Protesting Cheerleaders at DHS – The Whole Story

UPDATE (12/18/2017) – This video taken at the rally Monday morning.

“Hey Hey – Ho Ho – Racist white people have got to go!”

A black cheerleader was auto cropped out of a cheerleader squad picture when the photo was auto formatted from 4×6 to 4×4 for printing by an online system. Some students sprung into action blaming the cheerleader squad for racial bias. A protest for this non-event is planned for tomorrow morning and sanctioned by the school district.
See below for a first hand account of what actually happened.
I’ve pieced together the following about the incident and protest. Curiously, I’ve even found an incident where the school district very intentionally cropped out white students from a photo used in an official document.

Dunwoody High School Black Lives Matter Rally Monday @ 7:30am – First Bell. Wear BLACK. Bring RESPECTABLE posters. * Bring letters of instances teachers or students used your race and cultural background against you *

This protest is sanctioned by the school district. Message from Dunwoody High School Principal, Priscilla Cole

In case you were not aware, there was an incident that occurred in which a viral picture went out that was mischaracterized which involved our football cheerleading squad and it has impacted our school community. The nature of this incident has led some students to exercise their right to protest and they plan to hold a peaceful protest Monday morning, December 18, 2017 from 7:30am-8:00am.
To ensure the protest is peaceful, we will have additional officers on campus as well district support. Students who are not participating in the protest should enter the school immediately upon arrival to school as they normally do. Please be mindful of the current carpool lane rules as you drop your student(s) off. Instruction will continue as planned so that students can prepare for their upcoming finals.
Lastly, please be reminded that students cannot wear any clothing that may cause a disturbance or disruption in the school. This includes, but is not limited to clothing with references to drugs and/or alcohol, confederate flags, black lives matter, white pride or power etc.
–Dunwoody HS

Original Tweet … check out the number of likes and retweets …
Update (12/18/2017) – Original tweet taken down. Here is an image …

The Whole Story

  • For nearly 20 years the Dunwoody varsity cheer team has created a photo collage for the coach.
  • A parent used a professional camera on senior night and took lots of photos. These photos were given to a student and that student uploaded these photos to Walgreen’s photo site for printing. The Walgreens software automatically cropped every photo from 4×6 to 4×4.
  • Once the printed photos were picked up, the cropping issues were noticed and those photos that had girls cropped out were not used for the collage.
  • The collage was presented to the cheerleading coach at the banquet and every cheerleader is in the collage multiple times. The unused photos were placed on the coach’s desk at the school.
  • Cheerleaders are now being harassed online and in person.
  • All the cropped photos were set aside so they wouldn’t be in the collage. The cropped photos were not used anywhere.

Quick Video Example of Auto Cropping

School District Intentionally Crops Out White Students
Back in 2013, the school district put out a 90 Day plan. I don’t think Walgreens is to blame for this one.


Was racism behind black cheerleader being cropped from Dunwoody High photo?
Students Kneel During National Anthem

December 18, 2017 – Students at Dunwoody High School are crying racism after a black cheerleader was cropped out of a team picture.
Social media posts popped up over the weekend showing the full photo and its edited version, which eliminated the only black member in the picture.

Students say cropped photo shows racial tension at Dunwoody High
Students Kneel During National Anthem

December 19, 2017 – A doctored photo of Dunwoody High School cheerleaders that deleted the lone black student sparked a rally by students demanding equal treatment in a school where they say they face an increasing racial divide.

114 responses to “Protesting Cheerleaders at DHS – The Whole Story

  1. I have had this happen to me before. I went back to the store and had them correct it. It was drama free. My kid didn’t miss any school, nobody got upset, and I even got a coupon for future discounts. Very disappointed the Principal let this spiral so crazily out of control. Very disappointed in a lot of Dekalb Principals. Unbelievable.

  2. The tweet is the issue. I️ suspect the facts don’t matter to the people calling for the protest. I️ don’t understand why the cheerleaders are being harassed at school. Seems like all the students would know exactly what happened.

  3. Agreed, they ignore the facts. Just like the protesters everywhere else. Walgreens made a mistake, it was remedied. Are they making protest posters for the white children cropped out of the Ninety Day Action Plan manual?
    Neel Boortz once said, “Public schools are the worst form of child abuse.” I never thought I would agree with that man, but he’s right. I can’t believe this spun so far out of control. One more year of elementary school, then we are going private from middle school, on. I have had it with the leaders in our school systems. Between APS and DCSS, both have been grueling for us. This however, is something disrupting the school day and sending the message that you don’t have pay attention to the reality of a situation or base decisions on facts. What this Principal sanctioned is not education, it is indoctrination, of irrational thinking. I love my child too much to expose him to the craziness in these schools, it is getting worse each year.

  4. My daughter goes to DHS and I’m worried about her safety tomorrow morning. This looks like it is sponsored by Black Lives Matter.

  5. Me too. I expect DeKalb Schools public safety officers to be abundantly visible tomorrow morning at the protest.

  6. How did this mistake get exposed to begin with?

  7. I’m guessing these alt left morons are looking for an excuse to break out the BLM flag and aren’t concerned about the facts. While the alt right is just as horrendous, I️ hope they are equally protected by the school district.

  8. I understand the concerns, and hope this truly is a misunderstanding and a non-event.
    Not sure why the school district cropping story should be part of this post though. That seems a bit petty.

  9. It’s disheartening that in today’s society our go-to response is one of hurt and mid-trust. In reality, most situations can be diffused if we just investigate. We need to teach our children to practice the 4 Agreements rather than teach them to assume hate and prejudice. Teach them to hold their heads high and operate from a place of grace and trust. And unless and until a situation proves to be of low integrity, live each day with a sense of calm and faith in others.

  10. @Edugator. This whole thing is petty and a non event that is surprisingly getting a lot of likes and retweets.

