DeKalb's School Enrollment on the Day Without Immigrants

Across DeKalb, thousands of families took part in “Day Without Immigrants” in hopes of showing the affects immigrants have on education, society and the country’s economy.
Many school districts across the state are reporting high absentee rates yesterday. Below, DeKalb Schools reports the schools that had an absentee rate over 10% yesterday.

Cross Keys Cary Reynolds ES 917 411 45% 4%
Chamblee Chamblee HS 1606 428 27% 4%
Cross Keys Cross Keys HS 1332 786 59% 11%
Cross Keys Dresden ES 980 588 57% 3%
Cross Keys John Lewis ES 379 156 41% 4%
Cross Keys Monclair ES 840 413 49% 5%
Cross Keys Oakcliff ES 754 149 20% 3%
Cross Keys Sequoyah MS 1605 600 37% 5%
Note: Given the high percentage of Latinos enrolled at Woodward ES, they may have been left off this list.

Region II sites reporting over 10% absenteeism yesterday:
Henderson Mill – 22%
Evansdale – 20%
Brockett – 16%
Fernbank – 14%
Coralwood – 12% (23 students due to illness)
Smoke Rise – 11%

24 responses to “DeKalb's School Enrollment on the Day Without Immigrants

  1. Bill Armstrong

    Stan: Typo on CCHS – 428/1606 is 26.7%. Gotta say I’m a bit surprised it’s that low, maybe the Magnets kept it up? As my resident daughter reported large #s out in her classes.
    Not sure on Huntley Hills, a bit surprised they stayed below 10%, as we’ve had higher than normal absences recently due to illness & I know a few people hit the road early for the long weekend. I would expect we had decently large #s out for the day w/o immigrants. In fact it was enough that they postponed class pictures.
    I will add that the day gave us an added opportunity to discuss the reasons behind the events with our children. But living in Chamblee, they already know more than other children might in other areas. BTW – my 3 did go to school yesterday.

  2. Bill Armstrong

    I’ll add that while many of these students/families are their friends & they are very concerned for them, just not a good day: 3rd grader Black History Month field trip, plus pictures scheduled, 7th grader – recent illness already had absences, and 9th grader – a few recent grades = c/n afford time off – had to meet w/French teacher (don’t tell her I said that).
    But we did get a home-school social studies session on 25th amendment following the press conference.

  3. chamblee getting screwed

    Ridiculous. Its called enforcing the law. If you aren’t here legally then you need to enter the right way. No need to protest enforcing the law. All those kids should get zeros on the work they missed.

  4. Fed up retired DEKALB teacher

    And exactly who was hurt from this protest? Students missed day of learning and certainly did not help the matter in any form. Dumb dumbs.

  5. How much money was saved by not providing free lunches?

  6. I’ll preface my comment by saying this is NOT a political commentary on immigration. So, based on Stan’s numbers above, if we assume 15-20% of those students who were absent yesterday could be illegal immigrants (I’ve pulled this figure from more informed commenters on Stan’s Facebook page), doesn’t it behoove everyone if DCSD SLOWS DOWN for a minute and produces some alternative student population figures for 2022? With all of the uncertainty surrounding immigration status and realizing the futures of these folks is highly uncertain at this point, I still think it makes sense to analyze ALL potential possibilities before these additions are started AND before a Doraville High School is even contemplated. A 15-20% reduction in student population is significant in terms of capacity in our area schools and in my opinion, worthy of further analysis at this time.

  7. Like I stated in my previous article.. this is exactly what happened in South DeKalb in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s? Shouldn’t we learn from our previous history and not keep making the same mistakes?

  8. Some of these comments are so hateful and completely insensitive to the very real fear many of these CHILDREN are facing. I’m ashamed to share a community with some of you.

  9. I’m surprised that no one has commented on the fact that the average absentee rate at Cross Keys High School is 11%, more than twice the average for its feeder schools. How in the world does Cross Keys HS have such a high graduation rate when the students are out of school once every 2 weeks, on average?

