10/13/2013 Georgia Gang – SACS

Mark Elgart spoke at the Oct. 10 Buckhead Business Association meeting.
As reported by The Reporter Newspapers, The head of an organization that accredits high schools throughout the nation said he would not be in favor of a proposal to create a school system in the city of Dunwoody.
Mark Elgart, President and CEO of AdvancED, spoke about the proposed new school system during a Q&A at the weekly Buckhead Business Association meeting on Oct. 10. He was responding to a question from Reporter Newspapers about the idea. He said the state has 181 school systems, which is “far too many.” “Georgia does not need to expand the number of school systems it has in the state,” he said. “It needs to contract it so it can use its resources differently than it currently does.”
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Dick Williams
Mark Elgart, of SACS [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] … that’s the school accrediting agency who has put DeKalb on probation, is now in risk of losing the business of Cobb County. And, it’s a private company. SACS, it’s not some sanctified school or education agency. It’s a private business. And this man went before the Buckhead Business Group this week and said he opposed an independent school system for Dunwoody. What business is that of SACS. The people decide what government they have, not SACS. Not some for profit agency. What do you think Phil?
Phil Kent – Well, I think he’s …
Alexis Scott – What a difference …
Jeff Dickerson – I don’t think it matters what we think.
Phil Kent – I think it does in terms of public opinion because we may want to look at another accrediting agency. Because, I think you’re right, it’s gone way beyond his purview.
Dick Williams
And, the SACS report on DeKalb County was shoddy and flawed. Jeff, you above all know that. It was all hearsay, didn’t name any names. And, it resulted in the removal of the school board, and I think that’s good, because the board was dysfunctional. But, wait a minute, that SACS report didn’t make the case. They’re a shoddy agency. And, I encourage all these other school systems to look for other accreditations including the Georgia Accrediting Agency. There’s all kind of alternatives. This guy has no business meddling in the electoral process.
Jeff Dickerson – I don’t know if he has any business stating an opinion whether or not Dunwoody should have an independent school system.
Dick Williams – He’s an overpaid fraud.
Jeff Dickerson – But, I would agree that Dunwoody shouldn’t have an independent school system.
————– Winners and Losers Segment of the Georgia Gang ——————–
Alexis Scott – Can I make Mark Elgart my loser of the week? He’s gone around wreaking havoc on all of the major metro school systems, causing everybody accreditation problems.
Dick Williams – But, this time he stepped out of bounds.
Alexis Scott – He stepped out of bounds.