  11. I can’t find the tweet now, but went to the account and based on the caliber of the content (vulgar and heavy on the slang), these are kids and/or uneducated adults trying to find something in life to make them feel relevant.

  12. Rather than allowing a “protest”, the principal should be disciplining the student that lied about her fellow cheerleaders. Her lie has resulted in other students calling for her fellow cheerleaders to be harassed in the hallways. Instead of holding this girl accountable, we are seeing a “protest” for an alleged slight that didn’t even happen. This is resulting in harassment and identify politics to explode the last week of school when many children are completing their exams. What is really sad and telling is that the students of color are using a made up incident to call their fellow students racist. In doing so they are distorting and hurting their own educational journey. This is how racial identity politics creates a false narrative and ultimately hurts black people.

  13. “Hey Hey – Ho Ho – Racist white people have got to go!”

  14. Gina and others, a cheerleader went to Walgreen’s to have approx 80 pictures cropped to a 4×4 to fit in the collage. They didn’t look at the pictures until they were putting the collage together. Inefficient and waste of time to go back to Walgreens to correct half a dozen pictures that they weren’t using, some of which white girls were cropped out.

    Coach Hard has been wonderful to this girl. When her parents didn’t show up on Senior night, Coach Hard escorted her on the field. These “racist ” girls drove her home from practice most days and to the Friday night pre-game meals. They liked her and are shocked by her accusations.
    This entire story has been blown up by one girl. I’m not sure how she is still cheering for the DHS basketball team when she has clearly broken the “Code of Contact” by making false accusations and causing protest.

  15. Jester, what would be your advice for reacting to this attempt to paint a false racist narrative?

  16. Steve, Good question. I’m philosophically inclined to advocate for the First Amendment. While I don’t think calling the cheerleaders racist is constructive, I advocate for their ability to peacefully let us know how they feel. I hope the community will condemn these false accusations and expect the school district to protect the students.
    What do you think?

  17. I don’t think that the first amendment covers lies; I am not a lawyer so I do not know for certain though. However, I am in the district even though I am not a student or parent. I attempted to go to this rally and debate them but got stopped at the entrance. I am asking about whether you think a complaint would be constructive or if other actions would be a good idea.

  18. I think this is a teachable moment. The reason for the protest is flawed, but their message was “racist white people have got to go”. I would take that one step further and say there is no place in our school for racism in general. The question is, does this protest instigate intimidation or violence?
    I believe we should publicly condemn calling the cheerleaders racist. We should hold the school district accountable for protecting our children. I’m all for supporting our cheerleaders in any way possible.
    What says you?

  19. sent via Facebook
    Official black lives matter has nothing on this, as far as I can see. You know, I get it, though.
    Fun fact: I was that one black kid in middle and high school in central Massachusetts.
    One day in 1986, my 8th grade class went to the town pool for gym. (We rotated gym activities every six weeks.) A Worcester Telegram and Gazette photographer happened to be there, and took a picture with our whole class sitting on the edge of the pool.
    The paper cropped the picture right before where I was sitting in the shot. Was it an accident? Northbridge High School was — and is, even today — 97 percent white, and I was at a public pool. And the paper itself had a checkered history with racism.
    Years later, I tracked down the image, and called the photographer. He had no idea. It’s a mystery.
    But I have never forgotten it.

  20. sent via Facebook
    Probably the Russians again

  21. Honestly I’m wondering if a complaint against the school would help. This protest looks alot like the start of the old black lives matter tactic at schools. I do not want them to get their claws in this school.

  22. This is totally upsetting and out of control. If you notice in the cropped photo 4 white cheerleaders were also cropped out by Walgreen. This is beyond upsetting that these children would take this to a racist position when it was done by a machine. What are these children being taught? If you go around looking for any reason to be a victim, I promise you will find one. Even if it’s totally false. This poor teacher and cheerleader are being bullied not at school. They did nothing wrong and these kids are destroying a innocent person’s reputation. If people misuse the Black Life Matter’s protest, then over time that important protest will lose it’s ability to make change. Kids and parents supporting this protest without listening to the truth, don’t truly value the Black Lives Matter movement and are doing more harm than good to a very important message. Shame on them for rushing to judgement!! Also shame on the principal for not reprimanding the students that took this to a lie and not the facts. I blame her for allowing this protest!

  23. Adrienne Duncan

    Stan, AFAIK the 1st Amendment does not protect libel or slander.
    With that said, the 1st Amendment does protect protest even if it’s based on a misunderstanding – including when it’s deliberate.
    More to your position on the school board, I think this scenario is the first real test of DHS’ new principal’s leadership and the Dunwoody community will judge her however it sees fit. Protests won’t change that.
    Happy Monday, DHS.

  24. Just watched the video from the protesting students. The chant was ” Hey, Hey – Ho, H0 – White Racist people have to go? That is not a peaceful protest. That is a threat! Our children are supposed to be protected from violent threats that may turn into true physical harm. This matter must be handled by the administration today. It’s time for all this type of immediate rush to negative judgement be handled better by the adults in charge.

  25. Can the people on Facebook see what we write here?
    Also to George, was that the only time? A mistake that you remember can feel bad but a track record is more important.

  26. Concerned student

    Stan, your website is supposed to be a “fact-checker,” but all I see is nonsense. Before you post an article, be aware that a journalist is to put out an unbiased report of events. You are clearly racist and are trying to make the students that participated in the protest seem racist as well. Well, that’s not the case. The students at the protest chanted SEVERAL different phrases. Two of the phrases were: “There ain’t no power like the power of the people, cuz’ the power of the people won’t stop” and “We won’t stand down, cuz’ we’ve got to stand up!” And, in response to your account of how the photos were cropped, I would like to point out that the Walgreen manager was contacted and confirmed that they didn’t crop the photo. In addition, the cheerleaders are not being bullied. Their actions are simply being exposed. I hope next time you report, you gather the REAL facts and put your personal opinions to the side, Mr.Jester.

