DeKalb Schools is Back in Business

All schools and offices in the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) will reopen on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. All extracurricular activities, and sporting events will be held as scheduled.
There may be delays with school buses, and at schools, as we return to business. DeKalb Schools asks for your patience as we reopen schools safely.
As we transition back to service, DCSD is addressing a few lingering issues. These include the following:
As of 2:45 p.m. on Sept. 14, three DCSD campuses are without power. However, the district is hopeful that Georgia Power will restore power to these campuses. Each region has a specific relocation plan of action should such be needed.
• As of 4:20pm All DCSD campuses have power.
• There are still fallen trees and other obstacles that could delay the arrival of school buses in both the morning and afternoon. Students are advised to arrive at their bus stops early and be patient.
• DCSD strongly advises families to be safe on their journey to school and from school and encourage students to avoid contact with downed trees and/or power lines.
Road closures remain a concern in DeKalb County. There are approximately 35 reported road closures in the area. This number is an improvement from the 80 road closures reported on yesterday.
The School Nutrition Department has surveyed the schools and is prepared to provide breakfast and lunch for students. Spoiled food that was lost during power outages will be discarded and emergency requests have been made to vendors. The department also stands ready to provide food for schools that may need to be relocated, if power is not reinstated.

8 responses to “DeKalb Schools is Back in Business

  1. Can you tell us which three schools are without power?

  2. Denise Saltman

    I appreciate the thought that has gone into school closings. Now, let us think, not only of ourselves, but the reality that we will have displaced students joining us in our schools. A plan needs to be in place, yesterday.

  3. The status of those schools is changing every hour. It was seven schools without power at noon. I expect at least one. If not all three, will be up by tomorrow. If relocation is needed, the principal will communicate instructions to the parents.

  4. I’ve just been notified that all schools have power.

  5. betty nicholson

    Thank you, everyone safety is #1 and for the updates

  6. Any plans to make-up missed days?

  7. It’ll be up to the administration and board. I was going to write up something for tomorrow discussing our options. I sent Dr Green an email asking what the administration’s plans are moving forward.

  8. Commissioner Jeff Rader

    DeKalb Crews are working around the clock to remove trees and reopen roadways throughout the county. Since Monday afternoon, more than 130 tons of debris, including 245 trees, have been cleared and more than 100 roads reopened.
    Crews now begin debris pickup. Branches and limbs must be trimmed and cut to a maximum of four feet, stacked neatly at the curb or placed in an approved receptacle. Trees must be cut as small as possible, so that each piece does not exceed a maximum of 50 pounds. Tree limbs that are cut by professional or hired contractors should not be left at the curb for collection by the Sanitation Division.
    All household garbage must be drained free of liquids and placed in individual trash bags that are securely tied and placed inside a county-issued garbage roll cart. Household garbage must be placed at the curb before 7:00 a.m. on a resident’s scheduled collection day, and should not block mailboxes, driveways, sidewalks, drainage systems or roadways.