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Please select the high school zone where you reside

Chamblee Charter HS40836.3%
Cedar Grove HS40.4%
Clarkston HS242.1%
Columbia HS20.2%
Cross Keys HS615.4%
Druid Hills HS534.7%
Dunwoody HS25222.4%
Lakeside HS24822%
Lithonia HS20.2%
Miller Grove HS20.2%
McNair HS10.1%
M.L. King HS50.4%
Redan HS40.4%
Southwest DeKalb HS121.1%
Stephenson HS60.5%
Stone Mountain HS20.2%
Towers HS00%
Tucker HS393.5%

Please select any of the following that describe you as a DeKalb County School District stakeholder

Elementary School Parent55747.6%
Middle School Parent34929.8%
High School Parent34429.4%
Administrator or Classified employee201.7%
Other community member (non-parent, non-employee)15313.1%

Question 1. Preferred Option

Based on prior community input and guiding principles, three options to address overcrowding of middle and high schools throughout the District have been presented. Which option do you prefer? (If needed, option details are below)

Option A – Re-cluster existing Cross Keys Cluster (Add New Sequoyah Area Cluster)79568.8%
Option B – Re-cluster existing Cross Keys Cluster (Using 18 existing clusters and split feeders)24921.5%
Option C – Re-cluster existing Cross Keys Cluster (Add New Sequoyah Area Cluster) + Relocate Chamblee Magnets1129.7%

Why do you prefer the option you selected?

I am 100% convinced that strong communities produce community involved individuals. 1:1 feeder patterns create and maintain strength in the community. In a large city like Atlanta, having a strong community is vital in raising kids to be productive members of sis community.
Least impact, doesn't move Magnet around the county
No split feeders
It is good location near downtown.
Do not move and ruin the great success of the magnets. You will destroy the pride of Dekalb co
Cost is the main issue. Should add magnate programs to clusters not at capacity
It doesn't move the magnets
The least amount of students moved
These answers were for Option B, tho I am leaning towards option C now ... 1) High school will get better use out of proximity to Adams stadium - 2) Significant parking exists, would not have to pave too much land 3) Central location of BHS site is ideal for the cluster and valuable land that cannot be sold for what it would cost to acquire less valuable land elsewhere - and again, the existence of parking 4) lowest environmental impact 5) fewest number of HS students shifted - the HS community is the strongest and most influential during critical developmental stage, residents and communities that are very involved in their schools should not undergo significant realignment - it will weaken the schools. The BHS location will strengthen HS involvement, IMO and generate fewer protests, since it is central to the affected communities
Do not like split feeders.
It impacts the mid-range of students. It brings in the reality of the need for split feeders. I grew up with split feeders, and middle school was the perfect time to "mix things up". People were brought back together in high school. The cost was also proposed to be the lowest, and I think that should always be a consideration. Finally, I didn't like the proposal of a magnet relocation without specifics on where it would go and how that would happen.
It seems to be the least disruptive to students and neighborhoods.
If you are able to move "enough" students from the other areas, it will ease the pain felt by the people that bought into the area for the school. The school system needs to move big chunks in order not it end up arguing for the next 3 years.
No split feeders and not as expensive as option A.
elimination of split feeds and does not relocate the magnet program
Does not move Chamblee Magnets, no split feeders, needed new schools in North Dekalb
No splitting up of BES. Do not want to be moved to DHHS when in walking distance of LHS.
Want to absolutely NOT disrupt the Chamblee Magnets. Do not want to split feeders.
Smaller schools, keep clusters with no crossovers, moves the fewest students, keeps magnet program at Chamblee.
because dunwoody is overcrowded too. we need to move students to closer home based schools or create a new one. hightower Elementary isn't even in dunwoody. also the growth in the northern sector has been grossly underestimated for years. we have 4 kids riding in bus seats, kids are standing in buses, our school are overcrowded. the county has spent lots of money in the southern sector and it's time for them to spend in the northern sector.
The children in Doraville have been shunted far away. With the new Assembly development, the schools should request (demand?) land on which to build a new cluster for Doraville.
Option C is a bandaid. Relocating the magnet program will essentially kill the program - no parent is going to be able to transport their child 20 + miles to the program - that is why there are 2 magnet programs - one in the north and one in the south - so no one has to travel too far. Why kill such a successful program and why punish the Chamblee cluster as removing the magnet from the Chamblee Cluster will cause it to suffer! Chamblee cluster is a high performing cluster - why would you mess with it?
Cost. The millage rate is already almost 23. Be good stewards of your financial resources.
Because it doesn't split feeders and it doesn't move the magnet. Seems like a better long term solution.
I don't want our elementary school to be a split feeder again. Additionally, Option C does not state where the magnet program will relocate.
Although this is the most expensive option this minimizes the movement and re-districting of students between schools. When people make the biggest financial investment of their life (i.e. Purchase of a home) the school district is a big factor in that decision. It is not right for the district to then come and move children from one school to another. If there is over crowding in a particular school then additional schools must be built to accommodate the growing population.
Geographically it makes the most sense.
Addresses the issue to add more seats in new schools without adding too many seats onto already huge and overcrowded schools. Best value for seats added with minimum impact to existing students.
Provides capacity required to accommodate projected growth in student population. Shortens commute distance for students in Cross Keys cluster. Strong magnet program in North DeKalb to compliment strong magnet program in South DeKalb (DeKalb School of the Arts) is more practical.
No split feeders. New building but not as high cost as option 1.
I do not want split feeder schools.
It includes an addition at Dunwoody HS and this is much needed.
I prefer option C because it creates an additional middle and high school instead of option A which only creates a high school. In addition I prefer option C because of the no split patterns and creation of more seating in schools to help for future growth.
Option A directly addresses the main problem -- overcrowding in the Cross Keys cluster now and in the future. It has the least significant impact in the areas throughout the district. The other options throw in too many other "what ifs"(especially the predictions for future student popualations) and unnecessary disruptions to neighborhoods, high acheiving schools and successful programs like the Magnet Program in Chamblee -- this should be left untouched. It is one of the truly good things DeKalb Schools has going for it at the moment. It has nothing to do with this conversation.
This option has the highest number of seats added. To avoid another situation similar this in a few years, let's not be short-sighted and plan for the projected growth this area anticipates. Given current real estate trends, the millennial generation is establishing inside the perimeter in Dekalb county. While Cross-Keys is experiencing over-crowding today, transitioning these student else where will only add to the inherit issue that will impact all Dekalb clusters - over-crowding through out the county. Smaller schools with higher teacher to student ratios is proven to increase student engagement and teaching effectiveness.
Only if combining magnets will get a new building. Current sites are still not adequate for both programs (DSA + Chamblee Magnet)
Builds 2 new schools; no split feeders
it prevents any split feeders, increase in spaces at needed Region 1 and 2, leaves a magnet program in the Region 1 and 2 areas- if magnet moved to an even farther location these kids will go back to their home schools increasing the numbers
Don't want any split feeders, not sure I understand the benefit of moving the magnet program and I don't see detailed info on it in the information provided.
It makes more sense. We need updated schools. Let's build on what we have, not wreck it. Option C is the worst because it will completely ruin CCHS.
If the chamblee magnets got moved it would ruin chamblee high school. Also, option A creates more seats.
Creates more seats even without moving magnet program
As a Chamblee student, the relocation would be quite unfortunate for the overall high school in general. While it sound like a simple transition of a few students , the magnet program is a huge part of Chamblee student body and greatly impacts the scores of the school.
It seems the least invasive to parents who chose the areas they lived to go to the schools they wanted
Don't have to move the magnets.
We need more and newer schools. DeKalb is crumbling all around us.
You must address the overcrowding in ALL schools. Do not move magnet.
No split feeder
There'd be no split feeders, it would add the most new seats for students, and Magnet students would stay where they are currently.
we need new facilities. Cramming more kids into existing space is not good.
I do not want to split feeder schools, and would rather not relocate Chamblee Magnets.
It maintains the current feeder patterns and maintains the Chamblee magnet programs.
I would like to see the magnet program stay at Chamblee Charter High School
Not moving the Chamblee magnet students and no cost of brand new buildings
No split feeders and not relocating Chamblee magnet. Also like additions to existing schools.
It would be ridiculous to move the Chamblee Magnet (why move one of the only things that is working in Dekalb County). It will not be as prosperous if moved because most of the teachers will not leave Chamblee. It seems a whole lot easier and less chaos is you add a new Sequoyah Cluster
Does not move magnet program, is not dependent upon land acquisition
The magnet program is responsible for most of Chamblee's stellar reputation and also do not want to move.
provides space for future growth in the are with the least disruption
My first option is A only because it is unclear where Chamblee Magnets will be relocated. If Chamblee magnet remains located in the same regions slotted for then I would be for option C that spends less $. Also, I think it is important to reduce assumed student moves.
Doesn't move Chamblee magnets
Least # of students impacted and keeps one to one feeder patterns without moving magnet programs
Relocating Chamblee magnets to undesignated schools and/or previously proposed sites may have effect of dismantling or disintegrating program participation, thereby undermining its success, culture of high standards, and reputation built over decades. This would be unacceptable in a district already struggling to repair a damaged public perception and retain families interested in a rigorous public education for their children.
Uses least amount of money, doesn't need to find additional land for new school; makes the most sense to me
Lowest cost, adds additions where needed, leaves magnets where they are. The location of the Chamblee HS/ Chamblee MS/ Kittredge magnet is very important. It's central to its students now. Moving it out of its current location would damage the program tremendously. PLEASE PLEASE leave the Chamblee Magnet program intact!!!!!!
Need new facilities
I don't believe that moving the Magnet program is a good idea. How would we keep the strength of the program going? Teachers at Chamblee work very hard to provide a very rigorous curriculum for those students. Also, option 2 seems very good with the exception of the feeder pattern.
Both option A and B are preferble over option C. Chamblee's magnet program MUST stay where they are. The best students are produced at CCHS with the combination and influence of BOTH the general level students and magnet level students. No one sees this better than students themselves. I am a Chamblee Charter High School alumni.
By relocating chamblee magnets you are changing the entire program and putting a negatuve impact on student education. The magnet program isn't the same without the resources and community that Chamblee offers.
No split feeders. Leave Chamblee magnets intact.
It's the only positive answer. Options B and C will lead the county downwards in quality education. Why would you dismantle the best school in the county and state just to offset over-crowding at another HS? Building a new HS at least provides possible growth in the long term. Re-clustering 18 clusters or moving the magnet only delays the need for a newly built schools.
Balance attedence area
More economical
Free space for proposed plans and provides use of closed schools
Do not relocate Chamblee Magnet. Horrible choice.
It seems like the best plan to address the over crowding. It would be the best solution to fix the problem long term.
As a teacher at PCMS, I experience the overcrowding daily. I teach in a 20 year old trailer with a host of issues. Creating a new cluster promises the best hope of relieving the pressures of a 1600+ middle school. Splitting the feeders would be a band aid that doesn't supply permanent solutions. As a Chamblee Magnet alumni, I refuse to accept the obliteration of one of Dekalb's strongest programs. Through the magnet program, I encountered the highest levels of educators who pushed me to a new academic level. I would not be a teacher myself today, or have had any desire to return to teach in DeKalb count, had it not been for the love I have for this program.
Chamblee magnets remain at Chamblee
Option C is unacceptable because of moving the magnets. I would prefer Option A except the significantly higher cost, which based on past experience I fear would be passed on to the taxpayers.
Seems most feasible
I don't support moving the Chamblee magnet program to the south side of the county near another high achiever magnet program. These school choice options need to be spread around the county to allow the easiest access for all. Create another high achiever track in schools with low attendance and it'll fill up. I also support 1:1 feeder option, or 2 middle into 1 high school, but not splitting middle schools to different high schools.
Maintain MS to HS and Maintain Charter at CCHS
In budget, less disruptive, doesn't mess with the magnets (and I have no kids in the magnet) Also, I don't really care about the split feeder thing.
Cross Keys redistribution caused overcrowding at Chamblee.
Keep cchs magnet
Least Expensive
Addresses overcrowding exactly where it is needed
I do not want to see our magnet students moved.
Adds capacity in appropriate locations to address overcrowding. Avoids split feeders and minimizes impact on most students.
The north part of the county is clearly exploding with population. Simply rearranging the deck chairs is not going to solve the larger problem that the population is significantly growing and more apartments just keep being built. The county just needs to bite the bullet and build a brand new high school and create a brand new cluster.
I do not want the Chamblee magnet schools moved and I do not want MS or HS splits. They should be 1:1.
The cost. The lack of trust that DCSD will find land for new school. This option is the quickest way to deal with issues.
cost. I am in favor of shutting down magnet programs. This will also help strengthen the home schools. Cherry picking the top 10 students (some year even more than that) from Evansdale to Kittredge really hurt our local school.
If one cluster is overcrowded, then you need to create another.
I think we need 3 high schools, I think the magnet program should stay at cchs and expand spots available
The most important issue to me is maintaining 1 to 1 feeder patterns. You redistricted a number of years ago to achieve that and it should stay that way.
Chamblee Charter High School is one of the jewels of Dekalb County, consistantly winning awards and ranked at the top of national lists. Moving the magnet program will drastically change the makeup of Chamblee HS and the magnet program. In fact implementing Option C might destroy the magnet program -- students and some excellent teachers would leave the program and might leave Dekalb Schools entirely. I would be in favor of expanding the magnet program but NOT moving it from the Chamblee cluster.
This option would impact the least number of students
I think that Cross Keys obviously needs more seats, and deserve to open a building where students can still feel the sense of community that they get at Cross Keys. I also think that the Magnet program at Chamblee is an integral part of the Chamblee community and removing them would hurt that community. It would solve a lot of overpopulation issues at Chamblee if the Cross Keys cluster was able to facilitate all of their students, and for those who would prefer to stay in that community (the reason they moved there in the first place) I think they should be able to.
Option C is the least bad option. Option A is too expensive. Option B's plan to add 750 seats at LHS is problematic: The LHS campus is too small to add additional seats. All of the common areas would need to be expanded, too. We don't have room in the cafeteria to seat the existing students. The bus lane cannot accommodate additional buses. Briarlake Road is only two lanes, and it has become virtually impassible since Globe Academy moved their upper grade students down the road to Briarlake UMC. Reliable sources have told me that the intersection of Briarlake and Briarcliff Roads is surrounded by federally protected wetlands and cannot be expanded to accommodate heavy traffic. I'm not concerned at all about the location of the magnet programs. They serve a limited number of students, some of whose parents have come to expect special advantages without any sacrifice. The advantages the magnet offers (music, language, small classes, gifted-certified teachers) should be available in every cluster. We should focus magnet efforts and dollars on student who are too advanced to be easily and effectively served in their neighborhood schools. Students at the 75%ile do not need a special school. Students at the 99%ile probably do need a special educational setting, and when they're not randomly selected in the lottery, they may leave the system and go to private schools.
I grew up in DeKalb Co. and had a decent high school experience. But I was one of those students whose school zone didn't make any since. I went to the school I was zoned for - but 4 other high schools were much closer. My elementary school was split up as we went on to the next level. I like that my kids live in the community that we go to school in. It is one of the things that I strive for. It is much easier to participate as a parent when it is very close. Also, I can't imagine dismantling the magnet program. I know you say it will just be moved - but it will fall apart if it is moved to the south. My oldest has benefited from the program. When we moved 4 years ago, participation in the magnet program is what kept us in DeKalb. I have absolutely no doubt that we would have moved out of county and she not already been in the magnet program. My kids will be long gone from the school system before these changes take place - but I don't think it is the wisest choice.
Uses existing Dekalb property at Briarcliff HS site & because the Cross Keys building is more suitable as a Middle School.
It does not have split feeder pattern.
Provides most new seating in area that has been CHRONICALLY crowded with no signs of easing. Leaves magnet option one in north, one in south, which is more accessible to a greater number of families than a single magnet.
This seems to be the best long term solution.
Since SW Dekalb HS already has a magnet program I think N Dekalb Co should be able to keep theirs. I understand that Cross Keys is overcrowded and that needs to be addressed and a new HS would certainly fix that for many years to come. We can't put a bandaid on it.. we need to plan for the future.
Most efficient and preserves integrity of Magnet Program for Chamblee Charter HS
Option B does not solve the over crowding problem long term. The 750 seat capacity addition to Lakeside does not take into account traffic impact. Option A costs $23 Million more than Option C - it is not equitable to ask all of DeKalb to pay that much just so a few magnet parents are not inconvenienced. Please do not be persuaded by a very loud minority of magnet parents who only have their own interests in mind. DSA is near Avondale and is still a successful and well attended program. If Chamblee is really a solid program then it will survive a move. That $23 million in savings can be better utilized building better programs within existing schools which will benefit many more students.
I am a Chamblee Magnet alum and, while the location of the school doesn't determine it's viability, I want to see the details of a magnet program relocation before deciding on option 3.
New facilities are needed for the growing population in this area. I don't agree with moving the magnet program to SW dekalb since they already have a high achiever magnet program and that would leave the north side without one.
Net increase of new students across whole area requires new HS, Sequoyah area is great fit
I think is builds community if you don't split feeder schools
It requires the fewest number of student moves and creates the spaces needed for an expanding section of the district.
The county needs to develop a new cluster, not continue to put a band-aid on the capacity issues. Most of the schools that you're looking to expand seating at have recently been rebuilt (Chamblee HS, Chamblee MS and DHS) but not to the capacity necessary for the area. Our county is growing and we need to use the esplost money to build schools for these additional students. We need a longterm plan and not be short sighted. Kittredge Magnet School is an example of a program that is working with solid analytical results. It doesn't make any sense to change the location of a program that is successful. Moving it to a different location will cause turnover with teachers, students and parent volunteers. Please show that you support a well run magnet program and vote against moving it to another location. Do the right thing by adding another cluster to our county.
More seats. Magnet programs stay where they are.
Leaves magnet program alone, avoids redistricting for Evansdale/Henderson/Lakeside feeder, Stays within budget
I don't prefer any of the options. As a magnet parent and home owner in Ashford Park. I am negatively affected by all. This one is the lesser of the evils. Moving the magnet kids is a huge mistake. CCHS and CMS and the crowning jewels of DeKalb School System. Keep them intact and performing. Even better, expand the magnet program.
least disruptive to students/families
More students
Least amount if disruption to students and most inexpensive option.
Try to change as little as possible. There already in a magnet school in the southern part of Dekalb.
Prefer not to relocate magnet program
Sounds like the best option to address overcrowding yet keep the children in middle grades together in these very important personal growth years.
Solve the issue by minimizing disruption to other school districts.
Moving the magnet program out of chamblee will not accomplish reducing head count. The majority of the magnet students (ESPECIALLY in this incoming 4th grade class) are zoned to chamblee middle and high, those heads will not move, as parents will pull their kids from the magnet program before shuttling them an hour (each way) away. Additionally, south Dekalb already has a magnet program.
Adds the most seats
Solves the overcrowding problem in long term, even though cost is more
Chamblee magnets stay in current location
Adding more facilities in the overcrowded clusters is the logical solution. Moving the magnet program only sends those children back to overcrowded schools. Southwest dekalb area does have the infrastructure to handle the transportation and location needs of the magnet program
Option B presents the least cost impact to the district. It is also taking advantage of existing land and does not require a significant land acquisition.
Option A provides the most new seats and the least disruption.
Less dependence on land and addresses the issue without removing the program from Chamblee
Students do not have to travel very far away every morning and afternoon. Less traffic, less time spent on the bus, less stress for the students and their parents. Traveling will affect students' ability to participate in school activities, clubs and sports, since parents will not be able/willing to pick their kids due to heavy traffic. Parents will not be willing to participate in school events as well due to traveling distance.
Less impact on families who bought their homes in specific school districts to attend those schools.
I would like to keep Magnet in Chamblee. Since the issue is overcrowding issue, option A is the best choice.
Magnet programs should be move to Central DeKalb location that is convenient for parents from South & North DeKalb.
Adds most seats, disrupts fewest number of students
diffence in cost between A and C would allow extra money for facilites to be updated to specifically address the needs of the magnet schools.
Mostly because moving the magnet program (which actually means closing it and reopening it elsewhere) will be detrimental to so many families. Teachers and students will likely opt not to move which will create more overcrowding in north end schools and harm teachers' careers. Other reasons include DeKalb owning more aquired property for future overcrowding, it allows for the least student moves, keeps the 1:1 MS/HS alignment, and gives the most new added seats.
Option B doesn't actually solve any issues and splits feeders. Option A moves around fewer students than Option C and relieves similar capacity/relief.
Chamblee Magnet should remain at Chamblee
Will prevent too many schools in an area and do not want magnet programs to have to move
moves fewer students around
There really is no best option here. Without knowing where the lines will be drawn for when it comes time to redistrict one can not make a solid and informative decision. In acquiring land for the new Sequoyah cluster, until that is known and the cost, it will be very hard for people to understand what exactly will be addressed. People have purchased homes in certain areas of town for the schools and once redistricting happens property values might fall because the schools will either 1. not be ranked favorably or 2. schools that are ranked favorably will fall to unfavorable rankings. Making people move out of those areas and seeking better quality education. Because let's face it, outside of Lakeside being a great school rating of 7 (which for property value is still bad) Druid Hills and Cross Keys are a 5 and Tucker and Clarkston are a 4. So for where I live I could be redistrict from Lakeside to either Druid Hills or Tucker because of where my property lies. I didn't move to this area to attend Druid or Tucker. Those are not the numbers I want. I want a 8 or better but Lakeside is the closest we have at a 7. I don't think relocating a magnet school will help. As people don't really want to have their child traveling over an hour to school every morning and afternoon. I personally wouldn't. It doesn't help build a community school and have the students rally around the school. My sons class is amazing and it is that way because we have community children who love their friends and their school. They take a sense of pride in that. If you don't live in a close proximity of the school you attend you don't build friendships as you would if you lived in the area of the school.
No split feeder and no change to Chamblee magnet
This is the option that meets most needs and has fewer drawbacks, except for cost. Both options B and C have serious problems associated with them. Option B involves split feeders. Option C involves relocating Chamblee Magnets. Moving Chamblee Magnets will seriously disrupt and damage the program. It will also unfairly affect residents in the North of the DeKalb who will not be able to participate in the magnet programs for high achievers if all of them are remotely located in the South of the county (the involved commute is just not realistic).
Don't move magnets!
Least disruptive, not most expensive
There needs to be a map that indicates if the school lines will change. Will students who attend a MS and HS be forced to change schools in their junior/senior years.
It moves fewer students and has no split feeders.
lowest cost
Less complicated and disruptive to other districts.
Fewest number of students are impacted
It appears to be the least disruptive and the least expensive
It provides much-needed facilities and space for the Cross Keys cluster while allowing the remaining clusters (Dunwoody, Chamblee, Lakeside, Tucker, etc.) to stay as-is and retain their neighborhood identity (important).
Magnet programs are critical to enrich children and moving them out of current area will restrict a lot of students to apply.
Cost and adding maximum number of seats to Lakeside. We moved here specifically for the future promise that Lakeside holds!
Keep the kids in their neighborhood, don't move magnet school
the magnet cluster should stay in north Dekalb county. South Dekalb county already has a magnet cluster. Moving the magnet cluster somewhere else in north Dekalb doesn't help as all north Dekalb clusters are overcrowded or at capacity. If people want to live in north Dekalb county I think the schools should respond accordingly. Creating a new cluster would help accommodate the increase in students. Option B seems to be the most equitable and cost effective option.
Creates the most seats (for the future) and keeps feeders in tact.
I like where the current Chamblee Magnet program is located. It is good for the entire community and its sustained economic development. I believe that a move would be detrimental to the community and to the schools. The second option, B, offers a high school that is local and accessible to the area that needs it. It also offers a sports facility at the same location. This is certainly a bonus and a financial savings.
The bulk of your issues in regards to over-enrolled schools lies within the Cross Key's cluster by a fair margin. Adding a new cluster to this area will eliminate the burden. Trying to split feed/relocate will be a burden on the other clusters and will make logistics worse for two clusters while improving one.
Less disruption.
Lowest cost; added seats without disruption to Magnet Program
It causes the least disruption to current students/families and directly addresses the need to reduce overcrowding for the Cross Keys Cluster.
Best option to address overcrowding without disrupting current magnets and with lowest cost implications.
Option A disrupts the least number of total students and schools while solidly addressing Cross Keys overcrowding.
Least amount of money expended.
Chamblee HS Magnet works great right where it is - don't break something that's working. Create an alternative magnet program in south Dekalb if needed. The taxpayers can't afford option A or C as they are written.
Because it addresses the need for additional space at Cross Keys HS without attacking the only school in the county that receives consistent recognition for excellence at both the national and international levels.
Adding a new cluster will create unnecessary new complications, and I do not want to relocate existing Chamblee Magnets
Least expensive option, the most straight forward option
We have a son in the magnet and moved to this area for it. Would not continue in magnet if it moved locations probably.
Keeps magnet at Chamblee, and least expensive option.
Cost, not needing to find new land for a new school, keeping Magnets where they are.
I creates the most seats with the least amount of disruption in the county.
I believe that adding the Sequoyah Area Cluster is the most logical solution for dealing with the overcrowding issue long-term. It also is the least disruptive.
Offers the most new seats- you all need to be thinking ahead. Offers the least amount of change to the current student body No split feeders positive
Seems like it could get accomplished quicker and leaves the Magnet program alone.
Because it is the only fiscally responsible option.
Option A best addresses the needs in the Cross Keys cluster with minimal disruption to the other areas.
This seems like the best long-term option with the least disruption to students. Option B, a cheaper alternative, involves splitting the feeder schools in a way that could prove more difficult and disruptive. Option C, removes and disrupts one of the most successful programs and schools in the country, and disrupts and impacts even more students.
I chose Option B because its a start towards addressing the distribution of students throughout the district. Option B seems to fit the expanded purpose of the project.
Focuses on building state-of-the-art infrastructure and maximizing current infrastructure with the least impact on our students, no split feeds
Magnet belongs at Chamblee. As a former student, I believe that I am where I am today due to the magnet program being at Chamblee. There's already a great, existing dynamic between resident and magnet students.
Because moving the magnet would be a terrible idea
I don't agree with relocating the magnet program, and I choose the option with the least affected students.
This provides the most classroom seats and does not disrupt the very successful magnet program
new building for the high school
This is the best option for all students and the communities. Minimum disruption of the current dynamic; best way to keep the current students in the magnet schools.
(1) Chamblee's Magnet Program doesn't need to relocate (2) Instead of expanding Cross Keys, we clearly need a new high school.
I don't want magnets to move
There is no need to relocate the Chamblee Magnet Schools. They are performing exceptonally where and as they are
First, I don't support spilt feeder middle schools. But more importantly, as a former magnet student, I don't support moving the magnet program from Chamblee. It is an excellent school. The county needs to expand the program to improve more schools and allow for more students to be accepted into the program. By moving it, not only do you threaten to dismantle and undermine a nationally ranked school, you could very well risk the entire future of the county's magnet program.
This is the ONE that just makes sense b/c it takes care of all 6,500 seats, which will be needed.
I would prefer for the Magnet program to remain where it currently is located
Leave Magnet program alone