  27. Concerned Student,
    You seem to be saying that the parts of the rally I showed were the racist parts and that I neglected to show the non racist parts. I took a number of videos. I’ll see if I can put up the non racist parts.
    How the photos were cropped – Here’s a video of how the retail store software auto crops pictures.
    Thank you for reaching out Concerned Student”. Email me at I’d like to speak with you and learn more about your side of the story.

  28. ConcernededStudent, and Others,
    The walgreens photo dept is not to blame. It is the software on Walgreen’s web site that is to blame. Yes, Walgreens prints whatever is submitted. The issue is the automatic cropping, especially when you upload alot of pictures at one time. And I doubt ConcernedStudent is a student as their grammar and word use is better than 98% of the school. ConcernedStudent is most likely one of our local crazy-lib moms from Kingsley. I watched a video on FB from one of the students. It shows exactly how the photo was cropped when you click the 4×4 print box.
    Finally, ConcernedStudent, are you okay with the chant Stan posted? The other two chants, based on what you said they were, seem okay to me. But the White People Must Go chant wasn’t cool.
    It’s finals week and my little sister was worried about this crap all night. The new principal is a failure already. She should go back to being an assistant cause she cant handle being a principal yet.

  29. Principal Cole failed her first test. She’s not ready for this job. Not enough experience. There’s more to being principal than eating pastries with a few moms. She seems very nice person, but she needs time as an assistant
    The only good news from this issue is the GameOn campaign is officially dead. You won’t be getting one penny more from many of the previously generous families. Pam can quit using her city email to solicit funds from taxpayers (an ethics violation) and stop scamming people for funds for something the school system should be providing with the MILLIONS we have already paid in property taxes. I hear GameOn is trying to take $100,000 from Peachtree funds. That is so wrong if true. I say No Lights at that field, protect the neighborhood. But the GameOn people havent knocked on my door and said one word about it and I live 200 yards from the school. I hope the mayor or councilman nall and riticher can stop all this soon.

  30. Dyana Bagby was at the protest. She wrote about it and posted this video

  31. Stan, I appreciate your commitment to first amendment rights, and am glad I’ve read similar sentiments from the principal. But I think it’s totally uncalled for — especially as a board member — to bring BLM into the discussion as haphazardly as you have. You equate BLM with “alt left morons”. You try to add some balance to that statement by condemning the alt-right, but your point’s already been insinuated…that black lives don’t matter. You may disagree, but unilaterally condemning a movement you seem not to understand is in and of itself a microaggression. It’s a huge assumption about the cause and validity of BLM (mind you, one that isn’t centrally-organized). I’d encourage you to look deeper at the motivations that cause black people in this country to react the way they do; anarchy isn’t justifiable, but their frustration certainly is.
    And if you were black, you’d probably be pretty fed up with how easily white people dismiss that cause. While it seems like the Walgreens crop was an innocuous mistake caused by automatic software, there’s too many other instances of intentional racism disguised as hapless mistakes. It happens to them every week of their lives. Enough so that I don’t blame them for taking away the benefit of the doubt.
    So instead of turning this into a “teaching moment” like you claim, you just lump the protestors (students you represent!) in with the rest of the “morons”. Why on earth would they want to come to your teaching moment now? So they’ll keep distrusting you. It’s a zero-sum game, and you feed into it every time you misplace your disgust.

  32. Hello Alan, BLM – One of the organizers of the protest referred to this as a “Black Lives Matter” rally. Alt Left is just a label as far as I know. I think it accurately characterizes many of the things people have done in the name of BLM. I’m not steeped in BLM nuances, but it seems logical that black, white, and all the other colors matter. It doesn’t seem logical that only black lives matter.

  33. AnotherConcernedStudent

    First of all! This Protest was not about the cheerleader issue get that through your head yah goof parents! It was about the racism throughout the school! The school that parents in the comments send their racist kids! Our new principal didn’t allow the protest at first but then she allowed it maybe because she finally saw the racism for herself! All of you people who are mad about the protest are just as bad as the KKK! Nobody clearly wants equality, it was not a Black Lives Matter protest it was a EQUALITY protest! Teach your children to shut up and respect other cultures before they want other cultures to respect them!

  34. AnotherConcernedStudent,
    I spoke with a number of students protesting at the rally. They said it was about the cheerleader issue. The organizer referred to this as a Black Lives Matter rally.
    “Teach your children to shut up and respect other cultures” … That seems to sum up your thoughts on the parents and their “racist kids” at DHS.

  35. Black superintendent, black principal, black security guards, nearly all counselors are black, assistant principals mostly black, a large number of black teachers, yet school only 20% black. How is it that all these black people running the school and the school is racist? After all this, I heard Mt Vernon, Marist and St Francis adding new additions to there schools cause all the white people with money will not be going to DHS. This school went to hell real quick. It will be worse when they add on more students. I hear the property values dropping real fast. sell sell sell. AnotherConcernedStudent, you are NOT a student. The school’s wifi is total crap and you can’t even get one bar with AT&T or Verison so no way you at school posting.

  36. What’s worse? The racist Cox AJC used the tweet which was PRE-cropped to make it look like the photo was maliciously cropped.
    YOUR – Stan – has the REAL STORY – with the ORIGINAL photo with 1/2″ on either side which was accidentally cropped.
    Funny how the AJC *continues* to race-bait. Surprised that Alex Taylor (new Cox CEO) allows this moron-infested black eye of a “publication” to operate (just look at the editing).