  10. Kim Gökçe (DIO's Butt Munch)

    Jenny: Par for the course. The bile and hatred spewed in the direction of these kids every single day of their lives is disheartening. It’s a small miracle that they do what they do. They truly are an inspiration to me. I tell people they saved my life and I mean it. The individuals are of such extraordinary quality and better human beings than I’ll ever be.
    I was talking to Dr. Sauce about these kids last week and he and his team have done a great job this year. He is a real asset. When the formal reviews were over I asked him this question: “Have the kids with this profile (1st generation/low income) that already existed at CCHS benefitted from the steps your team has taken?” He lit up and proudly shared that, yes, not only had kids with this profile benefitted but so had many others. He related how students have approached him to thank him for bringing a higher awareness of the challenges.
    It’s going to be ok, Jenny. A few haters are gonna hate. The kids. Focus on the kids. They are awesome and will continue to do great things with the support of compassionate and competent educators like Dr. Sauce.

  11. The struggles of these families and the predicament so many of them are currently in is certainly not lost on me and it does make me sad for these children. BUT, should we not even consider looking at revised 2022 population figures for Dekalb County schools knowing what we all know is happening now, regardless of your viewpoint? I think it’s a disservice to everyone if DCSD doesn’t. There is nothing hateful or vile about that, it’s a logical and reasonable next step. I don’t think anyone could have foreseen or predicted what’s now happening on the immigration front last year when the feasibility study was done.

  12. Kim Gökçe (DIO's Butt Munch)

    Two different subjects. But yes, some would consider this in their analysis. I have. DCSD did. The changes in enforcement targeting this year are real but only a marginal impact. It’s a brutal reality but should a few hundred children suddenly disappear that only means CKHS gets built out for 2,000 or 2,200. It has been a consideration and known variable throughout. In 2008-12, the enforcement was of this same level. The sad realities some are just now realizing change nothing strategically.
    We’ve been here before, too. The BoE in 2009/10 used the same “irrationalization” to not invest in CKHS, in particular, and in regional capacity, in general. That worked out well.

  13. Kim Gökçe (DIO's Butt Munch)

    It’s also another reason the analysis points to a “four high school” Region 1 solution as too risky. But now we are re-hashing old territory. My apologies.

  14. Kim Gökçe (DIO's Butt Munch)

    Lol. Fake news FTW!

  15. chamblee getting screwed

    Oh give it up Gokce. We are all sick to death of your “poor Mexicans cry in your beer, how hard they have it sob story.” They made the choice to come hear illegally. No one is “hating” them. Btw, you know you are waaay over your quota for that word. Maybe it time for some new material. But the fact is – they are here illegally. You had a president win an election based upon that premise. So get it over it.

  16. chamblee getting screwed

    Gokce – the 4 high school solution is much more a reality with the county commissioners input. Again, you sir cannot answer the question as to how the 3 HS solution benefits the existing schools that will have to suffer through YEARS of additions and additional students.

  17. The DeKalb County School District has 5 Regions. There are 24 high schools in DeKalb. Region 1 only has 3 high schools: Dunwoody, Chamblee and Cross Keys. Region 1 is very under-served by high schools. Board members are assigned to the graduations for the high schools located geographically in their voting districts. I have 2 high schools in my voting district.

  18. Kim Gokce (DIO's Butt Munch)

    Screwed – you still here?

  19. chamblee getting screwed

    That’s right I am. Someone has to call you out on your B.S.

  20. Stan,
    You sure are right about Region 1 being very under-served by high schools:
    Region 1 = 3 high schools with 6,957 students projected in 2022
    Region 2 = 3 high schools with 5,655 students projected in 2022
    Region 3 = 4 high schools with 5,796 students projected in 2022
    Region 4 = 5 high schools with 7,221 students projected in 2022 (Arabia Mountain HS is located in Region 4)
    Region 5 = 4 high schools with 3,723 students projected in 2022
    Region 4 has only 264 more projected students than Region 1, yet it has 2 more high schools!!

  21. The number of high schools per Region shows that Region 1 is discriminated against systematically. This has lawsuit all over it. I think that the parents of Dunwoody, Chamblee, and Lakeside should sue the district over the current plan. It’s discrimination pure and simple.

  22. Kim Gokce (DIO's Butt Munch)

    Screwed – take a number.

  23. Before the first day of the program, make sure to provide the child care center you’ve chosen with your proof of state.