    But… nobody ever seems to have this kind of energy when the dummy in the white House spews hate and divisiveness. Like EVER. The “Blacks” are tired of y’all. Y’all come on Petty Jeter’s blog all the time insinuating that districts like APS, Clayton, and Dekalb, the predominantly black districts, are incapable of making decisions when their decisions aren’t in line with what you want or that their leaders are incapableof leading. And furthermore, I’ve been in Dekalb long enough to know where the “Northside” and the “Southside” came from and how the division was created. When the “Blacks” began moving into South Dekalb, the “Whites” ran for the hills. Now you complain because you’re no longer the majority and you feel your voices aren’t being heard. Well, welcome to the America I have known all of my life. But…never mind.

  46. Concerned Citizen

    @Keeping it real, the subtext of your “white, Republican families who believe in exercising their personal freedom” statement seems to be that white, Democratic families believe in groupthink, practice collective rationalization, conform so as to harmonize with a “wise and good” group perceived by the members to be virtuous and moral, prioritize one specific goal while ignoring countless collateral consequences, and believe “since our goals are good, anything we do to achieve those goals must be good.” The latter must be what you use to rationalize your embrace of racism.

  47. Not taking any particular side. Only through reading the comments is one able to get the entire context of Dr. Morley’s words. Admittedly, her word choice is not amicable and some accountability for her word choice should be addressed. However, it seems quite plausible that her statements are rooted in truth. If that is the case, she is not being racist, maybe just not tactful on a race issue. Racism is NOT the same thing as making poor word choices with regard to race. If calling a spade a spade is being racist, then take the race, gender, and ethnicity sections off of every form used ever because those are racist as well. Let’s be honest, the wealth/funding gap that correlates with race between North DeKalb and South DeKalb is more “blatant racism” than her words could ever be. I use to be charged with querying the data when I worked for DeKalb and it’s a real thing. The bigger issue to me is that Mr. Jester posted this messy post without providing the entire context of her conversation. That is intellectually dishonest and deceptive. This is clearly a character assasination if there ever was one. Whatever Dr. Morley lacks in tact, Stan Jester lacks in integrity. Just saying.

  48. No lies detected.......

    Stan Jester you are more decisive than Dr. Morley could ever be. You posted this with the intention of causing a firestorm. I look at the news and I see exactly what she said, people talking about their right to not wear a mask. I see them beating on store clerks who ask them to wear a mask, spitting, coughing on children, demonstrating in target and acting in ways that to them it’s their right to do because they don’t want to wear a mask. They are white! Maybe you should inquire from the news media why they are only showing white people doing these things. The point is DeKalb School District is great on putting things on paper and failing to follow through. In this case it could result in illness and death of our teachers and their families. You Stan Jester are a self serving individual whose only purpose for being on the board is to highlight what is negative about DCSD unless you find something that you can use to seek more attention for yourself like highlighting only part of what Dr. Morley said. What exactly has been your contribution? As a non-minority person who has minority children, you make me cringe. I will be so glad when you are gone off the board. Do better in your last days.

  49. Ms. Morley represents a heavily black district. She answers to black voters. Teachers in Dekalb County are overwhelmingly black. From that perspective, blaming white people that aren’t even in most of the schools but a minority at most, is a smart move. She has to give a reason and there are white people that are refusing to wear masks. Most of those people probably don’t live in Dunwoody, much less Tucker, but there are white people in those communities that aren’t wearing masks. But its not Cherokee County either.

    I think its a little unfair to single out “whites”, but Donald Trump is the President of the United States. This is totally right out of his playbook. It worked for him and its definitely going to work for her with black voters and black teachers. It’s like BLM. They’re talking about systemic racism, but its the black Atlanta mayor that is feeling the heat. She’s the one in charge of cops in Atlanta, right? But a lot of black people want the cops to protect them and they aren’t thinking about the “whites” getting them. But again, the rhetoric is systemic racism.

    On the merits of the discussion, if I’m a black person with 25 years in and BMI > 35, I wouldn’t go back. Mask discipline will not be good. And a covid person will eventually walk into your building. Maybe you come into contact with them, maybe you don’t. But the main benefit of teaching is the retirement. Which you don’t collect if you don’t make it home.

