Dr. Donnie Davis – New Peachtree Charter MS Principal

New PCMS Principal
DeKalb Schools announces Dr. Donnie Davis as the new principal at Peachtree Charter Middle School.

With over 10 years of professional experience as an educator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, Donnie Davis began his career as a classroom teacher and has held a variety of roles since then as a building level administrator.
Most recently, Davis was assistant principal at Henderson Middle School in DeKalb.
He obtained his master’s degree in social studies education from Georgia State University before completing his doctoral degree in educational administration and policy from the University of Georgia’s College of Education in 2012.
Meet & Greet
The Peachtree MS Foundation invites you to join them at Peachtree Charter MS on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, from 5 PM to 6 PM for an opportunity to meet and greet Dr. Davis.

11 responses to “Dr. Donnie Davis – New Peachtree Charter MS Principal

  1. Sounds like a good choice!! Best wishes!

  2. Who are the rest of the new principals and why does it take so long for Dekalb Schools to name new principals?

  3. Stan Jester

    I’m putting together the principal vacancy and new principal status now.

  4. News reports on Chamblee Principal
    I know nothing about the details or the truth of the news articles on the Chamblee principal. My questions is ” how did things get this far?” I mean in terms of parents, students and staff members feeling the need to air their concerns at the BOE meeting? (While I was typing this, I heard this story on WSB again.)
    DeKalb has 5 Regions. They are creating 2 mores. Are parents able to reach the Region superintendents?
    Do we even know if the region configuration is working? Is it effective?
    Did the school system consider that before making 2 more Regions.
    If principals are still being re-assigned, are they getting support from their region offices?
    I hope that DeKalb will learn to honestly evaluate operations before just adding more and more and more to administrative charges.

  5. This is a petition I found about the Principal at Chamblee High from about a year ago that I found disturbing. DeKalb County Principals went from the Family and Friends Plan (nepotism) to the dumping ground for incompetent principals from other school districts.
    “Calling for the Dismissal or Resignation of 3 Dekalb County School Employees”

  6. DSW2Contributor

    cap22, that petition has been up for a year, but not a single person has signed it!
    Joy, crappy teachers often end up being the most popular with parents — they suck at teaching children but are great at schmoozing with adults.
    That said, Principal Braaten’s resignation from her previous job as an Assistant Superintendent in Muscogee County in 2017 was the subject of a newspaper article:
    Her hiring in Muscogee was also unusual — the opening was never advertised according to this article:
    Another article says that the Muscogee Superintendent who hired her worked with her at his previous place of employment:

  7. From the teacher’s letter found at Dunwoody School Daze …
    “You’ll find out real quick that I don’t play and I will light you up.”
    – Ms Braaten, Principal of Chamblee Charter High School to her teaching staff at one of two staff meetings for the school year.

  8. Just heard that the principal of Clarkston was promoted. Has anyone else heard that? How many new principals will DeKalb have this year?

  9. Joy,
    Michelle Jones from Clarkston was announced as one of the new Regional Superintendents (can’t remember which one).
    But it speaks volumes that Ms. Braaten is still in place and absolutely no one, including Sherry Johnson, has made any acknowledgement that something isn’t right at Chamblee Charter High School. The District seems to be treating this as a disagreement common to any workplace, when it is so hostile and toxic and not-normal at Chamblee.
    If they keep her in place, DCSD is validating this aggressive, argumentative top-down leadership style. That is beyond sad.

  10. Michelle Jones is part of the Friends and Family.

  11. Stan Jester

    Reminder from Peachtree Charter Middle School Foundation : Dear Peachtree Patriot Families:
    Please remember to join us this Wednesday, July 11 from 5 PM – 6 PM to welcome Dr. Donnie Davis as the Principal of Peachtree Charter Middle School. This “Meet and Greet” will be an informative way for you to learn about the wealth of leadership experience Dr. Davis brings to PCMS as well as the vision he has for our school.
    We will be joined by Ms. Sherry Johnson, Region I Superintendent for DeKalb County School District, and we hope to have you in attendance for this special event!