News Release – 2014 CRCT RESULTS

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News Release:

DeKalb Schools sent out a News Release with their take on the 2014 CRCT results saying,

DeKalb County, GA (June 25, 2014) – According to recently released Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) for grades 3-8, DeKalb County students demonstrated performance gains equal to students statewide and have shown year-to-year aggregate performance improvement in four of five subject areas.
A more rigorous test for mathematics resulted in a decline in the number of students meeting or exceeding standards from the previous year.

Did it occur to anyone the other 4 subject areas might be less rigorous?

  2012-2013 2013-2014 No. of students meeting or exceeding standards
Reading 88.2% 89.2% (+)478
ELA 84.7 84.9 (+)204
Science 63.6 64.4 (+)469
Social Studies 67.0 67.4 (+)264
Mathematics 71.9 70.6 (-)453

Note that after 14 years, the Georgia Milestones test will replace CRCT and EOCT starting next year. Georgia Milestones will be aligned with Common Core and will be touted as a tougher, more rigorous test. State educators admitted the comparatively low average scores on national tests such as the SAT was indicative of the low threshold for meeting the state’s standards and wasn’t doing Georgia’s students any favors.  Continue Reading Here >>

One response to “News Release – 2014 CRCT RESULTS

  1. Lower & lower test scores reflect increasing % of children in poverty, lack of resources & materials, increased class size, lack of support for teachers…and increasing exit of middle to upper middle class families. We are a poor county which feels no urgency to make this a county for ALL people. Gutting the county by thieves and replacing them with mediocre undereducated, business as usual, so-called leaders, will make things worse.
    CRCT will be replaced by a more difficult test. Sure, that makes sense. Could not do well on the old instrument, let’s try a harder one. That will truly keep residents & teachers in DC? NOT!