  50. Some of you, “Parents” especially, need to confront your deep seated hatred for non-whites. You are what’s wrong with this country, and the world. You are ignorant and hopeless. God bless America!

  51. Well judging by these comments , it seems like what Morley and her fans want is not equity or an end to racism (especially after seeing so much racial hatred spewed by them) but only one real thing :
    A return to segregation and apartheid
    That seems like the only thing that would please them
    Which says something about how far we have fallen

  52. The Forgotten Ones

    While this discussion is interesting, it seems like everyone is stuck in the past (maybe 1964?). There’s the 27% of the students in DCSD students who speak a language other than English at home and around the same number who do not identify as either Black or White.
    Many of those are in Dr Morley’s district; it includes all of Clarkston.
    But, many of them are children of non-citizens and, as usual, we are rehashing fights of another time (or, in Morley’s case, presumably fights she brought with her from New York State) rather than dealing with the present day reality. We’ll go on pretending that DeKalb County is full of redneck racists and pretending that they are oppressing us. We’ll ignore that fact just as we ignore the 27% and continue to pretend that it’s 1964, scoring points off non-existent enemies and ignoring present day realities.
    Quite sad actually and probably the root of many disfunctions

  53. This is prejudice. This isn’t leadership. She is prejudging an entire group based on skin color. Shame on her.

  54. This whole post is ridiculous and out of context. Yes, she made a generalization about white people. She was talking about people who say it is against their civil liberties to wear a mask. And, how is the district going to deal with those people when the district will require everyone to wear a mask to school. What is the plan there? Stan – do you think there should be a rule or consequences for people that don’t comply? Do you think everyone should be required to wear a mask when school returns?

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen too many people of color on the news protesting about having to wear a mask. Yes, it is a generalization against whites. But, is there much evidence to the contrary here?

  55. People who refuse to wear their mask properly should be sent home to learn virtually. If you don’t want to wear it, don’t come. If you don’t want to wear it over your nose, stay home. Confused as to what the issue is there. If that’s not the rule, then Dekalb should stay virtual.

  56. And if its not the rule, then we won’t stay under 100 for very long.

  57. FedUpDekalbParent

    Louder for the people in the back – using a term like “whites” in the context of her commentary IS NOT RACIST. Appropriate? No. Concerning that a member of the BOE speaks that way? Yes. These parents in the County who are showing their white fragility instead of focusing on what they want – which is schools to be open – are just embarrassing. Now they’ve got a movement that was originally intended to push for an in-person option that now feels like a poorly planned, flatfooted attempt to illustrate racism where there is none. Prime example of what privilege looks like.

    The County does not have a pulse on how virtual school is actually working – or not working. It’s detrimental for our children, for our families, and the generational impact of falling behind is unknown. That’s the issue here. Not a stupid remark from Dr. Morley.

  58. So, how do we get the ball rolling on formally addressing Dr. Morley? Is there a way to get this excellent string of feedback in front of her, starting with Stan’s brave and honest commentary? And, how does someone get on the BOD?

  59. This is a prejudice statement by Dr.Morley. She is prejudging an entire group based on their skin color.

  60. Keeping it Real, I Said It, But nevermind, John Brown, No Lies Detected, and Jan P:
    You are so right. I’ve long doubted Stan’s integrity based on various posts he’s made through the years. I hope his replacement is better.

    White parents (and I am one) need to take a long hard look at themselves if Dr. Morley’s statement is giving them the vapors and making them clutch their pearls. Y’all are a bunch of snowflakes, acting like you’re the victims in a society that was founded on the backs of slaves.

    Who isn’t wearing masks? MAGA whites. Who is marching through Target flaunting their unmasked faces? MAGA whites. Who stages anti-mask demonstrations? MAGA whites! I don’t love Dr. Morley but the reaction to this one statement is laughable

  61. @Stan Jester, it is interesting how quick we are to pull the race card because a race was mentioned. But no mention of race when we are drawing school lines and segregating populations of people whom we don’t think are worthy to be educated with our kids. Thank you @Stan Jester for showing us who you are and what you are really able. More so, thank you to all of you who were quick to jump on the bandwagon of racism once again using our struggle for your personal gain and upward momentum. We see you and we really see what this is really about. All the best.

