Superintendent Green – Resignation Letter

Superintendent Stephen Green is leaving the scene and has decided not to seek renewal of his current contract. The process to find a new a Superintendent will begin immediately. He’ll continue to be Superintendent through next Summer while we find a new Superintendent. I expect to have a new Superintendent by Summer or Fall of next year.

Superintendent Stephen Green

“The DeKalb County Schools community is truly inspirational. I am proud to have the opportunity to help lead our students to achieve educational excellence alongside our exceptional teachers and staff,” said Dr. Green. “I’m excited to see what the future holds for our District and our students – both have limitless potential.”

“We are grateful to Superintendent Green for his service to our district for the last four years. He is a dynamic leader with a strong focus on student achievement leading to higher education, work and life-long learning,” said Dr. Michael Erwin, Chair of the DeKalb County Board of Education.

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  1. DSW2Contributor

    “DeKalb County School District Superintendent Steve Green is under investigation by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, officials confirmed.”

  2. Shacklesoff

    I am not surprised. The writing was on the wall earlier in the year.

  3. Wow, DSW2Contributor – that AJC article is revealing!! First, Green seems to allow all kinds of sketchy people operate as teachers in our schools, without ever reporting outrageous behaviors to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (including a gang-related double-homicide committed by one teacher) … And on top of that – it seems pretty much ALL of his staff has left in recent months >> “Green’s cabinet has been in a bit of upheaval as well, with the reassignment of the chief of staff and losses of the chief operations officer, chief information officer, chief legal officer, chief human capital management officer and chief communications and community relations officer in the last 10 months.”

    Stan – what’s up with that? Is DeKalb schools’ leadership in a major upheaval? Hoping SACS isn’t going to rear their ugly head again.

  4. show me the money

    Perhaps the new superintendent will give the teachers that $3000 raise that the State gave to them.

  5. Stan: What lesson(s) did we learn from last superintendent search that will be helpful in the next one?

  6. Mary Harris

    Why do we keep having this issue/problem? I’m glad I only have a few more years to deal with this both my kids are in high school

  7. Escapeefromdekalb

    Can we please immediately fire every person he brought on board?

  8. Kirk Lunde

    The problems with the administration go far beyond the few (overpaid) staff he brought on board. The next superintendent will have to change the culture of the district. This means replacing all the regional superintendents, their coordinators, the CFO, and almost half of the principals.

    Green chose and supported some truly horrible principals. He failed to improve special education, at all. He promised that buses would run on time in August 2015, and they still don’t. He has promised multiple times to address leaking roofs, and he hasn’t. He allowed the purchasing department to operate without meaningful oversight.

    The school district remains essentially the same as it was four years ago.

    The next superintendent will have to clean house before real improvements can be made.

  9. Robert Morris

    This time, I plead with the School Board to select the best person for the job regardless of race, sex, or any other factor other than competence. Last time, we had outstanding candid from Charleston and Charlotte.

  10. DCSD Parent

    June 2020 cannot come soon enough. The DCSD administration is a complete disaster. I agree with the posters above—pick the most qualified/competent individual for the job, get rid of all of the incompetent and/or corrupt administrators and only then will things change. Kudos to the hardworking/dedicated teachers who keep at it day after day despite it all. I am fortunate enough that my kids have had many wonderful teachers, but I’m afraid that more and more will leave every year.

  11. Frustrated DeKalb Parent

    Ditto, DCSD Parent, exactly my sentiments.

  12. Can we push for a hold on going forward with any large construction projects (Dunwoody, Chamblee, Lakeside etc) until an evaluation can be done. I feel Dr. Green has pushed the big school concept to a fault. I would like to see our schools right sized through redistricting and school improvements.

  13. Dear Stan,
    Is it possible that there can be an audit of the schools before Dr.Green leaves? If no one is checking on the finances ,there is too greater chance that money can go missing. Before another person is hired to lead the school system, it seems important to know how the schools stand financially. Clayton, Cobb, Henry are all passing on the 3,000 dollars to their teachers. For the sake of the staff and the students there needs to be a clear understanding of why DeKalb cannot do the same.
    The money that funds the schools is “public money”. The public has the right to know that the county is being a good and responsible steward of the money

  14. Stan Jester

    School House Audit – This Summer the board will be putting together an Audit Sub Committee. It will take some time to ramp up the audit functions, but I’m confident that school house finances are at the top of the list.