What is the most important factor in your choice?

One-to-one feeder patterns28524.8%
Chamblee Magnets move43237.6%
Uncertainty of finding land for new school (Options A & C)413.6%
Number of assumed student moves in future redistricting efforts19717.1%
None of the above11510%

Optional: If you prefer Option C, where would you recommend moving the magnet programs?

Do not move them
Do not relocate replicate more magnate programs in under capacity schools
Chamblee is the only school where the magnet program will fit without changing. What makes the magnet program unique is Chamblee and what makes Chamblee unique is the magnet program.
Never move the magnet kids from chamblee
Avondale HS and MS
Facility of its own.
I am greatly opposed to Option C and anything that would affect the high National ranking the Chamblee Magnet program has. It is the one bright spot in Dekalb County
New sequoyah area HS since it's close to cchs
There is already a high achiever magnet for central DeKalb. It needs to say north central. Maybe Avondale Middle?
I'm not qualified to answer this question, as I'm not familiar with other communities in DeKalb. I would look at the schools projected to have open seats and work with DeKalb County Government traffic engineers to determine which locations can accommodate the additional traffic volume.
Actually, I would close the Magnet Program and send students back to home schools. These programs divert talented students and engaged families from neighborhood schools. If the goal is a district of all high performing schools, magnet schools work against this goal. Moving the magnets to mid- county where there is less overcrowding would help.
Avondale or Stone Mt
Centrally located school near highway. Maybe Stone Mountain.
I don't want the magnet program moved. However, if it must, it should stay on the north side to give these students a program since the south side has one.
I would leave Kittredge and Wadsworth as they are and eliminate the MS and HS magnets, or give the students the option of magnet classes at their home schools
To a stand-alone comprehensive 4-12 location at Avondale Middle School or in the former Briarcliff High.
I prefer option A. Option C is shortsighted and impacts the most amount of students.
Expand the magnet program by increasing to 8th grade at Wadsworth and adding a Magnet High in South DeKalb. We have the interested and qualified students.
New school
I don't, but if the magnet programs move, they should go to Central DeKalb.
The magnet program is succeeding, thriving as-is. It's the jewel of the school district, earning statewide and national accolades. Don't break it.
Not preferring to move magnet programs
They should not be moved. They are highly successful programs in their current location. ChAmblee high school is in the top 500 in the country and kittredge is the number 1 elementary school in ga. Why would you disrupt something that is so highly successful?
I do not prefer Option C. The factors driving my preference are COST and MAGNETS Move. The magnet program at Chamblee Middle / High is working very well.
I do not recommend moving the magnet program, because Chamblee Charter HS is very well located, there are major high ways close to the school which makes it easy for parents to drive their magnet kids to school, public transportation is very convenient for the students that can use Marta train (10-15 minutes walk from the station) or buses. There are two magnet schools in DeKalb county located at two areas in DeKalb county that allows every student to choose the closest location.
I don't prefer C, but if the Magnet has to move, it should stay in North Dekalb or move to Central Dekalb. Available space in the old Avondale Middle and High School buildings might work.
to non-combined facitilies updated to fit the schools needs
I do not think moving the magnet program is necessary.
Do not recommend please
Don't move them.
No. I would not recommend moving the magnet schools.
Keep it at CCHS.
Maybe temporarily to empty seats in Stone Mountain and Avondale
It would depend on location. To just mention moving with no projected area does not allow for a well informed opinion.
Lakeside HS
It would be a huge mistake to move the magnet program. It is working so well it should not be tampered with. If they were moved it would be the least disruptive to keep them very close to where they are now. Don't know if that is possible.
Don't move magnet
I don't prefer option c, however as I mentioned I do think the chamblee (kittredge) magnet program should remain in north Dekalb county. If there is space at another north Dekalb cluster to accommodate the magnet program I would not be opposed to moving the magnet program.
I do not wish for the magnet programs to relocate, but if Option C were to be adopted, I would strongly recommend finding a location in the north - Avondale, if that is an option, is fine!
No move!
Do NOT move the Chamblee HS Magnet program - option B will work & meets the objective with the lowest cost.
I am NOT in favor of moving the Chamblee Magnet program
A new Doraville HS
I AM STRONGLY AGAINST MOVING THE MAGNET PROGRAM . NOt a smart move to be messing with one of your two most successful schools in the state.
The county should at a minimum retain a magnet program in the North and one in the South of the county. The county is too large to expect one program to serve all areas.
Do not miss be magnet
Do not move the magnets
I don't prefer C, but moving the magnet program to south DeKalb would kill it. Parents do not want their high school kids driving 20 miles each way to school. There is no other high school nearby that could handle it any better than CCHS. To make it a standalone would require that it be expanded double or triple to make it viable to offer similar offerings. Is an expansion on that level in the budget?
The fact that this would even be suggested is preposterous! I cannot believe it is even included as an option to "relocate" the magnet program. MAKES NO SENSE. The magnet program needs to be expanded, if anything. DO NOT MOVE MAGNETS from CCHS!!
Under capacity middle and high school
I do not prefer Option C, but if the magnets are moved, it shouldn't be far. Also, there is a great advantage to the Chamblee resident community gained by the magnet, so I would not recommend having the magnet as a stand-alone at the middle and HS levels.
I think this is the worst option of them all and do NOT support moving the magnet programs from Chamblee. We already have a magnet school in SW DeKalb.
Do not move the magnet program needs to be equitable to both north & south ends of the county!
spacing them out through regions where the students from those schools are served / purchasing smaller land space to move those school/ keeping population of those schools smaller and more focused on the program they are aiming towards or extending onto current schools adding specialized programs in larger MS and HS that students can opt into for added experience.
NO, this would be the worst decision!
Please DO NOT move the Chamblee Magnets
Moving a program is too disruptive. Relocating current students, teachers, admins too far will be too much of am impact for very little gain. The magnet program needs investment - it used to top all of the schools in the state - what happened? Where is the return on that investment? Why does Dekalb no longer lead the state? Premier kids seem to be heading for private schools - that kills our avg SAT, ACT, and other benchmarks.
Do not move!!!
To schools with available capacity
I understand this is optional, but be real and look at the magnet students coming out of Chamblee. 22 AP courses are available at Chamblee and the magnet program is necessary for these AP courses to fully be taken advantage of. - Alum of Chamblee Magnet Program (Georgia Tech Student)
develop other magnet programs as this one is so successful and popular
Don't move what works. Someone mentioned the ides of moving the Magnet program to the new Sequoyah HS, which on the surface sounds like a good idea.
I absolutely don't want the program moved!!
To 3 schools where space is available in north, central and south dekalb
Do not move the magnet programs
It the magnet program is combined, it should be located in a central dekalb location.
Hawthorne Elementary, Lakeside High School
Don't move what is a super star school in the state. You'll hurt the whole magnet program
A central location in the county, more easily accessible for north and south DeKalb residents. Hopefully the transition could also increase magnet enrollment, as we were previously on waitlists.
A new standalone facility
To schools that have the capacity and that are more centrally located in the county.
I don't prefer Option C, but don't like the idea of a "magnet exclusive" facility. The kids want the magnet academics, but also value the traditional HS opportunites of sports, band, etc...
Anywhere but Dunwoody
Chamblee charter high school
PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE CHAMBLEE MAGNET; This is a great program that is a real gem of the DeKalb County Schools Program. Don't destroy a real asset by closing the program or moving it to a location that essentially does the same thing.
If you move it far from Chamblee, we are out.
I am strongly opposed to moving the magnet programs.
Leave it at Chamblee please!!!!!
Notif they are removed from region 1 and 2.
Do not move Chamblee magnet program
I think moving the magnet program is a horrible idea! My oldest child has had a very fluid experience through the magnet program. Our schedules are set based on where the schools are located. Please provide data that shows the breakdown of where the students in all three magnet based school live, where there actuall home school is, and what you would do with the amazing teachers that are passionate about the motivated students they teach. Finally, please provide data that shows extra-curricular activity participation at Chamblee High School with regard to magnet vs non magnet students. I believe that you may find that the magnet students together make a very supportive backbone for the school!
I do not want to move the chamblee magnet program. The system is working - don't change a thing.
Nowhere. CCHS was just ranked nationally. Why would you screw that up?
Please do not move the magnet programs!
I would prefer the magnet programs NOT be moved!!!!!
Please take this option off the table. Moving Kittredge would devastate the community. The projected enrollment numbers are not significantly better if we moved these schools to a different part of the county. All options include redistricting, but Option B would be a more cost effective measure to alleviate the overcrowding, with the only drawback being the split feeder schools.
Charter option for magnets that would make them DeKalb County based instead of district based.
keep Chamblee Magnets program in the northern part of county. There are many specialty schools in the southern part of county.
There is no other place in central or north DeKalb, so it is either stay at CCHS or move to south DeKalb, which would be unfair and costly in terms of added transportation and time.
I prefer Option A
Please don't move it.
lakeside hs
option C not acceptable
I do not want the magnet programs moved
Leave it alone.
No need to move the Magnet programs from their current locations.
move CK to old Braircliff location separate CTAE to detached building near adams stadium.
I have no idea and don't think the magnet program should be top priority.
keep at chamblee...its helps the overall quality of the school
Do not move the magnet programs. If they move, they must stay in North/Central county. Maybe move to the Heritage school, now with Globe Academy.
You could build 1 school 4-8 off Druid Hills and then feed into Chamblee High.
Don't move the magnets. maybe offer more - different kinds like science, foreign language, etc.
Do not move the magnet program from Chamblee. It is the teachers and students that make it special and moving it anywhere else will destroy the purpose of the program.
I bought a new home because of the program so I don't want to be moved!!!!!
Do not move what works well. If there is a higher demand, open up more magnet schools so that all our kids can get the quality education that they deserve.
Centrally, maybe to the old Avondale Middle School facility.
see answer up above
I do not agree with moving the magnet programs
After the debacle with moving Kittredge a few years ago, I think it needs to stay where it is. The reality is that CCHS services the local area with the lion's share of applicants. Moving it to SW DeKalb is unwise.
Southwest Dekalb
Dunwoody HS
Old Avondale High and one old Elementery schools- Rehobeth, Embry hills, Heritage lots of options for Kittridge including its original home.
In between Chamblee and Dunwoody school districts
Build a new Magnet school
I am totally against option C.
To Tucker-that is really the best option for parents from across the County, and the area is affordable with access to all major roads and arteries.
Dunwoody high school
Nearby schools that are well below maximum enrollment
Locate them to the new Sequoyah HS, moving to SWD HS is not an option
absolutely NO
Property on North Druid Hills across from Target
In the new Sequoyah HS. It is not built yet, add on spaces for magnet programs.
The program needs to stay in Chamblee because the children from the Kittredge Magnet School should go there. That is the only logical way to do it. In any other way you are closing the magnet program, the best program in Dekalb County, because the families will not travel too long distances so their children could continue with the magnet program, and the teachers will not relocate from Chamblee Middle School and Chamblee High School.
I do not prefer Option C.
Somewhere in Brookhaven. The actual building is not as important as is the fact that it is in relative proximity to current location so that it doesn't fall apart in the process (students and teachers leave program) and that it is in a conducive environment (safe, supportive and surrounded by students, teachers and families who support education).
If magnet must be moved it should be either housed in each home school and use technology to maximize class options or to the CENTER of the county, not the southern end where there is room.
Remain within region 1. Don't move.
Somewhere close where the integrity of the program will not be jeopardized
not a optional.
Keep it at Chamblee!!!
nowhere, its good where its is and moving it would be a big failure and not smart
I do not prefer option C.
Staying in Region 1, ideally making Chamblee larger or putting the magnet in Chamblee Middle
Do not move magnet - but if we had to make IB a possibility
Cross Keyes
Avondale MS facility or one of the properties on Druid Hills near Briarcliff
Avondale. Not sure but move it out of an school area that is overcrowded to open up seats for the neighborhood kids.
Needs to stay in same general area.
Anywhere out of overcrowded districts and communities (ie Stephenson High School...)
Moving the magnet is not a good decision for DCSD or the students.
see above
District 4 or 5
Stephenson HS or Towers HS, as SW Dekalb already has one and Districts 1 - 3 are already overcrowded.
Zone 1 only
So my South Dekalb peers can stop moving to North Dekalb or to Gwinnett/Cobb/Rockdale counties to get quality education for their children.
My son is now at DESA and I would like him to have access to more magnet programs without having to fight the congestion in North Dekalb.
I think it has to stay in North Dekalb - CROSS KEYS or the NEW HIGH SCHOOL
Do not move the magnet! I would be fine with creating additional magnets, but removing it from Chamblee would be a huge mistake.
It appears that the significant difference in A and C is moving the magnet program. Currently, there are magnet opportunities in the northern and southern parts of the counties. Movement to most areas will make participation in these programs impossible as distances traveled are too far with traffic to have it make sense.
Cross Keys - don't move it out of region.
not a good option
10-15 miles south so that students in the southern region of dekalb county wont have to go so far to attend them
Absolutely NOT. Its a successful program at the current location and remains one of the brightest spot in county education program and would not want to jeopardize it by moving it.
Should not be moved
It is unfathomable to me that you would move the Chamblee magnet program out of Chamblee.
No idea. I am offering moving the magnet program int he hopes that our neighborhood can still attend Chamblee IF programming at Chamblee still stays strong for advanced learners.
Please leave the magnet program like it is.
I believe it would be detrimental to the magnet programs to move them. It is unclear how they would be moved. Will the teachers, courses, and students all be moved or the students alone? While moving the magnet programs would seem an easy solution to the overcrowding issue, I think it is more complicated than just moving students. These magnet programs are well-integrated into their current locations (both teachers and courses offered are influenced by the numbers of magnet and gifted children in the schools) and would be logistically difficult to move successfully.
New Sequoyah HS, new Briarcliff site
Don't move the magnet.
Stay in Region 1, possibly to the new school that is created. Or I would like to add on to Chamblee High School and keep the magnet program there.
I think the new Doralville HS would be a good option. I can't believe people drive from the south of county to attend. I would not do that.
Central DeKalb, such as Avondale MS/HS buildings
New sequoyah high school
Chamblee Charter High School - they should stay at CCHS where they are already successful. The Board should fix what needs to be fixed: build facilities to manage capacity; it should allow the programs (i.e. the magnet programs) that are already flourishing to continue to do so without interfering and hindering them.
South Dekalb
Has to stay in north side of county, which is impossible.
Avondale HS
Please don't do this
Should not be an option
Do not move magnets.
I prefer Option A, but to comment I believe DeKalb has done a reasonably good job with the magnets having the northern magnet at Chamblee, the DeKalb School of the Arts in a fairly central location, and the south magnet at Southwest DeKalb. I believe this provides a reasonable opportunity and access for every family in the district.
I would move the magnet program to their own school to increase the number of seats. Old Briarcliff Open campus is a possible. Moving it to South DeKalb will open up lots of seats.
Don't move the magnet. It is successful where it is.
Not supporting option C
Don't move the magnets.
New Cross Keys HS
If you are moving the Chamblee magnet program, it needs to be easily accessible to the community. Placing this program inSouthwest DeKalb would be a hardship to students living in the north end of the county.
I do not prefer moving the magnet program At ALL!
Do not move the magnet programs!
I do NOT like option C. With a child currently in the magnet program, if you go with option C, we would withdraw from the magnet program and return to our home school.
The magnet program is optional and caters to few students. Money needs to be spent where it benefits the most students. Parents will still send their students to the magnet schools no matter where they are located.