  62. Black fragility and white guilt are outta hand. Stop addressing people by calling out the color of their skin. Stop bringing in politics where there is none. There are plenty of examples of people that behave badly on all sides. Stupidity comes in every size, shape, and color. Put the shoe on the other foot. If a white board member threw around the term “the blacks” they would have already been forced to resign. If you can’t see the double standard you are blind. Making excuses for Dr. Morley is racist because it assumes she can’t be articulate or understand the weight of her own words. Treat her like the adult she is. Give her that respect. She’s an elected official and should, at least be called upon to apologize for marginalizing and insulting children.
    I commend Mr. Jester for making a very unifying comment. Did you read the letter he was sent by the parent? Reread his comment. It is exactly how all of us should feel.

  63. @ Keeping it Real. You suggest Morley is only referring to the children of white republicans, so you don’t need to be offended by her comments. Your comments say enough about who you are as a person and how you build yourself up by categorizing other people into groups. Get over yourself and pay a little more attention, because Morley is talking about your entitled white children. Morley meant what she said and all of her decisions regarding the education of DCSS children is tainted by that ignorance.

    @ John Brown. You attempt to approach this from a point of reason and I agree with your observation that Morely was addressing some credible concerns. But then she had to point to “whites” as the reason that returning to schools just wont work. And now we have to believe that all of her interactions and decisions are influenced by this same bias. What kind of message does this send to our kids?

    @ Jan P. Wants to make this about… “Some of you, “Parents” especially, need to confront your deep seated hatred for non-whites.” Really? Morley makes a racially charged comment about whites and you suggest that they are being racist because they are discouraged by this type of behavior? Take note, there are people of color and parents of mixed families that have voiced their disapproval on this message board. Morley’s comments are unacceptable without respect to her race or the race of those that she is disparaging.

    @Cathy Iconis. Nothing has been taken out of context here. Morley is responsible for the education of all of our children. She is obviously making decisions that are influenced by racial intolerance and there should be no place for that on our school board. Regarding masks you ask, “… is there much evidence to the contrary here? As if that makes her comment acceptable. Take a trip out of your little gingerbread neighborhood and head down toward Morley’s district to answer that question for yourself. On your way be sure to stop in for a bite at Big Daddy’s Kitchen, Da Korner Cafe, or Wyatt’s and get yourself a little exposure to the world. You even get a little of that evidence your looking for.

  64. Make America Great Again!

  65. Always watching

    I am disturbed that you would exploit a fellow board member like this. Dr. Morley shows extreme concern for the most important parts of each school–all students and personnel. Fact Checker seems to have morphed into something beyond facts. I truthfully did not hear anything from Dr. Morley or a few other BOE members that I disagreed with; she speaks an awful lot of truth each time she speaks. Many times, people do not want to hear the truth. We have seen a lot of that going on in this country the past 3 years. One truth is that these schools should not be opening until rapid testing and contact tracing is set up and available in each school cluster. In order to prevent a school becoming a super-spreader, we cannot accept less.

  66. @Always Watching and anyone else who thinks Mr. Jester is wrong to make a statement about Dr. Morley’s comments:
    Did you read his statement?
    What about his statement is divisive?
    If any white board member used the term “the blacks” to describe people who are “defiant” what would your response be?
    What specifically did he say that you disagree with?

    “DeKalb County is home to a diverse community that embraces the rich cultural mosaic of all our friends and neighbors. Vilifying and unfairly characterizing anyone based on race is wrong and hurtful. In this stressful time, it is more important than ever to be kind and respectful to each other.
    The children across DeKalb and the students in our district deserve for their leaders to demonstrate goodwill and collegiality towards one another and the entire community. I hope that this unfortunate comment will be contemplated by the Board and result in real efforts to heal the wounds it has created. Our county and children deserve nothing less.”

  67. It is upsetting as a 30 year veteran teacher that anyone would go after Dr. Morley! She is the only board member who is always on the side of teachers!!! Everything and I mean Everything Dr. Morley said was true!! Oh and by the way I’m a white woman. Yes, I support everything that Dr. Morley stayed!

  68. Mean Morley needs to go.

    Anyone ever question WHY Catholic schools NEVER seem to have ANY racial issues? So what is the difference?


