DeKalb Schools Enrollment Capacity Data

DeKalb Schools has released Oct 2017 Enrollment, Capacity, & Utilization Data
October 2017 Supporting Documents
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Dunwoody School Daze put together this chart, makes interesting observations and asks some questions.
October 2017 Enrollment for Region 1 Schools

Dunwoody Cluster – The only elementary school in the Dunwoody cluster with a growth in enrollment was Dunwoody Elementary. Huge growth at Dunwoody High School.
Chamblee Cluster – Very little enrollment growth in Chamblee Cluster
Cross Keys Cluster – There is a dramatic decrease at the elementary school level.
• If these enrollment trends continue, will a new 2,000 seat CKHS be necessary?
• Despite some neighborhood rezoning to CCHS, Cross Keys saw an increase in enrollment over 2016. Again, will the decrease in enrollment at the ES school level affect the future enrollment at CKHS?
• 31 trailers at Cross Keys for an over-capacity of 121 students? I am assuming these are at CKHS in preparation for conversion to a middle school? Otherwise, this does not make sense to me.

High school expansions draw objections
By Dick Williams For The Crier
While its impact is unclear, a few community leaders are starting to raise pointed questions about the plans for huge expansions at Dunwoody, Chamblee and Lakeside high schools.
The DeKalb Schools plan to use funds from the new Education Special Purpose Local Option sales tax to add 500-600 students to each of the high schools. A common denominator among the three is their small footprints, one-third to one-half of the 25 acres now recommended by the state for construction of high schools.
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3 responses to “DeKalb Schools Enrollment Capacity Data

  1. I do not see any numbers for the Region I students being housed at Fernbank ES. These students return to Cross Keys cluster for middle and high schools.
    I would like to see numbers for Region 2 where there is no decrease in new housing being built.

  2. Time to put the breaks on this entire SPLOST initiative. This was short sighted to begin with, not thought out well, and pushed by a number of activists who were only concerned about their little piece of the pie. The big picture was never considered. It’s time to stop and rethink the entire thing.

  3. Interesting … a local blogger posted this information. How about that. Is there still no one on the payroll who cares to do this kind of research and shed light on attendance issues?
    We wrote about this 7 years ago. We were never able to acquire updated numbers. Kudos for Dunwoody School Daze for getting and posting the facts. DSD has been on this topic for years just as DSW was.
    You will see >> The trends are still EXACTLY the same. The schools in the north as well as the magnet/high achiever and immigrant schools continue to be well over-capacity. While you can hear your footsteps echo in the halls of the schools in the south end of the county as they have all transferred north.
    What will be done? Nothing. They will simply kick the can down the street until we replace our ‘leadership’ and new parents dig up this info as if it’s the very first time it’s been discovered.