  15. When Dr. Greene was gored, there were very few candidates willing to take on the issues of Dekalb. Financial problems continue to come back, because the leaders are not being good stewards of the resources. Failing to pass a balanced budget is a huge issue. It took time to build up reserves required for such a large budget. Spending it down to balance the budget and borrowing at high rates due to a poor rating are NOT what the Board or the Admin should be considering at this time.
    I hope there are brave, well qualified candidates. Michael Thurmond was hired to get get the District out of financial trouble which he did. He did not rely on personnel within the district to give accurate accounting. He hired independent, qualified persons to do the auditing. He didn’t mess with curriculum and things about which he was not trained for. He hired others. Unfortunately, as Kirk said, there are so many unqualified, biased employees at the management level, the “fix” will be painful.

  16. concerned citizen

    Hundreds of the teaching rank would love to see Stan Jester as Superintendent. We do not need to waste any more time searching for a candidate when we have him right here as the clear leader. He is not only qualified, he understands the problems and is fully capable of solving them. Let’s get this done right now! Stan Jester for Superintendent! He can solve problems and stand on his own two feet. All area superintendents and their multiple assistants must go, corrupt principals hired by Green need to go, and some other high level administrators with no talents need to go. We have now at least a chance to get DeKalb Schools on the right track. All these family assignments will cease. We won’t have any more administrators sneaking out right before they get their children a principalship. That’s just one example. Let’s unite to get Stan Jester as our “official” leader. We need him to direct all his considerable energies towards getting DeKalb together. It has been many, many years since DeKalb has had an honest, capable, highly intelligent, aggressive leader.

  17. Stan Jester

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  18. Concerned teacher

    Concerned citizen… I agree wholeheartedly. Stan for superintendent!!!
    Whose ear do I need to shout this in?!!

  19. DSW2Contributor

    Regarding ^^^ and ^, I don’t think that is a good idea.

    If Stan became Superintendent, the other board members become his boss. They would be able to control what he says and posts. Do you really want that?

  20. Dear Stan

    I am so grateful that the BOE will be looking into auditing finances at the school-house. Right now there seems to be no consequences for money that is missing. The school system has 7 region offices. You would think that this would allow closer supervision of the school finances. That does not seem to be happening. Schools use to have to turn in monthly financial reports to the region office. Those reports were checked by the Region Superintendent. Either this does not have to be done any more. or the people in the region offices are not checking the information. Something must change for the sake of our students and staff.

  21. concerned citizen

    The other board members are spineless, and they won’t be able to manipulate Stan as time has shown. Stan has had to stand alone. He will not be bossed and bullied because he has a huge base of support in this county.Please get on board and don’t think of anything but the good of this school system. When you look at this blog, you know who cares and understands this system. Why on earth bring someone from God knows where and there will be a 2-4 year learning period? Courage is what is needed and Courage is what Stan has. We need Stan Jester and there’s no one else who can fill his shoes. Also, Green needs to just leave, not work until next summer! That’s crazy! It would allow him to do even more damage. We’ll just have to pay him, but he can stay home. Stan Jester for Superintendent!

  22. I agree that Supt. Green need not work to the end of his contract now that he’s “out.” The national search process is flawed. It identifies many well-qualified and fabulous candidate, but very few who are willing to come untangle the mess. Maybe this time will prove me wrong.

  23. I am concerned about the many high-level vacancies:
    Chief Human Capital Management Officer
    Chief IT Officer
    Chief Legal Officer
    Chief Operations Officer

    Will these positions just remain vacant for a new superintendent to fill?

    Going on for another year with these vacancies is scary. Can a $2 BILLION business with this many top vacancies still be successful?

  24. Kirk Lunde


    I don’t know where you got your information regarding Thurmond, but it is not correct. He didn’t hire outside auditors. Dr. Bell was already at DeKalb. He is the one who “found” money. Only the money he “found” was by not paying invoices. When Thurmond became Superintendent, the district stopped paying its bills and he proclaimed he found millions of dollars. Each year since then, between $18 and $30 million of invoices have been held until the next fiscal year.

    What Thurmond did was institutionalize financial smoke and mirrors.

    Also, he didn’t fix the financial problems of DCSD so much as happened to be the superintendent when the tax revenues increased dramatically. The district’s revenues have increased every year since 2013. All he did was not spend more than can in and he was still able to spend more each year.

    Finally, according to Dr. Bell, there are $28 million dollars in revenues over expenses which are unaccounted for. I want to know where that money is?