    There is far too little of it in DeKalb anymore.
    It is a sinking ship and the rats that are able are jumping ship for better environments. If I was faced with educating a child of mine at this point in DeKalb County it would be Catholic School at any sacrifice or private school. God help the children who have no other options. Google FUGEES. They are successful where DeKalb miserably fails. Clarkston is Morley’s beat. Those in the know are not impressed. Straight truth.

  69. @Merrigan, it’s true that “the whites” are “defiant”? This isn’t about supporting the teachers. This is about somebody saying “the whites” are “defiant”. I am not crazy about going back either. I just don’t understand why she would say “the whites”. How does that help the teachers?

  70. I'll take "Racism" for $1,000, Alex

    By all that is holy, @Merrigan, please tell us that you are not an English teacher.

  71. John Brown (again)

    @Stasi (because you pretend to appeal to reason)

    Q: Did you read his statement?
    A: Yes

    Q: What about his statement is divisive?
    A: “I was disappointed and disturbed by the divisive statement made by Dr. Morley at our last Board of Education meeting.” .. while going on to highlight Dr. Morley’s statement out of context to “vilify” her. Is Stan Jester not himself a member of the board? Why single out a fellow colleague? Is his post promoting unity? Can you Google divisive for us?

    Q: If any white board member used the term “the blacks” to describe people who are “defiant” what would your response be?
    A: Probably the exact same response actually if the shoe were on the other foot. Are you generalizing the sentiments of all black people here?

    Q: What specifically did he say that you disagree with?
    A: The fact that he said anything. This is Dr. Morley’s fight, not his. As a fellow board member who is NOT being divisive, his only choices are:
    1. shut up and mind your business
    2. help

    Gas lighting is not an option unless you are being divisive.

  72. As long as Dr. Morley is on the School Board of Directors, very divided comment threads like this will continue. It is part of Dr. Morley’s influential personal agenda to obnoxiously stand in the spotlight. In the private sector, “the real world”, any Board member in a business meeting who behaved the way Dr. Morley does, would promptly be dealt with to salvage stockholder and employee confidence.

  73. She’s not wrong. The demographic of people pushing for in-person learning AND allowing kids to go to school without masks is overwhelmingly white. It’s very obvious that, once it was revealed that Blacks and and Latinos are impacted by Covid at greater rates, a certain group of people began demanding that the country re-open. Some of you, including Stan, need to learn the definition of racism — because this isn’t it. Someone saying something about you that you don’t like isn’t racist. Did you all think it was racist when this administration said Blacks and Latinos have a harder time with Covid due to lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, etc.)? I bet you didn’t even bat an eyelash. Imagine being so privileged that this sends you into a rage, lol. Must be nice.

  74. I have answers

    I roll my eyes at your eye rolling. That’s a lot of accusations without any evidence. The definition of “racist” has shifted over time. I’m not sure exactly what the definition of “racist” is these days, but if you start a sentence with “The Whites” or “You Black People” … something racist is about to follow.

  75. I Have Answers- Nothing is racist about identifying someone by skin color. If you think that, you’d have to believe something is inherently negative about said skin color.

  76. FedUpDekalbParent

    Spot on, Eye Roll. I’m still laughing that people think her comments are racist (and I’m white, btw) and are literally organizing a “movement”. How any of these parents think pushing the race card is going to provide them with an in-person option sooner is beyond me. Wait until you see their yard signs using the phrase “Matters” a la BLM. Definitely won’t find one in my yard.

  77. I have answers

    It’s akin to Ross Perot saying “You People” to the NAACP some 30 years ago. Identity politics is corrosive. Nothing good can come of labelling people and grouping them into black or white or any other intersectional group. There is also no proof that that the majority of people upset with Morley are white or that they are the ones pushing for the in-person option. There is no basis in fact and it is divisive … just like Morley.

  78. My mom is Black and my dad is white. Am I racist for saying that about my own parents? The majority of people against wearing masks and social distancing are Trump supporters (info can be found in several polls). The majority of Trump supporters are white. Am I racist for stating that fact? White people die from Covid at lower rates than Black people. Am I racist for saying that? Racism is when people use a person’s race to justify behaving violently and oppressively towards that person. It is the belief that someone’s race justifies their continued subjugation in society. It is NOT saying, “This group defies safety recommendations in a deadly pandemic.”