  37. AnotherConcernedStudent

    @dumbanddumber I am a student your WiFi just sucks #vpn

  38. You’re afraid for your student’s safety because there will be a protest? That’s confusing. As if you believe protests and riots are synonymous. Secondly, while I was initially taken back by the phrasing of the chant, I did not find it to be threatening. Any racist people should go. That sounds like something everyone could support. Invoking the name Black Lives Matter and tacitly equating it with something to be feared is disheartening.

  39. Eva,
    The girl who organized the protest, the black girl in front leading the chants, is the person who brought BLM into the conversation. She placed the BLM logo (see Stan’s post above) on the image that was circulated among DHS students over the weekend, promoting the Principal Cole Agrees White People Are Racist Rally.

  40. Eva
    Yes, student safety is important to many parents at DHS. When a student promotes BLM rally at the school, there is reason for concern. Same reason why you see three cops at every basketball game (and ask yourself why no cops at tennis matches, baseball games, lacrosse games, or volleyball matches at DHS).

  41. Concerned Student

    dumbandumber, anotherconcernedstudent IS a student at Dunwoody High school. There are certain areas of the school where you can get service. Make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  42. Stan, if you truly think that BLM advocates for black lives being above all others, then you need to spend some more time researching. You owe it to your constituents.

  43. A (white) Dunwoody parent

    I find it very disturbing to hear comments of “white flight” just because there is diverse leadership at Dunwoody and that the new principal is being raked over the coals. Maybe you disagree with how rhis incident was handled, but , in point of fact, there were protests held under the previous principal’s tenure and he is a white male.

  44. To EVERYONE in this post pointing fingers and being ignorant to the facts, trying to judge children for having a voice that the world continues to try and silence, please walk ONE day in their shoes! Any takers? Heck no. Jester? How about you? Wanna be black and in high school in today’s society? What about Hispanic? Asian? Any minority? You’ll pass I bet! If parents and grandparents would STOP passing down generations of hatred, bigotry and discrimination these children could ALL live peacefully! And Stan you are a LIAR! I was out there at the onset of the rally, when you tried to talk to the students, police and staff told you just like they told ME (not to mix with the students and stay on the curb)! How is that for FACTS! No need to reply! You might tell another LIE then your poor followers would have nothing else to talk about with some truth hitting the table. ✌

  45. chamblee getting screwed

    This is insanity. These kids need to go to class and just stop making a mountain over a molehill. Totally blown out of proportion- and what hey are saying in the video is a threat. Here’s my suggestion- get your asses to class or stay the hell at home.

  46. I’m with you in your efforts to condemn racism. It has no place in Dunwoody or at our schools. Tell me who the bigot is, point out the specific racist incident and we’ll all get behind you. I want to be there to stop racism. However, yelling out “Racist White People Have Got To Go ” is counter productive to the cause.
    Liar? As reported by Dyana Bagby who was standing right next to me at the time, “Jester showed up at the protest and asked a student why she was there”. The response was because of the cheerleader cropped out of the photo. I was just about to ask them about auto cropping when a school district employee asked me not to speak with the students right there.
    I believe you when you say you were there, but you must not have been close enough to hear me speak with the students, staff or SROs (security officers). You probably assume they said to me what they said to you. However, I’m familiar with many of the adults out there and was going around and thanking them for being out there and looking after our children. I was free to talk to the students, but I was asked that I didn’t do it in front of the media.
    Sorry … nice try.

  47. ConcernedStudent

    Stan you are an ASSHOLE!

  48. Not very constructive, but at least you’re specific. Also … sticks and stones …

  49. Saw the whole thing. Don’t care about you and your buddies out there “pretending” to care! Didn’t see or hear about you asking Principal Cole for a meeting to see how you can help moving forward so all the students can build together and not apart…you know, with you sitting on the Board and all? GN. Always will support any cause where youth are speaking about a purpose for change. Racist people (white, black or other)…have to go. Funny you didn’t post where they modified the chat to say PEOPLE. Reporting the bad keeps you relevant I guess. Nice try! Moving on!

  50. “Pretending to care”? That’s speculative and not productive. Seems like taking me at my word and coming together would be more productive.
    The Board of Education is the official policy making body for the DeKalb County School District. The BOE has one and only one employee, the Superintendent. The BOE and Superintendent set the school system’s mission and goals.
    I didn’t notice. I’ll take you at your word that the protesters modified the “White Racist” chant. I was busy thanking the administrators and SROs for watching over our children on both sides of the tape.

  51. Considering that you serve as a board member in a predominantly black school district, I find your willful ignorance of BLM and the issues facing the black community disturbing.
    If you don’t care about the issues facing the black students of DeKalb County, then say you don’t care. Don’t try to discredit and undermine people speaking out to fit your narrative or lack of interest.

  52. Curbside and Cap22, you sure are funny. Please post the video about the chant against racist people of all colors. If you don’t like the school please tell us what Dekalb school you would like to go to. You can go to so many schools in south dekalb that are majority black. There is MLK, Towers, Redan, SWD, McNair, Arabia Mountain, Stephenson, Stone Mountain, Tucker. I can go on.

  53. I’m concerned with academic achievement of all the students in our district. I’m concerned with passing civilization down to the next generation. I’m not concerned with BLM, ANTIFA, Neo Nazis or the KKK … among other things.
    The failing students in failing schools generally have one thing in common … poverty. Poverty, as you know, imposes many obstacles including poor health care, developmental delays, hunger, illness, homelessness, emotional and mental illnesses, and so on.
    DeKalb Schools has recently created a Student Support and Intervention Division to provide “Wrap Around Services” and address the diverse needs of students and families. The current profile of “Wrap Around Services” available to support students and families in DeKalb Schools include School Counselors, School Social Workers and Homeless Liaisons, School Psychologists, School Nurses, Student Support Specialists, Post-Secondary Transition Specialists, Parent Liaisons, EL Success Facilitators and Check and Connect Mentors.
    So, I think you’re out of line to suggest I don’t care.