Question 2: Pros, Cons & Alternative Suggestions

Option A: Pros

No split feeders
No split feeder
no split feeder
Most seats created
Good school
doesn't move magnets
The least amount of students moved, no split feeds, use of Briarcliff site for Cross Keys
Improving community, commutes & convenience for the unfairly elongated Cross Keys cluster Doraville is growing fast and improving - a new high school in the area will help support the growth Developing too much land to be a big HS parking lot and impact on surrounding greenspace and waterways (unless you can develop near a church with extra weekday parking and partner) significantly better commute for CKHS students
eliminates ridiculous gerrymandered, desperately overcrowded nature of the current CK district
2 new buildings in high-need area
Gives the most new seats.
New facilities for students, no split feeds and no relocations of magnet
No split feeders, does not move chamblee magnets, builds necessary new schools, moves the least number of students
No split feeders are created, and keeps magnet programs in place.
No split feeder schools help maintain continuity
Keep existing successful school communities together.
The least disruptive to existing schools.
No Split Feed
One-to-One Feeder patterns, smaller schools, least disruptive, keeps magnets at Chamblee
Doraville should be more clustered. Charter schools that are working well should not be moved.
There are no pros
No split feeders. Doesn't move magnet.
No split feeders. No messing with the magnet program.
Uses unutilized property county already owns.
Enough capacity for projected growth. This option also accommodates faster than projected growth. Long term, if growth is indeed faster than expected, this may be the cheapest option of the three. Most efficient of the three options in terms of distance students/families are required to travel.
Maintains 1:1 feeder, puts schools where the kids are.
Yes - Cross Keys area needs new building (s) !!! That is the "key" to all of this ! DeKalb should look into acquiring more land, if necessary.
This options seems to be more strategic in long term growth for the county.
No split of Feeders, Chamblee Magnet Program Remains
Less students sent to Lakeside High
no split feeders, ample space in the schools
Most kids moved would be to newer state of the art facilities
Keeps feeders intact, provides more seats without splitting communities and contributing to the already very difficult traffic problems in the Emory-CDC cluster.
Most Seats
Adds the most seats while keeping feeder lines 1 to 1
Most expensive
Magnet stays, Utilize Underutilized property.
Most new space.
No split feeders - it's important to keep a community together, more capactiy added
No split feeder schools so students remain with their peers
1-1 feeder schools
Additions to existing schools, keeps Chamblee magnet in current location
No split feeds, plans for growth
This area is long overdue for new schools!!
the cross keys will continue to grow exponentially so not adding schools would just lead to continued overcrowding in region 1
New high school. 1000 extra seats
Avoids Split feeders, keeps Chamblee Magnet intact
Keeps 1:1 feeder pattern and the magnet program stays at Chamblee
No split feeder. Intact Chamblee magnets. Lowest number of students moved.
New school with most up to date amenities; will allow more growth in long term; minimal impact on rest of county
Number of proposed seats gained
This eliminates the problem long with the best future outlook.
Local school feeling; smaller schools
Provides for certain growth in impacted area.
1:1 feeder pattern
moves fewest students, doesn't mess with the Magnet
Best Long Term solution
Best long term solution instead of just a band aid
Total number of new seats available. Keep Chamblee magnet students at Chamblee
Adds capacity in appropriate locations to address overcrowding
Addresses the larger problem of continued growth in the entire north part of the county. Does not simply put a bandaid on the situation
Is forward looking and makes the most sense
no split feeders. As an Evansdale parent, we feel connected to our community because the kids all filter to the same schools.
I think we need 3 HS and overcrowding is heading north as gentrification occurs. Magnet remains.
Adds the most seats, no split feeders, minimal impact to existing high schools
North Druid Hills Road cannot handle traffic that will come from a high school at that location. Middle School is better because more children will be on a bus and not driving themselves to school. 1:1 feeder is better and this option has less students impacted by redistricting.
Fewer additional seats at Lakeside Larger new high and middle schools
Students go to school with their community
relieves CKHS and Lakeside Overcrowding prediction
Most seats available
quickest solution for widest variety of problems.
This solves the problem long term for the north end of the county.
Feeders aren't split, Magnet stays at Chamblee, Plan for the future with new Sequoyah HS, results in the greatest number of seats for our children
Doesn't move magnets
Better at solving the problem long term than Option B; maintains 1 to 1 feeders
No split feeders, most additional seats, no magnet changes, least student impact
Keeps cluster model. Most capacity for Doraville area which will only grow further. Keeps Chamblee magnet program. Fewer student moves.
A big investment in the future for the area
fewest student moves, new buildings
Our population is going to continue to grow. Creating a new cluster and building schools for that area is what needs to happen. It also disrupts the least amount of students.
New facilities. Will help with Cross Keys cluster. Leaves magnet program alone.
Relieves overcrowding of Cross Keys
More focus
Most new seats
Will not move magnet school programs
Simple impacts fewest students.
Affects less kids being moved-- keeps the tremendously successful chamblee magnet Program in tact-- adds the most seats
Add new, safe, healthy buildings. Fewest school and student moves, least disruption.
Solves the problem 1-1 feeder system
New facilities add room for future growth. Most seats.
Most new seats. Least disruption.
The biggest number of seats will be created. No split feeders. New schools will be added. Existing schools will not be overcrowded with the additions that will grow every year, due to increase in the Atlanta population..
Adds space where needed, adds the most seats, impacts fewest number of students.
Adds most seats, keeps magnet program at current location, no split feeders
Keeps magnet intact and no split feeders.
Allows for the most seats to be created. As the county continues to grow with major corporations/businesses and universities in the area (Emory/Mercer/Tech/GSU and among many smaller ones), CDC, etc. this will allow for families to find appropriate schooling.
The most comprehensive option, which most adequately meets future and existing needs
New school and less impact
Least student moves and disruption and does not move the Chamblee magnet program. Potential to acquire land at Assembly development and come to a resolution on a TAD that will benefit the area and DCS, rather than lose out on the tax revenue from the currently proposed tax abatement and resulting higher concentration of housing. This option also leaves open the possibility of future expansion.
Student enrolled in MS and HS do NOT change schools.
no split feeders, fewer students are moved
supports growing population
Fewest number of students impacted
Most logical, keeps the Magnet at Chamblee Middle School and retains the growing financial value of surrounding neighborhoods
Less disruptive
Expanded cluster in an area where people want to live. Accommodating people's choice of where to live.
The area needs another high school - period. The growth has caused a substantial decrease in the level of service. To increase the size of the schools to outrageous numbers is not the right answer. If the school is to be predominantly Hispanic as Cross Keys is, then the services could be adjusted accordingly. You can't fit round pegs into square holes. Different schools need different resources and this School Board and Admin refuse to acknowledge what all children need to IMPROVE EDUCATION. Moving bodies and seats is not the answer, but what can we expect when there aren't educators on the Board?!
Best option based on data presented.
1-1 feeders; leaving Magnet program alone
fewer students moved
New schools to replace, addresses need for space, doesn't dismantle one of the few things that is being done correctly in DCSD
It seems like new schools which can house the amount of growth is what is truly needed rather than continuing to put "band-AIDS" and just move kids around to old buildings which need to be rehabbed to fit more kids. Keeping kids in school systems together from elementary, middle and high school forms a tighter community and stronger schools in the long run.
We need more school space. This option gets us that. Adds the most space
Least disruptive to students, new schools for students
Give the area a new high school and middle school. The county has proved with Sequoyah Middle, Henderson Middle and Druid Hills Middle that they do a terrible job converting High School to Middle School.
1 to 1 feeder, less change for current student body, looks to the future with more seats available
Seems like a longer term solution to prepare DeKalb for the influx of new kids.
Most seats created.
Maintains 1-1 feeder pattern. Best addresses overcrowding in Cross Keys cluster. Minimal disruption to other clusters.
Seems to provide the most comprehensive, long-term approach to handling the issue in all the affected schools while maintaining the current Magnet program without disruption.
Restricting the building\repurposing of available resources within the affected area. There wouldn't be a significant disruption to the entire district.
New infrastructure, least impact to students
More and more families with children are moving to NE Dekalb inside the Perimeter, and staying. I think the only viable long-term solution is to build a new HS and MS in the area, rather than trying to juggle attendance lines and feeder schools.
Least number of kids impacted
new school; magnet program stays at Chamblee
New facility
Doesn't split feeders, can retrofit existing schools that aren't currently being used
Takes into consideration the growth in our area. New schools need to be built in order to accommodate students now, and in near future.
New School
It is only a pro if it keeps neighborhoods and communities together and is districted such that all 3 schools are desirable to the resident population.
fewer student moves, newer schools
Will accomplish the goal with the least amount of adjustment to schools and open up more seats; maintains 1-1 feeder pattern
New facilities will help Dekalb keep up with expanding population
Maintain a 1:1 middle to high school ratio. Less disruptive to the other clusters, would not effect real estate values for the county. Adds more room for students to the area
If you build the new schools you can always add on to old schools if more capacity is needed.
minimum influence on students and parents
Least number of students moved.
None for me
adding new schools in vital to keep up with growing population/ ensuring new buildings that can be built larger with multiple stories to continue to grow as needed. No more one LEVEL schools that need excess land to make it work.
new school likely needed; reuse of Briarcliff site
No split feeds
Needed seats covered and little disruption
I hear that DCSS is pro student - this affects the fewest students and builds the most capacity. Build the "Sequoyah" High school at N Druid hills. The stadium is there, and a middle school takes less land - as shown with CMS.
Preserves school choice option (if you happen to "win" the lottery)
No split feeders; lowest number of students moving
Greatest impact with least disruption
Seems like the least amount of disruption; No change in magnet locations
Students in Sequoyah HS area would be much closer to HS than to Cross Keys HS. Doraville, Brookhaven & Chamblee have several large projects going on that will create more housing(mostly apartments) and with more housing comes more students. Having another HS in this area would help with this. Doesn't move Chamblee Magnets. Creates the most available seats.
More schools for the future, avoiding Chamblee from changing too much, the magnet program would still exist in Chamblee, more convenient, and overall best option.
Provides the most seats.
Best option and keeps 1 to 1 feeder schools. Best long term option.
no split feeder, keep magnet as is
Chamblee Magnet program staying in current location, accommodates more seats, Finding appropriate land
Does what the people want to do with the ESPLOST funds (build new schools and additions) Doesn't move the magnet program Doesn't create split feeders Allows for larger expansion at Clarkston HS, where students need to be near their high school for extracurricular activities and tutoring
Option A allows the best experience for the most students: Region 1 needs capacity in the Doraville area. Does not create split feeders. Maintains top performing magnet school. Also--Region 1 has exceeded all growth projections for the past 20 years. The traffic growth and aging 1970s original homeowners are turning over to young families now through the next 15 years. (i.e.)my neighborhood still has 50% original homeowners from 1968-1971 who are turning over to young families when downsizing.) Option 1 creates the most seats and allows a cushion because you have built the right capacity at the new Doraville school, especially if there is additional unforecasted growth, as there has been in the past.
most seats; no split feeders
This area will continue to grow. This provides the most seats. The magnet remains successful providing options for high achievers.
Magnet programs (only programs among top 500 HS in the US) are not disturbed.
Magnet program is not relocated
Magnet programs remain where they are. No split feeders
Least disruptive
Option A provides for 1-1 feeders, smaller schools, and less student displacement.
Keeps schools in reasonable size
No split feeder, less movement for families
Magnet programs are HIGHLY successful in current location
Keep students at magnet schools together rather than split them
More seats created. New and improved facilities. Currently successful programs maintained.
Best overall solution to pending enrollment overload; prepares county for future better than any other plan
Adds more seats and better long term solution
Districts remain the same, magnet program stays at chamblee.
Everybody at the Chamblee cluster student/parent/teacher would continue the pattern of transport they have been used to in the past. There would be the least disruption.
No split feeders. Desperately needed new schools, buildings, additions are built.
Allows for future growth of the county without having to go through this process again in 5-10 years.; keeps 1 to 1 feeder schools intact.
Parking/traffic flow
keep students closer to their homes
Lots of pretty new buildings
No split feeders, Chamblee magnets stay in place
No split feeds, no relocation of the magnet program
Keeps Magnets where they are
new school to fix overcrowding issue. Cross leys students do not have to go far in relocations
new HS and no spliters
Best option; keeps Chamblee magnet intact and also doesn't reconfigure all of the DeKalb schools. Middle schools will feed well into high schools.
Answers long term needs in the least disruptive way to students and communities and strengthens the DCSD in a meaningful way. Those neighborhoods are experiencing incredible growth and DeKalb can get ahead of the community needs.
Adds most seats, New HS and MS
This area is exploding in growth. The option that provides the most seats is a winner. Moving the magnet program will cause unrest. Many young families have made moves into the Chamblee- Brookhaven area because of the magnet school. Good luck
Great way to keep everyone near their homes.
Creates space but no split feeds and leaves magnet where it is
Keeping neighbors together
no split feeds and # student moves more minimal than other options
additional seats
Least impacting of current students
New high schools for Sequoyah area
Keep the existing communities together. Uprooting and re- clustering is not positive for children & parents. Build fabulous new schools for those that need and DESERVE them, and allow the families and communities to stay together.
New high school, fixes CK district shape
Good middle ground on controversial suggestions
This is the best option.
Seem it will have the least impact on students and parents and allow for the number of seats desired
More seats at not that much more cost than option C
Solves all issues
Creates most amount of student seats, no split feeder