  79. Also, when 62% of DCSD’s student population is also the population that has double the risk of dying from Covid, race absolutely matters.

  80. The uninformed stereotypes on here are astounding. North DeKalb isn’t MAGA land nor are DeKalb whites Trumps base
    So going there makes no sense
    Who in DeKalb County is Trumps biggest fan?
    Vernon Jones
    Not North county
    Not white
    So let’s not try to stir up the pot on this issue by mixing in uninformed ideas
    Let’s be honest
    The students hit hardest by the shift to virtual are the special needs students and the English language learners
    They are being damaged the most
    So let’s set aside the stupid posturing of race baiters and fear mongers and try to figure out how to make their lives better

  81. Kermit- everything I said is verifiable by a quick Google search. The great thing about Google is that it’s free.

  82. I have answers

    @Eye Roll
    A majority of Obama supporters are white.

    Everything you said is on Google? You said “The demographic of people pushing for in-person learning AND allowing kids to go to school without masks is overwhelmingly white.” I can’t find any evidence of that.

    “once it was revealed that Blacks and and Latinos are impacted by Covid at greater rates, a certain group of people began demanding that the country re-open” … I can’t seem to find proof of that either

    The definition of racism, according to the Google thing you referred to is: “the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.” That doesn’t jibe with your definition … perhaps YOU need to learn the definition of racism.

    You telling people they need to learn the definition of racism is the pot calling the kettle “Black”.

  83. No
    The idea that Covid hits Black people harder is fake news: https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/08/study-finds-no-race-difference-covid-19-hospital-deaths

    But school closures have hurt Black students more


    So, if some of those on this thread are really interested in helping our Black children, they might want to do a rethink. This issue has been needlessly politicized by both parties, so much so that we cannot think clearly. If we were honest, the school closures are the worst thing to happen to Black education in this country since (at least) the end of Jim Crow. If it had been pushed as a policy by Republicans, many of us would be demonstrating against what we would call a racist policy.
    But, since it has been perceived as helping the Democratic Party, we have turned a blind eye.

  84. If a White person or Hispanic said the same thing in the same position, they would have been fired.
    This is not the the first time Ms. Morley makes racist comments at board meetings. We need board members that are working for the greater good of all the stakeholders, but mainly the students. We need Board members that ethically and morally apt for the job, not a political activists. I’m not why the board continues to accept this behavior. Shame on DeKalb Country.

  85. I was in agreement with most of everything she said up until that point. I lost all respect for her and her credibility went out the window for me. She didn’t need to add in the last part. I don’t know if y’all noticed it, but there’s a pause before she said it. Like she was contemplating saying. Regardless of whether her statement is remotely true or not is irrelevant. In this day and age it shouldn’t have been said and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Furthermore, being on the board she should know that 10% of the school districts student population is white. White students are the least of this school districts worries. How about address the DCSD corruption or the fact that teacher morale is an all time low. We’re working a thousand times harder with a lot less money. She’s mentioned having policies and protocols in place and following those policies/protocols. If she’s so worried about the white students, why doesn’t the district put a mask policy in place and add refusal to wear a mask/follow Covid protocols to the code of conduct? I hate it when people in power play the blame game. I realize we will eventually have to go back to school, but she just needs to shut up and do something proactive. She’s not helping the situation by point fingers and I’m starting to realize her words don’t hold any merit these days.

  86. @BlameGame I just want to share that Dr Morley did actually point out and argue for the points you are making. Here is the entire recording of her comments if you’d like to watch. My issue from the beginning is that people are making judgments off of a few seconds. She actually spoke for over 19 minutes. https://youtu.be/28jy7-5eR8A

  87. @Alison Mercer

    Right. Put Obama back in office and then America may be great again. Other than that, would you kindly explain what decade America was great for Blacks and other minorities?

