DeKalb Schools Changing Grading System

DeKalb Schools has changed their district wide Grading Protocol.  A few weeks ago, the principals were sent the new grading system with the new categories and weights. Some of the old categories were combined and some new categories were created.  I can’t find it online anywhere, so here it is:

Formative Assessment – 0%

  • Formal or Informal Pre-Assessments

Assessment During Learning – 25%

  • Skills Assessment (Warm-Up)
  • Quiz
  • Projects

Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%

  • Classwork
  • Project or Performance
  • Homework

Summative Assessment or Assessment of Learning– 30%

  • Formal Post-Assessment Test
  • Culminating Project or Performance
  • Final or Culminating Exam
A             90 – 100B             80 – 89
C             71 – 79
D             70
F              Below 70

Notes: *English Learners (ELs) must not receive numerical or letter grades for the core content areas in elementary and middle school during their first year of language development. A grade of CS or CU must be assigned. This rule may be extended beyond the first year with approval from the EL Studies Program. English Learners must receive a grade for ESOL courses.

** Charter schools are not subject to this grading policy.

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Old Category and Grade Weights

Cumulative Grade: 100%
Class Participation & Classwork 40%
Tests & Quizzes 30%
Projects 25%
Homework 5%

One response to “DeKalb Schools Changing Grading System

  1. This is from DekalbSchoolWatch
    By: DekalbTeach
    The new grading policy (K-12) was introduced late last year to people going through Infinite Campus training. During pre-planning it was also discussed with staff. In looking at the K-12 syllabus template, there is a section showing the new assignment weights. I don’t see a further breakdown within the 45% for guided, independent, or group study. Good luck getting more information.