Rudy Crew – DeKalb Schools Superintendent – Sole Finalist

The DeKalb County Board of Education today announced Dr. Rudy Crew as the sole finalist in its search for a new superintendent. The decision is the result of a five-month search that included 68 applicants.

Bio – Rudy Crew – DCSD Sole Finalist for Superintendent

DeKalb Schools Rudolph Rudy Crew

During the next few weeks, Dr. Crew will meet remotely with employees, students and community members across the district, including two online town hall meetings during which the public is invited to ask questions. Georgia law mandates that school districts must give a minimum of 14 days for public input before finalizing an agreement with a new superintendent. In accordance with guidance from the governor regarding COVID-19, all meetings will be conducted virtually.

If you would like to get to know the sole finalist for superintendent Dr. Crew and ask questions about his vision for the district, join our virtual live town hall at 6:30 p.m. on Wed. and Thurs. To submit questions for Dr. Crew’s town hall meetings, call 678-676-0722 or email Visit the superintendent search page on the DCSD website for information about submitting questions and viewing the town hall.

Dr. Crew is expected to sign a contract with the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) in May and formally assume the role of superintendent on July 1, 2020. Superintendent Ramona Tyson will continue to lead the District until Dr. Crew steps in.


44 responses to “Rudy Crew – DeKalb Schools Superintendent – Sole Finalist

  1. DSW2Contributor

    “Medgar Evers College’s Chief Diversity Officer claims she was bullied and fired by Rudy Crew”

  2. Frustrated DeKalb Parent

    Even better. Check out his Wikipedia page.

    I just don’t know what to say.

  3. This and That

    How about someone should have googled! What goes around!

  4. Seriouslydekalb

    I believe this must have been the boards job requirements:
    – is he too expensive? Check
    – does he have a past shaded in controversy? Check
    – does he continue the Dekalb legacy of protecting sex offenders? Check
    – does he abuse power by using county finances for personal use? Check

    Our board should be embarrassed by choosing someone with this background.

  5. dekalbparent08

    We paid a firm to help with this kind of hire?

  6. Katherine Brown

    Why in the world is DeKalb Schools hiring this person!??? It says he was the “sole finalist.” Does that mean there were no other applicants? If not, please, let’s keep searching.

  7. Horrible choice!!! Was the agenda to put the worst candidate in the position?

  8. james mckenzie

    Was he the the only person to apply? Sad day for DCSD!

  9. james mckenzie

    Sad day for DCSD! He had to be the only applicant for job.

  10. Stephen Moss

    Do you think he’s going to withdraw from consideration tomorrow or Monday?

  11. Come on did anyone do a google search. Check this out

    He has been labeled an “educational fraud” by some experts in the field who categorize his educational philosophy as effectually putting a band-aid on a bullet hole because of his concentration on preparing students for standardized tests instead of a “true education” encompassing liberal arts and critical thinking.

    Though his educational philosophies may be open to debate, another historic character trait of Rudy Crew which is less debatable can be summed up this way: Rudy Crew does not play well with others.

    Throughout his career, Crew has left a trail of disgruntled former employees and has shown a particular disdain for independent oversight.

  12. This is a man that does not seem to bend to the whim of politicians and because he has had run ins with the likes of Giuliani and a raciest State representative makes him definitely the kind of superintendent DeKalb needs. I’m sick of the cronies that have been there. We need someone that has the guts to do what it takes.

  13. Dekalb citizen

    I just googled him. He doesn’t appear to be the most honest person; sexual assault cover-ups, retaliation against women and those who did not agree with him, controlling, covering up grade changes, many lawsuits against him, short-term gains, etc., etc. I would say just what Dekalb has had in the past. Seriously? How much is Dekalb paying him? Should we just expect from now on that all Dekalb superintendents are going to be people who are of this caliber? I googled him, as did others, and found all this out. I thought the Board would have learned lessons from the past. Continued problems for Dekalb, therefore once again failing the children of Dekalb County.