  88. Yes, I went on rant with my first post before watching the entire meeting. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working at least 12 hour days and even on the weekends because of remote learning. I don’t have time to watch movie long board meetings especially when they take place during work hours. My frustration has been building as it has with most teachers. I will recognize she touched on some of my frustrations as a teacher, but it still doesn’t mean she is allowed to say it. I’ve actually been really supportive of her for a little while now because of how she advocates for teachers. Despite my feelings towards her in regards to supporting school personnel, her actions shouldn’t be excused just because someone speaks passionately about pressing district issues. Do I think she’s racist? I don’t know and won’t make an assumption off one statement. Do I think she should be disciplined? Absolutely. She said what she said and I expect the same disciplinary actions be taken as if it were a lower tiered employee who had done the same thing. We need to stop making excuses for microaggressive behavior and holding people accountable for their actions regardless of the circumstances or what we think they meant.

  89. @blamegame I appreciate you taking the time to watch it. I know it is tough to keep caught up with everything. That is why I thought it was unfair that people were making judgments off of a few seconds. I’m not really upset with her words. But, I understand what you are saying and can see your perspective.

  90. A couple of things.

    First of all if Dr. Morley had said whites, she would not have been wrong. White people are the ones being defiant about COVID rules and they are repeatedly stressing their rights in not abiding by the rules. It is not racist to point that out, and to go further and call that systemic racism is ridiculous.

    Second, because I am aware of the overwhelmingly white protests about their rights to be selfish, I thought at the time I first heard it that she said rights. I went back and listened to her whole statement again after Stan posted this 16 second clip. There is a major difference in the way she says whites earlier in the video when she talks about all colors, it is very clear, and when she said rights in the piece Stan clipped out. Later on she says rights in another context and it sounds the same as the one in question. She has a distinct way of pronouncing the letter R.

    Today I read in the AJC that she says she said rights. I believe her based on my own hearing of it.
    I beg everyone that has something to say about it to first go listen to the whole statement she made, not just this short clip with a headline that sets you up to hear what is desired. Pay attention to her pronunciation of white and right and then give it some more thought before you express your opinion. Please leave any bias about her past long speeches out of it. It is not applicable here.

    This will be good training for spotting the sometimes manipulated media being put out during this years election and also will help you keep an open mind despite what the person conveying the article or media wants you to hear, which is a very powerful tool people use to manipulate opinion.
    Context is very important.

  91. So @fos and @dan looks like Blacks are the defiant ones when looking at the data- highest number of cases. Blacks.

    30032-96.3% public school majority District 7
    30034-97.4% public school majority District 7
    30058-94.3% public school majority
    30083-87.9% public school majority

    These are number of cases, not outcomes. Looks like Blacks need to do better. Granted we all do, but especially Blacks.

  92. Demographics
    The data on COVID positives and deaths is an eye opener for those that read them and wish to delve further into the whys. Because there is always a why.
    It shows the terrible effects of systemic racism.

  93. You are an a**

    @Demographics, aftwr reading many of your past posts I can say undoubtedly you are an a** and will always be an a**. The the fact that Blacks and other minorities are disproportionately affected by this virus and many other ailments tells me and everyone else all that I need to know about racism, specifically systemic racism, you racist imbecile. So maybe the system needs to do better. I take my hat off to Dr. Morley for continuing to advocate for the kids and parents in some of the zip codes that you mentioned. And since I live in one of those zip codes and teach your kids and your neighbor’s kids in one of the Northside zip codes, you should probably do the same if you don’t want your zip code to end up on the list. And don’t @me either clown a** idiot.

  94. @you are an ass
    The fact is Blacks have higher positives. Deal with it.

    I’m not talking about outcomes. I’m talking about Blacks testing positive. “Systematic racism” does NOT make one test positive.

    Why? Lack of mask wearing, not social distancing, not staying in quarantine. FACTS.

    And yes teachers and staff are the ones we have to worry about spreading it to the kids, especially in elementary settings.