  25. Kirk, thank you. It is disturbing that DeKalb cannot do a better job with money.

  26. Whoever becomes the superintendent of DeKalb will need to be someone who can establish trust in the system and the administration. There seems to have been an increase in administrative positions at the county level, but how have these additional positions benefited the schools? How does having 7 Regions improve things for students, parents and staff?
    There was a new curriculum developed? How has this improved the outcome for students? We hear about many different wrap around services? How have these helped our students? I appreciate Stan’s willingness to ask the hard questions, but all of our BOE members need to do the same thing. A new superintendent is going to need to be willing to take a hard look at the way things are done and make changes where necessary.
    We need to have standards that apply to all people. We need to have a clear understanding of how money is being spent. There were plans not to pass on the 3,000 dollars. How in the world did we get into such a bad financial condition? Many of our schools are still waiting for repairs, air-conditioning and heat that work. Ceiling that are not leaking. Outside grounds that are well-maintained. It does not seem like the money was going to these things.
    It is going to take a strong person and one who is willing to do the right thing.
    Hopefully, we will start now trying to correct things.

  27. DSW2Contributor

    ^^^^Anonymous, many tremendous leaders have left DCSD during Dr. Green’s time here. See this comment I posted back on October 7, 2017:

    Also see Joy’s October 8, 2017 comment about people leaving DCSD by choice and how “We need to look at why our people are willing to leave.” Also see the comment below Joy’s, from Anonymous, commenting how DCSD should be like the Clayton County BOE and have a website section listing “Board Appointments”

  28. escapee from dekalb

    Truly— he and his minions need to be escorted out asap even if it means paying an empty chair for a year– really, would most “stakeholders” even notice? Do we really want to give him a year to hide the things he has done, along with his team of people that will not fare well in the real world. I hope we will heed sage advice on the next hire and hire the BEST person for the job, not the one who is just willing to take it.

  29. Crosby Turner

    Stan Jester was first and the only member of the BOE to speak up and identify that there were ethical breaches in procurement at DCSD. The Only One!

  30. Stephen Green, Superintendent, DeKalb Schools

    To answer a few questions( sent via email):

    What led to this decision?
    After much thoughtful consideration and reflection with my family, I’ve decided not to seek a contract extension past my current term, which will end on June 30, 2020. I am proud to serve alongside our amazing teachers and staff who are dedicated to our mission of ensuring student success and plan to continue to do so throughout next school year. Then I’ll focus on the next chapter of my career.

    What does this mean for DCSD?
    The DeKalb County School Board will lead a national search process which is set to begin next month. More information on the search for a new superintendent will be shared in the coming months as the process gets underway.

    What is the district looking for in its next superintendent? What are the next steps for the district?
    The Board and I promise to help make the search for and transition to the next superintendent as smooth and thoughtful as possible. We are excited to see what the future holds for our District and our students – both have limitless potential.

  31. Dr. Green’s response with translation of B.S. to English:

    What led to this decision? “I chose to jump before I was pushed.”

    What does this mean for DCSD? “The Board has another chance to rectify the error it made by hiring me.”

    What is the district looking for in its next superintendent? “I’ll do my best to ensure that my successor protects my cronies in the administration.”

  32. Escapeefromdekalb

    How do you know the Superintendent is lying? …easy…his lips a
    re moving. He needs to go now!

  33. Dr. Green has one person he is protecting – Manomay Malathip, Student Advancement. Follow the money. Dr. Green created a department and position for Manomay who came with him from Kansas. She still has a Kansas car tag today. Paid over $117,000 and spends her time working with Supt. Student Council. Ask her what is SA and what do they do. Follow the money. Audit his county issued credit card since hired.

  34. Frustrated DeKalb Parent

    Is there an update on the investigation by the Ga Professional Standards Commission of Dr. Green or the RFP for the superintendent search firm?

  35. Meria Carstarfen (APS) should be given a serious look.

  36. Would Meria Carstarfen (APS), Alvin Wilbanks (Gwinnett) or any of their senior administrators leave and come to DeKalb? During the Superintendent search, they’ll have the option to apply.

  37. Stan,

    If there were an online petition asking the BOE to reach out to Alvin Wilbanks, do you think Dr. Erwin would?

    Just thinking we need someone who knows Georgia, has successfully managed a large school district, and as a record of fiscal responsibility.

  38. Hey Kirk,
    I talked to Dr. Erwin about poaching a high performing Superintendent or administrator from some other school district. He said they were more than welcome to apply. I think creating a petition to reach out to Wilbanks, one of his administrators or anybody else is a great idea.