Option A: Cons

Most expensive
High cost
highest cost
Over budget
The cost
Finding land
Higher costs
most expensive
Using BHS as a middle school might not be as cost-effective as using it as a high school with access to existing facilities Cost of acquiring new land (tho it's still more affordable in Doraville than other areas, maybe some of the GM land??)
Most expensive option, will it have enough impact since it moves the least amount of students, hard to discern without info on potential impacted neighborhoods
Cost the most, might take away money from other needs in existing schools. Could go over budget and most likey will. Then what? Please over estimate
Must buy land
Additional cost (willing to absorb)
Significant cost and acquisition of new land
Cost but worth it.
Need to get Assembly Group to donate land
These are terrible options. Go back to the drawing board. The gerrymandered Cross Keys cluster is an embarrassment. DCSD should be ashamed of their actions.
Dependent on finding a location for high school.
It's expensive and doesn't seem to benefit as many students
Option A is more expensive and finding a site could take longer than expected.
nothing for DSA
I don't see how these additions will work. Is there really space for 500 more seats at Lakeside? Will they expand areas like cafeterias too? Has traffic been taken into account with any of these options? It's at a standstill around Lakeside without 500 more students.
Costs the most
Most invasive
Changes to existing schools
Costs hitch could possibly take away from other needs, impact on taxes
most expensive; why not use land dekalb already has closed schools on?
Cost. Dependence on land acquisition.
Will this be able to pass for that amount of money?
Cost (only small increment).
expensive; might take more time to build new school than anticipated
costs most
I realize cost is a factor. But it needs to be done
DCSD does not manage money well, and this will likely take years and much more money than they are indicating.
Cost, land acquisition
Too expensive Challenging to find the land
No community tradition of a high school in that area / high (unknown) land $$
cost, but I'd rather pay once, big to get it taken care of for the next decade than have constant, continued seating stress.
This option takes longer to resolve.
Most expensive; incremental cost from option C ($23 million) benefits only a few (i.e. magnet students). Depends on land acquisition.
Most cost
Cost but pros far outweigh.
It's more expensive.
Overbudget, will most likely involve redistricting for my cluster
Changes the district for CMS and CCHS kids
may be difficult to acquire land for new high school
Cost and finding land for schools
Significant Cost, Land acquisition
New land
Expensive, land could be difficult to find for a new HS.
No funds for improvements to current schools.
1.The Briarcliff site is in horrible condition with mold and being and looking run down. Until that school is renovated and upgraded I don't see how it will ever be competitive. It will just be labeled another mediocre DeKalb County School in which it will be mismanaged just as all the others are. Parents want a quality education for their children and unless there are technological upgrades people will not want to move into an area where the school looks like that one does. Run down and old. 2. Location is awful as it will add such a traffic nightmare to an already congested area. 3. The land purchase for a new High School cluster is going to be astronomical in the areas north of 85 into Brookhaven and by CDC. It doesn't seem feasible that purchasing land and building a state of the art high school that can be STEM competitive will ever be affordable, including all the upgrades to the other area school. 4. This is the most expensive of the 3 options. 5. It also assumes that 5455 students will have to be uprooted from the schools they know and love. And for a 1st or 2nd grader that is not fair. They are too young to understand why the county wants to take them away from the place they enjoy going to everyday.
Most expensive option.
Class Size
Costs are always something to review but this seems the most reasonable
Not sure where the money comes from for this option
Cost and land
Most expensive option - Doraville is the best place to find some land tracks. The old President Building at Spaghetti Junction could be a great location.
Using the Briarcliff site for a middle school is not the best use of the existing sports complex, which is certainly needed at the high school level.
If you need a new building please built one. Why want to create problem for parents and students to to move to a new school?
Doesn't result in a completely rebuilt CKHS
trying to find land for new schools
In the addition classrooms added, Cafeterias, libraries, gym and locker room space is never added on. A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN!
concern that you can find the land
Most expensive option with no plan for adding funds
Continues the perception South portion (Region 4 & 5) is of no value to the district. Newer facilities will continue flight, by any means necessary, from regions which are continuing to not be served.
Cost, finding land (not insurmountable)
difficulty in securing land; expensive
Time and money
Finding new land
Land acquisition maybe a challenge
The expense.
The magnet program moves out of my region
I do not want my children taken out of Dunwoody/PCMS and put in Sequoyah. It is too far away and would require crossing too many major roads. My children can ride their bikes safely to PCMS and DHS. It looks like I am probably living in the affected area to make the switch, and we would have to cross 285, Peachtree Industrial, and Buford Highway, lots of traffic, lots of time, lots of danger to get there.
Most of the magnet kids would not move so they would return to their district school which is already overcrowded.
Moves less children from crowded schools
Highest cost of three options; requires land acquisition
Costs more and have to find available land to purchase.
Most Expensive Option
Most Expensive
Cost, Dependency on Land acquisition
Cost the most
Land may be hard to find
Takes a while to build the new schools to get students out of trailers. More expensive.
cost is highest
Kids feed from the same middle schools.
price but education should not be limited by money
high budget and how will it be paid for;
Making sure funds are spent appropriately and wisely.
Very expensive; how will the school board come up with additional funding?
Parking/traffic flow
needing a new middle and high school buildings
Too expensive and dependent on land acquisition.
Capacity cost is the greatest
Moderate overcrowding at other highschools while school is being built.
land purchase
Too expensive.
Cost and land acquisition
More cost and land acquisition
Land cost
Coat a lot
although expensive, in long term more positive impact on families of future students
dependency on land acquisition
Obviously the cost
Cost, obviously. But we have the money. This money must be used to make DeKalb schools the best they can be.
Cost! Finding the available land for new schools
Does not address overcrowding at Chamblee HS; Too expensive.
Land availability
It is most expensive option
Does not address overcrowding in my area
Dunwoody won't like it and will fight hard. But they can share the pain like everyone else.
New sequoyah area school may draw from a more financially limited community reducing available community resources to those children
Creates additional seats over projected need; new facilities and least amount of moves; no split feeder schools
Expense of new facility
Finding land and money to build
Getting anything done in a timely manner
Cost - but worth it
Most expensive option.
Will the land and school be big enough. Need to build for future enrollment numbers or will be addressing overcrowding again in s short period of time.
Will the new school be good academically?
dependent on land acquisition to succeed
Land acquisition could be cost prohibited.
money available for new construction?
Where is the land coming from?
cost is high
Aquiring land, staying on budget
Cost and no one knows how you are going to draw the lines.
Most expensive option
PCMS will still be overcrowded, if not immediately very soon after.
No land available for HS in Doraville in budget
Highest cost,
Higher cost, but not monumentally higher.
I really don't see any - but this is my school district and the one I know the most about - size, overcrowding, student body, etc. I really can only speak for my district. You can't put another 600 students in a school that can't handle it and to put a bandaid on other overcrowding issues and not expect a problem at Dunwoody then that needs to be solved.
A and C are excessive in cost.
Not knowing redistricting lines.
Cost is high, but worth the investment
Most expensive option (but sometimes investments are the most expensive with better payoff)
Most costly option and doesn't provide the most seats.
could be costly to acquire land & build, if County can't re-utilize existing buildings
cost and finding land
I hope they can find the land needed, possibly at the GM site?
Land acquisition. Cost. Delayed timeframe due to these cons.
it is the most expensive according to the budget
Cost - BUT this is what real SPLOST should be for - not maintenance. Maintenance should already be in the budget
That costs a lot of money
Difficulty in acquiring appropriate property
Forcing a separation from current school and expanding commuting distances which impact students and parents lives.
All options take 6 years to take effect. That's a long time to have 25% of students to be in trailers in Region 1.
cast a lot
Cost and Cross Keys remains outdated.
Expensive Dependent on land becoming available and at a cost we can afford
high cost
Most costly and depends on land acquisition
Need to find land.
land acquisition
Cost high
Will require the most funds
None - we pay higher taxes and every year our property taxes increase to support our schools.
High cost and high amount of change to manage.
most expensive and over budget
Instead of more new buildings, which require staffing, use limited budget to invest in better instructional staff
massive redistricting
Cost; significant level of movement from current schools
Being forced to choose one of three options without seeing redistricting lines.
Trusting DeKalb county schools with the monies needed to fund new facilities
Will take out dhs students from community
Dependent upon construction of a new school
New HS will not be properly placed. It will impact neighborhood schools making it unsafe to get to school due to the extremely congested traffic issues that are already a problem without a major high school on North Druid Hills. Some High school students can drive. That area cannot handle more road traffic safely. Students will have to travel further away to get to a High School, which means more time on busses sitting in traffic both to and from school.
not in budget, needs to have a plan for how to make this school strong (i.e. new magnet program with new focus (arts, etc.) or IB or language immersion.
Cost over budget
The cost is the only con here.
if we have a population which needs more magnet resources, we should embrace that and provide more resources in additional areas.
Too expensive!
Doesn't include geographically nearby feeder schools, only deals with a gerrymandered district.
More expensive
Land acquisition, most expensive
Additions in classrooms/population to Cross Keys high but no expansion of high school cafeteria, library, gym, other key facilities.
No improvements at cross keys hs
uncertainty of where student moves will come from

Option B: Pros

Least expensive
least expensive
Lowest cost option
Lower cost
Under budget
Lowest cost
New Cross Keys HS at Briarcliff site, least costly option
BHS becoming a high school again, capitalizing on all of the existing parking and available facilities Location is central for access to off-site programs, such as STEM programs at Fernbank, technology/career programs at current CKHS, LHS & DHHS, adjacent greenspace lowest cost REUSE of existing facility with a lot of land
Mid-range number of students impacted and least expensive
Least expensive option, no magnet relocation,
Most cost effective option at the time
Cheapest option by far and uses land already owned by district
It is the "best" bad choice you are offering.
Doesn't move magnet.
More affordable
Lower cost compared to others.
It is cheaper and benefits more students. My school gets a much needed addition! DHS needs classroom space, parking space, additional performing arts space and a major cafeteria renovation. When we had our building audit, the report we received noted a severe deficit for athletic facilities, performing arts facilities (we don't have a chorus room or band room) and our cafeteria.
It is the least expensive option.
Chamblee Magnet Program Remains
Costs the less
None I can see
New schools
Least invasive
Don't have to move the magnet program + lessens overcrowding. Less money
On budget
Some new space.
Lowest costs
Keeps Chamblee Magnet intact, adds space to overcrowded schools
Keeps the magnet program and increases seat numbers at schools that are already established
reduce over-crowding at Cross Keys
Least amount of cost
Number of proposed seats gained
Smaller school sizes
Fits the actual budget, makes best use of existing resources and is realistic. If you zone people out of Lakeside, lots of them will move back in.
I don't see any pros.
It addresses to overcrowding issue with available sites.
Cheapest option (but it is just a Band-Aid fix)
Magnet remains
Doesn't move Chamblee magnet program
Brings Cross Keys into contemporary High School standards, the CKHS building is much more suitable to serve MS students.
Least financial output
Doesn't move magnets
Least cost, using existing structures
It's the least expensive.
Stays in budget, most likely avoids redistricting my cluster, leaves magnet alone
Relieves overcrowding
Uniform load
Will alleviate overcrowding of Cross Keys and other high schools; not dependent on land acquisition
Less moving of kids, Cost within budget
Least financial impacts, no impact to the Magnet program, no significant land acquisition
Least expensive option, lowest cost per new seat, does not require finding new land to build new HS.
It is the most cost effective of the 3 options.
New schools
The cost
new schools
Same as above. Most cost effective.
More affordable option that increases capacity at existing schools and could minimize neighborhood disruption
This site uses an existing facility and sports complex for a much-needed high school. It is not as necessary at the middle school level.
lowest cost; leaving Magnet program aone
making better use of what is already available
CKHS (currently one of the oldest schools in the county) is moved to a rebuilt site
This leads to more school space built - we must do this.
Cost, keeps Magnet programs where they are
It does build Cross Keys a new high school.
cost the least
Seems like a quicker fix. Perhaps doing B, then rolling out parts of A to get more capacity in DeKalb would be the way to go.
Least expensive option.
Least expensive option and requires the least changes to other schools. If a shorter term solution makes sense while population growth stabilizes, this could be a good alternative.
This option gives a few more students in Clarkston attendance zone newer options.
Less expensive
New Cross Keys HS at Briarcliff - much needed. Why are we letting existing schools deteriorate instead of refurbishing or rebuilding on that same land? No need to worry about land acquisitions if we are using what already exists.
Magnet stays at Chamblee.
Cheapest of all the options
--The Chamblee magnet program location currently has excellent access to 85, 285, 78, and MARTA, which has helped to make the Chamblee magnet a choice option for parents from many parts of the County; other proposed locations are not nearly as accessible. --Integrating magnet students with resident students provides an opportunity for higher level learning for all students. For example, CCHS offers significantly more AP and accelerated classes than any other DeKalb public school. CCHS is proud of its elevated educational environment and promotes rigor in all classrooms. ---Chamblee Charter High School (CCHS) and Chamblee Middle School (CMS) and have a long history of successfully serving economically, ethnically and socially diverse student populations. In an era when many institutions are struggling with racial tension, Chamblee schools are diverse and successful, and we uphold our diversity as one of our key strengths.
Cost - also 2nd lowest number of students moved
Not only does the magnet program stay in my region, but Option B costs the taxpayers less
Building new schools continues to be a plus-
least expensive; reuse of CKHS for middle school
largest new facility, cheaper than option A
Lowest cost of three options, requires no land acquisition
lowest cost and great impact on crowding
No change in magnet school locations
Uses existing schools and splits feeder schools to possibly make schools closer to areas people live. For example Sequoyah MS is about 3 miles from Chamblee HS and 7.5 miles from Cross Keys. If HS kids don't have transportation from after school activities it make more sense for a kid to only have to walk about 3 miles than 7.5 miles. Doesn't move Chamblee Magnets
It's okay
Least expensive option; Makes use of pre-existing site (CKHS), Appears to spread out assumed student moves more fairly among schools
Least expensive.
Least Expensive, Doesn't move Magnet programs, Makes use of pre-existing sites
Cost, Number of seats, Chamblee Magnet program staying in current location
Utilize current space, keep costs under control-school portion of taxes is already very high
Cost the least
New, modern high school facility for the Cross Keys cluster; Magnet programs (only programs among top 500 HS in the US) are not disturbed.
Magnet program is not relocated
Lower budget
Solves several problems including small size at cross keys hs
Least cost
Lower cost, magnet program stays at chamblee.
Cost, seems more fair to all the schools across the board, many districts split middle to high schools and it is not a huge issue.
Parking/traffic flow
Keeps Magnet stable. Most cost effective and flexible.
Lower cost
Capacity cost is the least
Burden across the board - all communities affected. Cost effective
Immediate solution.
less cost
Least expensive. Put that money into student's education rather than buildings.
least cost at the outset but the least effective option.
Utilizes available space in district, new high school, low cost
Cheap and keeps kids in their area
additional seats
New Cross Keys high school
Reusing buildings
Seems to utilize/repurpose existing facilities more than the other 2 options
Least expensive option
minimizing over crowed schools in the northern part of county
Lowest cost option; makes good use of Briarcliff HS site; adds classroom space to district one schools. Keeps magnet program at Chamblee HS.
Lowest cost, preserves existing magnets in Chamblee
less expensive
Adresses over crowding across district
Chamblee magnet stays in place
least expensive; not dependent on land acquisition
Less expensive option
None for the students
Keeps magnet program
Lowest cost, utilizes an existing site (Briarcliff HS) that is currently going to waste.
Least expensive option. Maintains integrity of Magnet programs
Not sure
most cost effective
Still a lower cost solution and not has much impact on families. This also would help with overcrowding.
My middle and high schools children would be in close proximity to one another.
cost savings to dekalb residence accelerated building capabilities
cheapest solution but not the best
The Cross Keys name is preserved, the land is already there, it costs less money than the other options, it's by Adams Stadium.
cost is lower
Keeps magnet at CCHS
Least expensive option
Fits budget. Allows CK community to stay together. Breaks up 1:1 relationships betweeen MS & HS, to allow for more versatile use of capacity.
Lowest cost, adds capacity to existing schools, doesn't move magnet program, creates most capacity at CKMS
Least costly of the 3 options.
Magnet program stays. Kittredge is too important to the magnet program. Much prefer the start of the magnet program to be in a separate school. Think the program won't be as impactful if it is not. Budget for B is more conservative but addresses concerns which is positive. The money saved could go toward other school needs. Relieves overcrowding.
Cheapest options to do compare the other 2 options
Lowest cost and creates the most seats. Cross Keys really needs an update.
does not affect the magnet program & would be a most cost-effective way to resolve the overcrowding issue
Better student didstribution
It's cheap in the short term
Land availability. Cost. Expedited timeframe to relieve over-crowding. New high school and renovations for many schools to add additional space.
this is my least favorite but it is the cheapest
Save money
Prevents from any possible remaining crowding and redraws the District.
lowest cost; could allow more improvements at other schools
Cheapest cost amongst all 3 options
Allowing residents of a city to attend a school in their own city (location and connection with the school)
Least expensive, but would be horrible for students and families commutes and neighborhoods.
New building for Cross Keys, ability to update, lower cost
The CK community has been ignored for far too long. They desperve a BRAND NEW school. We already own the land needed. Cost effective.
low cost
Utilizes land already owned by the county at the Briarcliff site, which is currently vacant and falling into disrepair.
Least cost, 2nd lowest number of students impacted, magnet schools don't move.
DeKalb already owns the land.
Least Expensive
Too complicated. Split feeder.
This option adds more seats and keeps Cross Keys in the same general neighborhood. It also is the least expensive to the district.
Utilize existing space
improvement and additions - no relocation of the Magnet programs
Least net change to manage and lowest cost.
least expensive, uses the old Briarcliff for a new high school
This is the fairest option-more schools benefit from Splost funding
most economical & sensible for utilizing existing Briarcliff HS Site
New school for incoming years
Minimal movement of kids from current schools
Temporary measure that improve overcrowding in Cross Keys cluster without requiring new school construction
In budget
Keeps the Magnet program at Chamblee
adding 700 seats to Lakeside.
Lower cost than the other two plans.
Still does not impact Chamblee Magnet
Many schools receiving additional class space.
in budget
Cost more certainty for program
Will address the overcrowding in Cross keys cluster.
less cosr
Good to use existing facility.
Keeps footprint as close to current as possible
Nope. It's just dumb.
Least expensive, maintain magnet at Chamblee

