2021 Utilization Matrix

DeKalb Schools utilization forecast the for all Region 1 elementary schools in 2021 given the current plan.

Dunwoody ES Principal Sanders and Kittredge Magnet Principal Neely are members of a cross-divisional logistics team to assist with this transition for students, parents, teachers and staff.


Dunwoody ES

  • Staffing allotments for the Annex and Main Campus have been proposed awaiting approval;
  • Several transportation options have been developed for community discussion and input
  • After School Extended Day Program will operate on Main Campus with a shuttle delivering students from the Annex to Main Campus for program participation

Kittredge Magnet

  • Shuttle sites have been identified and are in the process of being finalized
  • IT has identified infrastructure and security needs
  • Interactive boards will be in all classrooms
  • Additional place space will be added to accommodate 4th and 5th grade students.

These two spreadsheets depict the 2021 enrollment and utilization of Region 1 elementary schools before and after the current redistricting plan.

Region 1 Utilization Matrix


10 responses to “2021 Utilization Matrix

  1. Stan Jester

    Jessica, There are two graphs. First one is no change and the second is with the change.

  2. Former John Lewis ES – Capital Improvements – Dan Drake emailed me saying, “The list of improvements for the move of Kittredge to the former John Lewis facility includes a new cooling tower/HVAC, outdoor security/safety enhancements, interior painting, interior and exterior cleaning/pressure washing/painting, updated external signage, miscellaneous maintenance items such as replacing and repairing missing door hardware, replacing broken glass, exit signs, and ceiling grid and tiles. The project will also provide any needed new computer equipment and interactive display boards in the classrooms, new classroom furniture, and new furniture in the Media Center, Cafeteria, and Administrative Offices.”

  3. Concerned Stakeholder

    Thank you for your candor and information. I learn more from you than the DCSD.

    If the projections for the Chamblee cluster are true, what is the plan? I thought it was suggested Nancy Creek was going to be used to help with the overcrowding in Chamblee. I can only imagine how the increase in student enrollment with larger class sizes and more trailers will impact the CCRPI scores. The students will be at a disadvantage compared to other schools. The teachers are already feeling the weight of the increased expectations and requirements. There are more students with less and less time to prepare for lessons. The moral in the buildings is at an all time low. Teaching is stressful enough. There should be a plan in place for the upcoming school year. Especially since the overcrowding is already a problem and projections show it will be much worse.

  4. Chamblee is important too

    So the new 4/5 school will only be half full? Why don’t they move 4/5 from another school too (oh I don’t know… like MES) to help alleviate overcrowding in one more school?
    MES has 4th graders in trailers and this new school will have empty classrooms….just sayin’

  5. Good questions. When this agenda item was presented to the board, I had a long public discussion with Superintendent Tyson. I cut the video of her opening remarks and answers to my questions. I should probably transcribe the video when I get the time …


  6. APES & KMS Parent

    If we had known that NC was on the table MES, APES, and HH would absolutely have bought in to using it for overcrowding. As it was, administration said it was absolutely not an option, so we pushed for no change and a comprehensive plan. APES will stand at 156% capacity with 17 trailers on the smallest footprint of land in the cluster (4 acres). Two whole grade levels will be on the field in trailers next year. That’s 200-250 kids that could have filled a 4/5 academy if given that option.

  7. Parents in the Chamblee Brookhaven cluster really dropped the ball here. Following this announcement, I assumed there would be a vocal crowd of outraged middle school parents from Montgomery and the neighborhood that surrounds Nancy Creek ES. Instead, they remain seemingly silent. Are these parents really so apathetic?

    I’m sure that DCSS has taken note of this clusters willingness to stand by silently as the school system steals resources from their children to improve the quality of education for more vocal communities. Don’t expect things to improve for Brookhaven or Chamblee if the parents aren’t going to be effective advocates for their kids.

  8. APES & KMS Parent

    We didn’t drop the ball. We were misled as to what our options were. We were very vocal and very engaged, meeting with board members and staff. Once the announcement was made it was too late.

  9. Stan- I have transcribing equipment and software and am happy to transcribe the video for you. Just let me know…

  10. Stan Jester

    Hey Susan. That would be great. The YouTube video is in the comments. Thank you.