Aug 3, 2015 DeKalb Schools Board Meeting

Monday, August 3, 2015
2:00pm – Work Session
5:45pm – Community Input Session
7:00pm – Business Meeting
Questions and Answers
8/3 – Financial Report
8/3 – HR Report
8/3 – International Teachers
8/3 – Nelson Mullins Ext
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Approval of Monthly Financial Report
3. Jim Cherry Emergency Clothing Fund Donation Approval
4. Approval of Monthly Human Resources Report
5. Approval of International Teacher Services Agreement
6. Law Firm Renewal Agreement (Part I and II)
7. Procurement for all Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Materials and Scoring Fees
8. Southern Behavioral Group (SBG) Contractual Services
9. Agreement to Provide Professional Services Between Metro East Georgia Learning Resources System (MEGLRS) with Metropolitan Regional Educational Service
Agency (MRESA) and DeKalb County School District
10. Casenex Professional Development Extension Agreement
11. Information Technology
a. Internet Firewall Protection
b. Padcaster Broadcast Unit
c. RFP 15-07 District Wide Cabling and Wireless System
12. School Nutrition Services
a. Approval for Continued Use of Statewide Contract (SWC) #9999-SPD0000091-
0002 Earthgrains Baking Company (Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.) for Purchase of
b. Extension Bid No. 14-185 District Wide Armored Car and Ancillary Services
c. Extension Bid No. 15-457 Administration Software & Support
d. Bid No. 16-397 Purchase of Grocery Products Award
13. Fleet Services
a. North Georgia Fuel Cooperative (NGFC) Contract# 20140476 Extension Approval
14. Facilities
a. ITB 15-752-051 Electrical Contractor Award Approval
b. Portable Classroom Relocation and Routine Maintenance Services, Bid 14-752-032 Contract Extension Approval
a. Capital Outlay Project Application for Fiscal Year 2017
b. E-SPLOST IV Project: Approval of Bid Award No. 15-752-062 for Demolition Services at Atherton Elementary School, Sky Haven Elementary School, DeKalb Transition Facility, and Former Truancy Center Facility
c. E-SPLOST IV Project: Approval of Award of RFP No. 15-752-063 for A/E Services for Prototypical Elementary School Site Adaptation and Construction Administration Services
d. E-SPLOST IV Project: Approval of Award Bid No. 15-752-035 for Hambrick Elementary School (ES) ADA and Capital Renewal
e. E-SPLOST IV Project: Approval of Bid Award No. 15-752-053 for Midvale Elementary School (ES) Capital Renewal and Code Requirements
f. E-SPLOST IV Project: Approval of Award for RFP No. 15-752-064 for Subregion 5C: Cedar Grove Elementary School, Flat Shoals Elementary School, Rowland Elementary School, Columbia Middle School, McNair High School and Snapfinger Elementary School – ADA, Capital Renewal and Code Requirements A/E Design Firm
1. Three-Year District-wide Technology Plan

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