Option B: Cons

Split feeders
split feeders
Split feeder
Split feeders.
split feeder
Split feeds
Splitting feeders
More students affected than option A
If this means students would have to be bussed from Doraville to this campus, then it is incredibly unreasonable. Current location of CKHS for linear district is already unacceptable. Under no circumstances should any student who lives near or outside the Perimeter have to come this far to go to school Split feeders CKHS is a great HS facility - it does not make sense to convert it to a middle school too much commercial temptation for HS students to go off campus
moves too many kids without completely resolving overcrowding in regions 1 and 2
People will have to adjust to split feeders (I think it's fine)
Split feeder pattern
split feeds, affects the most schools, hard to discern without info on potential impacted neighborhoods
Does not seems to adequately cover the necessary projected needs of increased enrollement levels
Many split feeders are created, which will separate neighborhoods and communities. Strong communities = strong schools.
Would break up several communities and create a less culturally and economicly diverse Lakeside
Splits communities - traffic hardships
Split Feeder means many existing school friendships would be challenging to maintain when switching from Elementary to Middle.
Split Feed
We do not want split clusters. No room for Dunwoody High School addition. Will need highs school in Sequoyah cluster eventually anyway due to growth in the future. Area will only be further developed. This is the least desirable plan.
Split feeders, and still long rides for Doraville kids
These are terrible options. Go back to the drawing board. The gerrymandered Cross Keys cluster is an embarrassment. DCSD should be ashamed of their actions.
Split feeder model.
Not enough capacity for projected growth for both middle and high school students. Long travel distance, along busy corridor, for students in the Cross Keys cluster is not efficient.
The Chamblee Magnet program should not be moved! This would be so disruptive to students, teachers and a very well -established and well-regarded program. And where would all those students go, by the way . . .??? Some might opt to return to home schools, which might add to overcrowding yet again.
Option B doesn't effectively address the over-crowding expected in Doraville.
Unexpected feeder school can discourage kids
nothing for DSA
Too many new student for Lakeside High
Split Feeder schools in REgions 1, 2, 3 will disrupt the kids again
Split feeder, making a few kids a year have to goto different middle schools than their classmates is unfair and a hardship
Split feeders, split communities, increased traffic issues. People buy houses based on school boundaries. I moved here in 2010 and this is the second round of redistricting talks. I believe that the residents of Dekalb made it clear last time that no one wants split feeders.
Splits feeder schools
Seems like a band aid approach--it will have to be revisited in 2025
Split feeders. It is asenine to make Lakeside HS feeders have to split, to accommodate parts of the county, that do not even feed into our high school. Also, this is a stop gap type of measure, only delaying the inevitable, which is building new schools....
Splot feeders
Too many seats added to Lakeside
Changes to existing schools
Split feeders, not adding as much capacity
Split feeders in multiple regions, assumed student moves in 24 schools
SPLIT FEEDS IN 3 REGIONS, least new seats so not planning for growth
Trying to reuse a worn out 60+ year old building.
Too many split feeders.
Disrupts the feeder pattern. This effects vertical teaching.
Terrible idea. Too complex, too confusing, no real option when compared to A.
Disrupts long time neighbor 'clusters' (friends live next to each other for years now will have to go to other schools); doesn't prevent the next re-clustering; doesn't allow for any additional growth; time to travel is not taken into account - kids cannot stay on the bus for more than hour just to get to and from school - if family lives within 1-2 miles, then that should be the HS they attend;
School capacity is exceeded
Lost sense of community schools. Kids bouncing around too much.
Split feeder, but I don't really care about that.
Split feeds.
Adding capacity in Dunwoody, really? Chamblee has already been rebuilt.
Moves way to many students around. Creates too many split feeders and from a community standpoint those are really bad. Just rearranges the problem and doesn't provide a longer term solution
People will be in an uproar that feeders are not 1:1. They will get over it. This should have been happening for years. If it had the situation we are in would not be as bad as it is.
split feeders.
Don't add any students to Dunwoody, we are already overcrowded!
May not result in enough additional seats to alleviate overcrowding
750-seat addition at Lakeside
But this seems like a band aid and won't build communtiy - which is something everyone needs
Split feeder patterns
Feeder schools are split up
Does not minimize the impact on students and families; will require split feeders; Does not add enough capacity to be a long term solution
Least added seats
No sense of community for schools or students. Too many student moved. High schools will be too big. Long travel times for some high school students.
Dislike MS to HS conversions
split feeders (this is only a minor concern in my opinion)
I do not want our school to be a split feeder school.
It's disruptive and won't address our growing population for the future. This is a bandaid instead of a solution.
Changes the district for CMS and CCHS kids
No proper attention
No one to one
Briarcliff sight may incur significant costs to bring it up to code; do not like split feeder option.
Larger HS and split feeder
The least number of seats will be created. Money spent on option C will not solve the problem, county will have to add more and more seats every year and spend money again and again.
Adds fewest number of seats, reintroduces split feeders.
No funds for improvements to current schools. No 1-1 feeder.
Split feeders and adds least number of seats
1. Split feeder schools. Currently, we have heard rumors that once the lines are redrawn that some elementary schools will become split feeder. This does not allow for community building. What it allows for is for people to move where their children can build friendships that can last a life time not just a few grades as they will be shipped off to a different middle or high school. 2. It allows for the least amount of seats possible of the 3 options. What is the point of having fewer seats when you feel the area is going to grow exponentially. 3.It also allows for the largest high school of the 3 options. Some parents feel their children will get lost in a 2500 student high school with no ability to have smaller classrooms or to be able to get the assistance they need in a smaller school. 4. It also assumes that 5755 students will have to be uprooted from the schools they know and love. And for a 1st or 2nd grader that is not fair. They are too young to understand why the county wants to take them away from the place they enjoy going to everyday.
Most disruptive - student moves.
No mention of school lines. Purchase of homes often depends on school lines. With no clear indication of those lines, families cannot make lifestyle decisions.
split feeders with more students moved than Option A
splits feeders
Costs, too much needless disruption
splitting feeders
Schools are still overcrowded
Some people will not like redistricting and splitting feeder schools. Potential for student to have to travel further to school.
Split feeders - with DeKalb penchant to redistrict all the time, this causes a lot of parental anxiety. Nor does it provide enough seats at Clarkston.
All out boongoggle! Band Aid fix! Focuses on too many schools
Current CKHS building is not destroyed
Good option, but does not add as many seats.
Might only be a temporary solution
In the addition classrooms added, Cafeterias, libraries, gym and locker room space is never added on. A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN!
has the least amt of seats becoming available
Might only be a quick fix
Split feeders, less seats created
Too many split feeders.
Most disruptive to current flow of students. Split Feeder idea seems to be the most likely to have continued disruption to students going forward.
The option doesn't address the advanced curriculum needs of the student populations within Region 3. Large numbers of the students zoned for Region 3 are enrolled in high achiever, STEM, STEAM, magnet, etc., due to enterprising parents that have been forced to seek out of area opportunities (private, non-profit, virtual) for their children to succeed. There isn't true community amongst Regions 2 and 3 because of blatant disrespect of the curricular, athletic and social aspirations of these stakeholders.
Complicated and unpredictable attendance zones. I don't think split feeders is good.
Lots of kids impacted
Splits feeders, adds onto what are already fairly new schools
Split feeders - doesn't seem like a long term solution.
split feeds
Will not offer enough seats for future growth
Splitting feeder schools is a messy endeavor with parents being upset and influencing real estate and e-splost dollars
Split clusters.
Where to put the additions at the current sites. Not sure CCHS has any space to build.
None for me
Feeder schools are terrible for the community and for the students in those schools. There is other solutions that do not involve breaking up schools and relationships the kids make in early age. Plus PTA involvement is also based on parent relationships- thus breaking those up also will also have impact on how active PTA is in the schools.
must find land for HS
more schools affected
Don't like split feeders and do not want to add to Dunwoody HS
Disruption for families/children
I do not want my children taken out of PCMS and put in Sequoyah. It is too far away and would require crossing too many major roads. My children can ride their bikes safely to PCMS. It looks like I am probably living in the affected area to make the switch, and we would have to cross 285, Peachtree Industrial, and Buford Highway, lots of traffic, lots of time, lots of danger to get there.
Split feed - this is just awkward
Split feeders which really do impact neighborhoods in a negative way; will require largest addition to Lakeside
Least amount of seats created.
Problems will exist in the future
Still at near capacity at region 2 Middle Schools - worry about future overcrowding
split feeders, not worth any cost savings!
Split Feeders
Moves a lot of kids and barely solves the problem.
Split Feeders are a major problem. Does not put the students experience first.
Split Feeders; Does not create enough seats in Region 1, where the most need and growth is.
Too many families are affected by the move; doesn't have long-term planning in mind and costs (real estate, construction) could increase over time.
Split feeder. Current feeders contribute to the proven success of region 1
Least number of seats, temporary fix
Split feeder--don't want this with multiple kids in Elementary school
Split feeders. Fewer seats created.
Doesn't completely address shortage of seats in middle and high schools
Temporary fix
Tears up current current feeder districts.
Splitting feeders
Dunwoody has no room for a 600 seat expansion
Doesn't cover the current projected number of seats needed in 2022; would have to build additional space at a higher cost down the road. Involves split feeders
Parking/traffic flow
may need to purchase more school buses to take students to split feeder schools
Where to build additions? Most schools are already tight on property, and I'd hat to see athletic fields eaten up by additions.
No too for DINWOODY hs addition
Many split feeds
Cross keys student have to travel far to get to school
I really don't like the idea of splitting feeder school; i think it makes adjustment harder for most students.
more feeders
Provides the least effective long term solution by providing the fewest seats as well as splitting mulitiple feeders and disrupting communities across the entire District , 2 and 3
Split feeders, least number of seats
bothered by split feeders
Split feeders-not best practice.
More movement of students
Again, too much re- clustering, re-feeding. It would be so uneccesarily disruptive for many families.
None to me. I grew up with split feeders and they aren't a big deal to me.
Doesn't look like it will result in the number of additional seats desired for the projected count for overcrowding
Too many kids at Lakeside
will need additional school buses to move students to the split feeder schools
too stressful on large population with redistricting
May not address # seats we will need
Split feeders, still no school near Sequoyah - lots of busing.
Split feeder schools divides current communities
split feeders; less seats added than predicted needs
Too many splits in feeders
Construction at lots of schools and still moving large numbers of students. Having split feeders.
Split feeder schools
Splitting feeder
Insufficient capacity for anticipated enrollment growth.
Most number of schools impacted and larger number of students impacted. Split feeders.
Adds seats to older high schools that cannot support such an increase in numbers with existing parking, athletic facilities, cafeteria, restrooms, etc. built for lower numbers of students. Current overcrowding in region one goes beyond just classroom space. It impacts all facilities and limited space on the older campuses. The older schools don't have space to expand parking and one gym is not enough to support the current number of students in multiple sports using it (basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, wrestling, fencing, cheerleading, etc.). Adding students will be a huge problem for thspese older schools.
Split Feeder approach, expanding Dunwoody, four high schools require expansion construction
Not sure
Split feeds very undesirable.
Split feeders would make transition from Middle to High more difficult for students
No need to attempt redistricting once more and end up overcrowded again.
clearing and reestablishing HS and CTAE CENTER
there is no physical space to add 600 kids to both Chamblee and Dunwoody High Schools
If the Cross Keys district remains gerrymandered to follow the Buford Hwy corridor, students from Doraville will have to travel even greater distances to get to school.
disruptive split feeders
Splitting feeders--necessary but painful
Split feeders and who gets moved?
Produces smallest number of seats, requires redistricting / split feeders
Don't want to add more kids to DHS.
More change management required because of change in 1:1 mapping
Only adds capacity to middle schools, changes feeder relationships, adds the least capacity to existing schools
Adding students to already far overcrowded schools is a bad idea. Destroys 1-1 feeder model by splitting them - too disruptive.
Split feeds. Impractical to make large additions to some schools.
Any change is challenging.
Not mainintaining 1:1 feeder zone
This options will not last a very long time meaning that this options cab actually lead to being a very expensive option.
Lowest new seats added, doesn't fully address capacity needs.
Too many split feeders
Hate the idea of splitting the feeders.
splitting of the feeder schools could get tricky
impact on more than one region
adding addition to schools in neighborhood where space is already limited, adds least amount of seats
Split Feeders, difficulty getting to the Briarcliff site, a lot of movement of kids
the split feeders will not make anyone happy or be good for the kids/county
Split feeders - hurt communities
Other schools may be filled to capacity.
Involves Dunwoody HS and redistricts Dunwoody HS students to an unreasonable distance school AND split feeders, which is incredibly disruptive to the students.

Option C: Pros

No split feeders
No split feeder
no split feeders
no split feeder
None. It is absurd and punishing for all of Chs and Cms to move the magnets and the lives affected will leave blood on the hands of the irresponsible Dekalb officials
no pros
Dividing the CKHS cluster is the most reasonable and ethical course of action, as the current geography of the cluster is unacceptable While I believe BHS would be a better high school, it does not make sense to change the location of the newly-renovated CKHS, due to all the specialty facilities for high schools Magnet programs take up critical seats in existing schools, and most of the students have already left their home school districts for the privilege of attending. They are not tied to any one location geographically, so easier to move than residential attendance lines No split feeders see Pros of Option A MS students less likely to wander off campus to shop or eat
Mid-range expense cost
No split feeds,
No split Feeds
No split feeders.
There are no pros.
Opens seats locally in Chamblee for residents
Enough capacity for projected growth.
AWFUL to have split feeders
Seems to help the most number of students
I really can't think of any pros.
minimal upgrade fro DSA + magnet from Chamblee
Good to use Old Briarcliff High building
No split feeder
More seats
New seats
Worst idea to move the magnet program, if you are going to move it make it at a more central location to serve the whole county NEAR MARTA rail would be good.
Patterns remain
No split feeds, less costly than option A
less expensive; fills seats in southern dekalb; racially desegregates
Keeps the 1:1 feeder program
Chamblee will have new seats open for kids coming from Cross Keys.
Used current capacity
reduce over-crowding at Chamblee MS & HS
Number of proposed seats gained
Relief of sizes
can't really think of any
I don't like the magnet program anyway and this would remove this as a decision factor in overcrowding decisions where it does not belong. Decisions affecting tens of thousands of students just for a couple of hundred
Gets much need new schools in overcrowded areas
Saves tax-dollars that are needed to complete long-promised, but never-delivered projects like new bathrooms at Hawthorne Elementary Smaller addition at Lakeside
Not splitting up feeder school
Moving magnet, thus opening up neighborhood seats.
none that are outweighed by the BAD option to condense magnets into a single program and put them out of reach for so many people.
Keep CCHS, one of the state's TOP PERFORMING high schools, as is! Why mess with something that's not broke!
Better at solving the problem long term than Option B; maintains 1 to 1 feeders; more cost efficient than option A
Keeps cluster. More capacity in northern part of county, but not as much as Option A.
Least cost
new buildings
There aren't any pros to this option.
Same as A, except for magnet issue
Relieves overcrowding
New area
New school
Almost the same like for A, but less seats will be created.
Slightly cheaper than option A.
1. It allows for the smallest amount of students at the new High School.
Slightly less expensive than Option A but is basically the same plan except moving the magnet program to save a few bucks.
no split feeders, cheaper than Option A
supports growing population
Least affected
Accommodating people's choice of where to live, accommodating growing communities.
Second best option based on data presented.
1-1 feeders
There isn't one. This is the worst plan of them all.
Most seats created
I don't see any pros other than those already included in Option A
Two new state of the art schools for DeKalb county
Same as A
No pros
Doesn't Split feeders
New schools
No split clusters.
None for me
building new/ schools and moving schools to acc. the growing need for schools in area of community. Disadvantaged populations of children should not have to go to a overcrowded and at times below standard learning environments to allow for other populations of students to receive the best environment and education. Moving magnet schools to smaller land / school buildings or incorporating those programs to existing larger schools may give other students more options to benefit from those programs.
not as expensive as A
Moves most children from crowded schools
No split feeders; seems to offer flexibility in magnet program location
A new Sequoyah area cluster would be created.
Absolutely nothing!
No Split feeders
no split feeders while improving overcrowding and reducing trailers.
no split feeders; creates seats in region 1
It might improve the schools in South DeKalb.
No split feeder; could find a more central location for the county; parents are already willing to go to a different location for magnet program so what's the difference, could ultimately increase enrollment # for magnet, less movement for less families
None, by far the worst option.
Keeps 1 to 1 feeder schools intact; not as expensive as Option A; keeps school sizes down; might allow more opportunities to other kids if magnet programs are moved to a more centrally located place
Parking/traffic flow
No split feeds, builds new facilities for the long underserved Cross Keys cluster
No split feeds
I cant think of any
no feeders
Do not add to dunwoody. No room. Too big as it is
Option C is basically the same as Option A with the addition of moving the magnets - there are no additional pros to this option.
New HS + MS
moving other magnets to schools with capacity is a good idea
additional seats
I'm a single/ divorced Mom. This is the community I chose first for my daughter's school,and for my work commute. The strong Magnet community has been established for a long time. If it is relocated, I cant afford/ nor do I want to relocate. What about my job I've worked for 6 years? The location is perfect in Chamblee, access to ALL of the interstates. Constant & Stability is important and necessary for children & families. The Magnet (s) should stay in the community where they have flourished.
New HS
Can't find a PRO for this option
Best solution and cheaper
may reduce student population @ Chamblee Charter HS
maintaining the 1 to 1 if possible
Price is mid range
If you keep magnet at CCHS where is has grown and flourished...it will continue to produce top notch students, if it winds up in a bad neighborhood....the teachers, nor students would not show up in a questionable neighborhood, that may have an under-performing student body. Chamblee HS built the program and it is a "culture of learning" that they specialize in...the magnet students challenge the resident community and give them something to strive towards. they feed off of each other... the teachers are matched well with students and it raises the bar for residents that are closely matched in academics...low performer in any resident student body would pull the magnets down, and tumble the premier program that is making our county look good.
New facilities at Briarcliff site (true for Option A though)
New facility
No splitting of feeder schools
Building 2 schools creating increased capacity for beyond 2022.
only three high schools require expansion construction
No split feeds.
Increase non-white enrollment of magnet program
If money is unlimited this might be ok.
No pros to address this recommendation is not necessary. The majority of current Cross Keys students that were relocated to Chamblee opted out and returned to Cross Keys HS.
no splits
Creating new cluster
No split feeders, costs a bit less
Reduces the number of kids at PCMS and DHS.
Adds significant capacity to existing middle AND high schools, doesn't split feeder relationships,
May pool all magnets in same location - some synergy of resources.
relieves overcrowding
1:1 feeder Zone
Adding a Magnet program
Helps with Doraville community getting a new school.
cost and no split feeder
New school for Doraville
Honestly i dont see why this is an option except to pick on the magnet program (again).
A new Sequoyah HS, but the true pain from a population perspective is in the Doraville/Chamblee/BHaven area.
The Cross Keys Region will be less cluttered and there will be a more even spread across the county.
lower cost than option A but it is foolish to move the successful magnet program when it makes more sense for all students to do option A.
New high school, and middle school
no split feeders Might be good to relocate magnet to underserved area with an underserved population.
New high school and middle school
offers the most room for growth
Utilize existing space
improvement and additions
less expensive than Option A
Don't destroy/dismantle what works-build on the better programs and replicate them in schools like Cross Keys and other low-achieving schools! Moving the Magnet Program will sink Chamblee and possibly the program as well, so that. 'if every school in DeKalb is not excellent, no school will be excellent.'
Possible relocation of magnets to central relocations
Lots of new schools
Reduces overcrowding across the district and gives district maximum flexibility while avoiding split feeders.
NO split feeders
addresses capacity
moving magnet program to accommodate neighborhood schools needs. Middle School on North Druid Hills would attract less traffic than a High School where students can drive themselves to school.
No feeder schools
new school
Not sure what they would be.
None. Almost as dumb as B.
Option C is the worst of all worlds.
No feeder splitting
new facilities
None - see no benefit as compared with Option A. Option C only has the detraction of destroying Chamblee Magnet program.
magnet students will hopefully be in the same school and it becomes more of an all magnet school
No split feeders, has the second most future growth, increased jobs in the future
Moving magnet offers more space for local kids
maintaining feeders
2 New Schools
New school in area of need
Hopefully keeping spots at Chamblee for Ashford Park students
resolves overcrowding in a way that allows for future growth in the part of the county that needs it; reconfigures CK cluster to be a more reasonable shape and size as two separate clusters;
Two new schools, cheaper than option A.
Creates needed seats, but not at the expense of the magnet program.
Possible opportunity to better utilize the entire county
I think it is OK to take magnet from Chamblee as long as it goes to Cross Keys or new Doraville High School
Moving magnet programs into another nearby location (maybe the current Chamblee Middle and put the whole magnet program there 6-12) opens up space at the current Chamblee High School. With a smaller addition, you can keep students together who have historically been together plus add in overflow from some parts of the Cross Keys cluster and Doraville or Dunwoody clusters to get to capacity. Addition of a Sequoyah cluster keeps communities who live near each other together and ends the need for longer transportation to further away schools.
Adds a large number of seats so if there is future overcrowding it can be disbursed over more schools and have less of an impact
It would not disrupt the feeder school ratio.
Less expensive than option A
# of new/additional seats
Reduction in overcrowding
No split feeder plan
Removing magnet program should open up more spots at Chamblee to geographically close students.
Less Disruptive, accommodates more children
No split feeders. However, given the negative impact on the magnet program and the large number of students affected, I believe this to be the worst option and strongly oppose this option.
This option is less expensive than A but opens up more seats Than B.
New schools built
I like the one-to-one feeder patterns
Places schools within their communities: Chamblee HS; Dunwoody HS; make Cross Keys Brookhaven HS; and establish new Doraville HS. Is the least disruptive to students.
large number of seats, split feeder, centralizing magnets
No split feeders. Uses existing facilities.
No benefit over Option A.
New schools and additions, central DeKalb location for magnet program if relocated to Avondale HS.
good amount of new seats
None at all. Misses the opportunities of Option B, and creates serious down-sides.
New schools and additions to other schools
I have no pros for this option.
This plan puts a new school in an area where one is needed. No split feeders and makes sure that we have student capacity where we need it.
Option a gives us more seats and less turmoil.
Relieves PCMS and dhs overcrowding by creating seats in doraville where the PCMS and dhs growth is.
Doesn't let self absorbed Magnet School Parents dictate what happens in Region 1
split feeders, disrupts the most students
Cost less than option A but more than option B
Maintains one to one feeder programs and allows for local communities to fill seats at home schools