  54. So let me get this straight, Pravda, your rebuttal is for black people to only send their kids to black schools if they don’t want their child to endure racism.
    P.S. I believe the incident was blown out of proportion, my problem was with this board member’s answer to questions being asked.

  55. Concerned Student

    Class of 2014, I assure you that I am a student. I am flattered that you think otherwise. I just happen to be very intelligent. Thanks.

  56. Concerned Student

    class of 2014, the chant was not “white people have to go,” it was “RACIST white people have to go.” There is a difference. If you are offended, then you must be RACIST. I am VERY okay with that chant. In fact, I was one of the students chanting 🙂

  57. Nope Cape22, I’m concerned that you won’t be happy unless your child goes to school with people that agree with you. Just giving you your options. Hope that helps.

  58. chamblee getting screwed

    Concerned Student – BLM is a worthless organization and you need to go back to class.

  59. Concerned Student

    Chamblee getting screwed, BLM isn’t worthless. By saying that, you are calling black people worthless. Class doesn’t start for another 9 hours, thanks for your concern though.

  60. DCSDumpsterFire

    Concerned student – your statement reeks of ignorance. You definitely can call BLM a worthless organization without calling black people worthless. One is an organization or a pseudo-movement specifically designed to create faux outrage. Go study for exams – you clearly need to. This is nonsense.

  61. When are we going to get some news on the new high school location?

  62. New high school location. Should know something by January or February. There is some ongoing discussion about the location. The specifics are privileged (not allowed to discuss outside executive session), but I’ll post something as soon as it’s made public.

  63. Stan, why do you think it’s appropriate to call your own students “morons”?

  64. It’s the nicest thing I can say about anyone who associates with the alt left or alt right.

  65. But you’re a board member. You think it’s productive, and upstanding, to refer to your own constituents (or constituents’ kids) as morons? I hardly think that’s a platform that would win you re-election, but nobody’s run against you ever, so that’s a shame.

  66. I voted for Stan and support the term moron. I prefer my pols to speak honestly, and not talk like a central office PR moron.
    Also, does everyone know that the trailer by the picnic tables is filling with mold? Apparently the ceiling fell in and half the trailer not in use, for months now. ConcernedStudent, what do you know about the trailer in lunch area?

  67. I’m quite comfortable calling anybody a moron that is associated with a group that 1) has violent protests or 2) calls for the public to murder its own citizens.

  68. That’s rich, given how peaceful yesterday’s protest was.

  69. OK. Follow the comment thread and the timing. You’re conflating issues and conversations. On Sunday, it looked like BLM and who knows who else not related to the student body was taking advantage of this incident was going to make a big deal out of this non incident.
    That being said, if anybody associates themselves with Neo Nazis (for example) and does something peacefully … they’re still a moron.

  70. You literally said Sunday night, “While the alt right is just as horrendous, I️ hope they are equally protected by the school district.” That’s enough of an insinuation to me you’re referring to students. And you’re doubling down on this insistence that violence was likely, or at least likely enough that all this pearl-clutching was justified in hindsight.
    And so, you essentially tried these students for crimes they had not yet committed. By linking them to a non-centralized movement. Even if BLM had a history of violence — which it doesn’t, but I know I won’t convince you on that point — there’s no one leader giving them a directive. So it’s already a silly argument. Is it that crazy to think black people are simply protesting under the banner of “BLM” as an idea, not as a structured organization?
    Anyway, all this is lost on you, it seems. I’d ask you to point me to concrete articles linking black protests with violence or antifa, but I bet you’d cherrypick something false from Breitbart. And of course, the larger issue is that you seem fit to brand children as morons without trying to truly see things from their point of view.

  71. I could sit here all day and argue semantics about whether you meant students or non-students, but it’s pretty clear you were referring to students when you called them morons.

  72. We can pick this up again. I wasn’t excluding students that associate with alt left or alt right.

  73. I mean, let’s be real here Stan. They’re black kids protesting injustice they see at their school. They’re not alt-left, and they never were.
    You’re obviously entitled to your opinion, but it’s insane to me that your view of conflict resolution is to just call these kids morons on a public forum. That’s not a teaching moment — that’s crying wolf. I expect better from my representatives.

  74. The protest was advertised as a Black Lives Matter rally. That’s the part I have a problem with. I told the students, administrators and reporters there that I care about what they have to say and racism has no place in Dunwoody or at our school district.

  75. You’re conveniently ignoring that 1) a “BLM” declaration doesn’t make it automatically violent-prone, and 2) you called your own students morons before they even had a chance to tell you what they have to say. Again, why would they feel compelled to listen to you Monday morning if they read what you posted Sunday evening?

  76. I wasn’t expecting the protest to be violent. Anybody associated with alt left or alt right groups is a moron.

  77. This is sad. Apparently, all of this unrest was just simmering under the surface and all it took was a technical error on the side of an automatic online printer to set fire to the anger and protests. I don’t think the way forward is to endorse this outrage over the photo cropping – the truth is that was due to machine-cropping. But – the fact that such a truly innocuous event would spark such outrage is a big red flag that something really horrible boils below the surface. Obviously, minority students do not feel equal at Dunwoody High. That is a fact from which to start. How on earth do we move forward?

  78. This is depressing. It’s almost 2018 and yet apparently, all of this racial unrest was just simmering under the surface and all it took was a technical error on the side of an automatic online printer to set fire to the anger and protests. I don’t think the way forward is to endorse this outrage over the photo cropping – the truth is that was due to machine-cropping. But – the fact that such a truly innocuous event would spark such outrage is a big red flag that something really horrible boils below the surface. Obviously, minority students do not feel equal at Dunwoody High. That is a fact from which to start. How on earth do we move forward?