  39. Also, Wilbanks knows DCSD. He was an assistant principal at CCHS before he left for Gwinnett. I hate rumors but I have heard from several people in both DeKalb and Clayton County that Dr. Beasley has been approached for the position but he wants more money than what Dr. Green is getting now. He doesn’t have the experience IMHO yet.

  40. I am sure Beasley has been approached. He has been approached by the people who don’t want accountability, who don’t want change, and who couldn’t get hired anywhere else.

    I wonder if he has learned how to use spell check yet.

  41. concerned citizen

    Forget about Beasley and Carstarphen; she is far too good for DeKalb and knows it. As for Beasley, he’s awful, and I thought we finally got rid of him. Thankfully, he took some of his nitwits with him and they too need to stay gone. I’ll say it again – Stan Jester should be our supt. He has unsurpassed leadership skills, knows the system as no other person does, and can stand up for our teachers against a negative administration.

  42. Carstarphen passed the buck to private operators. We don’t need her. We need someone more like Richard Woods… who focuses on the whole student rather than just a single test or CCRPI. Do that, and the scores will follow. Focus solely on the score, and our students will be left behind.

  43. @Witsend, What would you say Richard Woods has accomplished in his tenure? It’s easy to focus on something. What tangible accomplishment has he made? How would you like that to translate to DeKalb Schools?

  44. concerned citizen

    May I ask, “Who is Richard Woods?” Also, why are there two high-status vacancies for Principal at both Lakeside and School of the Arts? This is the third time I’ve asked this question, and I sure hope someone will let me know.

  45. Richard Woods is the State School Superintendent. Email the board members about the principal vacancies. Lakeside HS is in Allyson Gevertz district and School of the Arts is in Michael Erwin’s district.

  46. Stan…. first his focus is more on the whole student rather than the test score. We’ve reduced several tests and ESSA is more focused on what students need. Heunderstands the differences between areas of the state that mirror differences in areas of our own county.

    I know we’re not getting Richard Woods, but someone more like him rather than a test and punish type. If students are struggling with math and ELA, how can we help them improve those skills that doesn’t involve doubling them up at the expense of other subjects?

    I know this was from the General Assembly not DOE, but can we get in the MAP Consortium for 20-21 so we can focus on improving our students’ abilities?

  47. @witsend,
    Do you think high schools should be included in the MAP Consortium?

    It’s my understanding that MAP only goes up to 10th grade. So how should 11th and 12th graders be assessed?

    I personally think that DCSD should earn the right to do something other than what the state requires. Too often it seems like DCSD is just looking for an easier path, that won’t result in ‘inconvenient’ poor test scores.

    And I don’t think DCSD is anywhere near having the credentials that should permit them getting to bypass state standards more than they already do.

  48. concerned citizen – my understanding is that the Lakeside principal left for MS principal job in Fulton that was much closer to home. Timing wasn’t great, but I don’t know if it ever is with these things.

  49. @Anonymous… federal regulations are test grades 3-8 and once in high school, so we do it twice with testing 9th and 10th. MAP is actually a good alternative to Milestones because it is given multiple times a year and we can help students with up to date information. By the time we get Milestones results, it’s often too late to address what that test says.

  50. concerned citizen

    Thank you, Anon, re Lakeside Principal (sounds fishy, though) and what about School of the Arts?

  51. @witsend,
    Thanks for the clarification about what ESSA requires. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with no assessments beyond 10th grade.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the Milestones results are too late to be useful to the students. I’ve never understood how GaDOE can say with a straight face that students who score in the lowest two levels must have additional supports the next year to be successful.

    That’s a farce!

    If that data isn’t available when the kids are scheduled for the next year then it’s just a matter of chance whether they get the support they need or not. No one ever checks on behalf of these students.

  52. Anonymous… currently, 5 of the 8 Milestones in high schools are administered in 9th or 10th grade. Juniors typically take American Lit and US History and seniors take Economics. The Social Studies tests are beyond anything that Georgia is required to do which is why they only test that in 5th and 8th grade now instead of all grades 3-8.

    I still go back to what is best for students, and that is more frequent formative assessments where teachers are able to guide lessons to better meet student needs rather than these final exam style tests that come back too late to help students.

  53. @witsend,
    Formative assessments … sounds good. Shouldn’t the teachers already be doing that? Seems like standardized testing for the most part is telling teachers something they should already know.

  54. Stan… in theory yes… if the tests are worth the paper they’re printed on, and from my experience that isn’t always the case.

    That being said, if a US history teacher gets a report in May telling her to remediate Johnny’s learning in reconstruction, but accelerate it in colonialism… what good does that do the teacher? What good does it do the student. That is what we get in social studies.