Dunwoody HS Retention Pond

I respectfully request that DeKalb Schools address the retention pond at Dunwoody High School or the CDC address the West Nile Virus that is surely breeding there.  Below, you can see how the pond is supposed to look and what it looks like now.
Dunwoody High School Retention Pond
Dunwoody Talk Blog has written an excellent blog covering said community health hazard in a way that only Dunwoody Talk Blog can. The article Dunwoody High School Swimming Hole Closed, Reopened as Horticulture Class Lab says, “Since Day 1 there have been concerns about the design, including maintenance, mosquitoes, appearance, and effectiveness.” >> Continue reading at Dunwoody Talk Blog.
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Don’t forget to vote today.  The races include Sheriff, US Senate and various School Board seats.

3 responses to “Dunwoody HS Retention Pond

  1. Paula Caldarella

    Stan, here is the statement from the SPLOST status report at the time regarding the Retention pond:
    The retention pond on the Womack Rd. entrance is being excavated to meet code requirements. All the trees removed were on DCSS property and met with approval of the City of Dunwoody. Once the retention pond work is complete a new fence will be erected, trees will be planted and there will once again be a green buffer.
    I guess the current state of the retention pond is what DCSS considers a “green buffer”? I won’t hold my breath that the school system will address the issue.

  2. Stan Jester

    Hello Paula.
    Joshua Williams, Interim Chief Operations Officer, responded, “I’ll have staff schedule a vendor to address the detention pond in the weeks head. ”
    I wonder what “met with approval of the City of Dunwoody” means.
    When DeKalb Schools met with the community to discuss the retention pond back in 2010, Dunwoody City Councilman Robert Wittenstein’s response was, “It’s going to be awful!” According to Bob Fiscella, Joe Hirsch, who lives across the street from the pond, was prohibited from recording any of the community discussions.
    2010 A.D. is also 3 B.F.C. (Before FactChecker)

  3. Paula Caldarella

    Yes, Stan I was at that meeting – I think Nancy was as well, if I remember correctly. Barbra Colman was the DCSS official heading up the meeting. I was confused by that statement as well because if the trees were indeed on school property I am not sure what, if any, say the city has in tree removal. Yes, Joe was prohibited from recording any of the discussion.