  79. I say we identify the racist incidents and deal with them. If someone is unjustly putting an obstacle in front of you, let me know. I think we can all get behind removing that obstacle.

  80. People need to understand the difference between “rights” and “responsible behavior”. For example, the NFL knees is NOT responsible and should not have happened. You may have the right to say lots of things but that does not make it “right”. The comments from the county are what we expect, but it would have been better for the new principal to have shown a bit more wisdom.

  81. @Cere,
    I agree with you.
    Especially at this time of year this is such a sad thing to happen. There have to be some very deep feelings that caused this incident to cause such strong reactions. For whatever reason the children didn’t trust the school to correct or explain this error.
    I think that we are seeing the current climate in our country. People on both sides are ready to jump on any issue. These are our young people. Even when people disagree on an issue, you would hope that they would be able to discuss it. If you look at the comments on the AJC. Com, you will read some horrible name calling from people supporting various sides. I am not sure that our school system can address the real issues. We seem to focus more on Public Relations than fostering good relationships.
    How have we come so far and still have such a far way to go?

  82. Joe the Plumber

    Just tooooo much! This is nuts. And would you look at the video at the type of ignoramous who is leading the bunch?? Not ALL blacks agree with this nonsense. I’m African American and have a completely different read on all of this. And my read is this: Most Georgians (black and white) are just plain stupid. Accept it. Some people are just stupid. If it was intentional by anyone (whites or otherwise) – that person or group is/are stupid. If it was by accident, then the hyper-reactive protesters are stupid. The real problem is the people that worship themselves and put others down. Self idolatry. America is full of self-idolatrous people from the President on up.

  83. Stan , please check your facts, because one person stated that Black Lives Matter, does not mean
    that it is a Black Movement. There is no alt-left or alt-right, it is one student that is concerned that
    she was left out of the picture. I think you are stirring up a minor issue and making it a potential
    Racial issue. What you have stated is like picking the scab off of a wound, it’ll never heal without a scar.
    When you can walk in that cheerleaders shoes ( she does have a name), then you are out of place in
    accusing her of nearly inciting a riot, next you will accuse her of getting the justice department involved.
    I have been on both sides of this issue, 1st group of minorities to attend a white university and being called
    Names, ignored by the professors and administrators. You have lived and continue to a “gifted, sheltered
    life”, and via your comments , you sound like a closet racist. Stan , please do the students and parents of Dekalb a favor and resign your Board of Education job. There is already enough hate and distrust to turn your stomach. I found that when I and other parents left it up to our kids to resolve most of these issues
    they did a great job of fixing the issues, controlling the bullies and making friends with kids that look, talk and walk differently.
    I agree, Dekalb Schools, like many others in the Atlanta metro area, need help. We all need to put to
    Look in the mirror and admit our faults, then band together to help fix these issues and stop being the catalyst that adds fuel to the fire. Lastly, people demonstrate to peacefully bring attention to an issue
    the cowardly catalyst , starts the trouble and uses the end result to support their personal agendas. All
    Lives Matter, it is not a Black-White Matter.

  84. Hello Jimi.
    A plethora of pictures were auto cropped. When one of the pictures was auto cropped, the black cheerleader (trying to keep names out of this) was cropped out. The image was posted on twitter. The tweet was taken down, but I posted an image of it. At the time, the tweet had over 4K likes and 2.5K retweets. The tweet image has a couple comments in it … it captures the flavor of the thread.
    As you can see from the 2nd image from the top, this protest was advertised as a Black Lives Matter Rally. I didn’t stir this up. The protest was advertised and the tweet went viral long before I got involved. It wasn’t my idea to yell “Hey-Hey Ho-Ho Racist White People Have Got To Go” in front of the school. I don’t know why you’re laying all of this at my feet.
    I’ve lived a “gifted, sheltered life?” … that’s quite the judgement based on nothing but my skin color (and you compare me to a closet racist?)
    Moving forward … Please let me know the teacher at DHS that is unjustly treating minorities and I’ll be right with you to rectify that injustice. There is no place for racism in Dunwoody or at the school district.

  85. @Jimi – did you read the story and the news reports? Stan had nothing to do with this. In fact, as I understand it, the black cheerleader who was ‘cropped’ (white cheerleaders were cropped as well) is not the person who started the ruckus. Her ‘friend’ did via a tweet (which has been taken down). The students did not ‘fix’ – or even discuss this, they protested – calling pretty much all white people ‘racists’ for what in reality, was an automatic computer-generated square crop right out of the middle of a photo (Instagram does the same thing, btw, as do most avatars). No one purposely cropped out this young lady. However, what floored me was the visceral reaction – which showed me just how close to the surface the racial mistrust resides in black students. These young people carry around an armor of protection at all times, seeking out any signs of prejudice, stereotyping or all out racism. We need to get to a place where all students can assume that people are not out to discriminate – that the good in them is being identified and celebrated. We have a very long way to go.

  86. ps – Jimi – you may not be aware – but the DeKalb school district is only comprised of 10% white students. Yes, only about 10,000 of 100,000 students in the district are white. The district has more Hispanic students – about 18%. And is about 60% black. You can run your own report on the racial make up of any school district in the state of Georgia at this link >>
    Further, the Census shows that the United States overall is 79% white (60% white/non-Hispanic) and only 13.3% black. It’s about 18% Hispanic.
    As you know, the DeKalb superintendent is black. Most of his staff is black. Most of the central office administration is black. The principals, teachers and staffs at most DeKalb schools are mostly black as well. The old days of a mostly (95%) white school district relegating old textbooks to the segregated black schools is long gone.
    That said – DeKalb county itself is currently about 30% white (non-Hispanic/white), 8.5% Hispanic and 55% black. To see the Census data go here>>
    So, the question becomes – where are all the white students if the county is 30+% white, but the school district is only 10% white? There is a bigger issue here than a racial issue at school. There is the issue of apathy of white people – unwilling to even stake a claim or roll up their sleeves for public schools. Trust me, they are all in their private schools not giving their local public schools a second thought — until a situation like this occurs and the public schools are in the news. Then more decide to leave. Soon, there will only be blacks and Hispanics in DeKalb schools. And the racial issue with whites will stagnate, as students lead completely segregated lives.