Option C: Cons

moving magnet program
Moving the magnet program
Moving magnet program
Moving magnet
Damaging the best school program we have as well as the lives of countless students. This idea is shockingly stupid. Don't do it or you will be very sorry
Moves magnet. Terrible plan.
Most students affected, more costly than option A. The magnet program is very successful where it is and will weaken significantly if moved as teachers and students alike may not be able to move. Magnet students thrive at CMS and CCHS with opportunities to be involved with academic clubs, service clubs, athletics, band and a community that may not exist if moved.
cost Uproar from very involved magnet student parents and those who bought into a particular school district and being redistricted
moves too many kids without completely resolving overcrowding in regions 1 and 2. in addition, moving magnet programs to the south isn't fair, eliminates possibility of use by most northern/central families and duplicates existing program in the south.
Relocation of magnet. CCHS was just nationally recognized and removing magnet would decimate that high school's ranking and prestige. Where would the magnet go? Would teachers move with them? Too many unanswered questions to ensure the program stays intact.
Affects most students. However, magnet schools are not dependant on location.
hard to discern without info on potential impacted neighborhoods, student enrollment impact of relocation of magnets is unpredictable, also not sure where the magnets will be located
Moves Chamblee Magnet thereby dismantling a flagship program in Dekalb. Core and Magnet teachers are the same at CCHS. If you move the students without the teachers, then the magnets become a brand new, untested start-up. Magnet students will move to back to home schools in north dekalb and not move south with the program. Does not help overcrowding and kills one of the only programs consistently ranked tops in GA. CCHS residents also benefit from magnet presence.
Change of magnet schools does not seem necessary. If it is not broke then do not fix it.
The magnet program moves really far from my home, which will break up the best school in GA, and send my child back to already overcrowded Henderson/Lakeside. I can't handle the commute to South DeKalb in time for pickup from aftercare before it ends / or handle the cost of childcare it would add to try to get someone else involved as I'm a single working parent. This would essentially remove the possibility of using the magnet program from my family which seems very unfair.
Disrupts the excellent Magnet program. Please do not mess with one of the crown jewels of DeKalb county!!!!
Cost, moving magnet schools, significant redistricting
Move of magnet programs for Chamblee. Displaces most students of options. Costs almost as much as Option A while moving magnets and being most disruptive.
Disrupting schools that are working well.
These are terrible options. Go back to the drawing board. The gerrymandered Cross Keys cluster is an embarrassment. DCSD should be ashamed of their actions.
Moving the magnet.
The Chamblee Magnet program is doing REALLY well right now. Kittredge was first in the state on Milestones and then CHS was just named one of the top high schools in the country. Moving the program may make it unaccessible by parts of the county. Leave a succeeding program alone.
Magnet program may lessen in quality of students and teachers depending on new location.
Relocating Chamblee Magnet Program will only add more students to Dunwoody, Cross Keys, Lakeside, Druid Hills, Tucker, and Chamblee if families are not willing to make the commute to the new location. Risk harming what should be model school for the rest of the county.
Moving magnet at high school would essentially eliminate it. Teachers would move? Or not?
Expensive and doesn't address all the needs at Dunwoody.
Moving the Chamblee Magnet program would be a huge loss for the area. Chamblee offers a convenient location for parents and students. In moving the magnet program you would most likely lose the staff and teachers that have made this program such a success - they are your most valuable assets in a program like this.
Relocated Chamblee Magnet...this will devastate our home values
minimal upgrade fro DSA + magnet from Chamblee
It destroys the magnet program & by extension Chamblee High's reputation. To say you will move the Magnet to wherever there is space basically sounds like you couldn't care less about the program. We need to keep it if we care about being competitive in educational excellence and teacher retention.
Too many students to move
will move the magnet programs out of Regions 1 and 2 and will probably be too far away for those kids to travel to new locations if placed SW--this will cause these kids to go back to their Region 1,2,3 schools and increase numbers
Cost, moving Magnet programs.
Not as many seats, moving the magnets will absolutely wreck chamblee
Chamblee magnets move.
Would destroy Chamblee High School.
Transfer of magnet students
Worst idea to move the magnet program, if you are going to move it make it at a more central location to serve the whole county NEAR MARTA rail would be good.
Magnet moves
Over budget
No split feeder.
Movement of magnet programs
Magnet program moves
Moving the Chamblee Magnet will take away from the community of the school and tear away the opportunity for Magnet, Charter and district students to interact.
Moves magnet gifted program away from Chamblee
Likely loss of high test scores
Moving the Chamblee Magnet program would be disastrous. The program has proven to be effective due to the culture, faculty, and staff of Chamblee. By moving the program you will lose the name recognition that Chamblee has created with colleges and professionals across the nation. I cannot believe this district would even consider moving one of it's most successful programs! The fact that it is even being considered is utterly ridiculous!
Unclear where Chamblee Magnets will relocate. Impacts the most students and adds less seats than option A.
Removing the CHS magnet program would be a tremendous loss to the community of Chamblee and DeKalb county. Every year, CHS magnet churns out some of the most talented, intellectual, driven, and well-rounded students in the county and state. So much so that colleges look for students from CHS magnet when considering college acceptances. This program has worked successfully for years for many kids, including myself. Please don't remove it.
Moving Chamblee magnets which are so important in our area
moving too many kids around
northern dekalb won't have a magnet option, while southern dekalb would have 4-DSA, Arabia, SWD, & Chamblee relocators
More students affected
Moves the magnet program. Please don't do this.
Moving the magnet program!
Magnets students will be forced to move elsewhere, which will caused many students to leave the program and return to home schools. The quality of education in the magnet program will decrease, unless you are able to move it to an environment where learning and the future success of students is a top priority like it is at Chamblee.
First rule of school changes: do not mess with success (Chamblee magnets).
doesn't address over-crowding at Cross Keys; is only a temporary fix; will destroy the best schools in the county - both Kittredge and Wadsworth score very high on GA Milestones, partially due to being composed of high-achieving students but also high level of support from teachers, staff, and parents that allow those students to become better students; moving magnet away from one area to another is just not feasible due to the size of this county and the horrible traffic patterns - I'm surprised this isn't already known by the county.
Distance of travel to magnets
Chamblee built this magnet.
Relocating Chamblee magnet
Costs a lot, moves the magnets, and moves/disrupts the most students.
Moving cchs magnet drastically changes diversity and educational programs for families in cchs cluster
Pushes magnet students back into already over crowded home schools
Removes magnet programs from existing schools. Has the most impact to students.
Not sure it addresses the long term problem of population growth in the north part of the county.
DO NOT MOVE Chamblee Magnet Schools!!!
The magnets in North DeKalb go away. These are some of the highest performing schools in the district. It makes zero sense to shut them down which is what this option would do. Then ALL of those students go back to already overcrowded schools.
Magnet moves
Moves magnet program
Relocating the magnet is a mistake unless they go to the Briarcliff site.
Challenging to find land
Moving the Magnet.
Still pricey
You will lose the high performing magnet program if it moves to another location.
Moving magnet schools out of the Chamblee cluster
Moves magnets
Depends on land acquisition. Will be politically unpopular with a noisy minority of magnet parents.
Relocated magnet, no split feeders
Loss of Chamblee magnet programs. Almost as much cost as Option A and not nearly the benefits. Way too many students moved.
Most disruptive, DCSD has an improving reputation, seems backward step to disrupt this area that has made great progress
HUGE CON: Moving the magnet program IF it is moved to south DeKalb rather than a more central choice
Impacts the most amount of students, will disrupt two successful magnet programs and is expensive.
Overbudget, Jeopardizes magnet program
Destroys Chamblee Middle and Chamblee High from students to teachers.
Moving magnet program would likely be the end of it for many/most families. Loss of magnet program would also eliminate programs at CHS that residence families benefit from. All of this would further increase enrollment at other Region 1 and 2 secondary schools, or result in families moving their kids to private schools.
Lot of moves for student, teachers change, feasibility
Still one to one
Moving magnet schools may incur more overcrowding at home schools if kids from magnet school programs do not move with them; teachers from magnet schools may not follow the move, which would essentially gut the programs.
Moves magnet--- affects highest number of students
The magnet program is succeeding, thriving as-is. It's the jewel of the school district, earning statewide and national accolades. Don't break it.
Move of the magnet program won't solve the issue as kids may drop out overcrowding local schools. More kids are being moved around.
Disrupts not only chamblee magnet program but also all feeder schools as those students and teachers may elect to return to their home schools impacting overcrowding across the county
Significant Cost, Land acquisition
Close one of the best middle schools/high schools in the county. Uncertainty of the new school location. Not all teachers/students will move.
Magnet schools are very well located. Some Atlanta residents buy properties to be close to the Magnet school areas. Moving Magnet program will affect many residents, may increase traffic in Atlanta. Two magnet HS in Atlanta divide pretty equally DeKalb county and help to save travelling time for many students and their families. Three Magnet schools (Kittredge, Chamblee Middle and Chamblee Charter HS) are very close to each other and it makes easier transition from one school to another. Feeder schools must be as close to each other as possible.
Is actually more expensive on a per seat basis than option A, impacts the most students, is still an expensive option, land could be difficult to find for new HS. If the magnet program is relocated far away (for example, SW Dekalb HS), parents from North Dekalb will pull their kids from the program. Chamblee Magnet is a Dekalb success story. Why risk destroying this?
No funds for improvements to current schools.
Adds less seats than option A, moves magnet program current locations
Moving magnet programs punishes high achieving students. Don't fix overcrowding problems at the expense of the best and brightest, who WILL go elsewhere (i.e., won't follow program to S. DeKalb) if magnets are moved. The goal should be to lift up all students to this level, not take away from the students in the magnet program.
1. The Briarcliff site is in need of desperate repair. 2. It will cause a congested traffic area to be even more congested. 3. It will relocate magnet programs that are flourishing to locations in parts of the county to which parents don't want their children going to. 4. It also assumes that 6928 students will have to be uprooted from the schools they know and love. And for a 1st or 2nd grader that is not fair. They are too young to understand why the county wants to take them away from the place they enjoy going to everyday.
Chamblee Magnets Relocation. 1) Moving the Magnet will severely damage one of the best performing academic programs in the DeKalb and GA (given remoteness of the proposed locations, many of the teachers and staff will not move, taking with them years of experience); 2) Moving the Magnet will not solve the problem of overcrowding (given remoteness of the proposed locations, many students will not continue in the program and will return to their overcrowded neighborhood schools); 3) If all magnet programs will be located in the South of the county, this will unfairly impact residents of the Northern regions, who will not be able send their children to those programs due to very long commute.
Moving magnet programs to South DeKalb would be a tremendous burden on families and completely gut the magnet programs. Many N DeKalb families would remove their children from the magnet programs to remain closed to home.
Impacts more students and moves the entire Chamblee Magnet program. This option should be thrown out altogether. It should be down to Option A or B
No mention of school lines. Purchase of homes often depends on school lines. With no clear indication of those lines, families cannot make lifestyle decisions.
moves the most students
most expensive AND least accurate model...the assumption that all students in the magnet program would continue at a new location is not reasonable, which means that their resident schools will experience unaccounted for student population growth
The magnet programs are frequently the only programs in DCSD that receive accolades and national rankings. Why fix what is not broken? I do not have children in the magnet programs, but I do believe they should stay where they are.
Costs, too much needless disruption
Horrible idea to move magnet school when they are top in state!!!!-!
Where to move magnet program since most north Dekalb county schools are at capacity. Potential for students to have to travel further to school.
If you want to destroy the magnet program and the school system in DeKalb, you move magnet to SW DeKalb. This will only worsen the "North/South" conversation. The area should work on evolving Wadsworth program and doing an outreach to the community. The opportunity and resources are there. It is a shame that too few use them.
No! There is a magnet program at different ends of the county, serving the needs of two communities. There is no need to move one away from an area that is beginning to thrive as a result of the economic incentives such a program offers. Moving the Chamblee magnet program would certainly have a detrimental effect on the entire area.
Cost - Budgeted numbers don't seem realisitc based on what all is involved.
Costly change with most disruption. Magnet program move will result in teacher loss & magnet students returning to home-area/neighborhood schools, worsening overcrowding issues.
I do not want Chamblee Charter to relocate.
building a new school
Dismantles the Chamblee Magnet Program, one of the few things this county has managed not to screw up
Splitting/changing one of the best Dekalb county school clusters would be detrimental to multiple high ranking schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels ultimately debilitating Dekalb county further. Many people move to this area because the schools have such a good reputation mostly because of the magnet program which brings good educators as well as diversity. Many constituents and invested parents would probably go to other school systems depleting Dekalb further. We moved to this area because of how the schools are set up and because the magnets at the middle and high school allow students to compete at high levels nationally. However it is also important for us to be able to send our children to the same school. Plus you are moving so many more children from schools they are used to and are in their community.
Short sighted planning. Does not plan for future well. Disservice to CCHS cluster families who have Magnet students.
moving the current very successful magnet program
In the addition classrooms added, Cafeterias, libraries, gym and locker room space is never added on. A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN!
moves too many kids around *** I AM WHOLLY OPPOSED TO MOVING MAGNET***
Destroying the Magnet program, one of the programs that brings the most positive attention to DeKalb at a time when DeKalb needs it. Always nice to have Magnet schools performing nationally.
Relocation of magnet. Second most expensive with no plan for funds.
Magnet relocation
Disrupts the current magnet program and threatens a school that is a top performer in the country. The location benefits and the long-term stability of the Magnet Program at Chamblee are worth preserving, particularly where there is relatively little impact to relief to overall overcrowding and even less if the program is diminished.
Movement of the Chamblee Magnets is just that, movement. It appears to be another veiled attempt to pull out/down region 3, 4, 5 students that have worked their tails off to be admitted into those programs.
Too much student impact, moves
You'll lose people in the magnet program.
Both A and C includes building a new HS. Why not make it large enough to not need to move magnet? Also, I think most Magnet students would stay in the cluster instead of moving with the Magnet program, i.e. there would not be a significant change in enrollment in the Region despite moving the Magnet program. Some of the students would then seek charter or other transfers into the region instead of the Magnet option.
Magnet move
Expensive, moves the magnet program, and adds onto what are already fairly new schools
Moves magnet - probably far away which would destroy it.
Relocation of current magnet school, too many student moves
Moving Magnet Program. I am one of the original 176 Magnet students from Kittredge when it opened in the late 1980s and I do not want to see the program moved from the Chamblee feeder pattern. I was apart of the original transition from Kittredge to Chamblee and I greatly benefited from the diversity at Chamblee High School. I believe future students will continue to benefit from this diversity and Chamblee's commitment to serving all students.
Magnet school movement to SW Dekalb would be far from population center
Chamblee is a nationally preforming school because of the magnet program. It is a Georgia gem and should be preserved. All of our students benefit from the presence of the magnet program as we provide instruction for more than 22 AP's Chamblee also as a highly educated staff that would more than likely move with magnet school. It has the potential to lower real estate values for the county and influence e-splost dollars
--Moving the magnet program from Chamblee Middle and High School would not alleviate the current overcrowding issues and could increase the overcrowding of other Region 1 and 2 schools. --A large portion of magnet students live in Chamblee and other Region 1 and 2 neighborhoods; many of these families are unable or unwilling to travel greater distances to attend a relocated program. --Many current magnet students will return to their already overcrowded home schools in North DeKalb. --Magnet teachers are also not necessarily likely to move with the program and they are the reason for so much of the program’s success.
Moving Magnet programs.
Moving the magnet will kill the program as the students are not going to travel 20 more miles + to attend in southwest Dekalb. These students will likely return to their home schools which are already overcrowded.
Moving magnet will not impact as much as expected. Many students are already Region 1 and will just remain at CCHS, Dunwoody, Lakeside. Not helping the crowding problem
The magnet program moves out of my region
As mentioned earlier, this option would destroy the thriving alumni support network which contributes to Chamblee (the Blue & Gold Foundation). It would also take a successful school (both resident and magnet programs) and create an unknown future for both. I would ask the board members to strongly consider these implications and why they would want to mess with one of the most successful programs in the county.
must find land for HS; moving magnet might not help as many would just return to their home school and overcrowd that facility if it is in north DeKalb. It would likely be great for south DeKalb as the schools would still be way underutilized but they would be able to send all the magnet kids to a school closer to home.
moving the #1 elementary school in DeKalb. You would lose ALOT of families who would then want to return to their neighborhood cluster and this would result in adding even more students to Region 1!
Moving the Chamblee Magnets will basically close the programs, which would be devastating for the district and the county.
Disruption and elimination of magnet programs that work/established
I do not want my children taken out of Dunwoody/PCMS and put in Sequoyah. It is too far away and would require crossing too many major roads. My children can ride their bikes safely to PCMS and DHS. It looks like I am probably living in the affected area to make the switch, and we would have to cross 285, Peachtree Industrial, and Buford Highway, lots of traffic, lots of time, lots of danger to get there.
There is a magnet in S Dekalb - the point was to have a North and South magnet. The only schools with room seem to be South.
Disrupts school choice options for those who are able to get in
Impacts largest number of students (moving just under 7000 students)
do not like moving the magnet programs.
Extra travel for my child in current magnet program
Moving Chamblee Magnets would mean that no magnet programs would be in District 1. Costs more and have to find available land to purchase.
Absolutely nothing good comes of this.
Moving Magnet programs doesn't convincingly result in movement of students from overcrowded schools to under capacity schools
Test scores and graduate rates would drop substantially. Then there would be no diverse schools performing well. Also the magnet program benefits more than just the children in the program, these classes are available to all children that do well.
Disrupting magnet program. If moved to S. DeKalb, a lot of families will pull their kids from the program and 1) return to overcrowded home schools; 2) go to private schools; or 3) move out of DeKalb County (with their tax dollars) to get a better education.
More Expensive, Moves Magnet; Assumes current Magnet students will follow program to different location
possibly moving magnet programs outside the area?
Moving magnets is highly undesirable for current magnet families. Many live near these schools.
Cost, Land acquisition, Magnet program move
Moving the Chamblee Magnet program. I've spoken with several folks and no one is able to explain how this makes sense.
Moves the magnet program from what is now one of the highest ranked HS in the state.
Moves the magnet program. If the magnet program moves, a large number of students will drop out of the program - putting them back in their overcrowded home schools. Also, the magnet teachers are unlikely to move with the program - so, the program will die. History in DeKalb has proven that "moving" magnet programs eliminates them.
Moves a top performing magnet out of the region when it's working well. Does not build the most seats. Costs more than option 1.
The Magnet Programs should reside at Chamblee and the Cross Keys students that were added for 2016-2017 need to go back to Cross Keys. Why would you want to mess up 1 of the few schools that are striving in DeKalb County and in the state of GA. DeKalb county should take notes from other counties and put some of those practices in place. Every school should have top notch academic and athletics. Chamblee should be to compete with Marist and St. Pius. The students should be at the top both academically and athletically. DeKalb needs to notice that because they don't have schools and facilities to compete with Fulton and Gwinnett, the people are leaving and taking their kids that will allow them to excel academically and athletically. Our kids should be able to go to Yale, Harvard, Princeton and both academic and athletic scholarships.
does not build the most seats in region 1; moves a successful magnet when it's a top ranking school in DCSD.
This would be the end of the magnet program as we know it.
Magnet programs (only programs among top 500 HS in the US) are disrupted.
Moving the Magnet program -- an extremely terrible idea
Moving Magnet is a bad idea.
Moving magnet is not smart
Decrease of magnet participation from region 1 due to location which will lead to further overcrowding of home schools.
It will be detrimental to the magnet program to move it from a long-standing successful situation.
Moving Chamblee Magnet
Success magnet program moved.
Can't afford to lose magnet programs in north part of county.
High cost but not a long term solution
Cost and removal of magnet program from chamblee.
An only Magnet would limit the choices the Magnet students would have after school and also the amount of AP classes that are being offered. Smart residential kids would be the loosers...not many AP classes.
Moving the magnet will force many to return to their home school thereby creating capacity issues.
Exceeds the budget; just barely covers the projected growth in student size; what if we have another mini population explosion; will we be going through this again in 5 years?
Parking/traffic flow
relocating Chamblee Magnets to the southern part of County & students have ride a bus for about I hour.
Kills the Magnet program, a program that has taken decades to develop and which provides DeKalb with a highly respected institution that allows for real student choice.
Chamblee magnet moves
Relocation of magnet program, and to unknown location
Moves the Magnets
Magnet students lose chamblee diploma. Chamblee ranking lowers. Magnet students go back to home schools. Magnet program including the highly esteemed german program loses national status. Overcrowding at chamblee. Affects close to 7000 students.
land and relocate magnet
Will destroy the Chamblee/DeKalb County Schools' magnet program. The magnet program is a gem and great asset. Moving the program to a undesirable location will help destroy the magnet program.
You would be moving or dismantling some of the most beneficial, successful programs in Dekalb with no real hope that it would help to solve the problems of over crowding.
Moving magnet, cost and land acquisition
Moves magnet students

