Austin Elementary Rebuild Update

Austin ElementaryAccording to the latest Capital Improvement Monthly Status Report (pg 97), The Austin ES rebuild is scheduled to begin in April 2017 and be ready for the first day of class in August 2018.

The current capacity of Austin ES, at the current max class size, is 616 students. The new school will use the prototypical design for a 900-seat school, although it is unclear if that 900 seat capacity was calculated using the state defined max class sizes or the current class sizes which are up to 8 students over the state defined maximums.
In October 2013 Austin ES enrollment was 642 students.  Every few years the administration proposes redistricting the Dunwoody Cluster to alleviate some of the overcrowding to little fanfare by the torch and pitchfork crowd.  Given the trailer park population at Dunwoody elementary schools, this subject will no doubt come up again.
Temporary Home
Where will the students go during construction?  The SPLOST IV Proposed Organization Facilities Presentation indicates the system’s SPLOST IV management department made plans to use Kittredge ES as a swing space during the Austin ES rebuild and move Kittredge to Midway.  The latest Austin ES newsletter indicates the SPLOST IV management department is open to suggestions.
During the planning and design phase, DCSD will be holding community meetings to provide more information to the parents and teachers. The first meeting will take place in Fall of 2014.

2 responses to “Austin Elementary Rebuild Update

  1. This may not make sense, but the calculation used to determine the capacity for school construction is set by the Facilities Services Section of the State Department of Education.
    It is a different calculation than is used by the Curriculum and Instruction Section.

  2. I guess I forgot to point out the 900 student capacity is based on the construction guidelines capacity calculation.
    Actually capacity of the school will vary depending on how the building is being used.