  87. Lastly, one area I always tried to shed light on was the lack of real integration in the schools that do have white students. Yes, there are quite a few black students attending schools like Lakeside, Dunwoody and Druid Hills. But I always said that if you went door to door checking in on each and every classroom inside those schools, you would see the segregation. Black students are not generally as heavily enrolled in AP courses, art or orchestra. That is where you will find the white students. The only real interaction the two races have is in the hallways during changeovers. That’s likely an exaggeration – but I wish someone would do the reporting. I think you would find surprising segregation right under your nose.

  88. COMPASSION 101

    Mr. Jester it’s a travesty when comments by individuals such as yourself a “Parent Leader/Board Member” are filled with racial and divisive rhetoric regarding the very students that you’ve been put in place to serve and represent. You and other student body leaders are supposed to be able to govern from a fair, impartial and neutral position yet your comments are one sided. The comments and responses that you’ve posted are absolutely appalling to say the least; yet you’re the individual many voted into the position because they believed that you were a person who could operate fairly and be able to listen and hear from the various sides. I hope that you and your spouse can understand that a child’s perception is their reality and when they perceive that they’re not being treated fairly or being excluded; those feelings are real to them. Please understand that racism is alive and well in 2017 and the mere fact that you and others have chosen to dismiss the concerns and you’re not be willing to listen and discuss the matter in a fair and diplomatic manner speaks volumes about your character and your integrity. This is an opportunity for you to teach and show leadership, yet you’re exemplifying the behavior of a 8 year old and you’re not viewing this from a broader spectrum. I’m certain that I could be like others and I could get in the gutter with you and sling the mud and hurl negative epithets; but, that would only reduce me down to being a guttersnipe like those of you who have chosen to create and promote racial tension among the students and parents. Our children learn from us on how we handle conflict and if this is what you’re exemplifying to your children, I feel sorry for what’s to come in the future and how they treat others as they become young adults. I believe that when you’re kind, compassionate and have humility; you raise children who grow up with those same principles. But, when you’re heartless, mean spirited and racist those are the type of humans you breed. Remember that being humble is much more important than being wise, because God doesn’t need a proud mouth that “SPEAKS” much, but a kind heart that “Listens” Mr. Jester you and others should take a moment and LISTEN you just may be enlightened.

  89. Hello COMPASSION 101 … did you read any of my comments?
    How can you say my comments are racial and divisive? All my comments are racism is bad and there is no place for it here. I draw the line at alt left and alt right groups … I will not condone them.
    A child’s perception is their reality. Absolutely. I went down to the rally to better understand their perception. The world we live is not free from racism. Please let me know who the racists are. Please let me know who is unjustly putting obstacles in front of the children.

  90. This thing started out from a misunderstanding that a cheerleader was cropped from a photo by an online photo service. Somehow it has escalated into some pretty serious reactions. Can anyone articulate what the other racial issues are that these students are protesting – as it’s not just about a photo, that’s for certain. I would hope that one of the students would write an essay exposing exactly what is going on at DHS. Start a dialogue. Perhaps the school paper could practice some true journalism and report on the issue. Just a thought. The pen truly is mightier than the (s)word. Sometimes, reading about someone else’s plight strikes the heart much more directly.

  91. AJC has talked to the black cheerleader, some protesters and some parents. Hopefully that article will come out soon.

  92. Keep exposing these things Stan. Hold up that light and speak the truth. What the haters don’t realize is that the vast majority of your district supports you. We are the silent group that doesn’t always speak in public. We don’t like being labeled. We don’t like the PC culture. We are sure glad you have our backs and speak up. Keep it up.

  93. COMPASSION 101

    PRAVDA… You may be speaking of yourself that you don’t enjoy the SPOTLIGHT, but, those sentiments don’t apply to Stan Jester & Family…. Remember during the student field trip to the CNN Center his son wore the Fake News Tee Shirt purposely to solicit a response and to generate media attention; the Jester Family was front & center speaking up and speaking out!!! But you didn’t have a problem with them speaking about a freakin Tee Shirt, but, you have a problem with students speaking up about a systemic issue that exist among the student body which is much more detrimental to their lives than a freakin Tee Shirt. Yet you’re quick to point fingers at those you oppose; but, you condone the same platform of those who you look like. This is an opportunity for you to take a Self Reflection and see what’s stirring back at you in the mirror. Keep in mind that these type of exchanges really will EXPOSE those who harbor ill will and hatred for others… PRAVDA, I think that you are exposing yourself and showing your true COLORS…

  94. @Compassion>> These are all first amendment issues – the right to free speech (without harming anyone else’s rights). The t-shirt issue was one. Protesting at DHS was another. Both were legal expressions of free speech. At any rate… you may know the answer to my question. Please tell me exactly about the “systemic issue that exist among the student body”. I personally would like to know in detail what is going on at DHS that has these students so up in arms. (I am sure it’s not simply a cropped photo.) Seriously – please clue me in. I would open up the old DSW blog to post an essay on the topic if anyone would write one. Instead, I remain without detail – just knowledge of a general feeling of ill will. This is hard to fix. You have to identify a problem in order to work on it. The same way a doctor can’t cure a disease without details about the symptoms. Then again, like I said earlier – the school district is currently only 10% white so the issue is getting more and more watered down as white flight continues. The resolution in process sadly appears to be a return to segregation rather than an attempt at conversation and understanding.