  14. DSW2Contributor

    Meanwhile, APS hired a former DCSD junior high counselor to be their new Superintendent:

  15. disappointed but not surprised

    I would like to know who voted for him and why?

  16. Why do we keep getting the worst candidates? His record speaks for itself so why would we want him? Were there no other candidates in THIS state or even this district who would have done a better job? I just keep shaking my head and wondering at what point is Dekalb going to do better and stop wasting my tax paying dollars? If my house was not already paid for and I’m nearing retirement, I’d move!

  17. disappointed but not surprised

    Totally agree with what Seriouslydekalb said!! Fits all the qualifications.

  18. Stan, is there any of this process that is public?

  19. This is totally EMBARRASING TO ALL STAKEHOLDERS. Stan how and why did this happen? Please explain, we need a PETITION RIGHT NOW FOR REMOVAL. Romana, didn’t derseve an increase and now this.

    Why is it that Gwinnett County teachers are required to give VL class instructions to the students and NOT DEKALB? My niece’s teachers still lecture and ask questions on the spot-very refreshing to see they really care.

    Stan PLEASE tell me how do we get the State to takeover DeKalb and flush out the bad and REALLY GIVE OUR STUDENTS AND PARENTS AN OPPORTUNITY TO A SOLID TRUST IN PUBLIC EDUCATION.

    STAN PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  20. People have the right to know who voted for this candidate. This is NOT the Superintendent Dekalb Schools District needs!

  21. I am not an educator so I may be way off base here but I don’t understand why the search criteria can’t be expanded to include strong candidates from the general business community. The salary would attract a heavy hitter out of tech, healthcare etc.
    Seems like Dekalb keeps going back to has-been educators with questionable backgrounds. Even the APS appointment looks weak to me.
    This county needs to think outside the box and get rid of the dead wood.

  22. I may be wrong, but it appears he was the head of NYC schools when Dr. Green was directing people to submit phony reports to the federal government. Need to go back to that lawsuit and see if his name is in it.

    It sounds like the BOE found another Dr. Green. A smooth talker who will mess up the budget and doesn’t care about students.

  23. He seems like a test and punish type of guy. This isn’t good for students, and isn’t what DeKalb needs. We need to focus on educating the whole child so we can produce our future generations of Americans. People don’t look back at getting proficient or distinguished on a Milestones test. They look back on the lessons they were taught.

  24. Saddened Employee

    As a former Dekalb student and current employee, I am APPALLED at this choice. We have taken many blows to this county that was once the best and prestigious. Whoever that is on this board, that deeply hates DeKalb and doesnt want to see us be great once and for all- PLEASE EXIT STAGE RIGHT. This is an insult and disrespectful to the loyal students, employees and taxpayers to bring someone in with this background. We cannot afford to continue failing. Before it was even publicly announced, we googled his name and there was nothing but negativity. We cannot have this.

    To all of those that want to work together to fix this and get back the DeKalb that we know we can have- know that we have 14 days from today to make a difference and send this back to where he came from.

    Let’s make our voice heard. It’s been a long time coming; we aren’t heard enough but if we don’t stand for something, we fall for anything!!

  25. dekalbteacher

    Don’t know why people are surprised.

    No one really wants the change this district needs. Too many people would lose their jobs or have to do actual and hard work.

    There’s way too much to be protected that has nothing to do with students or learning. One can only conclude that the person who accepts the job also accepts such an understanding.

  26. Color me shocked

    Another article. He seems to have been fired or left every job in disgrace. He doesn’t seem to get along well with the school boards/political boards that oversee him.

    My prediction: we’ll give him a 3-year contract. The Board will oust him after 2, and we’ll pay him for 4-5.

  27. If he gets $350,000 per year, plus an expense account, plus a car and armed guard, plus life and health insurance, plus…, plus…, plus…, he had better NOT take 9 weeks of vacation. Maybe Sundays and like 9 other days.

  28. Just don’t understand!!!

    And when are we getting our class action lawsuit money!!!!!!