  95. You know exactly who this is

    SO MUCH PRIVILEGE is showing on this post and it’s gross. In a time where our everything has been uprooted and we have no sense of normalcy. In a time where race baiting and hate have been being shoved down our throats via the media 24/7. Using your blog to further drive that divide home is something I’d actually suggest YOUR motives be questioned. Dr Morley’s comments over the years have been the voice of reason for many of us. WHITE parents have championed her outspoken everything for years. WHITE parents whom reside inside your region are now actively engaging in a very racist smear campaign. Stan I have personally defended you when an entire region wanted to come after you. I have defended you for your refusal to go with the majority. I have defended you at every single level. Every single time controversy came up I was there. I now feel betrayed and as if you had an underlying motive this entire time. Is this an effort to keep your wife in her position? Is this the Jester master plan to remain relevant inside DeKalb county? What did Dr Morley say that offended you? Let’s be honest. She called a spade a spade. She did what she’s always done. She pointed out the conditions inside our schools. She pointed out more than anyone else was willing to point out. I watched as parents inside YOUR region referred to her as “that loud black one who yells all the time” They’ve since deleted their comments, however they were said. Stan you need to have a heart to heart with yourself. This is beneath you. Do you know how many times white children have engaged in racist behavior inside your region? Do you know how white children behaved after Trump was elected? Do you need to know all the ways you’re on the wrong side of this. You have principals of COLOR winning principal of the year INSIDE YOUR REGION. You are literally giving them the middle finger with this click bait post.

  96. AND let’s look at District 1’s votes in last election by polling place. Wow really does not look like MAGA country here in great North DeKalb. A grand total of 8 polling places in the entire county voted more for Trump than Clinton.

    These are the areas that voted more for Trump than Clinton

    Dunwoody Trump
    1. 1064 vs 784 (Austin)
    2. 1039 vs 779 (Dunwoody Library)
    3. 792 vs 761 (MT Vernon W)
    4. 766 vs 662 (Dunwoody Elem)
    5. 1048 vs 765 (MT Vernon E)
    6. 1042 vs 724 (Kingsley Elem)
    7. 587 vs 482 (Tilly Mill Rd)

    Brookhaven Trump
    1. 809 vs 782 (Ashford Park Elem)

    These are the areas that voted for Clinton more than Trump

    Dunwoody Clinton
    1. 1069 vs 722 (Dunwoody)
    2. 1303 vs 851 (Georgetown Sq)
    3. 1417 vs 589 (Peachtree Middle)
    4. 509 vs 486 (Winters Chapel)
    5. 695 vs 333 (N Peachtree)
    6. 932 vs 415 (Chestnut Elem)

    Brookhaven Clinton
    1. 782 vs 678 (kittredge elem)
    2. 1400 vs 954 (Ashford Parkside)
    3. 1081 vs 897 (Ashford Dunwoody Rd)
    4. 1560 vs 1332 (Silver Lake)
    5. 1164 vs 988 (Brookhaven)
    6. 850 vs 736 (Montgomery Elem)
    7. 1903 vs 726 (Dresden Elem)
    8. 663 vs 515 (Skyland)
    9. 1310 vs 503 (Huntley Hills Elem)
    10. 782 vs 483 (Cross Keys High)
    11. 974 vs 397 (Woodward Elem)

  97. The bottom line no matter what is said is that employees and students WILL become ill and some will pass away. DeKalb will NEVER be sufficiently prepared to deal with a pandemic. They have “professional” meetings and discuss plans with pomp and circumstance but in reality will those plans on paper actually be carried out? Of course not and they never are. Common sense in DeKalb is far from common. GOD HELP DEKALB COUNTY SCHOOLS.

  98. So many points missed. I am white but I don’t think it’s ok for kids to be back in school yet either. I also don’t think Dr. Morley should have said what she said. She loses “the whites” that agree with her. Dr. Morley is the one who is dividing people. No one else.

  99. The district can not let students back in those school buildings during the pandemic. Many buildings have no hot water to wash hands and poor Air/heating ventilation systems. I work in them.
    As for Dr. Morley, what she said was a prejudice statement. She represents the whole diverse school district. What she said isn’t factually entirely true either so to me that matters.
    If this were a white DCSD board member who said…”the blacks…” they would be fired. I think her statements should be discussed by the board. It seems that Stan is concerned about what she said…have a discussion. Maybe more understanding can be brought in to the room by discussing concerns. Have you brought up your concerns to her?

  100. Truthful Mother

    The administration and teachers have a lot of racist tendencies toward whites in Dekalb. It is why the private schools are doing so well. The kids don’t care about color, it’s the staff that encourage them to, and that is an absolute fact.