  95. Marlon Walker with the AJC published an article yesterday with a little more insight …

    Black students and parents … say little has been done to address a sentiment that has always gone too far.
    “It’s hard to go to class and constantly hear racial slurs and jokes thrown around. It’s really hard,” said Arryanna Dixon, a senior at Dunwoody High School. “I complained (a white student) said the n-word to me … and nothing was done.”
    Schelle Purcell, whose daughter helped organize the rally Monday morning, said it’s the latest in a long line of issues she’s heard from students attending the school.
    Purcell said when her daughter, Chanel Fairley, was nominated for Homecoming court as a freshman during the 2016-2017 school year, the teen was told by others that black girls just don’t win court positions at Dunwoody.
    Chanel won both last year and this year.
    Chanel said further proof of the school’s ongoing tension came after the rally, when white students complained about its purpose.
    “All the white kids who weren’t for the protest wanted to argue about it afterward,” she said. “You might say you’re not racist, but look who’s mad.”
  96. Stan, the AJC article is out. Typical race-baiting stuff, as usual. The protest leader’s mom is the main person quoted. She talks about her daughter being on homecoming court two years in a row, but the school is still racist. I bet she wouldn’t last a week at SWD. “Hey Hey Hey Ho Ho Ho These racist white people got to go” Dr Green is promising more blacks in AP classes. Will he promise them A’s as well? If the students are prepared for an AP class, he’s setting them up for failure. I predict a year from now blacks will protest that AP grading/classwork is racist and demand Green to get them A’s.

  97. allegra johnson

    “I hear GameOn is trying to take $100,000 from Peachtree funds.” You heard incorrectly.

  98. COMPASSION 101

    Mr. Jesture in response to your statement that you didn’t say anything racial or divisive, REALLY!!! Apparently you are Socially Tone Deaf if you think it’s okay to make reference to the Student/Athlete at the center of this matter as the “BLACK CHEERLEADER” this shows that you are out of touch and clueless to what is appropriate or inappropriate; but, you should know better, I’m a firm believer that ignorance isn’t a defense; therefore, there isn’t a defense or excuse for your comments. Mr. Jesture the mere fact that you aren’t versatile or savvy enough to utilize a more neutral tone or approach solidifies that you shouldn’t be the representative of such a diverse student population. It’s obvious that you lack diversity or adequate inclusion training and should really rethink your Board Member position to represent and lead the masses. In this instance I’ll reference the MARK TWAIN quote “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think that you are a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mr. Jesture throughout your post/responses on this matter, not once did you make reference to the other girls as the “WHITE CHEERLEADERS” may I suggest that you refrain from identifying the Student/Athlete who was cropped out of the photo as the “BLACK CHEERLEADER” again it shows your lack of understanding and your inability to empathize with the student and her plight.
    CERE: In response to you and others stating that this was just a little mistake and oversight; remember; “If it happens once it’s a mistake, if it continues it’s a pattern!” CERE: these type of underhanded incident occur over and over and over and they’ve been dismissed as a “little mistake or an oversight”. Until you and others are honest with yourselves and address some of these type of incidents you’ll continue to be oblivious to what our children are facing and enduring on a daily basis; racism, biases, discrimination and being ostracized. Adults can’t cope in hostile and toxic environment, yet you guys appear to be okay with our children matriculating in this environment and the “Adult Leaders” continue to add fuel to the fire.

  99. ok – so here are a couple of small nuggets I mined from the above-linked AJC articles >>
    “DeKalb County School District officials said they are aware of the concerns about racial tensions at the school, and a plan is being developed to address issues and keep abreast of progress.
    Black students and parents, though, are skeptical, and say little has been done to address a sentiment that has always gone too far.
    “It’s hard to go to class and constantly hear racial slurs and jokes thrown around. It’s really hard,” said Arryanna Dixon, a senior at Dunwoody High School. “I complained (a white student) said the n-word to me … and nothing was done.”
    Purcell said when her daughter, Chanel Fairley, was nominated for Homecoming court as a freshman during the 2016-2017 school year, the teen was told by others that black girls just don’t win court positions at Dunwoody.
    Chanel won both last year and this year.
    Chanel said further proof of the school’s ongoing tension came after the rally, when white students complained about its purpose.
    “All the white kids who weren’t for the protest wanted to argue about it afterward,” she said. “You might say you’re not racist, but look who’s mad.”
    Superintendent Steve Green said in a statement that the district would more aggressively address the lack of diversity in advanced classes, form a junior leadership council to advise campus leaders and provide a space for open and honest dialogue.
    “Students at Dunwoody High School are requesting more from us academically and in their school climate,” he said. “Our role as both educators and responsible citizens is to listen to the concern driving the expression, and use that information to support our children’s intellectual and social growth.”
    Dixon, the senior, said she isn’t holding her breath about progress.
    “I like they’re trying to address the problem,” she said. “I’m trying to be hopeful, but it’s really hard. There’s still incidents going on, and people are not being punished for it.”
    Apparently, there are what are vaguely referred to as ‘issues’. One person mentioned white students calling black students names in class. No one is being punished apparently. Not sure what else. It’s very vague. I think it all stems from a deep mistrust but that’s just a personal theory.

  100. Compassion101, Black Cheerleader – That’s where you take offense?
    Perhaps that is a good place to start. I believe you’ll find many people are frustrated with this double standard. Marlon Walker, writer for the AJC, uses the expression “black student” and “black parents” throughout his article. I’m quite certain that recently white people were allowed to say “black people”. I understand that “people of color” is a common expression. However, technically speaking, black is not a color. Black is the absence of all the colors of the visible spectrum. White, on the other hand, is a combination of all the primary colors.