Legislative Update – Day 24 of 40

Crossover Day is the last day for legislation to pass the state house or senate and cross over to the other chamber for consideration.  That day is currently set for March 13, 2015.
SR 287 – Opportunity School District
SR 287 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Georgia so as to allow the General Assembly to authorize the establishment of an Opportunity School District to provide for state intervention for failing schools. The Senate Education & Youth Committee asked questions around Fair Dismissal issues and the Opportunity School District Superintendent position. SR 287 received a “Do Pass” and is headed to Senate Rules
If the amendment passes both chambers by a 2/3 majority, the following question will be placed on the November 2016 ballot:

Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance?

Also Headed To Senate Rules:
SB 132, the “Move on When Ready Act”, makes provisions whereby eligible high school students may apply to eligible postsecondary institutions to take one or more dual credit courses at or through the postsecondary institution with the goal of completing postsecondary credit and high school diploma requirements.
SB 156 authorizes the State Charter Commission to establish a nonprofit foundation
SB 164 encourages the implementation of positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) and response to intervention (RTI) programs.
SB 129, “Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, goes back to the federal language and does not create new rights.
Headed To House Rules:
HB 170, Transportation Funding Act of 2015, would replace the current 7.5 cents excise tax plus sales taxes to a fixed state excise tax of 29.2 cents.
SB 2 allows a local board to award a high school diploma to an enrolled student who is 16 or older, has completed specified coursework, and completes a program at a postsecondary institution
HB 372 limits the ability of political entity from adding additional facility requirements for a charter school that has met other requirements.
HR 303 is a resolution urging the State Board of Education to develop and implement comprehensive civics education curricula to improve students’ civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
HB 16 prohibits high schools that receive QBE funds from participation in athletic associations unless the association allows students enrolled in magnet schools to try for and participate on athletic teams of their resident school.
HB 131 amends state law to require additions to local policies to include provisions to prevent cyberbullying.
HB 296 removes the one year eligibility requirement for the Special Needs Scholarship if the student is a lawful refugee or asylee as defined by federal law.
HB 271 creates another category of charter schools called charter -school-in-the-workplace.

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