School Principal Update

Effective principals are an important characteristic of effective schools.  School performance is higher when principals have greater organizational management skills and demonstrate greater ability to recruit and retain high-quality teachers while removing low-quality teachers.
Principal Vacancies (as of May 22)

Region School Vacancy Position Reason for Vacancy
1 Chamblee HS Principal Reassignment
2 Brockett ES Principal Reassignment
2 Midvale ES Principal Retirement
3 Redan HS Principal Retirement
5 Meadowview ES Principal Resigned

Principal Assignments (as of May 22)

Reg Names Current Position Current School New Position New School
1 Sims, Keisha Assistant Principal Sequoyah MS Principal Margaret Harris
1 Lowery, Rochelle Principal Chamblee HS Principal Leadership Develop.
2 Maubougne, Lynda Principal Brockett ES Principal Oak Grove ES
2 Patillo, Rochelle Assistant Principal Henderson MS Principal Henderson MS
3 Clark, Kyia Principal Princeton ES Principal Stone Mill ES
3 Hairston, Angela Principal Stone Mt. ES Principal Princeton ES
3 Davidson, Corey Principal Freedom MS Principal Stone Mt. ES
3 Boston, Marchell Principal Stone Mill ES Principal Freedom MS
4 Phillips, Debra Principal Chapel Hill MS Principal Lithonia MS
4 McGhee, Lisa Principal Lithonia MS Principal Chapel Hill MS
4 Blackwell, Dawn Assistant Principal Bethune MS Principal Bob Mathis
4 Brown, Tiffany Assistant Principal Henderson MS Principal Browns Mills
5 Broome, Myron Assistant Principal Towers HS Principal Bethune MS
5 Jones, Vanessa Assistant Principal Rowland ES Principal Rowland ES
5 Nelloms, Sheila Principal Knollwood ES Principal Peachcrest ES
5 Freeman, Susan Principal Flat Shoals ES Principal Meadowview ES

OCGA § 20-2-86[t]
§ 20-2-86. Operation of school councils; training programs; membership; management; roles and responsibilities
“The role of the school council in the principal selection process shall be advisory and specified in policy written by the local board of education and regulations developed by the superintendent” (OCGA § 20-2-86[t] and Board of Education policy BBFA).
Policy BBFA – Local School Councils
The role of the school council in the principal selection process shall be advisory and will be specified in regulations developed by the Superintendent.
Superintendent Regulations
Regulation BBFA – Local School Councils
The following regulations regarding the role of the school council in the selection process of the local school principal include the following:

  • Each local school council should solicit input from internal and external stakeholders in the form of parent, teacher, student, and community surveys, questionnaires, or other means of gathering input identifying the characteristics of a great principal.
  • The Regional Superintendent will meet with a local school council and teachers to discuss and identify the needs of a particular school related to the selection process of the school principal and review results of input gathered.
  • The Regional Superintendents and the local school council should use the input from school stakeholders to compile a list of recommended characteristics of a great principal and communicate the information to all school stakeholders.
  • The Regional Superintendent will submit the list of the identified desirable characteristics of a great principal to the Superintendent on behalf of the local school council.
  • The Superintendent has the executive authority to transfer a principal due to extenuating circumstances or emergencies not limited to FMLA, death of a sitting principal, legal implications, professional performance or low academic student achievement.

Fri 12/04/2009 – ELPC – Selection of DeKalb School Principals, Policy Change
In our continuing effort to keep parents and the public engaged, we wanted to advise you of a significant policy change now being considered by the DeKalb Board of Education. On Monday, December 7, the Board will consider amending a Board policy (action item J 5, By-Law BBFA,) to significantly reduce the role of school councils in the selection of school principals.
Currently, pursuant to a regulation issued by the Superintendent, school councils play a significant role in the interview and recommendation process for principals. Parents, teachers and a business representative now hold a majority of 5 out of 7 positions on each Interview Committee, which interviews all candidates selected by Human Resources and recommends two candidates to the Superintendent, who makes the final decision. The recommendations are advisory only.
The proposed Board policy (we assume the corresponding regulation will be changed) eliminates the Interview Committee. The Superintendent would only be required to ask for very general input from the school council about the traits the new principal should have, but only if the principal is to be hired from outside current DCSS personnel. The school council would have no input if someone is to be reassigned from within DCCS.
We believe this change is counter to an open, accountable and community-based model for governance of our schools. Significantly reducing or eliminating the role of school councils potentially undermines the sense of community which is a critical element of a school’s success.
eboard link icon  Amendment to the Bylaws and Policies: READY FOR ACTION: Local School Councils, Descriptor Code BBFA

5 responses to “School Principal Update

  1. Meredyth Gaynes

    Hi Stan, There is also a vacancy at Montgomery Elementary. I didn’t see that one on the list, but may have missed it. This will be our 4th principal since my kids have attended. This last one only stayed 1.5 years.

  2. What are the reasons for the reassignments, truthfully?

  3. Stan Jester

    A number of principals retired. This report indicates that 6 assistant principals were promoted to principal.
    You are probably asking why some principals were reassigned from one school to another school. Reassignments are personnel decisions which are not in the purview of the board. School councils are closer to the ground and have much better insight into the performance and tenure of their principals. You should raise any concerns regarding principals with the school council. School councils should raise their concerns regarding principals to their Regional Superintendent. School councils can CC the superintendent and their board rep if they feel like they are not getting traction on the issue.
    I was concerned that Region 3 might be a “Dance of the Lemons”. I expressed this concern with Dr. Erwin who was aware of these assignments and assured me the communities were happy with their new principals.

  4. Wow. Thanks for posting the info from 2009 from the Emory-LaVista Parent Council.
    I didn’t know that in 2009 DCSD policy permitted parents and teachers to actually interview top candidates for a Principal vacancy, and actually recommend their top choices for their school. That sounds almost like meaningful shared decision making.
    DCSD proposes to restore this practice in their Charter System petition. Wow. I cannot be impressed by District policy that merely returns to normal local school authority from six years ago, and only then in a slow three-year cycle.

  5. Stan this is good information you are posting.