Updated Principal Vacancy Report

Principals are 12 month employees and school starts 3 weeks from today. We are down to 2 Principal vacancies. Here is the updated Principal Vacancy Report as of July 13, 2015.

Principal Vacancies (as of July 13)

Region School Vacancy Position Reason for Vacancy
2 Briarlake ES Principal Retirement
2 Brockett ES Principal Reassignment

Principal Assignments (as of July 13)

Region Name Last Position Current School New Position New School
1 Bolds, Lori Principal Harriet Tubman ES
(Fulton County)
Principal Montgomery ES
1 Sims, Keisha Assistant Principal Sequoyah MS Principal Margaret Harris
1 DeJesus, Jose Principal Denn Johns MS Kissimee,FL Principal Chamblee MS
1 Sauce, Norman Principal Barnwell ES Fulton County Principal Chamblee HS
2 Patillo, Rochelle Assistant Principal Henderson MS Principal Henderson MS
2 Satterfield, Deborah Assistant Principal Fernbank ES Principal Midvale ES
2 Boger, Janice Assistant Principal Redan HS Principal Redan HS
4 Blackwell, Dawn Assistant Principal Bethune MS Principal Bob Mathis
4 Brown, Tiffany Assistant Principal Henderson MS Principal Browns Mills
4 Burke, Walter Assistant Principal Princeton ES Principal Fairington ES
5 Broome, Myron Assistant Principal Towers HS Principal Bethune MS
5 Jones, Vanessa Assistant Principal Rowland ES Principal Rowland ES

One response to “Updated Principal Vacancy Report

  1. Thank you Stan.
    I know Ms. Jenks (Briarlake E.S.) chose to retire on July 30.
    This had not been attached to the agenda of last week’s meeting yet. Neither has the regular vacancy report.