Alternative Suggestions:

Don't move magnets
Create magnate programs in under capacity schools
I started by voting for B, but now I am changing to C; overall, I think this is an excellent solution, and I think that a new Sequoyah cluster would be the most fair and reasonable option for the students in the area It is critical to identify a central location that supports community building - and to stay inside the Perimeter It is critical to build with concern for the surrounding environment and teach students the importance of the integrity of greenspace
utilize old kittredge site for combined magnet MS/HS, utilize avondale middle, combine DSA and DESA, rezone Idlewood to St. Mtn. and Evansdale to Tucker to avoid need for some of the proposed school additions
Create more room at Chamblee Middle by making Kittredge 4-8. Leave CCHS alone. I was under the impression that Tucker schools were more overcrowded, but there's not a lot of movement out of Tucker in any of these plans. You should make address verification a big part of this, too. There are many families at Tucker and Lakeside who do not live within the zone.
build new middle school for dunwoody or add on to Peachtree Middle and add on to dunwoody high. build a new elementary, middle and high school for the cross keys group
Work with Assembly, get publicity for them about donating land
These are terrible options. Go back to the drawing board. The gerrymandered Cross Keys cluster is an embarrassment. DCSD should be ashamed of their actions.
Since the DeKalb schools still take an indirect hit, the Assembly should play nice by giving some land for the high school. That will make the cost of option A more reasonable.
Build new high school. Centralize middle and high magnet at Briarcliff HS. Add capacity to existing middle schools. Make elementary schools K-6th grades.
Expand the magnet program. Perhaps Move the magnet to Briarcliff (with HS teachers).
Build on to existing schools. All in Chamblee are on enough land to add to existing structures.
I would like option A better if it included classroom additions and facility improvements at Dunwoody High School in addition to the five schools listed. We are suffering!
Please don't move Chamblee Magnet program
phase build new DSA/High Achievers Magnet on land across from DSA/AHS. Build theater - SPLOST V, then instructional spaces or 6-12 arts school connected to theater with SPLOST VI.
I don't think any of the plans do enough. Most of the affected schools are still projected to be at 96-100% capacity by 2022. Then we will be doing this all over again. Build more schools now.
Option A
Where are you getting these predictive models? I know more people moving out of Dekalb because of the comical corruption than
Magnet move.
Keep chamblee magnet intact. Avoid overcrowding in Lakeside and Tucker by being more vigilant about attendance lines. It's not watched carefully enough and many people from outside those attendance areas are being allowed to enroll at these overcrowded schools.
What about the many empty schools around the county that continue to fall into disrepair? Why isn't re-opening these old schools on the options list? Can't be expense - the county spends more than it should to maintain these empty buildings and lots. why not either re-open or sell those properties and build bigger schools? the county continues to grow in population and we will need more schools sooner than expected. why not take advantage of schools already built?
Proper residency checks to ensure children are correctly enrolled in order to achieve an accurate count of space that's needed at each HS and MS.
Redistrict the entire DCSD on a scheduled timeline. Sell property that is owned and not bring utilized. Use that money to buy land for new high school.
Add a magnet program to new sequoyah or new Briarcliff Hs. Also we need additional spots at KmS. We need more spots and this will make people that get redistricted happier! Offering more opportunities and programs at more schools will increase happiness as redistricting is needed and inevitable
Create smaller high-achiever/gifted magnet programs in each region or cluster to serve the top students who cannot easily be served by neighborhood schools. Let each region decide the minimum requirements (75%ile or 96%ile) to be eligible for the lottery. This would serve students without creating traffic woes. Work with DeKalb County traffic engineers to determine how the county can identify and remediate potential traffic concerns that may be created or exacerbated by new/larger schools. Complete road construction before schools are enlarged or added. Consider the role of MARTA in selecting future magnet locations. Woodward Academy students regularly ride MARTA. DCSS students can, too.
I don't believe that is will solve large problems, but I never understand why schools that are overcrowded, where kids are stuck in trailers, allow students to transfer in. I know Chamblee does. I know Peachtree Middle School does too. Yet my youngest child's entire "team" was out in the trailers during 6th grade. If schools are overcrowded, they should not allow transfer students from out of zone.
Close Magnets
Do not move the magnets from CCHS
Create magnet high school that feeds from Kittredge
For magnet programs: create 2 comprehensive magnet programs. School of the Arts (grades K-12) and High Achievers (grades 4-12). Put one at Avondale High or Middle and one at Briarcliff High.
When building a new school look at the growth plans and don't build for the current student body or we'll be redistricting every two years.
Implement a Voucher system. Be innovative and cutting edge. We have the chance to be the leader and model for GA School Systems. At a minimum, expand the Magnet Program. Extend Wadworth to 8th Grade and add a South Dekalb Magnet HS. We have the qualified and interested students.
Establish more magnet programs throughout the county, where many more students could benefit, rather than limiting only to 2.
Overcrowding is an issue. Cross Keys and Sequoyah need relief. No matter what decision is made, there will be both unhappy and happy stakeholders. I recommend moving magnet programs to Avondale High School.
These suggestions focus entirely on creating facilities to accomodate the projected future needs. None talks about updating the crumbling current facilites, which must be a priority for capital improvements.
That until a site for the new Sequoyah cluster is determined and until the lines are redrawn parents are not going to be able to see the benefits of how this will lessen the overcrowding or funding needs at their school or cluster. Right now there are many rumors that need to be addressed in order for parents to make an informed decision. I can't tell you what needs to be fixed at schools that are not in my cluster. Or I can't tell you about issues going on outside of my cluster in order to give an informed responses. This can simply be done by narrowing down a location for the new Sequoyah cluster (and since there is a high school in GA already names Sequoyah it is probably best not to use that name for this new high school, as there is always confusion over Lakeside High in DeKalb and Evans GA). It should have it own unique name especially since the county tax payers are footing the bill. Once you have the location narrowed down then you will be able to draw new lines and give people a year before implementing them so parents can decide if they want to sell their home because they are no longer living in the cluster they want their children to be in. It is highly unfair for a person to live in a home and pay a mortgage in an area in which they didn't want to live in.
Keep Magnets at Chamblee or in other Northern location
Look at more affectively using the land already owned by DeKalb by adding space to existing elementary schools to free up more campuses for middle schools.
Is it possible to maintain vertical alignment, recluster, move the magnet, use the Briarcliff High site, and not have to build a new high school in Doraville?
My affiliation is Dekalb school of the arts...it is disturbing that the board already decided what to do and is passing the survey off as if the tax payers opinion really counts! maybe over crowding is a result of other Dekalb County offices doing the same, spending money to improve those exact same overcrowded regions while the green region is overlooked and dies. DSA, housed in a building that is 62years old is listed as needing MINOR RENOVATIONS! not logically possible! what is really distrubing is that the number two performing school in the county can't get a realistic assessment and real needs addressed it looks like we are headed for another bandaid on a hemorrhage. Hey here's an idea approve applications to build new communities based on school capacity, infrastructure and traffic congestion and just maybe this can be avoided.
Reveal if there are changes in school boundary lines.
Traffic studies must be performed soon in order see if any of these options are viable.
Add ANOTHER magnet program - based upon the GM tests, the magnet curriculum works. Give parents a positive choice to accept redistricting with minimal drama. Leave the magnet alone and add another HS to service the overcrowding in the Cross Keys cluster and provide the needed language services to get kids up to speed and less technology because these children (and PARENTS!) need to learn English to succeed in school. NOTE: none of your options are presenting the value of the education and the resources to the parents and students. ANOTHER redistricting effort where the county will spend millions because a bunch of morons are at the helm. The school board should be focusing on improving education not just facilities management. The last effort was a WASTE of millions of dollars (did the head of facilities get fired? It looks like the same guy on WSB Dave Drake?) and here we are again. The proposal is looking to GUT the only program that met the Milestone standards. How INSANE is that? Are we to follow the Cross Keys cluster model for success?
I work at the elementary magnet school in north Dekalb, my son attends elementary school at one of the schools in the feeder pattern and loves it there. We however live in Fulton, if the magnet program would move further south or west in the county, I know this would affect my son's schooling as well as our commute. I have been a loyal Dekalb employee since 2008. I love the school in which I work and it's location. I would hate to leave, but if the commute is too long and my son can no longer attend the school he goes to, I would most likely begin looking at jobs closer to home in Fulton County. I realize I am only one person, but I am just sharing how this would affect my family and me.
My child attends DeKalb School of the Arts. More space is needed for this premier program. It is slated for "minor renovation" but the theater stage and overall practice areas are inadequate. The quality of the students as scholars and artists seemingly has gone unnoticed by DCSD as evidenced by no quality space.
Destroy current CKHS, with new CKHS building at the same site. Additions to Sequoyah, potentially entirely new building
What about land for old Chamblee Middle (just north of 285). Couldn't that be used for a new HS?
There are two suggestions to offer to address the overcrowding and general management of the district facilities. First, address the infrastructure needs of all district schools. There should not be inadequate air, classroom space, parking, lighting, restroom amenities, athletic, technology and arts facilities. Based on the materials provided on the web-site for this third round, stakeholders request to address these basic rights have been largely ignored. Second, address the benefit package given to non-DeKalb and DeKalb County school district employees. The majority of these district employees are utilizing the ability to fill seats in the very same school choice programs and better run schools being presented as overcrowded (Regions 1 & 2). If there is an unwillingness to discontinue the practice as a whole then, a). limit it to K - 6, b). require proof of legal guardianship and c). assign to school based on available seats AFTER district residents who are not employed by the School district have been accommodated.
Provide more details. If middle school kids are moved, does that mean they change elementary schools? Where are you proposing the magnet program live since there is no space in north and middle DeKalb? Are there impacts to elementary schools? What is the high-level timeline for all 3 options?
Expand the magnet program into three districts, North/Central/South, make use of any existing property owned by the county by retrofitting/expanding, sell off structures that aren't vital to school expansion.
Leave the magnet program intact!
It would be helpful to know proposed attendance lines. It is very difficult to vote not knowing how you plan to shift students. I would not support moving students out of their communities. This has been attempted in the past.
Why does the county not look into purchasing office buildings that are already built and for sale/ for specialty schools- these may be able to fit the needs of the programs with some changes to how parking- pick up drop off occur. Many areas around these large overcrowded schools have plenty of space avail if thinking outside of the traditional school choice.
So many people lie about their addresses to attend other schools or ask for and are granted waivers. Also teachers who live in Gwinnett or outside the hiring school attendance zone have their kids in DeKalb schools instead. I'd like to see how this contributes to schools. I know it works both ways, but it seems skewed in DeKalb. It would be nice if schools were good enough academically to want to send kids there no matter what zone they were in and if the focus wasn't so strong on sports that people chose schools to be on a better team. Really understanding why the red zone is so crowded and seeking ways to provide those same opportunities to the green zone is what is needed.
Do not take any children away from the Dunwoody area. Our kids need to be able to go to school near where they live.
Split the Dekalb County system into three different systems, so it is less daunting to manage such a large system.
It is hard to objectively analyze when redistricting boundaries are not included.
Bring back Open Campus high school and vocational ed to DeKalb County. Then children throughout the entire area could have more options for actually graduating instead of this horrible Move on When Ready. All while alleviating overcrowding at multiple schools.
This elephant is too big. Needs to be broken up into smaller pieces so that the local communities can get involved and decide how best to use the funds allocated to them. Stakeholder engagement is key for any successful endeavor.
Option 3, but with the 2400 seat Seq HS and LEAVE THE MAGNET PROGRAM ALONE!
Is it possible to build a 8/9 grade center at the Briarcliff site? This would ease over crowding at Henderson and Lakeside by taking 2 whole grades from each school.
Option B but with Option A impact.
Parking/traffic flow
use tax money wisely and keep Chamblee Magnets in the northern part of county
Not a suggestion really, but save money to fix our athletic facilities. Several of our stadiums are in deplorable condition. Pathetic. Bad. Fix them. Please.
Could the overcrowding problem can be alleviated by utilizing some of the unused school land? I am not sure what we have as unused school land. Just throw some ideas.
Please consider the children first in this massive decision. Eliminate the lottery which is biased and unfair - there are far too many qualified children that deserve the very best education. How can it even be rationalized that the quality of a child's education be based on a game of chance and luck? Put the magnet programs back in the home schools empowering the home schools and giving those underserved communities the option to see these kids shine. Society completely misses out when we have bright, artistic, musical children who cannot get in to a certain school because their name was not pulled out of a hat. Ask yourselves why Magnet schools had to even exist...because the home schools were not providing quality education. Make the schools what the parents want them to be. Parents at Cross Keys and Clarkston want for their kids the EXACT same thing as parents at Dunwoody and Lakeside. This divisive line on where you should or should not live is based ENTIRELY on schools and what they do and do not offer. EVERY CHILD deserves the EXACT same opportunity regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, parents income or education but sadly Dekalb has proven itself as a county where the haves and have nots are clearly defined in terms of public education. And while you are at it, please please please re evaluate the times Elementary children start school. Where is it even logical to have buses come at 6.25 am and earlier to get kids who need the most sleep, to school which starts at 7.40? I realize there are budget constraints and 1 bus serves 3 schools - Elementary, Middle and High, but why are the Elementary kids the ones who lose out the most? Who allowed this to occur? Make the right changes as you would if Your children's Education was a stake.
There is land at the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody Road where the old middle school was - construct a new elementary there to help with overcrowding. There is already a new elementary planned for Skyland Elementary - why is this not mentioned in any of the options? Find land for the new middle and high schools in Doraville where there is land available - yes, it will cost money but it is necessary if Dekalb is to compete with other metro counties for drawing in families! Look at additions to existing schools - Dekalb is going to have to spend a lot of money on replacing/ adding on to out of date buildings if they want to attract families and teachers! Schools like Kittredge, Chamblee MS and HS should not be the exception - they should be the standard! Even if you moved Kittredge, do not move the middle school and high school program! Look at the model that Gwinnett is using when building their newer schools - they are doing it right. I would add that if you eliminate the magnet program from the elementary level you would strengthen home schools. Kittredge is a source of frustration for many familiies whose children qualify for the program but do not get in because of the lottery system. All families want the best education for their children - that should not be awarded based on a luck of the draw system. Have strong magnet programs in place at the home schools so that opportunities exist equally or be able and willing to accept all students who qualify for the program.
Redistrict to utilizes empty seats other places in district, build additions where money can be most effectively used and where over crowding is highest
Not necessarily alternative, but additional suggestions: Verify Residency of students currently enrolled in school. There are many stories of "address fraud" that results in students enrolled in schools that are not their "home schools". Make the lower performing schools stronger so that there is less "flight" to higher performing schools. Consider relocating the magnet to the new Sequoyah area school if it has to be relocated. This is a less drastic location change and may result in more students staying in the magnet programs. Eliminate the magnet schools for high achievers and place high achieving programs in all schools.
Make land agreement with Assembly and option A cost goes down significantly!
KEEP the Chamblee Magnet program at the current locations!
Do not disrupt magnet!
Move the magnet programs closer to wherever most of the magnet students live. That's probably the current location... so why move it?
need to provide a long term planning - say 10 to 20 year plan. And provide an addition space to local schools.
I'm a student in the magnet program. It's a great program and I don't want to lose my wonderful teachers or my classmates to other schools. Please don't move it away from Chamblee.
What about alternate spaces for schools, such as, empty office space or strip malls. These are very hard choices but I believe option A has the most significant positive change for the over crowding in the area with the least amount of disruption to students' lives.
Combination of A and B- and increasing the outlook of seats needed
Improve public transportation. Build more magnet schools
Stop allowing so much multi-family housing to be built in concentrated areas.
How about not destroying a nationally recognized school and program? You can improve things for others without destroying a success story.
Utilize existing properties such as Chamblee Dunwoody Road property or Skyland Center.
Option A with added magnent programs throughout the county. Perhaps assign one school in each region to house a magnent program. This will increase student performance and opportunities throughout the county and reduce parent commutes.
Need to revisit magnet program changes separately from Cross Keys overcrowding. Kittredge is also taking up vital space. Elementary schools are overcrowded in the area. Montgomery could use some relief as well by utilizing old Nancy Creek facility. Overall kids should get magnet program services at their home school. Meet the demand and get rid of ridiculous lottery system.
Get God back in the schools. Stop wasting money and get back to the basics!!!!
Address the overcrowding issue in Cross Keys as the only purpose for this project.
Option A is the only choice
have people that live on both sides of briarwood feed into cross keys ms and hs
Can the former GM plant be factored into the overcrowding solution? If the magnet must be moved, are there no available spaces that are more centrally located to lessen the impact to families and teachers? Does moving the programs mean integrating them with existing programs, and, if so, how is that going to work in a way that both programs are respected?
Add magnets to more schools to encourage people to choose underutilized schools. You still might have to build new schools though.
Get rid of magnets entirely, and distribute gifted programs to all schools! Swap agreement on Assembly tax district for new HS footprint to bring Option A in line with budget
Add a new school in Area 2 for Chamblee move
I love option A. If by any chance you having problems finding a location to add this new schools, you can added them in properties that has been abandoned for a long time. One place would be in front of Farmers Market in Buford Highway which used to be a KMART. The other location would be the old high school next to Adams Stadium.
Additions to new school are not addressing the infrastructure needs of the existing buildings. For instance, new capacity at Huntley Hills will come by new trailers, which are not adequate learning environments.
We are going to have to acquire land in the future no matter what. Our current sites cannot hold the capacity that is coming. Our priority should be not splitting feeders and expanding our infrastructure. Should also be pursuing an simultaneous path of attracting new magnets and charters. Brookhaven Innovation Academy and others like it would help to expand capacity, but there is no room for them in our area. Need to look at some of our other properties like PATH Academy and get creative about repurposing that space with more capacity to house PATH and a charter perhaps.
For the magnet program, there is obviously a larger need for the program to be expanded, so move it into either its own buildings (like Kittredge) or expand the program to all County schools so that those that are in the program (and those still trying to get in) have the opportunities afforded to them. Moving the program out of the most prominent and accessible schools for North DeKalb is NOT the answer! For overcrowding, either Option A or B will work, or redistrict, but be smart about it. Don't just use lines on a map - go out to those communities, talk to the people, look at how the neighborhoods are set up so that you don't have people living right next to a school they cannot attend.
consider completion times of projects : additions vs. new buildings
Option A is a good suggestion. Its mostly adding seats at the schools that are most crowded and it displaces the fewest kids (which we know is important to them but also makes sense from a future growth point of view).
I don't know enough be provide a valid alternative .
Please DO NOT MOVE Magnet Program! Disruptive to the program and quality of eduction to both County and State as many of them will be pushed away into Private. For the ones that potentially relocate and remain, it does not solve any space issue which was what we tried to solve with the reclustering excercise.
I went to meetings last spring and gave input to suggestions already.
Construction and improvements. Some of the schools buildings are old and they need renovation and additions. The DSA is an example of and old building. Henderson Middle is being renovated. That's what needs to be done. That's why we pay higher taxes.
