Druid Hills Annexation Into APS

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) trial has been going on forever.  With APS in the news everyday, Druid Hills looked at DeKalb Schools, and decided they’re going with APS.  Denied the Druid Hills Cluster, a subset of the cluster known as Together in Atlanta (TIA) has put together a petition to be annexed into Atlanta with the purpose of “more responsive and locally-controlled schools, zoning, and other governmental services.”
In the 12/08/2014 Superintendent’s Report, DeKalb Schools administration presented their version of the implications of annexation (view transcript, video and related documents here).  Annexation into Atlanta, like the formation of cities, means control and title of public property would move with the annexed area. Michael Thurmond, DeKalb Schools Superintendent, will ask the board in January for $2.5 million to protect “what is naturally ours.”
The Superintendent’s Report lists the properties and values they say is theirs.  Those properties include Druid Hills HS, Fernbank ES, Briar Vista ES, Druid Hills MS, Fernbank Science Center and Adams Stadium.
While it is currently unclear how the $2.5 million will be spent, Board Chair Dr. Melvin Johnson said, “it would be incumbent upon the school system to consider reserving the appropriate funds to litigate if necessary.”
(TIA) responded,  “to correct errors in Superintendent Michael Thurmond’s presentation, Annexation: Student Enrollment and Tax Implications … We share the goal of success for all students, and the provision of clear and accurate information so that the democratic process of choice can be best-pursued.”  TIA has countered many of the claims made by the administration in their 40 minute report.
I’ll keep you posted.

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