Superintendent Search Update

Yesterday, April 23, the Community Liaison Group identified their top candidates to be brought before the Board Of Education for consideration for an interview. The Board Of Education reviewed candidates and selected the top candidates for the first round of interviews.
The first round of interviews will take place during the first 2 weeks of May.  The board is pleased with the depth and breadth of candidates.  We are very much looking forward to the first round of interviews and taking the next step to announcing the new superintendent in late May to early June.
A special thanks to the Community Liaison Group District 1 representatives, Rick Callihan and Al Tiede.  They each spent countless hours over the last week pouring over a 650 page binder of resumes, backgrounds, questionnaires, and rubrics to bring superintendent search candidates before the board.  Rick and Al represented us well, thank you!!
–Stan Jester

4 responses to “Superintendent Search Update

  1. The questions of the day are…
    How many of the internal candidates were brought to the board for consideration?
    Which internal candidates did the board select interview?
    How much does Dr. Morley think Thurmond should be paid to stay on as a consultant for two years to make sure the new superintendent doesn’t change things?

  2. The confidentiality of the candidates is of utmost importance. Some candidates have publicly stated they are seeking this job. The best course of action is to ask them.
    The board has one employee, the superintendent. I would leave the transition team up to the new superintendent. I don’t know if Mr. Thurmond has even offered to play a role in the transition to a new superintendent.

  3. So you won’t even tell us how many?
    I watched Morley’s rambling sermon from April’s Committee of the Whole. She seems to think everything is great in the district due to Mr. Thurmond.

  4. The Community Liaison Group was presented with 20-25 candidates. The top 8 – 12 candidates were presented to the board. The board selected which candidates to bring in for an interview over the next few weeks.