Concentrate on staff quality and improving instruction in low-performing schools. We don't need more buildings-we need better academic results throughout DeKalb County!
I think we should plan for more than 2022. All the plans have little additional space if population continues to rise. Why not look ahead to 2025 or 2030 and add a few hundred more seats to a couple of the schools.
Build more schools, renovate and update. Do not move or interrupt the pioneering, successful programs. Emulate them throughout the district...magnet/high achievers, language emmersion, STEAM/STEM and others. Help different communities organize; mentor them in parent-led initiatives that have pushed successful schools to the top. Spends funds appropriately. Be proactive not reactive. Put our children's educations and well being first. Do not punish successful clusters for being successful; meaning people have moved to those cluster's neighborhoods because of the clusters success.
I'm not certain I know enough details to make any suggestions. I will say two things however, it's fascinating to me that all of these changes are needed in North Dekalb, not South Dekalb. I guess they had all of their needs addressed. Second, we pay much more in property taxes in the North than in the South, yet we have all of the overcrowding. Oh I forgot a third, Dekalb County already has the highest school taxes in the state, yet where does all the money go? Because any one of these three projects will cost a lot of money.
Leave the magnets at Chamblee and increase size of new HS
If a parent wishes to keep their child at current school they would have to provide transportation
I wish I had one.
Move ES through HS magnet programs to a single consolidated location. This would open up spots at Chamblee high and Kittridge would be turned back into an elementary school.
Sell Briarcliff site and acquire land that isn't already within 5 miles of another high school.
Make new or find existing location so the magnet program can stay in the Chamblee area to keep the best program and teachers in Dekalb County. We love our teachers! Also, why not making more magnet programs all over the County? I do not think any parent would object this proposal, which was refused at the beginning of this project. Do we know the reason for this? Thank you.
Expand and renovate current schools to accommodate growth without moving anyone
Realizing there are no easy answers would love to see focus on keeping Brookhaven City attendance zone which includes BuHi corridor. It is a strong community of like-minded people who value and invest in education. Keep that strong community together! Strengthen the school offerings, make these schools have an attraction factor that people WANT to attend. Tighten up attendance qualification standards. Is it feasible to move Ashford Park ES students to John Lewis and use current APES for 5/6 school for Brookhaven. Then keep Magnet at CMS and have it be 7/8. Build new school in North Dekalb (hopefully not other side of 85) that has new magnet focus or IB program or something extremely appealing that Region I students will want to attend.
Build additional school in cross keys district for overflow.
Leave as is
Do a study on what will be happening in the Buford highway corridor in the next 10 years. Maybe it will b called BufordBlvd. and full of town homes with not many kids. We r ITP, look at what is happening on Roswell Rd inside the perimeter.
Host was voted on to improve existing schools - not redistrict!! Most of the existing schools can structurally handle a second floor or some other type of enlargement. Perhaps you should consider funding the existing schools with supplies they need rather than depend on the parents to do so. Also, perhaps you should consider the really awful teachers that you allow to continue to teach!! Improvements does not equal redistricting!! Improvements start with the teachers!
If the magnets need to be removed they should be centrally located in the county e.g. Avondale
Doraville used to be industrial, but it's not anymore. It only makes sense to plan for its change to a more residential core. The GM plant developers wanted to strike a deal with the school system so ask them for the land.
Could we tear down CKHS, build new and then use Ashford Park Elementary as a new middle school (multi level). Then kids from Ashford Park could go to an expanded John Lewis Elementary. This scenario may allow for less split feeders and still uses existing land.
Remove students who do not live in the cluster areas. This is very apparent in athletics
For all options, expanded (not new) middle and high school facilities need to be fully expanded - not just adding classrooms, but cafeteria, gym, library space. There needs to be a commitment for equally high education opportunities across the board in our high schools. A Broookhaven cluster would promote the strong sense of community and set the schools within up for success. Ashford Park and Drew Valley need to be kept together.
System attendance is skewed for a very specific reason - people want to send their children to good schools. Solution: make the schools in the southern part of the county better. How? Better pay for teachers - selectively! Include the equivalent of 'hazard pay' for working in region 5. This will allow you to choose from among better teachers. "Pest control" should never even make the top 50 of a list of concerns. Spend the available money differentially, with preference to southern parts of the county. Building more capacity in the north will just cause more people to move from the southern regions.
Make a new Brookhaven cluster attendance zone and recluster at new cross keys high school at briar cliff
shrink magnet by increasing stringency of standards
Just rebuild the damn school
tear down crosskeys and rebuild a larger (higher) school with more stories that can accomodate the student influx.
Rebuild cross Keys at existing site. Use APE land for new MS. Send all AP to JLE
Expanding Chamblee high school and keeping the magnet program there
I don't like any options - why don't we renovate/rebuild the Cross Keys Highschool - the county owns the land - there would not be a need to build a new HS on property that the county doesn't even own yet. The option to build on N Druid Hills is completely a disaster - the traffic and construction in that area slated for the next 5 years makes that option undesirable - can't the county sell that land to pay for some of the recommendations to build new and add on to existing??
Why not build a three or four story building in the place of the Cross Keys building? This way, you don't have to build any new schools on new property, no magnet students have to move, and the Cross Keys students can stay at their original school. While you are building, the Cross Keys students can learn in trailers.
DSA is the, or one of the, top performing high schools in the county and the state. Windows are broken, mosquitos and other insects are inside, HVAC is broken so classrooms are freezing or burning hot, bathrooms overflow and shut down, 1/3 of the building is filled with county storage, the practice and performance areas are small and substandard, and the grounds are unkept and rundown. Yet, it is listed as needing "minor renovations." We need to prioritize improving where our kids are NOW before launching into huge building projects that take years to complete -- and class after class suffers through deplorable conditions. Please prioritize fixing DSA. It is a great school with great kids and a shining star in Dekalb County. It needs to shine from the outside, too.
There is a hugely long wait list for the NDekalb gifted magnet starting in 4th grade. What we need to do is add capacity and it doesn't all need to be in the same building. Wherever there is space, add a magnet track following the Kittredge/Wadsworth curriculum, and ditto for MS and HS. We need to add more slots, not move around a too-small program such that fewer children will be able to reach it. The same goes for any other over-applied program such as IB, etc.
I voted to keep SLOST to allow South Dekalb to thrive, not to encourage more migration to North Dekalb
New High Achievers magnet at Avondale - that would help with over crowding all over.
More hiring of staff! Teacher recruitment and retention should be a larger priority ! Not just budgeting money for more teachers but senior administrative outreach for more teachers prepared for future growth in our school system.
I think you need to form a 4 cluster system for District 1. CLUSTER 1 is for sure a new high School in the Doraville area. Keeping in mind this is a great place 1) for public transportation and 2) an excellent place for a dual immersion program. Look at the success of DEKALB PATH ACADEMY. the feeders are southeast of Buford Hwy, Seqoyah MS, Oakcliff, Cary Reynolds, High Tower & Dresden ES. CLUSTER 2 is Dunwoody HS, Peachtree MS, Vanderlyn, Austin, Kingsley, Chestnut, Dunwoody ES. CLUSTER 3 is CHAMBLEE HS with Chamblee Middle, Huntley Hills, Ashford Park & Montgomery ES. I would move Dekalb Path Academy where it is closer to public transportation into the area where it's students live and create a new Elementary school in that location for CLUSTER 3. CLUSTER 4 is CROSS KEYS HS serving the new Elementary School on Skyland, Montclair & Woodward ES. I know DEKALB BOE needs to make a decision for Dekalb as a whole (I grew up in Dekalb County Schools) But District 1 and 2 and 4 are so different. Above is a great plan for district 1, District 2 and 4 need their own plan, but I don't know those areas so can't say what is the best option for them. I think either one of them would benefit from the Briracliff site though. I know you are not interested in redistricting, but looking at map it is quite evident if you made everything NE of 85 District 1, it would be a cohesive District that would form a multicultural, socioeconomically diverse student body.
Leave the magnet and the Chamblee district alone, but create other magnet programs at other schools. Demand for the magnet programs far exceed capacity and a lottery system for a good education is just a very poor model and not fair. Any student with a high enough score, aptitude and willingness to do the work and learn should have the opportunity to do so.
Move all Brookhaven-based students into a new middle school building at the Briarcliff site (or somewhere not on the other side of 85 - think North Atlanta with an office type location) high school building built at the current Cross Keys site. This would include elementary feeders Montgomery, Ashford Park, Brookhaven parts of Woodward, Montclair and the new John Lewis Elementary. Similarly, move all Chamblee-based students into Chamblee High school and add in Doraville.
Possibly building larger schools in the future like you see in Fulton & Gwinnett
DSA has only "minor improvements" anticipated. The school needs significant refurbishment.
Any alternative to moving the magnet program would be fine
Build a new, larger Cross Keys HS onsite, use Briarcliff for Lakeside relief
You might consider adding a designation to this survey other than "other community member." There are many homeowners in DeKalb without children in the schools and without their property tax dollars flowing into the system, it wouldn't work for anyone. All have a stake in this, both financially and educationally. "Other community member" is a catch-all which is a bit dismissive of the significant financial contribution made by those taxpayers not receiving the direct benefit of education for their households.
I feel strongly that Ashford Park and Drew Valley are one neighborhood and they need to stay together. If Ashford Park is moved to the new John Lewis Elementary School, can we then use the old AP land to create a middle school? I see crossing over 85 as a huge divide - not just the traffic issues but we would lose the neighborhood feel we currently have. Our neighborhood does not cross over 85 and our schools should not either. It seems like in each plan, Drew Valley/Ashford Park kids will be going to Cross Keys regardless. Unless DCSB can address and reassure that there are plan to bring Cross Keys up to the same academic level as Chamblee, our neighbors will be leaving in droves. I would like to see a significant investment made into Cross Keys - not just a new auditorium - but major funding for advanced programs, enrichment programs (art, music, etc.) These must be made for us to feel comfortable with this change.
Tearing down the current single-story Cross Keys High School and building a three or four-story high school on the same land is a much better option than any of these. We need to realize that we live in a very densely populated area and we don't really have the luxury of building "out", so we need to take a hint from Europe (especially Germany) and build "up". All we'd have to do is have the current Cross Keys high schoolers use trailers while the new school is being built.
Option D - remove the magnet program from Chamblee, keep all the existing Chamblee kids at Chamblee and add additional students currently in Cross Keys to Chamblee. New HS in Sequoyah Area.
Give us an accurate FTE budget for each school. Not just direct costs but indirect costs. DCSD does not even have an accounting system to tell you what site costs are per school. It's all done on excel spreadsheets!
verify residences of kids zoned in schools that are overcrowded ie Lakeside, don't move forward until you know what neighborhoods are affected, It is putting a lot of pressure on us to "vote" when we don't know all the details of how we will be affected. Also, keep in mind that some of us don't fit in all the categories in the first question. My kids are still in daycare, not elementary school, but that was the best option.
It looks like a new building us going to be needed no matter what.
Add on to Chamblee High and keep magnet program there, and build a new high school to help with crowding in other schools
This process makes me very nervous, but my concerns are more centered around redistricting.I think split-feeders and magnet should be on the table in those future conversations. However, my view of whether we implement would be based on the specifics of those proposals. We need large format middle and high schools, which the school system seems to agree with. Our options are limited. If we can't get land, then it seems there is not much of a decision to make. We need to build JLES and get Briarcliff running as a middle school now. If finding land doesn't work in Doralville, then convert to Briarcliff to high school.
If we have to be redistricted to another school district which has a lower score than the current school we go to parents should be allowed to select the school that the kids go to and not have to go to a lower score scoring School. The other option is to approve a voucher system where we decide which school we put our tax money towards. Bottom line we should not be redistricted to a lower scoring school without other BENEFICIAL options!
Rebuild Cross Keys HS like Chamblee HS was and have CK's students in trailers until construction is finished. This would help with the problem of too many students in a small school. Other changes may be needed to alieviate overcrowding in other schools. This would eliminate needing to buy new land and building more floors would add space to the school and the Chamblee Magnets would not be "relocated".
build a new school that is centrally located that houses the high-achiever's magnet programs from grades 4 through 12
If magnets are moved from Chamblee, add an IB program there.
Build and grow equally successful magnets in other regions of DeKalb. You have a successful model; identify and enlist competent leadership to implement.
Focus on the real problem - capacity in regions 1, 2 and 3. More schools are needed in those regions. Pretending that moving a few hundred students (not even that many according to the data provided to date) will somehow aid in the real problem is sophistry. The voters chose to give you more of their money, even after the recent all-too-public debacles, in order to provide the resources necessary to build new and more schools. That is what the Board should be doing. The successful programs like the CCHS magnet program and the DeKalb School of the Arts should be encouraged and fostered with stability, not continually threatened with relocation or other disruption. The teachers need such stability, the students need such stability, and the county needs such stability.
These are lovely plans. Meanwhile, Peachtree Middle sits with a whole grade's worth of kids in trailers. And neighborhoods in the cluster that are rapidly graying out with more families moving in. Plus increasing numbers of kids in the apartments on Peachtree Industrial. Nothing here addresses that upcoming growth. What's next - trailers in the ball field??
Build second and third floor at Cross Keya HS.
Please do not have students have to drive across town to their schools - keep them as local and neighborhood based as possible. This is better for community building and having students work together outside of school hours.
I don't see the instructional foundation for this analysis. Has there been discussion of preferred school sizes to match the district's instructional program and the needs of students. Should we really have middle schools with over 1600 students and high schools of over 2,000 students? How does that meet the underlying objectives?
Don't mess with the Cross Keys Cluster. Leave it as it is. The home values in the Chamblee Cluster will suffer if the white people in Brookhaven have to go to Cross Keys. More people will choose private schooling if changes are made to reduce the quality of the low end education that is received.
I am intrigued by a modification to Option B that a group of parents came up with and submitted formally during the Thursday Aug 25th session at Cross Keys. It pulls 2 middle schools into Chamblee High School (Chamblee Middle & Sequoyah) thus eliminating the split feeder issue. CCHS elementaries would be Montgomery, Huntley Hills, Cary Reynolds, and Oakcliff. The proposal brings Cary Reynolds into Chamblee High School - the Northwoods neighborhood has felt for over a decade that by geography it should be part of Chamblee High. CCHS would be made up of Montgomery, Huntley Hills, Oakcliff, and Cary Reynolds - very logical geographically. On the south end, it creates a new "Brookhaven High School" at the Briarcliff site (re-brands which makes sense in a re-invention or creation really of something new.) That school would be made up of a nice mix of neighborhoods with various income levels (Ashford Park, Montclair, Briar Vista.) Keeps Ashford Park together as a community - something that parents have desired. Sounds like it could be a really great version of Option B, and is in budget! Also does not require land acquisition. Would eliminate the ridiculous long distances kids currently travel within the Cross Keys Cluster.
What about past 2022? Seems like we will be talking about this again in a few years. Why don't we fix now and plan for longer term. Land inside the perimeter is going to get harder and harder to find with all the developers buying land and increasing the density.
Instead of adding to a new school, how about starting with some of the "DeKalb County Schools" with grass growing inside of them. Can those schools not be torn down and/or reconstructed? Creating a magnet type program in more than just 2 schools. Or a high achievers school within more of the schools. The old GM area? What's being placed there besides more car dealerships?
Option A with some changes
Put competitive magnet programs in each cluster
I'd like to see 10 year enrollment projections also.
consider doraville, Chamblee, and Brookhaven as one region. and fairly reset school lines so the public looks for what will work for all.
Leave chamblee cluster alone. Create more magnet programs create a magnet program at new high schools that option a is suggesting be built so that more children who meet the requirements or standards can benefit
Leave Chamblee alone and create additional magnets at other schools.
Add on to current school sights
Dekalb needs a world class science STEM school like Gwinnetts school of science and technology or cobbs magnet high school. These schools generate enthusiasm and prestige worthy of dekalb.
Build the new HS on Briarcliff. Disrupt as few students as possible.
Find ways to reduce the cost of Option A
-keep magnets where they are or move to Avondale -money from ESPLOTST is desparately needed to help DHMS become a safe school - hot classrooms, lack of proper wiring for communication, and plumbing problems all create major safety concerns for teachers and students the field and track have no access to water or a bathroom, and the tree roots and old benches are major hazards
The best thing you could do is make a fully thought through plan with real ideas of where you are looking for land, what school you would likely have to move ... Real details with substance and not made up guesses inflaming people with fear mongering.
Do away with Kittridge and magnet programs. Let students return to home schools. It would help home schools and alleviate overcrowding in Chamblee area.
Is it possible to increase funding for all magnet programs regardless of geography? Lotteries are fair, but there seems to be more demand than supply for these programs. I know that our family would absolutely commit to higher PTA funding to augment increasing this supply.
Don't just take into account transportation but demographics building a new school helps nothing if demographics and performance are not addressed then people will start moving to better school district agaib
I don't have any more suggestions on top of the myriad that were outlined on the documents that are provided to read. . . .all the appropriate pros/cons are documented already.
Move Kittridge 6th grade to Chamblee Middle School making Kittridge a 4-5 magnet academy and expanding magnet slots at Kittridge since 6th grade would no longer be housed there.
Make all school magnate school
revamp Avondale high school and make it the magnet program ms and high school
new schools at less traffic intensive location
Rebuild Briarcliff HS. Send Woodward, Montclair, Sagamore Hills, and Briar Vista to that cluster. Send gifted magnet program to Kittridge (old location on Briarcliff), Cross Keys MS, and Briarcliff HS. Build a new HS for Sequoyah (Brookhaven HS?). Reopen Medlock ES for incoming population in that area. Reopen Nancy Creek ES to local residents. This alleviates overpopulation for Druid Hills, Lakeside, Cross Keys, Sequoyah, and Chamblee. I am not as familiar with other overpopulated areas.
Truthfully, these options are all idiotic. DeKalb needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with some other ideas.
These are all bad ideas, but option c is by far the worst.
No - don't move it!
I think overall we should be looking at ways to improve All schools. Over cowding is a huge issue and impacts learning substantially. However, I don't understand spending outrageous amounts of money to build more schools when there are empty school buildings and under capacity schools and room to expand/improve existing buildings.This would help improve All schools and have the least impact on neighborhoods. Can there be more than one magnet program?... so that students do not have to travel so far from home to attend? Why can't there be a magnet program for each area? What about not allowing transfers of students from under capacity schools to overcapacity ones? Also, a much stricter enforcement of proof of address. I know there are many students at Lakeside, and I'm sure in other schools as well, that do not live in the district of the school they are attending. I'm assuming this is because the school district they live in is not as good. We ought to be looking at the bigger picture and finding solutions that will improve ALL schools. Create more community based solutions and more local school options, like more magnet and charter schools. I keep reading about pride. Chamblee Charter schools work because of the pride that teachers, students, and parents have in the school. This is what to focus on. How to do we bring pride in our neighborhood schools back?...so that parents will not want to drive their kids far from home to go to another public school or to a private school.
Rebuild Cross Keys and Clarkston High and make them bigger - build a middle school on the Briarcliff location - no need to purchase additional lands
It is a hard assignment - good luck and may God guide and help you through this.
Redraw all district lines so that no schools are overcrowded and centralize achievement magnet schools, making them accessible to all qualified students.
keep Cross Keys on it's current site but build a new school. Keep Montgomery and Ashford Park on the current sites and build a new school with more seats.
Try and improve Option B. There has to be a way to do this - it's hard, but we need to find a way and Option B seems like the only viable & logical approach.
Option D: Build a BIGGER Cross Keys and make that school spectacular.

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