DeKalb Schools 2018 Graduation Rates

The four-year graduation rate for DCSD’s Class of 2018 was 75 percent, an increase from the 2017 graduation rate of 74 percent.

Between 2013 and 2018, the District graduation rate improved 15 percentage points, closing in on the state’s graduation rate of 81.6%: .

Three DCSD high schools have graduation rates of 90% or more:
• Arabia Mountain (99 percent) – Title I School
• DeKalb Early College Academy (100 percent) – Title I School
• DeKalb School of the Arts (96 percent)

Nine high schools have graduation rates of 80% or more:
• Cedar Grove (82 percent) – Title I School
• Chamblee Charter (83 percent) – Title I School
• Dunwoody (86 percent)
• Lakeside (82 percent) – Title I School
• Miller Grove (80 percent) – Title I School
• Redan (82 percent) – Title I School
• Southwest DeKalb (86 percent) – Title I School
• Stephenson (87 percent) – Title I School
• Tucker (85 percent) – Title I School

Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT)
This is the third year that students shall no longer be required to earn a passing score on the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) to earn a high school diploma. Note the huge increase in the graduation rate from 2014 to 2015 when the GHSGT was eliminated from the requirements to graduate.

6 responses to “DeKalb Schools 2018 Graduation Rates

  1. DSW2Contributor

    Cross Keys?
    Dekalb Alt. School?
    Dekalb High School of Tech?
    Druid Hills?
    Elizabeth Andrews?
    Stone Mountain?

  2. We should celebrate the high graduation rates of Arabia Mountain, DECA, and DSA.

    But keep in mind that these schools require test scores, auditions/interviews, and teacher recommendations to even get into these schools.

    Furthermore, there are GPA requirements for students to continue in these schools. If the kids don’t keep up their grades, they are sent back to their home school. So academic failures may go on the home school’s grad rate rather than AMHS, DECA or DSA.

    So, yes, this is great performance. But their performance should be kept in context.

  3. One more thing. DSA and DECA each had fewer than 100 seniors (73 and 87, respectively, per March 2018 FTE counts). That’s hard to square with DCSD plans for all Region 1 high schools to have more than 2100 students.

    So again, celebrate these schools. But keep in mind that even the “good” 86% graduation rate at Dunwoody means that 61 students didn’t graduate. Two schools, Cross Keys and Elizabeth Andrews, had over 100 seniors who didn’t graduate in May, and Martin Luther King, Jr., came close with 91 seniors who didn’t graduate.

    In fact, at Elizabeth Andrews High School only 31 students graduated. The FY18 budget for the school was over $7 Million, for fewer than 400 students enrolled. I know that this school has a special mission but at what point should we question its effectiveness?

    Anyway, this is just to say that graduation rates don’t tell the whole story. But I am glad that Stan is sharing this data, released by Georgia DOE released yesterday.

  4. Hi I had to come back today to ask a question about finances. Under your Aug. 22 post- it was written that the step raises would be implemented in January. Was this actually voted o, and what meeting must teachers attend to understand the implementation of the M+30 category. Can you advise please? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for participating Kimi. This has not been approved by the board yet. I expect the administration to bring this before us in December or January.

  6. Thanks.
    I always look forward to seeing what you post.

    I’ll be watching for more updates/news from DCSD.