Dunwoody – Elementary School – Growth Projections

Where and how much growth does the school district anticipate for Dunwoody’s elementary schools? This is the most important question for redistricting Dunwoody elementary schools.

 2019 Actuals – Dunwoody Cluster – Elementary School – Land Use
 2024 Projected – Dunwoody Cluster – Elementary School – Land Use

Austin Elementary Public Redistricting Meetings – Dunwoody HS Auditorium (7:00 PM):
• Round 3 – Wednesday, November 20, 2019


4 responses to “Dunwoody – Elementary School – Growth Projections

  1. What’s up with planning unit 1067 at the north part of Vanderlyn?

  2. Also, what is happening to planning unit 809 — Riva apartments on the DES/Chesnut line? Is that getting torn down? Hard to believe 24 kids disappear in 3 years?? Is city of Dunwoody purchasing it to make a park?

  3. If the Austin 900~ capacity school was supposed to be standard for the district why is the new Indian Creek Elem. going to be built for 1,200~? Certainly an additional 250-300 seats would’ve helped Region 1 with the trailer situation….

  4. Adrienne Duncan

    @number geek
    The Riva Apartments are getting refurbished and their 3- and 4- bedroom units are being removed. Thus, you won’t have as many families with children living there. That’s why 24 kids are disappearing in 3 years. Yes, it is still privately owned under new management. No, it is not being made into a park. 🙂
    The presentation was made to DHA some time ago. Working on finding the link to the video. Somewhere on FB. 🙂