  30. DSW2Contributor

    Ramona Tyson’s retirement party should have a “See you again in 2022” theme!

  31. Just don’t understand

    And why wouldn’t she come back….the county gave her $100,000 more dollars for some reason
    for the remainder 75 days she is going to work!!!!! How and why did that happen?

  32. Georgia law mandates that school districts must give a minimum of 14 days for public input before finalizing an agreement with a new superintendent. In accordance with guidance from the governor regarding COVID-19, all meetings will be conducted virtually. Dr. Crew is expected to sign a contract with the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) in May and formally assume the role of superintendent on July 1, 2020. WAKE UP PARENTS!!! LET”S PETITION HIM OUT OF THE POSITION! THIS IS A DISGRACE IF WE LET THIS CANDIDATE TO TAKE OVER OUR DISTRICT!!! call 678-676-0722 or email Let’s flood the line with calls and emails and let them know our input. Our kids lives are at stake. Maybe there are lawyers and other knowledgeable people who can help to direct out efforts…

  33. Despina Lamas

    Thank you Stan for being brave enough to express your dissenting viewpoint from the other 6 BOE members. I am disappointed that this is the best we can do. I would expect some negative press considering the large school districts that Dr. Crew was responsible for, however there are just SO MANY negative stories out there. It’s alarming. This is disappointing to say the least.

  34. DSW2Contributor

    Since Dr. Crew coming from New York, I will mention that Dr. Cheryl Atkinson is now an Assistant Commissioner in the New York State Education Department’s Office of Innovation and School Reform:

  35. On the DCSD website, the “superintendent search” page (which has been on the district homepage for months now) only has the announcement of Dr. Crew as the new superintendent. I will reserve judgment as I have for the past 7 people who’ve filled this role. I am hopeful that his positive traits and attributes as a leader will outweigh his negatives (which often surface in the press). I await to learn more about the process that let to Dr. Crew being chosen. I also await to hear his plans to achieve student success, support teachers, and connect parents and schools.

    My bigger concern… wasn’t there more transparency in this process? Didn’t DeKalb have an ongoing collection of transparent information on the district website before with survey results, names of candidates, etc.? If so, why did all this go away immediately after the hiring. I’d like to have those items available to refer to if possible and not just have them disappear from public record.

  36. AJ, I don’t understand what you are saying disappeared. What was available at one time that is no longer available? The list of candidates is not public information. Rudy Crew will be the sole finalist for 14 days before the Board votes on his appointment.

  37. Hi Stan. I hadn’t looked at the district site in some months but I thought they had updates as to the progress of the search leading up to the final decision. I am not sure what, if anything, was available…stakeholder survey results? Search Updates? Timeline? I thought I had seen when the process began that there was a link on the homepage for all things “superintendent search” related. I don’t think it just appeared now. Maybe I am wrong. As for the candidate list, that is fine that names weren’t shared with the public. We trust our school board and their decision.

    Thanks for your time and your service to our school district.

  38. Robert Morris

    For starters, this guy is 69 years old. I like older people because I am one. This guy is another retirement case. He does not have the time to develop a plan, implement that plan, and be held accountable. Are there no candidates in their 40’s or 50’s? Have we now got to find positions for all of Green’s cronies in order to allow this guy to bring in his? As for his “controversies”, we don’t need any of that in Dekalb County. Who is our search firm? Maybe we need to find another one. I just think that we can find someone who is much younger, is free from controversy and doesn’t bring baggage with him, and has the time and energy to develop and implement a program. Our students deserve better than this. Just seems to me like the Dekalb County School Board has made another gigantic leap toward mediocrity (at best), controversy, and expense. Let’s stick with Ramona for now and have another try at this.

  39. escapeefromdekalb

    Did DCSS even have a conversation with Maria Carstarphen? This guy is SSDD– nothing new here.

  40. Another Dekalb Teacher

    Why can’t we encourage Tyson to stay to allow more time to find a suitable candidate?