FY2016 Budget Priorities

Wednesday April 1 will be the first Public Budget Input Hearing.  The Business Meeting will follow the budget hearing where the board will eventually discuss our Fy2016 Budget Priorities.
Q:  What do you feel should be the board’s budget priorities?
Here are the board’s FY2015 Budget Priorities:
John Coleman

  • eliminate furlough days
  • address class size
  • expand our fund balance
  • reduce costs on what’s not needed in the budget

Marshall Orson

  • eliminate furlough days
  • enhance pay and benefits including retirement benefits
  • honest conversation about class sizes
  • IB program; not fully funded; expand program to high school
  • need nurses in middle and high schools
  • expand use of Margaret Harris to other school districts
  • market services to other districts to create revenue

Thad Mayfield

  • align the budget discussion with the current strategic plan
  • budget process: what is base for each division; what are the programmatic requirements
  • access the efficacy of the programs and ability to get to the target goal areas
  • evaluate our processes; work flow
  • what are the financial constraints; look at quarterly reports on dollars spent vs. performance of dollars spent

Joyce Morley

  • eliminate furlough days
  • more funding for parent engagement, conferences, and workshops
  • review the counselor position; counselor salary; role of the counselor

Karen Carter

  • eliminate furlough days
  • grow the fund balance
  • address teacher morale; financial incentive for staying with us through tough times
  • enough counselors in place all the time; quality counselors in all buildings
  • nurses in all schools

Michael Erwin

  • eliminate furlough days
  • review number of counselors in schools
  • look at security in the schools
  • building maintenance (i.e. paint)
  • increase fund balance
  • reduce our legal fees

David Campbell

  • eliminate furlough days
  • financial incentive of 1 to 2% merit raise
  • school repairs (i.e. track fields)
  • skill development (professional development)

Jim McMaHan

  • stipends for teachers
  • reduce class size
  • address security (return canine dogs)
  • budget process (i.e. chart of accounts); transparency and clarity in division budgets; alignment of consolidated financials

Melvin Johnson (Summary Statements)

  • eliminate furlough days and direct funds to staff
  • build the fund balance to sustain the system
  • direct funds to the classroom for student achievement

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